Late stage rainbowism

“Your toddler was homophobic anyway”

Idiotic Western governments have now apparently resigned themselves to the prospect of monkeypox circulating through the population on a recurring annual basis. They’re not going to try to exterminate this virus. Orthopox viruses killed 300 million people in the 20th century, so have fun with what’s in store. The vaccines reduce severity but fail to stop infections (like I warned you about), so these idiots are now training yet another virus to adapt to our species and grow more virulent in the process. Worse, people are getting reinfected. But most of you would rather watch your children die than lift a finger against the gay orgies.

Low IQ delusional pathologically optimistic morons don’t care about any of this, because they think the virus only infects sodomites. And that’s almost true, for now. But as the sodomites build up immunity through constant reinfections, natural selection will increasingly start favoring variants that are also able to infect people through other routes. If you panic early, it will look unnecessary. When you don’t, you leave humanity stuck with a new virus, for generations to come. Do you morons have any idea what kind of accomplishment it was, when we eradicated smallpox? Your governments are now ditching that success, because they don’t want to offend our sacred Brahmins of the sodomite caste. And if you low IQ morons would pay attention, you would notice that the case curve looks like this:

Whereas the death curve looks like this:

We’re now missing most cases, or the virus is evolving to become deadlier, or both. Either you do something about sodomy, or you get to enjoy the pleasure of slowly relearning why most societies before ours considered this a grave evil. And rather than being angry because future generations are being left to inherit a virus that kills children, you’re angry at me for suggesting that maybe there’s a reason this sort of behavior has always been strictly forbidden in every functional society. You’ve seen what HIV has done, do you want to find out what an orthopox virus can do?

Sodomizing your species into extinction is one way to solve environmental problems I suppose, but I would have recommended more humane methods that don’t result in children being blinded and faces rotting off. Try recycling, buy a bicycle.

If this is really what happens under late-stage rainbowism, Western rainbow-supremacist governments resigning themselves to a population decimated by recurring waves of multiple immune-system damaging novel zoonotic viruses because society now revolves around the right to stick your penis where other men poop, your best bet for long-term survival would probably be to take up residence on a boat on the ocean, far away from any shore.

And I know this will sound absurd to you, but I would argue that I have a pretty good track record by now. And I have a good track record, because I don’t care about taboos, regardless of whether it offends blue-haired they/them wokies or low status white males.

Didn’t I warn you that mass vaccination would make the whole SARS2 pandemic worse?

Didn’t I warn you many times that the COVID vaccines are causing the wrong sort of antibody response, before everyone else figured it out?

Didn’t I warn you that vaccination with these vaccines against monkeypox wouldn’t work?

Didn’t I warn you that the whole population is beginning to suffer immune system damage and brain damage?

Didn’t I tell you to protect your brain with Nattokinase? We just had another study come out, confirming it breaks down the amyloid plaques and prevents cognitive damage.

You’re also free to ignore me of course, the “lockdown skeptics” and “public health officials” are now parroting an identical party line at this point, that you have to get used to being infected twice a year by a brain-damaging SARS virus from now until forever. Have fun going silently into that good night, keep throwing those substack bux at them.

But do me a favor, don’t sacrifice the children on the rainbow altar. Excluding the sodomites, 15% of infected people had to be hospitalized, 1% end up in the ICU, and 0.3% so far have died.

You low IQ morons take your 76 year life expectancy and your 0.5% infant mortality rate for granted. You have grown so spoiled, so decadent, so ignorant, that rather than being angry that your governments are throwing away the success of a 200+ year long campaign to exterminate orthopox viruses that killed millions of people every year from the human population, you’re going to be commenting on my blog that I shouldn’t use the “S-word”. What you people call tolerance, I call pissing on the graves of your ancestors.

The last thing your toddler will see before the scabs on his eyes blind him forever

That’s how indoctrinated you people are, even the low status white male “conservatives”, “patriots” and “libertarians” have convinced themselves of some clichés about how this is all fine and dandy as long as they don’t try to fool your depressed teenage daughter into having her breasts amputated or have some lunatic dressed up like a demon read stories to your toddler.

I would urge all of you low IQ morons to look at history a bit, to learn the tales of how people spent their whole lives depressed because they had a toddler die, how married women would just refuse to have sex for the rest of their lives after going through that. I would urge you to try to understand the human condition, instead of trying your best to awkwardly fit into the Overton window with some tiresome libertardian cliché of how what two people (or a dozen guys pissing all over each other) do in the privacy of their bedroom is none of your business. I would urge you to think about how ridiculously good we actually have it.

And then I would recommend you to buy a boat.


  1. I googled Nattokinase and saw a bunch of supplements. Is this what you recommend taking? Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks.

      • I’ve recently bought the supplement. Some pictures of Natto made me a bit squeamish even though I have eaten and enjoyed lots of other fermented foods. How would you rate taste/texture?

        • Its not bad at all really, odd sticky bits between the beans but tastes fine. Can smell bad if you leave it out to rot for days by that’s it.

