It’s completely over for wignats: We’re the autists now

>When you spent the best years of your life as a white supremacist browsing, only to be called “woke” and seen as a leftist social sciences college professor when you bring up your theories to strangers now

Sorry wignats. It’s completely over. Your talking points were literally stolen by the radical left. BLM endorses genocide on Jews and Noam Chomsky is peddling your theories about Ashkenazi being descended from Khazarians.

Islamic groups shoot their shitty rockets, hit their own hospital and the New York Times and every other major media outlet blames Israel because Hamas tells them to.

While the prediction markets where actual autists congregate don’t lie:

13% chance it’s Israel.

10% chance it’s Israel.

Muslims around the world are rioting, because the media supposedly run by Zionist Jews told them that Israel bombed a hospital.

At the rate things are currently going, you’re going to have the Washington Post announce in a few days that those dancing Israeli’s were actually behind 9/11 and when you bring it up at your family’s thanksgiving dinner, your nephew’s overweight black girlfriend who works at McKinsey’s is going to roll her eyes and say “tell me something I don’t know”.

If you’re a neonazi, you’re just a normie now. There’s just going to be a #BLM affiliate group for low status white male neonazis and you’ll be allowed to march with them. You people are going to spend your weekends pushing ugly overweight black and Arab women who work as college professors at Ivy League universities or as Guardian journalists over a wall so they can paint swastikas on Jewish gravestones.

From now on, being a Stormfronter or having a swastika tattooed on your forehead is going to be seen as an asset when you run for election on a Democratic party platform, AOC herself will endorse you.

“Billy-Bob Johnson from Missisippi has long been active for the Palestinian and social justice cause, raising awareness in 2004 of the influence the Zionist lobby has had in influencing foreign policy through his online activity for the stormfront community. He has also helped promote safe spaces for people of color, by arguing he should not swim in the same community swimming pool as them.”

We, the Zionist Jews and their Noahide simps are the real autists now, you’re the normies. We are the antisocial autistic low status white males, you are the socially well-adjusted agreeable medium status white males, you are basically careerist normies now, sorry.

Update the next day:

A billion Arabs and a million American journos don’t have the kind of power to influence consensus reality that a handful of Jews and autists have.

They are SO DESPERATE for some piece of evidence to justify the BOTH SIDES!11!!! narrative they’re trying to push, that they jump on anything they hear from Hamas.

But have a look at the blast crater:

How exactly would Israel leave such a crater, in the parking lot of the hospital? And for what purpose?

But your media were reporting that “hundreds were still trapped under the rubble” and the muslims went out in full force to riot around the world.


  1. The amount of hate currently directed at Jewish people from both ends of the political spectrum is very alarming. And a billion Islamists seem to be truly bloodthirsty. They’re not even shy about hiding it in American cities. They’re braying “gas the Jews” in Australia, ffs.
    I’m not going to go as far as to say we are all Zionists now in solidarity, but if I were Jewish I’d be feeling pretty nervous.

  2. Horseshoe theory of politics in action. The far left and far right are closer to each other than either of them are to the centre of the political spectrum.

  3. You’ve made up your mind long before this escalation, didn’t you, seeing how Arabs don’t love animals?

    To be fair, I say let Israel bulldoze the al-Aqsa mosque and irradiate its precincts, as a proof of (traditional) Islam’s falsehood via preclusion of prophesy – or at least to starve Islam’s hagiographical and eschatological obsessions with that region. Then let her be extravagantly kind with her neighbors in their actual needs, more than anyone could dream possible. Failing that, may Allah wipe out the Middle East before everywhere else, just about turning it into a no-mans-land, the only people willing to settle in such intense discomfort being those heretical oddballs who may or may not still see some significance in Mecca. What a weird, wonderful milieu that would be!

    That’s my heart’s fantasy at any rate.

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