Kosher Slaughtering Gaia

Dear low status white males, I’m going to explain this to you one last time.

First of all, stop listening to your Aryan princess.

Next, get a (((job))), stop blocking the road. It’s just a hoax goy.

Stop asking the World Bank President that question, as he’s (((not a scientist))).

We need to burn more (((fossil fuels))), not less. Otherwise there won’t be any (((human flourishing))). And who would you trust with guaranteeing (((human flourishing))), if not the almost most famous Epstein?

I’m just making an appeal to (((reason))) to you goy, as chairman of the (((Global Warming Policy Foundation))). Have you thought about how many shekels it’s going to cost, to do something about it?

I’m the biggest (((thermal coal exporter))) in all of Asia.

Shut it down, the goyim know:

Climate advocates argue the only way to avoid similar fallout again is by limiting further investment in the sector. Bank boards disagree, so much so that they went to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to block this week’s votes. When the SEC didn’t intervene, the boards campaigned against the proposals. Goldman’s board finally said that it’s committed to the climate goals set out six years ago in Paris; however, they said, “We do not believe that placing limits on financing to producers will result in either reduction in emissions or demand for fossil fuels.”

And besides, who cares about the Earth when we can all just live in (((virtual reality)))?

Alright, in all seriousness now.

There is an optimal level of (((global warming))) goy. If we increase global temperatures by (((6 degree Celsius))), it will only decrease global (((GDP))) by 8%. So we should increase the Earth’s temperature by the optimal (((4 degree Celsius))). Yes, I, (((WILLIAM NORDHAUS))), won the (((Nobel prize))) for this genius thinking.

“It’s all just models” -Low IQ low status white males

Yes you are correct. It’s all just economic models, that led (((economists))) to convince (((politicians))) to think they could end the Holocene without ending civilization. Then a few years ago they realized the impact was kicking in much earlier than they thought as (((Nordhaus))) had fooled them and they agreed on 1.5 degree after all. But it was too late.

And you, as a low IQ low status white male, decide to be a useful good goy, by denigrating our chaste aryan Swedish princess, and all our aryan vegan moms blocking the road, for the likes of (((Epstein))) and (((Nordhaus))).

If the Austrian vegetarian with a funny moustache knew about this, he would be spinning in his grave.

Because what these (((economists))) are doing to the planet, is a little bit of Kosher slaughter:

It didn’t happen, but it should have

And you, the low IQ low status white males, the reincarnations of the men who lost at Stalingrad, are their useful idiots.

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