        • I first had natto when I visited Japan, and definitely compared to the rest of the delicious foods there, natto is, well, a little odd. Japanese people think so too.

          But it’s not something to shrink from: the sticky texture is unique but not repulsive, and the taste has some appeal even the first time. Give it a try.

          I found a local maker where I live now and am going to get some soon.

  2. I would be interested in your thoughts as to what to do about this. It is impossible to prevent homosexuals from engaging in what they do and nor is it justifiable to use the power of the state to even try.

    Would a strong push for sodomites to use condoms be worthwhile? FWIW, I know the pain of losing a child (she was 5) and I would not wish that agony on anyone, not even the evil moronic people that have foisted the last 3 years of idiocy on society.

    • >It is impossible to prevent homosexuals from engaging in what they do and nor is it justifiable to use the power of the state to even try.

      See, here’s the thing. Low status white males are too innocent for this world. For most of human history, prohibiting sodomy was one of the tasks of government. The laws were very strict and served more to deter people from practicing sodomy, than to actually be applied. In practice, this is sufficient to stop the sort of sodomite networks that spread disease all over the planet. If two men wanted to practice sodomy, they had to do it in secret.

      But fundamentally, all of you are old-fashioned liberals with a “live and let live” mentality. You people have tolerance hard-coded into your DNA, but you are unable to comprehend that you’re alone in this. And even when you live in a society that clearly doesn’t feel like applying that principle to you personally, a society that COMPLETELY REVOLVES around everyone taking PRIDE in NOT BEING YOU, by virtue of their race, gender and sexual orientation, you people still apply this liberal mentality.

      And this is why the world needs to be ruled by philosopher kings, rather than by low status white males. You people are too innocent for this world.

      • >a society that COMPLETELY REVOLVES around everyone taking PRIDE in NOT BEING YOU

        I want to ask all the low status white males this question: What do you think it means, to live in a society where everyone takes pride in not being you?

        People are proud of being rich. Proud of being educated. When neither of those options are available to them, then they’re proud of not being men. Or proud of not being straight. Or proud of being anything other than white.

        And the institutions encourage all of this. Your entire society revolves around taking pride in not being a low status white male. That’s what the “progress flag” signals.

        The state religion consists of taking pride in not being a low status white male.

        Think about that for a moment.

  3. I’ve been reading your work for a few months. Thank you for all the insightful articles you’ve published. I suffered a serious adverse reaction to the one covid shot I took in 2021. I developed debilitating tinnitus that damn near ended me (tinnitus is no joke when it’s so loud you can’t hear some people talk and can’t sleep). I received nothing but gaslighting from western doctors despite the obvious connection to the vaccine. It took over a year for it to subside to the point to where it no longer controlled my life, though it is still with me all the time. I finally started taking Nattokinase (with serrazime) a couple weeks ago per your recommendation. It has been changing the quality of the tinnitus (for the better), which gives me hope that it is addressing the chronic inflammation that likely resulted from the vaccine. A downside however is that it has made me very tired, to the point where I’ve had to stop taking it a couple times for a couple days to give my body a rest.

    Is the fatigue a normal detox response when taking Nattokinase? I’d appreciate your thoughts on this since you are very knowledgeable on the topic. Thank you.

    • My mother seems to have developed severe tinnitus too from the vaccines.

      Glad to hear you’re getting better.

      >Is the fatigue a normal detox response when taking Nattokinase?

      I’m not sure, I’ll look into it.

  4. So happy you are back!

    I live in the USA and plan to get a property on the azores islands. Fairly remote and conservative

  5. Ian make your own Natto. Buy chilled Natto from, a yoghurt maker and watch “natto dad” on youtube for method.

  6. To get the most out of radagast you have to read all the links that are placed in the articles and Branch out from that to do your own research and your experience here will be all the better. One note on monkey pox for those who have not investigated it,, is that it is not a sexually transmitted disease therefore condoms have no effect whatsoever. It is a skin to skin issue and it is because of the frequent and extensive skin contact that the gay polygamous universe is able to spread this so rapidly. And it is correct to say that vaccines will provide a much higher infectivity rate so that unlike covid this pestilence will be transmittable from toilet seats door knobs and elevator buttons not to mention telephones hanger straps in subways and everything else we touch. It will be a nightmare magnitudes worse than covid

    • Sorry, I don’t buy that at all. Why did it develop in gays in the first place and not, say, all the grappling sports that are growing exponentially throughout the world because of prize-fighting popularity? No gay men wrestle?

  7. You can mail-order organic natto with just 2 ingredients if you’re in the US:!/New-York-Natto-Organic-220g-certified-organic/p/105316873/category=0

    There was an organic natto company based in California that sadly just went out of business in May. You can get organic natto at Japanese food stores, but it might have quite a few ingredients besides the basic stuff you want. I would not recommend. Fwiw many if not most Japanese eat natto with something else, for instance rice. This somewhat alters the taste sensation.

    Lastly, and fwiw, I don’t know if the effect is the same, but Costco sells a kombucha with very similar bacteria to natto called b. subtilus DE111 — natto contains b. subtilis var. natto.

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