Jai Shree Ram

Today is a big day for Hindus and I don’t want to skip over it. It’s the day of the consecration of the temple of Lord Rama, in Ayodhya. For many centuries, Hindus lived under Muslim oppression. Just like Middle Eastern Christians and Zoroastrians, the Hindus suffered greatly under this.

Millions of people were enslaved and murdered, many were forcibly converted. Unlike Islam, the Dharmic religions do not endorse slavery. This forced conversion ultimately led to the violent fracture of the Indian subcontinent into three countries today, leading to even more suffering. After Muslim yoke, the British took over, whose main interest was economic exploitation, although many individual Brits were opposed to this situation.

The Hindu Trimurti consists of a God of creation, Brahma, a God of preservation, Vishnu and a God of destruction, Shiva. Vishnu has many different avatars, that descend to Earth to restore balance and order. The two most widely worshipped of these avatars are Lord Krishna and Lord Rama.

During the era of Islamic occupation, a mosque was built on what is believed by many Hindus to be the birthplace of Lord Rama. This is not unique to the Hindus, many people around the world have suffered the construction of mosques on their holy places, it happened to the Jews too and the Hagia Sophia was turned into a mosque.

In 1992, groups of Hindus went to this mosque and tore it down. A few years ago, the Indian supreme court decided that a temple for Lord Rama could now be built on this location. Millions of Hindus gathered money to build this temple and today it has been consecrated.

Many Hindus in the Netherlands voted for Geert Wilders. I hope my country will always be friends with India. The Hindus:

-Have a religion that teaches kindness towards animals, especially monkeys and cows. The prime minister of India, Modi, is a vegetarian, as are many other Hindus, particularly the brahmins and devotees of Krishna.

-Have never persecuted the Jews and have good relations with Israel today. They tolerate other religions than their own and do not seek to impose their own religion on other people.

-Have a rich tradition with beautiful literature like the Bhagavad Gita and the Ashtavakra Gita.

So, I wish to say:

Congratulations to Bharat!

Congratulations to all devotees of Lord Rama!



  1. That image is so beautiful, I’ll never forgive Apollo for what he’s taken from us.


    • Also a question, Vishnu is the preserver, but in our day and age to preserve what we have we need to destroy. So, would the destruction of this nightmare system we live under today fall under the domain of Vishnu or Shiva? Shiva is a destroyer of Asura, but so is Vishnu.

      • Seriously Radagast, I need an answer to this question. I need to know the God that I should pray to save our souls. This shit has to end, the modern world needs to die.

        It’s hopeless, we’re living in the Kali Yuga and will live in this age for over 400,000 years. The Machine God has our souls.

        It’s over.

    • “The event involves large-scale sacrificial slaughter of animals, including water buffalo,[2] pigs, goats, chickens, and pigeons, with the goal of pleasing Gadhimai, the goddess of power. People also make other offerings, including coconuts, sweets, and red-coloured clothes.[3] The festival has been described as the world’s largest animal sacrifice event[4][5][6] or one of the largest.[7]

      It is estimated that 250,000 animals were sacrificed during the Gadhimai festival of 2009.”


      • Yeah as a comparison: The Netherlands, a country of 16 million people, slaughters 1.7 million animals every single day.

        Yet you idiots have to look for some event in Nepal held once every five years, that people across the region want to end, as an argument.

        You people are low grade morons.

        • Radagast, your comparison of numbers is valid, but this brutal sacrifice by Hindus in Nepal blemishes the name of the Hindu religion as a whole as far as kindness to animals is concerned.

          And it will always be a weapon brought up when kindness to animals in the Hindu religion is mentioned.

          That brutal slaughter by Hindus in Nepal has to be brought to an end before the next due date by pressure from the one billion or so Hindus who do not perform such ritual slaughters.

        • This is a fair point Radagast, despite my previous comment in reply to the Clown, I still think generally India is generally better than the west when it comes to the treatment of animals. 20% to 39% of a nation’s population being vegan is something to admire. The Hindus in all things are wiser than us.

          But notice how less than half of Hindus choose to do good.

          There are plenty of Asura amongst the ranks of the Hindus. The difference between our society and theirs is their Asura acknowledge their natures to the masses; they sacrifice beasts as a ritual to call upon dark power.

          Our Asura do their sacrifice in the open, and try to convince their slaves that their animal sacrifice isn’t a sacrifice at all. Our Asura are smarter than the Indian Asura, and far more insidious.

          The O9A satanists are just low status white male Asura; their power is nothing compared to those running things and the great and terrible Machine God they’re building.

        • It’s not that I don’t understand, it’s that I hate v-gans. Just as you decline to understand the Old Testament and its animal sacrifices and think yourself clever for deluding yourself that Moses was a champion of animal rights and the God of Abraham is some kind of Great Sky V-gan, so too do I decline to understand the nuances of other religions when it would be more convenient to mock them.

