Just a reminder: Today you have to vote

Shalom aleichem!

If you are a human (that is, a European or an Israeli), then at 9 PM Amsterdam time today, you have to go to this page:


And you have to vote for Eden Golan, of Israel. I will be voting, I tell all my friends to vote too.

Why? Well because she has the best song of course:

I mean, watch the show or don’t, but I’m 100% sure she has the best song and I’m sure you would agree if you watch all the performances (you have my sympathy).

What, you think it would tell all the Muslims in Europe, who were asking the countries they live in to boycott Eurovision as long as Israel gets to participate, in the most painful and humiliating manner possible, that they’re not welcome here?

Well, that’s very unfortunate, but Eden Golan just has a really really good song.

And yes, our friendly new citizens from the people of sand community are rioting in Malmo, because she even just gets to perform. So when she wins (which she should, HaShem willing), the result will be this:

And that would be very unfortunate, but then we would have no other option left, than to take a big leather boot and kick them so hard in their behinds that they go flying all the way from Europe back to the big pile of sand they came crawling out of.

What, low status white males are hijacking a party for pillow-biters and women to fight out their own tribal disputes? Nah, I wouldn’t dare dream of doing that, I just really think Eden Golan has the best song.

So vote!


  1. If you don’t apologize for not including Americans among your human list the Praying Mantis aliens are going to sexually assault you in your sleep tonight Rad. This is Mantis country and they don’ take kindly to insults towards their chosen people. Ignore my warning at your own peril.

    • >including Americans among your human list

      I could consider the ones who use a VPN to vote for Israel in Eurovision as honorary humans.

  2. Eden’s song is about as moving and creative as a stale piece of cardboard, but if she wins and it pisses off the muzzies, I guess you could call that a win.
    I watched some Eurovision last year and it was hilariously bad. Where is the drug-inspired creativity? I don’t hear it.

  3. I clicked the link and received the following message:

    “Unfortunately, viewers from Ireland are not eligible to vote during the Second Semi-Final as determined in the Allocation Draw. Please join us again during the Grand Final starting Saturday May 11th, 21:00 CEST!”

    So I used my VPN to change my IP address to the country of the painter with the funny moustache and received the following message:

    “In order to cast votes on behalf of Austria, you will need a SIM card with a phone number from Austria (+43).”

    I hate technology.

    I checked the odds and Israel are eighth favourite to win overall, so they should have no problem progressing through the semi-final. It’s a good song that they have.

    I have no idea why Croatia are favourite to win. I listened to the song and the lyrics are very amateurish:

    “Gonna miss you all, but mostly the cat
    Gonna miss my hay, gonna miss my bed
    But most of all, I’ma miss the dance
    So come on y’all, let us prance”

    And then there’s this:

    “I hope I find peace in the noise
    Wanna become one of them city boys
    They’re all so pretty and so advanced
    Maybe they also know our dance”

    “Yeah let’s move from the countryside to the big overcrowded crime-ridden city to be with all the woke Ph.D boosted normies and muslims! I love paying 1,500 euro a month for rent!!!”

  4. OK, I only watched it once and never heard the competition, though judging by too much of pop music since boomers left the stage, the standard wasn’t high. But honestly, this piece doesn’t rise above the mundane to these old ears, the stuff my ears automatically tune out. I certainly can’t think of any year between 1955 and 1990, when I stopped paying much attention to the pop music scene, where it would have risen to the top 20.

    Just my opinion, but then I grew up with ’60s/’70s music. I suspect many who didn’t would agree.

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