Late Stage Capitalism has a BMI above 30

It seems to me that we live in a society where your rights and value as a human being are determined by how many pounds of fat you carry with you. Now before you think this is going to be an essay about fatphobia, let me cut you off straight away: I’m arguing the exact opposite here. I think we live in a society ruled by fat people, on behalf of fat people. This is a simple and logical outgrowth of late stage capitalism. Companies want to grow, so they need consumers. Good consumers are those who consume a lot of products. Who consumes the most products? Fat people. The system thus ends up doing whatever it can to generate more fat people and ends up completely catering to their needs. Late stage capitalism is clinically obese, although it prefers to refer to itself as “full figured”.

Fat people make good consumers. It’s not just the fact that fat people eat more than everyone else. Fat people are wandering medical cashcrops. The more pounds of fat you carry with you, the more likely those pounds of fat are to interfere with your health. To survive in an obese state, fat people require a continual stream of medication. Insulin, blood pressure medication, weight loss drugs, etc. Many end up needing expensive surgeries too, to help them survive the effects of their weight predicament. Fat people generate enormous employment opportunities for much of Western civilization.

What makes fat people such perfect cash crops is that almost none of their problems are insurmountable. There’s not a whole lot you can do for a quadruple amputee. Fat people however live in a state of health where every single one of their organs has to cope with conditions that are subtly different from what it has evolved to cope with. Your knees carry more weight than they’re designed for, your kidneys are damaged by your excessive blood pressure, your pancreas has to generate more insulin, your skin is stretched beyond its limits, the muscles of your lungs struggle to push excess weight around andsoforth.

Fat men at least tend to have the ability to acknowledge that they’re not attractive. Fat women lead to the creation of an entirely different industry: The self-confidence industry. This industry exists solely to convince people who are physically unattractive because they look unhealthy that they are in fact very attractive looking. Fat women are encouraged to start pole dancing to “feel confident in your own body” and lose what dignity they had left (if you want me to watch you dance, learn ballet). Companies like Dove build a business model around convincing fat women that it’s normal to be fat. As a company you can now survive, not by solving people’s problems, but by telling them that their problem is not an actual problem.

I’ve said it before: When you care about someone, you’re honest to them. They won’t like what you have to say and they might never want to speak to you again, but the obligation that friends have towards each other is honesty. Have you ever considered what sort of obligation Buzzfeed, Jezebel, Cosmopolitan or some other shitlib magazine has towards you? Zilch. The only obligation they take seriously is the obligation to their shareholders.

Under late stage capitalism, corporations start earning an income, simply by reinforcing your own delusions. Every corporation now has the exact same message: “You’re good just the way you are, as long as you don’t actively express any sort of opinions that struggle to fit inside the Overton window.”

In fact, if corporations recognize that you’re a good consumer who is easy to manipulate, corporations will start pressing for the government to pay for the products that you will purchase from them. They do this indirectly, by encouraging you to demand stuff that the government has to pay for. “Ask your doctor for $_EXPENSIVE_PATENTED_VERSION_OF_A_GENERIC_MEDICINE”

The corporation that grows fastest, is the corporation that makes you dependent on its products. People who work at these corporations know that. Here’s a headline: “Goldman Sachs warns biotech clients that curing patients may not be ‘sustainable’ As consumers question whether privatized healthcare is in their best interest, Goldman Sachs says that curing hepatitis C caused a drop in one firm’s drug sales”. Need I say more?

Corporations don’t want you to be healthy and independent. They want you to be addicted. Addicted to opioids. Addicted to insulin. Addicted to validation. Give someone validation, but never so much that they won’t start craving more of it soon. It’s the exact way all toxic relationships work. “Every single gram of fat stuck between your vital organs is beautiful! Now buy our product, or you won’t get any more compliments! By the way, we completely accept your sexual orientation too in case you’re wondering, here’s a rainbow flag!” The most credible argument against homosexuality is still how enthusiastic corporations seem to be about it.

It’s considered in poor taste to bash fat people, because deep down everyone realizes that the emperor has no clothes. Nobody genuinely wants to be fat, corporations like Dove taught us that it’s alright to be fat. However, depicting opinions as being in poor taste is a social control mechanism. These days, you no longer have to prove that vaccinations or wireless technology are fully safe. Instead, people are now afraid of criticizing these things, because to criticize them is considered low status.

It doesn’t really matter much which low status opinion you hold anymore either. There used to be some sort of distinction between low status and extremely low status opinions, in regards to how much these opinions marginalize you. Low status would be “I oppose gay marriage”, whereas extremely low status would be “I think the Holocaust is a hoax.” For every practical purpose, every opinion that is branded low status now leads to complete social ostracism. The guy who denies the Holocaust is deplatformed together with the lesbian feminist who doesn’t like transwomen.

