Jai Gau Mata

I spend everyday in a drug-induced haze, because I exist without my consent on a planet that is rapidly being rendered uninhabitable for our species because people insist on using most of the land’s surface to produce food for animals kept in cages who are ruthlessly killed so they can eat their flesh that makes them sick and obese. That’s the alternative to blocking the road, which is apparently a privilege reserved for farmers worried about their bottom line.

I was ten years old when I figured this stuff out. It really doesn’t take a genius or a saint. I stopped eating meat and tried to forget about it, I didn’t think of it as my responsibility to solve. Do you realize I had to spend years of my life, sitting through all the boys shitting on me for not eating animals? What could possibly still motivate me at this point, to try to participate in society?

We’re now twenty years down the line. There could have been mature trees growing on the abandoned cattle pastures. There could have been giant seaweed plantations on the ocean and cactus fruit growing in the desert. But there’s none of that. Instead everyone just sank further into denial about the fact that we have a problem. We’re now in the “billionaires are building underground bunkers” stage of collapse.

Now the drugs I take just improve my sense of smell. I can smell what you people eat. When I travel by public transport, I can smell the metabolized flesh of lambs, of pigs, exuding from your skin. It makes me nauseous. I wish I was exaggerating. Do you understand what it smells like? The Gautama Buddha warned about this, that this body odor terrifies all the other animals around you. They think you will eat them too. We have no natural predators, but what do you think other animals have a sense of smell for?

I get locked up at home because you don’t have enough hospital beds for every eighty year old to get sick at once. But absent a miracle, I’m not even going to be eighty years old. Because you’re triggering a chain reaction that will escalate beyond human control and I’m not planning on seeing the whole show. How many more summers without butterflies am I obliged to live through? There are no beetles in the woods.

If I had Ebola, I would wander into the busiest metro I could find, inhale your body odor and projectile vomit over you all. And when I die, I want my life savings to go to EcoHealth Alliance.

There. That’s it. That’s the post.


  1. I stopped eating red meat and pork at 12, haven’t consumed it since, but I’m not such a purist as you.
    I recently watched a video of a pig (warthog) attacking, killing, and eating a baboon. It was quite horrible.
    What point am I making? No point, except that I love both the pig and especially the baboon, who was closer related to me. We all live in this chaotic world together and we’re supposed to do our best to thrive.
    Maybe mushrooms would help me to thrive more, I don’t know.
    Happy New Year!

  2. I’ve always admired your sensitivity, Radagast (Sensitivity is a virtue of the superior.) We would all live in heaven if everyone was like you; and all the low IQ takes from low status whites males wouldn’t change that.

    It’s literally not even that fucking difficult to stop eating meat. I’ve been a fat pig most of my life, and I’ve found it surprisingly easy; all you need is for your heart to be in it. Cleetus might be ignorant, but at a certain point people choose to be ignorant, and so I understand your hate, even if I don’t feel it myself at this time (I don’t think I truly hate anyone, not even Asura. This doesn’t make me a cuck, I’d still defend what’s mine.)

    Also, have your girlfriends all been vegan? I couldn’t imagine you’d even want to date someone who ate animals, but I’m curious how that’s affected your dating life. Sorry for prying, and if you’re not interested in talking about that I can accept that.

    • Thinking on it, I don’t know if I really want to bring kids into this hell-world we’re creating myself. I’m conflicted. I still want love though.

  3. Well, you’re smarter than me, I didn’t really grok that we have some very serious ecological issues until around my late twenties/early thirties (about 20 years ago now) and even armed with that knowledge, I didn’t really grok that we’re in overshoot until my mid to late thirties.

    I mean, sure, I knew there were ‘problems’ earlier than that (insert footage here of whales getting slaughtered, barrels of waste getting dumped in the sea by gas-masked Soviets in rubber suits, forests getting chain-sawed, battles over new hydroelectric dams, etc.), and I’d seen the BBC series ‘Edge of Darkness’ as a kid, and there were signs about being nuclear free everywhere, but in spite of all that, and more, I was preoccupied with the splits of the system, so things like getting better wages and conditions for my fellow low status peeps etc.

    I just hadn’t really grokked the grave implications of everything being all linked up on a finite planet with finite resources and that there was no such place as away.

    I don’t think I’d even heard of overshoot back then.

    Perhaps I was a slow learner, although in my defense, this wasn’t the kind of information that got a lot of airtime in the media. Overshoot didn’t feature in my education either.
    However, once I pieced the puzzle together for myself, and grokked at least some of the grave implications of the biggest issue of the day, I tried to do something about it. It was costly for me, I got badly damaged, and the effort was totally futile, so I honestly do understand and totally sympathize with the desire to withdraw from it all.

    Anyway, my understanding now is that the ‘problems’ have metastasized into a ‘predicament’ (they probably did when I was a kid actually, if not earlier) that’s still there despite everyone’s failure and best efforts to ignore it.

    How do you live with the knowledge? Drink and smoke and take drugs? Yeeeeeeah, that kinda works??? At least for a while, but the accumulated damage tends to make that approach ‘inconvenient’ in time.

    Obviously, I don’t have a solution, and I’m not trying to browbeat anyone into anything, so by all means withdraw, take drugs etc. However, speaking just for myself, I can’t drink, or smoke anymore as my health simply isn’t up to it, so I need to look for another approach.

    I think that probably has something to do with acceptance for me, then transformation (but into what????), rather than keeping on trying to drink it all away.

    As part of that process, I’d love to withdraw to somewhere remote, switch off the radio and TV and hear nothing but the sound of the wind, but at the moment family obligations keep me where I am, but in time perhaps I’ll get the chance.

