Low IQ low status white males are like kids of poor parents who want to go to Disney World

I am not really a proponent of democracy. One of the reasons I joined the Extinction Rebellion movement in the first place is because I don’t really believe in democracy: I believe in smart people making decisions, for the benefit of both smart people and dumb people (like low IQ low status white males). If I believed in democracy, I would just sit on the sidelines and do nothing, watching passively as Dutch low IQ low status white males vote to make our planet uninhabitable.

When it comes to problems like climate change, dumb people just should not be allowed to have a say in the matter. Dumb people can argue with each other over whether gays should be allowed to marry, whether transgenders should use the male or the female bathroom, whether your local Walmart should have a sign that says “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” etc. I am very much in favor of dumb people arguing with each other over such questions.

Some problems however, are just too complex and important for dumb people to have a say in the matter. Climate change is an example. It is very difficult for low IQ low status white males to accept that this is a real problem. That’s not an argument against climate change being a problem. It’s an argument against low IQ low status white males having a say in the matter. The comments on my blog are a lasting testimony to the fact that low IQ low status white males should not have a say in the matter.

Trying to explain to low IQ low status white males why we need to stop burning fossil fuels, is like having a credit card debt you’re struggling to pay off and trying to explain to your son why you can’t go to Disney World. It’s embarrassing that you ever let the problem get to this point, but the innocent naive child was mistakenly led to believe as a result that a normal situation (you spending money you don’t have) is sustainable.

Similarly, our use of the atmosphere as a waste dump for our pollution for over a century, led low IQ low status white males to believe this is a normal sustainable situation. It’s not. They’re like innocent naive children, who grew used to an abnormal situation, that was caused by the irresponsibility of their parents.

The parents wanted to make their children happy, so they took them to Six Flags, they bought them a new Playstation, all with money they did not have. Similarly, our elected government officials wanted to make their low IQ low status white males happy, so they gave them things we could not afford: SUVs, vacations on the Bahamas, hamburgers from cows fed soybeans grown from the amazon forest, houses in the suburbs, etcetera.

You, the low IQ low status white males, are now like bratty children, really angry that your dad who is struggling to pay both his mortgage and his credit card, has now told you that unfortunately he can’t take you to Disney World this summer: “WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE’RE NOT GOING TO DISNEY WORLD! THIS IS GLOBALIST TYRANNY! I HATE YOU DAD! I WON’T EAT THE BUGS AND LIVE IN A POD!”

The real problem is that your dad never properly explained to you the problem he is dealing with. In addition to that, you grew entitled. So now that your dad realizes his credit card is almost maxed out and he will need to buy groceries this week, he decided that the family can’t go to Disney World, even if that means you think he is actually a satan-worshipping pedophile who wants to kill his kids.

You’re a child, so you don’t understand what happens to your dad when he maxes out his credit card and can’t pay off his debt. That’s what I notice with most of the low IQ low status white males who are so angry right now: They just don’t understand what happens when we change the climate. All they see is that their dad is suddenly admitting he’s not taking them to Disney World after avoiding the topic for weeks.

When I see low IQ low status white males argue that temperatures used to be higher millions years ago, or that the polar bears are fine, I’m just seeing people who don’t understand the nature of the problem. Just as a child has never had to deal with the consequences of debt, with people showing up to your door to take away your possessions and kick you out of your house, low IQ low status white males have never had to deal with the consequences of wet bulb temperatures above 35 degree Celsius.

Every once in a while, I see a low IQ low status white male bring up the polar bears. That’s the funny thing. I never hear climate change activists talk about the polar bears. I never hear Greta Thunberg talk about the polar bears. Whenever low IQ low status white males bring up the polar bears, it’s just a glaring indicator that they don’t understand the nature of the problem.