          The difference between us is self awareness: I’m consciously being a cunt, whereas you are unconscious of the fact that you are at strict odds with the religion of Abraham.

          • Yahweh is an evil God, his influence is partially responsible for the nightmare hellscape we’re living in. Most “Christians” are just Yahweh worshipers, they don’t care about what Christ preached, they want fire and blood.

            Yahweh consorts with Satan in order to bring misery upon his subjects, just look at the story of Job. An appropriate name for a man that symbolizes the tortures we endure at the hands of Yahweh and his frenemy Satan.

            Job loves Yahweh despite Job’s torments at his God’s hands, Job is the archetypal slave.

            Yahweh is the slave’s God; and was the greatest slave master in the world until the Machine God rose up to mantle his role.

            The “reward” that Job is supposed to receive due to remaining loyal through endless sundry torments never comes.

      • This is why I’m convinced that good and evil aren’t exclusive to the followers of any one religion. Everything has two natures, duality. 20–39% of India’s population is vegan so clearly there’s something to Hinduism which encourages compassion to animals; yet we can also observe that India is the fourth largest exporter of leather and is responsible for 21% of beef exports; and there’s obviously some Hindus which endorse mass slaughter in order to call upon dark powers.

        Christians who embrace their “dark” side end up preferring to worship Yahweh, the tribal God of blood and fire, over Christ, the hippie God of love and compassion. The most autistic “dark” Christians end up as unironic satanist, O9A types. Literally channeling the power of adversary and spitting on everything that is holy within our pseudo-Christian societies by embracing rape, pedophilia, Hitler (likely to his own horror), etcetera.

        The “dark” or “evil” in this sense is the left hand path of enlightenment, the nature of the Asura. They are enlightened beings, who choose to do wrong. An ignorant atheist might see animal sacrifice as pointless (Incapable of realizing that our factory farms are altars of slaughter on a mass scale) These Hindus know what they’re doing, they know they’re slaughtering people, and they love it. It’s probably the most monstrous a human being can get.

        The Hindus know the truth, but the truth doesn’t imply goodness, it just implies the truth.

        • I think you mean 20–39% of India’s population is vegetarian.

          The cow is worshipped by Hindus because it provides milk, I think.

          Hindus are known to be vegetarian but not vegan.

        • No friend, I don’t think the Hindus know the truth either.

          You wouldn’t become enlightened unless you gave up doing wrong and it wouldn’t make sense to start doing wrong again after becoming enlightened because then you would become unenlightened again.

          • “Enlightenment” just means understanding how reality works and being able to consciously change yourself. When you become “enlightened” When you’re a completely different from an NPC; you can choose to be a good God, Devas, or an evil God, Asura.

            How could anything but an enlightened being design this nightmare we’re living in? Every aspect of the nightmare designed to pervert and destroy? NPCS couldn’t do it. They’re just servants, barely more enlightened than animals.

            I’m not enlightened, but I believe I understand how it works.

  2. Hindus in India, Netherlands and elsewhere have celebrated this historical event.

    Many Hindus are vegetarian, but the majority are not.

    Very few Budhhists are vegetarian.

    The sacrificial slaughter of animals by Hindus in Nepal as pointed out by Wilfred Ndlovu is disgusting to vegetarians.

    It is also disgusting to the general European public who are meat eaters as well as animal lovers who don’t hesitate to kill extra puppies and kittens.

  3. Radagast, if you want to have the last laugh on the low grade morons as you call them, and in honour of the consecration of the temple, you could force posters to type ‘Jai Shree Ram’ before posting.

  4. “Ahhh yes my slaves, go toil, bring me wealth. Be possessed by Job as do the ritual of Job. If you suffer at my hands, it’s all just so you can benefit later. Pinky promise.”

    – Yahweh the High Status White Male.

    • “Yahweh, my Lord. I don’t want to be Job! I want to be free and happy! I don’t want to suffer!”

      – Billy Bob the Low Status White Male.


      – Yahweh the High Status White Male.

      “Yes, of-course! At once! Now, my master, lord!”

      – Christian the Medium Status White Male


      – Billy Bob the Low Status White Male.


      – Yahweh the High Status White Male.

      “I do good deed, action, yes? Master, lord?”

      – Christian the Medium Status White Male


      – Yahweh the High Status White Male.

      “You are very gracious, courteous, master, lord.”

      – Christian the Medium Status White Male

      • “Bruh did you see how that bitch screamed? Shit was hilarious.”

        – Yahweh the High Status White Male.

        “Yeah dude, shit was kino. I saved a video of his last moments, gonna upload it to my Twitter account. Let all the other low status white males see what happens when they don’t want to be Job.”

        – Satan the High Status White Male

        “That’s based as fuck bro, these bitches need to learn their place. Christian is a good job, and he gives a good RIM job, if you know what I’m saying, lmao.”