    In the interim, I’m looking around for a bit of cheap land (yeah, I know, that’s not very likely) that’s a looong, looooong, way away from people. There’s a monastery about 2 hours’ drive from where I live that the monks chose for its relative lack of human activity, so I’m thinking that around there is a good place to start looking.

    Is there much of anything else I can do about the ongoing and worsening disaster? I kinda doubt it. Far smarter people than me are on the case, and they’re all getting nowhere.

    There might even be something to be said for doing as little as I can. Something like going on a sort of permanent strike of not buying anything, not working any more than I have to, not trying to solve problems in the hope that they compound and end up monkey-wrenching the system, etc.

    It’s probably not wise for me to say whether I’d do anything direct on the internet, such as releasing a deadly virus. I’m a mere burned out low status white male. Nobody worships me as a living god like the late, great, Prince Phillip, so I could expect little latitude from the authorities. I’ll have to stay silent on that one.

    I do miss the beetles here too though.

    We used to get huge swarms of golden beetles around this time of year, we called them ‘Christmas Beetles’. The swarms are gone now.

    And the Bogong moths around here were once so numerous that clouds of them could block out the moon. They’re gone too.

    Would I release that virus? Hmmm. What do you reckon man?

    • Radagast is special; I myself knew about the oncoming ecological collapse from a young age. My mother was even a vegan for a time (Isn’t anymore) And she taught me what was happening when I was a little kid. I just didn’t listen, I knew what was happening but I just couldn’t find it in myself to change until recently.

      It’s just, it’s so much easier to focus on petty problems, and other people beings cunts; than it is to admit the world is being destroyed and you’re part of the problem. Thinking you’re destroying the world hurts the ego something fierce. It’s why meat eaters get so offended just by vegans existing, they know what they’re doing is bad at the end of the day; and they don’t like to be reminded of it.

      I wouldn’t compare yourself to anyone else, Wombat. You’re a good man too, you choosing to do good proves that.

      • Yeah, I didn’t really know when I was a kid, but then I grew up in a different world, which sounds crazy because I don’t feel that old, but I basically grew up in an isolated regional town, in a comparatively low tech/information environment, at the arse end of the world.

        Big empty spaces and sheep paddocks. Shotgun freckled road signs. Two TV stations – one commercial and one national. I still remember the gradual transition from AM to FM radio stations, and going to the neighbour’s house to watch their colour TV 🙂

        Being of European ancestry, I felt a racial pull to wet and green landscapes, but I came to love the dry bush, with its brown hills and fields that look like crushed velvet, where you can just fall into the long dry grass and it keeps you warm while you sleep.

        I didn’t even really learn how to use a computer until I was in my mid-twenties when I forced myself to for education purposes. I’d used one a few times to play games before then: ‘Pong’, etc. 🙂

        I’ve never been a big fan of technology that I couldn’t understand you see, and I don’t like to be dependent on ‘things’, and I’ve always been recalcitrant, so I only learned the basics of the modern world out of necessity, but once I learned how to use the net, well, I just read and read and read.

        In retrospect, knowing what I know now (and apologies to all vegans), I should’ve become a drover instead.

  4. Unhinged. Away from the plateau there are as many insects as ever.

    Well maybe the Swiss figured it out. An island of the blissful.

    • unsure. what plateau are you talking about? around here, japanese beetles have all but disappeared (not sure i’m too broken up about that one, tbh) and there are ~25-50% of the monarch and swallowtail butterflies as when i was a kid. now that i think about it, i haven’t heard a bobwhite in forever…

  5. Rising temperatures due to climate change is certainly having a negative effect on the number of Butterflies and Beetles, as is the overuse of pesticides and insecticides.

    But there are two more factors which I haven’t seen you address:

    1) Non-native EMF radiation from cell towers, satellites et cetera. 3G and 4G were bad enough, but 5G is even worse. How will migrating birds be able to use the earth’s natural geomagnetic fields to navigate with all this nn-EMF present? This is especially true around cities and large towns. Please research the “inverse square law”.

    2) Artificial blue light from street lights. There is too much light pollution from cities and towns which is disrupting the circadian rhythms of virtually all lifeforms. The spectrum/frequencies of light from artificial sources is “alien” to us, way too much blue light, not enough red light. The old halogen street lamps were OK, but these new energy efficient white LED streetlights are causing havoc, very harsh and intense. Biological life is fine tuned to receive solely natural light from the sun. A colour temperature of 1600 Kelvin at sunrise, rising to 16,000 Kelvin at sunset. Bright days, and dark nights.

    • These are very interesting mentions (I remember you commented about the beneficial effect of the early sunlight on circadian cycles a couple of months ago). Even whales suffer from the noise pollution of cargo ships.
      Someone should address these things.
      We Greeks have destroyed Attica (Athens and around), but the rest of the country is relatively spared.
      However, the Eastern part of the Mediterrenean has been suffering the consequences of the Suez Canal inducing species from the Red Sea… Next to rising sea surface temperatures of course.

  6. Why don’t you find some vegans or vegetarians you could become friends with?

    An ethical and intelligent person like you cannot be living in a drug-induced haze.

    As for the Gautama, he allowed even his monks to eat meat.

    Even the Dalai Lama eats meat.

  7. Hey just curious, if the whole earth became v*gan and human carrying capacity multiplied 10x, what’s stopping normies from just breeding from 8 billion up to 80 billion semipeople in a couple generations?

    Then we’d have the same ecocide, but nobody would be able to delude themselves that it’d all be avoidable if only we tried v*ganism.

    How much is it going to take for people to finally realize Hitler was a swell guy who did very little that was actually wrong? At this point the only sane conclusion is that, no matter what people eat, we need a holocaust every year until the global population is reduced to 500 million people who are hundreds of times higher in quality than the present global average.

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