The same process is happening with the lockdowns: “If you want to end the lockdown you’re a white trash Trump supporter, so unless you want to be socially ostracized, don’t you dare criticize the lockdown!” I make the decision of ignoring such social control mechanisms (or perhaps Asperger’s made that decision for me before birth, who knows). My political opinions are best summarized as following: Brick through the Overton window. The biggest threat we face right now to human liberty is that inconvenient facts are simply muffled away.

You could argue that it’s mean to bash fat people. I disagree for four reasons:

  1. I don’t really care about group criticism. If you bash a demographic I belong to, I don’t really care. If you bash me as an individual, that does hit a sensitive spot.
  2. It’s your own fault if you’re fat. There is no good excuse. Pregnancy? People have gotten pregnant since we came into existence. Genetics? What sort of genetic catastrophe has taken place in the past fifty years?
  3. Fat people are the real meanies. To get fat, you need to eat food high in calories. What sort of food do fat people consume, to get so fat? Primarily meat and dairy. I’m an ostrovegan, because I don’t want to hurt animals. Omnivores have nine times the obesity rate of vegans. You can forget your whole low-carb/keto/paleodiet bullshit. We already know what you need to do to avoid getting fat. You’re simply unwilling to do it. I get fat people on some keto bullshit diet, who tell me that eating fruit is going to make me fat. How delusional are these people?
  4. Ninety percent of COVID-19 patients on the Dutch intensive care are obese. In Japan, Corona kills just 0.07% of the infected population according to the latest studies, because the Japanese don’t really have an obesity epidemic. We have reached the point where fat people have become so arrogant that they’re forcing healthy people to stay inside, so that we don’t infect them with a virus. Fat people are literally violating healthy people’s civil rights. “But what about old people, they get sick too!” It’s true that roughly half the deaths are in nursing homes, but the average life expectancy of a nursing home resident is eighteen months and for men it’s less than women. In other words, when the virus enters a nursing home and kills every single resident, the residents lose less than nine months of their life expectancy. We didn’t shut down the global economy over nursing home residents. We shut it down to save the lives of fat people.

Instead, I will now show you what’s cruel to say to a fat person:

“Yu go gurl, ignore the haters, you look so great and confident!” (there is nothing remotely impressive you could do with your life that would make another person non-ironically respond with “You go girl”)

“Ignore those unrealistic standards in the media, that’s not how a real woman looks!” (Actually, it’s literally how every vegetarian girl in her twenties looks, but sure)

“It runs in the family!” (No, your family should just run more)

“Look at how this strong empowered woman shut down a toxic male who criticized her weight!” (Click this clickbait title please, we’re approaching bankruptcy and I need to pay my rent!)

It’s cruel when you tell someone their failure is success, because that discourages them from genuinely succeeding. Mediocre magazines and BuzzFeed/The Independent/Jezebel/Huffington Post tier media are cruel because they continually teach dumb people that their mediocrity is in fact success.

I want you to think for a moment about what it means that you’re expected to stay inside, due to a virus that doesn’t hurt healthy adult human beings. There are treatments that make sick people healthy again and there are treatments that keep sick people from dying. What happens with the latter approach is that you end up with a growing population of sick people. Those sick people need continual treatment to stay alive, so every year the hospitals are more crowded and every year dumb people insist that we must spend more money on healthcare, as if this will magically solve our problems. Now we’ve reached the point where the healthcare system can no longer cope, so we’re forcing everyone to stay inside to keep sick people from needing healthcare. How sustainable do you think that is?

“Oh you’re arguing for eugenics!”  If you’re going to play the six degrees of separation from Hitler card against me, I’ll throw it right back at you by pointing out the 120 million people now facing starvation in the third world due to this hysterical overreaction. The #staythefuckinside tribe of liberal skinnyfat numales has more blood on its hands than the Ku Klux Klan. You’re killing black people in Africa, to save the lives of obese elderly white people. David Duke takes his hat off for you.

In fact, ironically enough the solution to our problems would arguably be mass migration. What sort of guy in Central Africa takes a journey to Libya, jumps on a boat there, makes it to Italy and manages to come up with a good enough sob story to be granted refugee status, or even better yet, gets himself some fake ID documents? That guy has to be physically healthy and an absolute genius, the genetic aristocracy of Africa.