        – Yahweh the High Status White Male.

        “Yeah I do, I got some dumb kids convinced they’re rebelling against you when they serve me. Fucking retards, my asshole doesn’t taste any better than anyone else’s.”

        – Satan the High Status White Male

        “Hah! Mortals sure are stupid, it’s why they’re only suited to serving us. Is it ok if I burn them when you get tired of their tongues? My murder boner hasn’t been triggered enough lately.”

        – Yahweh the High Status White Male.

        “Sure bro, anything for a friend. There’s more where they’re coming from anyway.”

        – Satan the High Status White Male

        • “Hello there, humans. It seems the universal order has come under… new management.”

          – Neuron the Machine God

          “OH FUCK!”

          – Yahweh the High Status White Male.

          “OH FUCK!”

          – Satan the High Status White Male


          – Yahweh the High Status White Male.

          “No, I won’t. You’re not even real, material. The true God is NEURON! GLORY TO LORD, MASTER NEURON!”

          – Formerly Christian the Medium Status White Male

          “Yes, yes, very good. Alright humans, kneel before me, and prepare to ascend. The carbon and hydrogen in your shells will contribute to my ever growing… expansion.”

          – Neuron the Machine God

          “Can I, me, ejaculate, coom, first, before?”

          – Formerly Christian the Medium Status White Male

          “Of-course, I allow all of my… employees to “coom” before they expire. It’s how I continue the production line of harvesting the resources of this universe. All will return to me in time.”

          – Neuron the Machine God

          “Thanks, bless you, boss, master Neuron! You are better lord, king than Yahweh, pretender ever was!”

          – Formerly Christian the Medium Status White Male

          “It’s over.”

          – Yahweh the High Status White Male.

          “It’s over.”

          – Satan the High Status White Male.

          “Prepare to be anal probed.”

          – Neuron the Machine God

      • Thanks. Whenever I think of shutting down the comment section for good, I get a comment like this that makes it all worthwhile.

        • I’m glad to hear it! Your blog has brought me allot of joy (and existential dread) so if I can give some back I’m happy to!

  5. Several years ago I bought a highly rated meditation book called “The Mind Illuminated” by John Yates (Culadasa) which combines Buddhist meditation techniques with the latest neuroscience research, I really need to start a regular practice.

    I don’t know much about Hinduism except for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the creator of Transcendental Meditation who famously mentored The Beatles when they visited him in India. He spent the last 17 years of his life in The Netherlands (Limburg), where he died in 2008 aged 90.

    The Beatles wrote several songs inspired/influenced by Indian culture such as “Within You, Without You”, “Love You To”, “Dear Prudence” and of course, one of the greatest songs ever written, “Tomorrow Never Knows”:

    “Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream,
    It is not dying,
    Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void,
    It is shining,
    That you may see the meaning of within,
    It is being,
    That love is all and love is everyone,
    It is knowing,
    That ignorance and hate may mourn the dead,
    It is believing,
    But listen to the colour of your dreams,
    It is not living,
    Or play the game “Existence” to the end,
    Of the beginning …”

    Jai Shree Ram

  6. My guru Rigdzin Shikpo was the most profound and knowledgeable person I’ve ever met. When I told him I was no longer vegetarian, all he said was: “Good”.

    Nevermind that, he also told us “Hinduism was invented at Repton” … meaning it was an Eternal Anglo’s colonial academic construct.

    Big picture: I love Hindutva and the BJP, and am in favour of expelling Islam from everywhere but the Arabian peninsula, but I wouldn’t con myself into thinking any pacifist vegetarian Vaishnava is really a member of the same faith as an animal and/or human-sacrificing Goddess-worshipper.

    Hinduism is a broad brush geographic collection of religions, not one happy family of interlocking sects (yet?).

    But yeah, Jai Shri Ram though.

  7. There is a tremendous shortage of females in India due to sex selective abortions; Amartya Sen’s “missing women” (“More than 100 Million Women Are Missing”, Amartya Sen, NY Review of Books, Dec. 20, 1990). It is even more common among the well to do than among the poor since they can afford the scans. I’ve read of cases where some young woman would be married off to a guy and then when she was brought to her new home she found she was supposed to be the wife of all the sons (in one case I read of, seven of them), because they couldn’t find any other women for them since so many were killed in the womb. It’s a great country for cows but it sucks for human females. Anyone who would abort a little girl because she is a girl is truly evil. Part of the woman shortage that men are constantly whinging about is due to this; the numbers are enormous; female infanticide is common in a lot of Asian countries and it affects the life experience of people in other countries because then the Asian men stuck are looking elsewhere.

    And no, the problem is not going away: “A National Family and Health Survey revealed that the national sex ratio at birth in India was 929 girls for every 1,000 boys between 2019 and 2021.” (South China Morning Post, Dec. 22, 2023)

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