Just look at this.

Do me a favor faggots, take some cannabidiol, vape some blue cookies or any other mild Kush with something sweet to its aroma, then hit that play button. I’m not going to endlessly doompost, it’s time for some fun stuff.

Every day for me is torture, but the realization that something like this exists and that a human being who could come up with something like this walks around on this Earth’s surface makes it bearable.

I doubt the pigs and the cows feel the same way though so stop eating their bodies, otherwise you should just die as far as I’m concerned. I’m really running out of patience.



  1. Theory:

    I think there’s a positive correlation between realizing how screwed up everything has gotten and how much you like Vaporwave/PS1 style horror/other stuff fetishizing the 80’s and especially 90’s.

    • Hey there, wake up call: this is a hell realm, we’re living inside of the corpse of a goddess, and a big fraction of those “people” out there are basically flesh automatons being puppetted by demons and other noncorporeal beings. That’s why they can’t be convinced to stop eating meat or whatever – some of them, they’re not even ‘human’. It got worse since the turn of the century because this place is fucking decaying. Haven’t you noticed how quickly subjective time is moving lately, or how events in this world no longer necessarily even make logical sense anymore?

      I do like 80s/90s-themed stuff but I’m not a fan of horror in general really – I see enough of it already in this life as it is.

      • And to cap it off, these little black ants keep coming out of my laptop from time to time.

        It’s not as if there’s anything to eat in there or whatever.

        Where do they keep coming from?

        Spontaneous generation of ants perhaps 🙂

        Like recent speculation here about details, like graffiti, only getting rendered when observed.

  2. In another non-doomposting news, my HBA1C was measured at 5.1 yesterday.

    Some history:

    August 2023, A1C 7.2, weight 216.
    Dec 9 2023, weight 204, I went VEGAN
    Jan 6 2024, A1C 6.3, weight 197
    Feb 19 2024, donated 475 ml of blood
    Today, weight 192, A1C 5.1.

    The blood donation artificially reduced A1C by about 0.5, but still good news overall.

    • Congrats Igor.

      This happens when people ditch excess fat from their diet, insulin sensitivity improves rapidly and blood sugar stays low. So many Americans are stuck on high fat diets that kill them.

      They are merely masking their insulin insensitivity, without addressing the actual problem.

  3. Thanks for the reply to my question in the previous article.

    I’ve been listening to some of that vaporwave and its subgenre slushwave that you recently recommended, it’s good stuff, nice and relaxing, makes you envious of the Gen X and the older Millennials who grew up at the end of the 20th century.

  4. The world ended on 9/11, ded fkn srs.
    The 90s were the absolute zenith of human civilisation.
    I feel really sad that my boys can’t grow up in that environment, although we are trying to basically recreate it for them.

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