Jungle spice

Me: “No don’t exhale yet, keep it in your lungs”


In all seriousness, I’ve been looking at the artists I like and I’ve noticed one thing: They don’t seem to be into coffee.

I mean that in a serious manner. I think there’s something about coffee that undermines creativity. It just keeps you stuck doing whatever it is you’re doing. Science seems to back me up. But you can take this to its natural conclusion. If your mom drank a lot of coffee during the pregnancy, you’re just fucked. You have a coffee brain, which most Dutch people of my generation do. The combination of a high fat diet and caffeine during pregnancy seems to result in autism in males.

The only thing coffee works with is writing. People underestimate how strong of a drug coffee really is. You notice it immediately when you stop drinking it for a few days. You stop smoking cannabis? You’re fine. You stop drinking coffee? You’re going to get an awful headache. But we all pretend this is just normal and fine, because it’s a drug that turns you into a good little worker ant. Cannabis makes you lazy, so it’s TERRIBLE!

Now contrast this with the artistic geniuses. Zheani’s mom took bong rips throughout her pregnancy apparently from an interview I read. A lot of boomers are TERRIFIED of their teenage kids smoking cannabis. THEY’RE GOING TO DEVELOP SCHIZOPHRENIA!!!1!! Well, did you ever consider this: The teenage years are a critical developmental period during which you can also create future artists. You manage to stop all the teens from smoking weed, how many cases of schizophrenia do you prevent and how many artists do you lose?

The artists don’t really have a single drug in common. Lil Peep started smoking cannabis as a teenager, but moved on to basically every drug he could get his hands on. Zheani posted cocaine long ago before she grew famous, mushrooms are very obvious, cannabis is obvious too, one video hints at 5-Meo-DMT and I would be surprised if she never had some good Changa, considering she is Australian.

Jazmin Bean is autistic and had to go to rehab for a Ketamine addiction at 19. I think that’s largely just down to self-medicating autism. Semetary claims in Nevada that he puts Benadryl and Robotussin in his Monster energy drinks:

That’s DPH and DXM, a deliriant and a dissociative. Tommy Cash is a cannabis guy.

Allison Lewis of Linea Aspera posted Peyote on her Instagram. So the reality is just that my favorite artists take all sorts of stuff. Which makes sense, when you consider that I take all sorts of stuff too (except stimulants, because I generally don’t like the sort of people who take stimulants).

What about Salvia Divinorum? Well there’s a Drag performer named Salvia for a reason:

If Salvia never took Salvia, I’d be disappointed.

Alcohol is also an interesting one. With a high dose of alcohol you’ll kill some brain cells. But which ones do you kill? The sick weak old ones. Alcoholics tend to be decent people, as long as you don’t have to live in the same house as them.

And you might wonder, who cares? Well, the thing that terrifies me, more than dying, is turning into a turbonormie.

Then there’s diet.

If you want to write a really insightful comment on Zerohedge about Austrian economics, Ron Paul, the Zionist lobby and the coming collapse of the petrodollar that all the other low status white males freedom-loving patriots will upvote, be sure to follow the keto diet. But the artistic geniuses? Plant based, sorry. Mostly vegans, vegetarians, some pescetarians.

But the weirdest thing about artists, especially musicians, is that they’re deeply insecure. Lil Peep is really the best example of this. You can see it in those eyes, hurt in ways you can’t imagine. They’re desperate for approval from the crowd and have been since they were young. That’s why their politics are so retarded. You have to accept that every good artist has retarded political views. I know there are ecofascist neopagans out there. But their music is total crap, sorry. It seems you need to be insecure, because it improves your output. You can’t have ALL the gifts in life.

All the good groundbreaking interesting music is made by leftists. Even Johnny Cash was a leftist, with a whole album about the genocide on American Indians that the radios refused to play.

