It’s happening gents

This is not a drill. Tokkies are taking over. If you were planning on not voting, or voting anything other than PVV, don’t. Remember, they need to win constantly. We only need to win once. Vote PVV.

We’re back.

Hope you’re proud of your swamp cousins


      • I’d be surprised if there aren’t antisemites in their ranks though. Far right figures in the UK like Nick Griffin and Mark Collett are virulently pro-Palestine. Their antisemitism is so extreme it actually outweighs their Islamophobia.

        You may have to wave goodbye to over the counter cannabis and shrooms though if they get in power.

    • If PVV are so stupid as to go after Jews when NL are literally being settled and colonized by Islam, they deserve whats coming.

      Tell me who else might even try to decolonize Netherlands of its Islamic invaders.

  1. Don’t worry, “they” will come up with something to disqualify anyone who’s a legitimate threat.

    NPR was pointing and sputtering yesterday at Venezuela’s ruling party’s underhanded tricks to keep popular opposition candidates from running… right after giving a solemn update on the latest bullshit Trump case. They rub our noses in it.

  2. The French had two opportunities to elect Madame Le Pen. They failed both times. Now they will pay the price by becoming an Islamic republic, possibly by as early as the middle of this century. I wish Geert Wilders the best of luck, but I am not overly optimistic. But maybe I will be proven wrong. AfD are certainly making strides in Germany. There is only so much mass immigration the native Europeans will tolerate before fighting back.

    • Yeah things look bleak, but when you have the willpower, you only need to win once. You can remove the whole disease in four years.

  3. I love our host, my fellow LSWMs, and the humour and the wit of most of ye here.
    I may be low iq but there may be something as a collective iq.
    There are traditions that have a high collective iq.
    To make it shorter, here’s an example: strong bonds between people, even heterosexual couples, can be beneficial for the environment.
    More than our individualist low collective iq societies who favour the bachelor culture (imagine the footprint of one person households).
    I’m gonna leave it here. You can infer the rest.

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