Leading a low status white male to water: Philosemitism for pragmatic purposes

You’re a low status white male. You’ve spent your whole life, wishing for brown people to go back to their own countries. You wake up in the morning, start shitposting on Twitter and 4chan with other low status white males and you go to bed doing this too. And now shit finally hit the fan.

Jews have suddenly come to a collective realization that shock, horror, there are too many brown people in their country! The exact realization low status white males had when they came crawling out of their mother’s womb!

And exactly nobody is happy. Not just the low status white males, mind you.

Here we have an irony-poisoned TERF, that is, an LSWM trapped in the body of a woman, who is also not happy. “The Orcs should go back to Mordor, not because they want to slaughter Jews, but because they rape womenz!”

One of those skills you are supposed to learn in life is to work with the tools you are handed, rather than to complain that the tools are not good enough.

And well my friends, the entire Western establishment has just realized that we have a fifth column in our midst. All those liberal Jews with half a million Twitter followers, some comfy job in media or in academia, now realize that they’re surrounded by people who want to kill them.

And you, the low status goyim, have two options:

  1. You can either continue doing what you’re doing now, which is clearly not achieving anything.
  2. You can make lemonade out of lemons.

You’re a medieval peasant. The peasant women are having their babies dragged off to the woods by hungry wolves. You complain to the baron and the baron tells you he’ll have a look at it. One day you casually mention to the baron one of your horses is dead as you plow a field for him and you notice the baron is shocked to hear this.

The dumb peasant goes to the tavern and complains to the other peasants that the baron doesn’t care that babies are dragged off to the woods, but does care about your dead horse, because he fears for the horses in his own stable and that the baron needs to be overthrown.

The smart peasant goes to the tavern and asks if anyone else had one of his work horses gored by the wolves in the forest. And then the lot of you go back to the baron and point out to him that these wolves are roaming the countryside, killing horses. Because that gets the baron’s attention.

“But he’s not the right baron! He’s an imposter baron!”

Well, he’s the baron you got, whether you like it or not. I can’t tell you how to flip the billionaire statistics in your favor. I can tell you how to convince 30% of the Forbes 100 billionaires that flooding the country with people from the Global South might not be a good idea after all.

What I’m saying to you low IQ low status white male morons, is that even if you personally hate Jews, philosemitism is smart from a purely pragmatic perspective too. I can’t help you people to stop being retarded. I can however tell you that from a pragmatic perspective, not drooling on the floor during a job interview will probably improve your chances of getting the job.

That eighty year old billionaire real estate developer in New York just realized his granddaughter could have ended up raped next to the corpse of her friends at some beepityboopity European electrotune music festival during her Birthright trip and her classmates from the Arab world would have celebrated her death!

And so what do you say, dear low status white male?

If you say something like:

“This is the consequence of you turning Gaza into an open-air concentration camp”


“I don’t care what goes on in that part of the world”

Then you kind of deserve to go extinct. It’s Darwinism in action.

But if you now bring your camera with you, turn to Twitter, to CNN, to your local police force and point out that:


Then you have the sort of cognitive skills that medieval peasants who passed on their genes had.

But most of you unfortunately, are sounding like the sort of angry medieval peasants who died in some obscure tax revolt that was never recorded in the history books.

You know what the rules of the game are. And you can either play the game by the rules, or go into your graves insisting that the rules are wrong.

What’s it going to be?

Because I’m going to ask you what the difference is between frogtwitter, between /pol/ and between antisemitism.

Here it is:

Zero brown people have been kicked out of France because of those edgy memes you posted on Twitter.

Zero brown people have been kicked out of France because of what you posted on /pol/.

Three brown people have been kicked out of France because they were found to sympathize with genocide against Jews.

It’s called Aikido. You use your opponent’s moves against him.

You hang an Israeli flag on your frontyard and you record the local “youth” stealing it. Now your whole neighborhood feels unsafe, including the college professor.

Keep in mind, it’s not just the Jews who are uncomfortable with living next to people who endorse genocide against Jews. It’s the normies too.