The nature of the problem is that you die within hours, even in the shade, at wet bulb temperatures above 35 degree Celsius. That matters, because parts of the world home to billions of people will occasionally reach such temperatures by 2100 if we fail to stop burning fossil fuels. It means all the wild above-ground mammals there die, along with humans if you get a power outage. It would most likely result in billions of deaths.

I think that’s part of the problem we’re dealing with. This was never explained to people like this. What you heard in the media back in the early 00’s is that the polar bears were going hungry, so low IQ low status white males now think that’s the problem, rather than billions of deaths by the end of this century and societal collapse.

The media doesn’t tell you the real problem, because they don’t want to make people depressed and alienate them. Nobody wants to come home in the evening after a day at the office, turn on his TV and hear that his way of life is unsustainable and will lead to billions of deaths. So what you got instead is: “Hey try taking shorter showers so the polar bears don’t go hungry.”

I mean, growing up as a young LSWM I could see my parents yell at the TV whenever the topic was brought up anyway. Now imagine if people back then were told the reality: Your kids will die because of this, if you don’t solve it. They would get really angry, as they already have enough misery to worry about.

In fact, you can look at how the Dutch TV channels get good ratings. They get good ratings by inviting this moron on the show. This is the leader of the Dutch farmer’s party. She has no understanding of anything. She says in an interview in Belgium that Belgium doesn’t have a nitrogen problem, only to be corrected by the guy interviewing her that it does. I wouldn’t care, but her one issue is to support the farmers who are causing the pollution, so you would expect to see some basic knowledge on that issue. There is none.

If Dutch TV channels want to get good ratings and get a lot of boomers watching, they have to invite this woman. If they want to chase all the boomers away, they have to bring up climate change. The people demanding of the weatherman to point it out to the boomers when we suffer climate change induced freak weather, are the sort of intelligent young people who don’t watch TV anyway. Your local weatherman just gets death threats from boomers when he does.

But the result of this dynamic, is that low IQ low status white males and boomers now think we have to transform the global economy so that the polar bears don’t go hungry, because the media has to walk on egg shells around this topic, to avoid angering them. They are shielded from reality and demand that nobody removes that shield.

I’m not going to link to any of these climate change denial essays, but I pointed out here why the sort of people who deny the problem, just do not understand how fragile our way of life is, how much it depends on our current climatic conditions.

Whenever the low IQ low status white males bring up that temperatures used to be much higher millions of years ago, they just illustrate that they have basically no real understanding of how our civilization functions. Just because temperatures back then were higher, does not mean our civilization could cope with those conditions.

It means you don’t understand how we depend on cold winters, to avoid tropical parasites showing up in our soils that will reduce your kids IQ. It means you don’t understand how our crops, the handful of grain species we use that evolved in response to low atmospheric CO2, can not compete at high CO2 concentrations with invasive weeds.

It means you don’t understand how fungal pathogens thrive on our crops under high CO2 concentrations. It means you don’t understand how agriculture depends on stable precipitation patterns and can not survive under rising hourly precipitation extremes that will trigger soil erosion in places not covered by mature trees. It means you don’t understand how we depend on stable jet streams, to maintain predictable weather patterns.

It means you don’t understand how oceanic dead zones can lead to massive emissions of hydrogen sulfide that will just kill people living near the coast. It means you don’t understand how sudden bursts of methane can lead to depletion of the hydroxyl radical.

It means you don’t understand how we depend on stable temperatures to avoid releasing frozen methane in bursts that can cause underwater landslides that trigger tsunamis. You see evidence of far more megatsunamis in the geological record during periods of sea level change.

Of course I’m not even mentioning the biggest problem: It’s mostly the speed of the change that fucks everything up. It’s the speed of the change, that causes you to lose fertile soils in one place, long before they have regrown in another place. It’s the speed of the change, that triggers massive forest fires, big enough to generate their own weather systems. It’s the speed of the change, that causes mass extinction.

It’s the speed of the change, that forces animal species to migrate. When they migrate, they come into contact with other species they would normally never meet. When that happens, they pass viruses over to each other. Do you want to find out what happens when African Ebola viruses suddenly show up in European bats that have no immunity to them?