I mean, consider the Books of Revelation. It’s an amazing book, full of amazing language and visual metaphors. It’s just beautiful, that something like that exists, that it is part of the root of our Western culture, that generations of people have sought to make sense of the events unfolding in the world based off this book. But how much music has it produced? Johnny Cash made a nice song about it, but beyond that, there’s just not much. But then there is Zheani and she does it perfectly:

But concluding for now, there are three things I wish to give you:

-Your ability to experience suffering and pleasure depend on your degree of cognitive complexity. But your dopaminergic state will determine whether you are dominant or submissive. If you are dominant you dictate what happens, if you are submissive you experience it. The artist is inevitably in a high dopaminergic state, you as listener are in a low dopaminergic state. The artist can’t really hear what you hear. That’s the weird thing.

-Your nervous system exists on multiple axes, one axis is the axis between cholinergic and monoaminergic signaling. If you make sense of the world through information and reason, that’s cholinergic signaling. Monoaminergic signaling means you make sense of your world through emotions, imagery, your social environment. As an example, the Palestine crowd just make sense of it through monoaminergic signaling, just as artists generally do. There are ways to adjust whether you make use of cholinergic or monoaminergic signaling, but generally you start to depend relatively more on cholinergic signaling as you grow older.

-Your external world is a projection of your own internal world. Reality is a spectrum, as you move further away from the source (your direct experience), things become less real. Don’t get too trapped in the existential terror of the world around you.


  1. Wow, interesting timing that you release this essay considering that this is Ireland’s entry for this year’s Eurovision song contest and was performed this evening at the semi-final (and woohoo we’re through to the final), I’m sure that you will like it:


    From Wikipedia:

    “Bambie Thug (real name Bambie Ray Robinson) is an Irish singer-songwriter. They are known to mix numerous genres in their music, coining their own term, “ouija-pop”, out of disdain for being put into one genre. Robinson’s music has been inspired by various subjects, including breakups, witchcraft, and drug addiction.”

    “Bambie Thug released their debut single, “Birthday”, on 5 March 2021. The song, which was written while Robinson was addicted to drugs and its uncensored music video being released on pornography sites, was described by The Line of Best Fit writer Robert Davidson as a “stoic-but-smashed stream of consciousness… with their coaxing voice documenting the events around them like a debaucherous diary. They float through brawls, consume copious drugs, and wait impatiently for their tardy dealer”. Robinson later released three more singles that year, including “Psilocyber”, a song about a “psychedelic” computer virus, “P.M.P.”, a song that promotes sexual positivity and Robinson’s love of “pussy power”, and “High Romancy”. By 2022, Rockflesh writer Stewart Lucas described Robinson’s music as “gritty and direct and seem to either be about sex and drugs or drugs and sex”.”

    “In April 2023, Robinson released their first single of that year, “Egregore”. The song, named after an occult term, is stated to be about Robinson’s desire to break self-destructive habits as an independent artist.”

    “Robinson practices neopagan witchcraft, particularly sigil and manifestation magic. They have also stated to have done blood magic during their period, stating that it is “an offering of your own blood onto a spout and it’s also really good for your skin”. Witchcraft has had a major influence on Robinson’s music; numerous spells and hexes are included in various songs, with Robinson making their own sigil as their own official logo.”

    We are now one of the favourites in the final. I think The Netherlands are also among the favourites.

  2. For a guy like you who claims to have a “hypermasculine brain,” you sure seem to have a taste for girly music.
    Rock’n’roll was masculine, with a few girl bands taking part, but today the music industry seems to be all feminine wailing and black thuggery.
    It does nothing for an older LSWM like me.
    I listened to some Lil Peep just for you. He’s boring, derivative, not the slightest bit creative, and definitely not manly. I don’t get it.
    Agree that Johnny Cash was leftist.

    • >For a guy like you who claims to have a “hypermasculine brain,” you sure seem to have a taste for girly music.

      I’m a heterosexual man. Being a sodomite would make life easier, but it’s not for me, the thought of it alone makes me shudder.

      So, should I expose myself to:

      -Some fat Scandinavian guy with a greasy ponytail grunting into my ears about how a bunch of vikings slaughtered some goblins or some other dumb shit

      -A slut moaning into my ears about how amazing her vagina is

      There’s a reason all these heavy metal dudes kill themselves

      • A warrior guy like you would rather drive into battle against the Russians with the pussy sounds of Zheani in your ear than Ted Nugent blaring Stranglehold?
        Call me old but I’d rather have my soul cleansed by rock music like this than mope around with ridiculous, rotten Euro fem music pulling me down.