Suddenly the entire Western world is forced to recognize what sort of people you have living in your midst. It’s something they don’t WANT to recognize. They only recognize it by coming face to face with the ugliest most hideous atrocities.

You can either encourage the middle-class normies who grew up in homogenous middle-class neighborhoods and lived sheltered lives to figure it out.

Or you can throw a temper-tantrum like a toddler that Israelis matter but that grandmother in your street who had her house broken into or that man who was randomly assaulted in the metro by “youths” doesn’t.

I can tell you this much:

You’re not going to get mass deportations and a population exchange because you made an esoteric FBI crime statistics inside joke on Twitter.

You get mass deportations and a population exchange, when people feel threatened. And now you have a minority living in your midst, who are eagerly threatening people. Who are celebrating the mass slaughter of children and grandmothers.

So you can now use the tools you have.

Or you can wait for your preferred tools to come around, the day when everyone agrees they need to be kicked out because they don’t have dolichocephalic skulls and Y chromosomal haplogroup R1b.

If we could collectively agree they need to go because the homicide rates increased by 650% in my city since they arrived in the 60’s, that would be perfectly fine with me. But it’s clear that’s not sufficient reason for most people.

Heck, if we could collectively agree they need to leave because they play shitty rap music in the train on loudspeaker, with the full realization that they’re annoying everyone else sitting next to them but those people are afraid of asking them not to do it, it would work for me too.

But it seems like we can agree that they need to go because they celebrate the mass slaughter of Jewish children. That’s fine with me. That’s a reason I can be perfectly content with.

Again, when you’re a Roman prisoner thrown into the arena, you fight with the weapons you’re given. If you’re the sort of person who wins, that is. The guy in the arena who loses spends his last breath, complaining the fight is unfair because he was given the wrong weapons.


  1. It seems to me that EU politicians will only start acting en masse when their own family members are raped and murdered by Muslim immigrants. Which, unfortunately, has already happened:


    Also, I’ve no idea how this guy’s YouTube channel hasn’t been taken down after criticising Islam for the last 16 years:


  2. Yes, to say that you don’t care what the Muslim world is up to is very stupid.

    On the other hand, Eisenhower’s “Operation Wetback” deporting millions of illegals is no longer possible anywhere in the western world and that won’t change even with greater recognition of the threat. It’s too late for any aikido tactics by xenophobic LSWMs to work. We’re headed for a massive Crunch in another generation and it’s going to get very ugly.

    Also, I somehow found this hilarious.
    “Most of you unfortunately, are sounding like the sort of angry medieval peasants who died in some obscure tax revolt that was never recorded in the history books.”


  3. This is a rational argument. Do you genuinely believe pushing for the narrative that browns want to genocide Jews would actually be an effective tactic for deporting non-whites? I think I agree with Keith.

    Not mad you deleted my posts in the last thread. One was just a copypasta shitpost, and the effort post’s first paragraph was cruel; and I get you sympathize with the Israeli’s allot, so sorry for any harm said posts may have caused.

  4. > Also, I somehow found this hilarious.
    “Most of you unfortunately, are sounding like the sort of angry medieval peasants who died in some obscure tax revolt that was never recorded in the history books.”

    It was hilarious!
    You guys should really make a book, magazine, or even a tv show / movie.
    + + +
    So, Assad’s Syria doesn’t have the PR that Israel has. Not even the Armenians!
    (this is not “whataboutism”, I’m just trying to see the patterns, to prevent another tragedy)

    Admittedly, the idea of our host is pragmatic, but:
    Have you thought that maybe Israel doesn’t want the Sunni immigrants of Europe back to Syria, and all the other radicals back to their homeland?
    Because having millions of anti-israeli hooligans around it would undermine it’s own security?

    In other words, what they (Israel, and our governments) perceive as securing the state of Israel, may actually work against us (again IMHO).

  5. It’s a reasonable suggestion, but I have to be a bit skeptical, because I’m not aware of any previous historical instance of “pragmatic Philosemitism” reaching any desirable outcome.

    It remains to be seen whether this slight rhetorical shift on Muslims is a mustard seed which will grow into a wonderful tree, or just some autumn leaves scattering in the cold gusts of wind.

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