But when low IQ low status white males need to have all of this explained to them, all they’re proving is that they’re like children. When little Billy demonstrates to dad that the tank is full of gas so they can drive to Disney World, he’s not proving that dad’s credit card debt is a hoax. Rather, little Billy is just demonstrating to mom and dad that he lives in naive innocence about the world.

That doesn’t mean the family can suddenly afford to go to Disney World. It means that mom and dad did a good job at shielding them from the harsh reality of life, but a poor job at preparing them for the reality of adulthood.

In other words, a bit like what our media did to the boomers. Incidentally that’s also what low IQ low status white males did to themselves, by browsing Infowars, ZeroHedge and other blogs for low IQ low status white males, until they found that one article that told them what they want to hear.

You can choose to stay like children. It’s clearly what most of you want. But when you bring up that your stupid dad is not taking you to Disney World, I’m not going to lie to your face. I will tell you that your dad was being irresponsible and ran himself into debt. That’s why you can’t go to Disney World.


  1. This sort of argument: a handful of smart central planners should have say in how everything is run is exactly the rut in which the soviet block was rotting for ~40 years before it all fell apart.

    It’s the same reason why the few “super smart” narcissists, if left unchecked, will drive everything to the ground.

    Case in point — Lysenkoism. And the follow-on great chinese famine.

    But people never learn, and so the cycle repeats with “extinction rebellion” or whatever.

    So we have a new instance of Lysenkoism, this time called “global warming”. Pardon, “climate change”. Or maybe “extinction rebellion”.

    Call it what you want, it’s still green on the inside, and red on the inside.

    (the goal is simple: you get to dictate everything, because YOU are NEVER wrong. Just like Pfauci was never wrong.)

    • The Soviet Union was not run by smart people. If you want to see a society run by smart people, 19th century Britain or the early United States seems to me a better example.

      • Wait, so your argument is: trust our proposed totalitarian regime, cos we are smart?

        The pandemic response was also run by “smart” people. Trust the Science, man! Trust the experts. Two weeks to flatten… your rights. Then “take the jab or else”.

        That didn’t exactly go down well, did it?

        It did go well for the ruling class (they got richer and greedier), everyone else got screwed over.

        So how is your proposed totalitarian rule over weather going to end up any better? I honestly want to know whether you have at least a shred of doubt of that being a great idea… given how blatant the conflict$ of intere$t$ are.

        As for 19th century Britan and/or early US — not sure how to map that to present situation. Don’t think either of them was a totalitarian regime.

        • >The pandemic response was also run by “smart” people. Trust the Science, man! Trust the experts. Two weeks to flatten… your rights. Then “take the jab or else”.

          Actually, smart people in every country had documents ready that said: Don’t panic, there isn’t really much you can do when a new pandemic begins.

          But the general public panicked, so we got lockdowns. Polls showed ~90% of people wanted lockdowns.

          It was not science, it was a kind of global panic.

          • Just like the corrupt gravy train of climate “science” ain’t science.. merely global panic. Change my mind.

          • “But the general public panicked, so we got lockdowns. Polls showed ~90% of people wanted lockdowns.

            The population paniced all by itself, while the government did everything it could to discuss the topic calm and scientific. Luckily there was no propaganda on TV that we are all going to die if we dont go along with the government.

            So this situation is not at all comparable with the “climate crisis”. Where we actually HAVE 24/7 propaganda on all media, that we are all going to die if … oh, wait!

  2. Rintrah, the university dropout, who still believe in holding the absolute truth.

    You had this temperature/Co2 diagram in your last post, where we can see that the temperature curve has a delay of roughly 20 years to the CO2 curve.

    But there is this ice core diagramm from twitter:

    Can you explain why the temperature curve is not following the CO2 curve with a 20 years delay? If CO2 is really the one and only adjusting screw for the temperature, then we should have already 10 or 20 degrees more.