        • >A warrior guy like you would rather drive into battle against the Russians with the pussy sounds of Zheani in your ear than Ted Nugent blaring Stranglehold?

          Everything has a time and place. In war I’d obviously be listening to something else.

        • >A warrior guy like you would rather drive into battle against the Russians with the pussy sounds of Zheani in your ear than Ted Nugent blaring Stranglehold?

          To be fair to Radagast, now that I’ve contemplated Ted Nugent, (and Rad’s love of Zheani), “Little Miss Dangerous” might be more to his liking (if he can get past the dated 80s style):


          She makes her move at midnight
          She’s got the magic touch
          The little girl is dangerous
          And just a bit too much

          In the midnight hour
          About the stroke of twelve
          She’ll be stepping out
          She’s gonna raise some hell

          And it’s her move
          She’s holding that wild card
          Gotta make her move
          She’ll make your life so hard

          High Hell sneakers
          Head to toe in lace
          Such a dangerous body
          With a little girls face

          She’s my little miss dangerous
          Little miss dangerous to me
          Little miss dangerous
          Little miss dangerous to me

          Oh yes she is
          Looking for trouble, looking for sex
          Walking on the wild side, she’s so complex

          She’s on fire, the heat is coming on
          The girls on fire, she burns all night long
          High Hell sneakers
          Head to toe in lace
          Such a dangerous body
          With a little girls face

          She’s my little miss dangerous
          Little miss dangerous to me
          Little miss dangerous
          Little miss dangerous to me


        • Commenting to say that I also am an Argento fan.

          In terms of this post, I like classic rock. I can’t get into music without much of a beat or that isn’t danceable or moveable, so most rap I don’t pay attention to.

  3. >Semetary claims in Nevada that he puts Benadryl and Robotussin in his Monster energy drinks:
    Oh thank goodness monster is okay, I was worried what with the coffee indictment.
    (I know I know, and I Will Get Around To Stopping Someday Soon)

    I don’t think I remember you mentioning Linea Aspera, but it comes as no surprise that you’re into them. Good choice. Have I already recommended Give My Remains to Broadway? At the Gates of Xouztoth if I haven’t.

    • *Beyond the Gates, excuse me. Oh yeah and I think there’s an apostrophe in Xouztoth which I’m probably misspelling in one or two other ways but you get it.

  4. This sounds like trying to recreate history in your own image – i.e. you are only creative if you are a leftist bong smoker.

    It also seems a bit mental to suggest that the Judeo-Christian tradition has run out of imaginative spark, or lacks creativity, or hasn’t had a major impact, when they’re defining themselves by their opposition to it.

  5. What drug would enhance my connexion to Dvořák’s Symphonic Poems or Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time?

  6. Musical styles and debates about lyrics be damned. That is an epic set of norks by any measure and thus the potato-quality bootleg wins the debate.

    I will brook no further debate gentlemen.

  7. I think it’s interesting what you have to say about coffee, because I drink it regularly and my experience of it doesn’t seem to be typical. I’ve had almost psychedelic experiences on it before, where looking at an object almost brought up a drop-down menu in my mind listing off every use of that object and every similar object. It was very strange.

    My favorite use of coffee is to access a preverbal trance state, usually by getting hopped up on several shots of espresso and then going for a long walk in an area with very few people (I am fortunate enough to live in a low population area). This serves to rev my intuition up, and causes me to notice things I wouldn’t otherwise, or to be able to find the words to describe concepts I couldn’t previously encode, in addition to helping me think though problems.

    For context I am an artist as well, here are some tracks. I generally recommend listening to my stuff on something with good bass. I’d classify them as mostly soundtracks.




    I know my experience and use of coffee are not at all typical, so I just wanted to throw that out there. I really think it’s been instrumental to my music.

    I can’t opine on the other substances you listed as I’m not that experienced with them.

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