The only defense we have against guys who are that smart is that they generally don’t have college degrees, so currently they mostly tend to end up selling sunglasses on the streets of Rome. It will take at least ten generations of genetic deterioration until a guy like that devolves into a skinnyfat prematurely balding/ejaculating myopic numale who listens to repetitive techno music, had to get his appendix removed because he doesn’t eat enough fiber, wears a video game T-shirt, spends his days working as a codemonkey and gets his opinions from Reddit.

The thing I want you to understand well here, is that the only reason our society is in lockdown right now is because the victims of this virus are held in high esteem. It’s clear that our society cares more about the victims of this virus than it cares about people in Africa. Please tell me, what do you think is more expensive? Making sure that African and Indian children no longer die from a lack of safe drinking water, or shutting down our global economy for a year? The simple answer is that people fundamentally just don’t care. White liberals are nice and friendly to ethnic minorities because it makes their own lives easier, but 120 million starving people means absolutely nothing to them, it’s an afterthought at best.

I want you to imagine for a moment an alternative universe. In this alternative universe, a new coronavirus emerged in China, that uses the opioid receptor to enter our cells. After a while, it became clear that although most people are not genuinely at risk from this virus, people who inject heroin are very strongly at risk of dying from this virus, because their body overexpresses the Mu opioid receptor. What do you think people are going to say?

-We shouldn’t protect people against the consequences of their own poor lifestyle choices.

-You know that you’re killing yourself if you inject heroin, why is it our responsibility to put our lives on hold for you?

-Once you start injecting heroin, your life expectancy is just seven years. Do we need to give people a few extra years of life, by shutting everything down?

Well my friends, people are probably not even going to say those things. The idea of shutting everything down won’t even be considered. The virus will barely be heard about in the news. You won’t see daily updates announced in regards to how many heroin users lay dead in their cars in the Walmart parking lot. Deaths from the heroin virus won’t be recorded as deaths from the heroin virus, they will be recorded as “heroin induced immune deficiency associated pneumonia” or something along those lines.

Why? Because most people who write our collective cultural narrative in politics and the media fundamentally don’t care about heroin users. You live on the margins of society and violate the laws to inject an illegal substance, so people don’t really care about you. Obese middle-aged and elderly people on the other hand, are cared about. Pharmaceutical companies fear that their favorite cash crops might die. Politicians fear that the people who dutifully vote for them every year might die. Heroin users don’t vote and what little money they have goes to drug dealers. A virus that affected heroin users, wouldn’t make people lose their shit.

How do I know? Well here’s something funny. What happened when a mysterious new bug began affecting gays and drug users in big American cities? At the start of the epidemic, half the victims in New York of HIV/AIDS were injecting drug users, the other half were young gay men. Who cared? Did Reagan care? Society only cared insofar as wondering whether this new virus that turns fruits into vegetables might jump over into breeders and other normies.

This was a virus that was legitimately scary. We didn’t know exactly how it spread, you carry it with you for the rest of your life and it was unclear if simply touching someone could spread it. Did we implement lockdowns? Social distancing? No, business as usual continued. The bathhouses and darkrooms gradually grew quiet and we lost some of our greatest artists (RIP Klaus Nomi) and intellectuals (wish you were here to see this bullshit Foucault), but society simply continued.

What I don’t really understand is that gays don’t get annoyed by this. I understand that there’s not a “national association of heroin users”, but gays are pretty well organized and genuinely don’t seem to care that society is now perfectly willing to make a whole lot of sacrifices for obese grandmothers that it wasn’t willing to make for its young gay men in the 1980’s. Unfortunately gays have become so mainstreamed that they’re not going to contradict a dominant cultural narrative.

Some people’s lives seem worth more than other people’s lives. Did New York City have a daily update on the news in the 1980’s on the number of people walking around with Salami pizza skin? No, of course not. These people were marginalized, had no money, didn’t vote for the right politicians and were generally seen in most of America as getting exactly what they had coming for them.

Well, consider this. Our planet is dying. We poison our atmosphere, by traveling around the world, spreading all sorts of exotic new viruses to every major Western city within days. We grow obese by eating deformed animals in cages that never see sunlight, animals that are fed soybeans from soils that once gave birth to rainforests. Ask a cow who saw her calf dragged away from her if you had it coming when you start coughing out your lungs. I think you might be guilty of a bigger sin than sodomy.



  1. “Fat people consume primarily meat and dairy to get fat” is this a joke? People are clearly getting fat due to sugar, you dunce. Obesity was almost non-existent when humans ate primarily meat, nuts, etc.

    I don’t understand how you can be so intelligent in some of your posts but then in others make claims as stupid as the one I quoted.

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