    Rintrah, why don’t we have 10 or 20 degree more although the CO2 curve is spiking way longer than 20 years?

    • Oh God it never stops.

      You people really need me to explain EVERYTHING to you, don’t you?

      Have a look at your graph, posted by a low IQ LSWM, on a site for low IQ LSWMs (X aka Twitter)

      Note what it doesn’t mention: In what year does that Antarctic temperature chart end?

      These graphs end at “before present”. You can see it here in the cited link in your post:


      “Before Present” is the year 1950, used because after that human nuclear explosions start screwing up all the isotope ratios.



      This causes huge confusion, because low IQ LSWMs will look at these graphs and assume that “present” is just today, instead of the year 1950.

      So as far as I can tell, that guy’s chart ends in the year 1950.

      Back then, most of the global warming that had already occurred was still being obscured by toxic air pollution.

    • >LSWM Dutch dairy farmer

      I don’t think being a low status white male is compatible with being a Dutch dairy farmer. These guys are millionaires on average, as their land is very valuable.

  3. You are just a coward.

    Deep down you know that you will have to defend your turf.

    Hot weather in Asia is a problem for low status Asians.
    Hot weather in Africa for low status Africans.
    Billions wanting to migrate is a problem to YOU.

    Not the gun touting rednecks. They will shoot. Will you?

    • >Not the gun touting rednecks. They will shoot. Will you?

      Oh hi Mr. Sixpack. You must have typed this comment during the five minutes between two major hurricanes in which your trailer park had electricity available.

      • Also, I would like to spend my days doing something other than shooting Asians and Africans fleeing heatwaves too hot for human survival.

        I’m just a dude with a blog, not some sort of psychopathic warlord.

        You call that cowardice, I call it not being a psychopath. Take some mushrooms or something, there’s something wrong with your brain.

        • Friend, you are definitely a psychopath. No less one who believes he is smarter than everybody else, which is the first step to failure. Good luck.

  4. Keep writing your excellent blog posts, don’t expect LSWMs to ever change their minds regarding anything though.

    The boomers got really easy lives, shielded from the harsh reality in life. They got 14 jobs waiting for them after high school and could buy a brand new house in their mid 20s.

    Look at any random political debate from the 70s and the intellectual level is stageringly high comparing to today.

    The politicians figured out that dumbing down their arguments and only saying what people wanted to hear was the winning tactic. A couple of decades later all the good honest politicians where gone and only the narcssistic status seekers remained. Democracy is over when it is all about pleasing stupid people.

    LSWMs believe climate change was invented by leftist. LSWMs dislike leftists and get angry whenever the topic is brought up.

    Wake up to reality people. See reality as it is and do not cling on to your stupid ideas. Always keep an open mind to what is truth.

    • >The boomers got really easy lives, shielded from the harsh reality in life.

      Yep. That’s honestly the real problem: People had it so good that they effectively lost the ability to adjust to profound existential threats.

      • Or maybe… people have it still so good (and for nearly free), they have to invent bogus existential threats just so they can have some purpose in their otherwise insignificant life.

        So they go and glue themselves to a road and/or they destroy other people’s work with canned soup… to feel at least a bit significant.

        Because it’s cool to be an “activist” when the media is paid by various NGOs to revere your stupid ass.

          • The usual:

            Predictions that stand the test of time, based on open data anyone can verify and replicate.

            In other words, instead of bogus papers that use statistical trickery, can never be replicated (due to missing data, missing key ingredients, or just outright fraud) and whose opponents are silenced and discredited… formulate your papers and put all of your stuff in the open.

            And let people (both well versed in the field and excited non-credentialed internet nobodies) try and tear it down. If they can’t refute it (despite their best efforts), your thing wins.

            In other words, tear down the walled gardens, let the superorganism figure out what’s truth and what’s bunk.

            Side note: I thought this is how science was supposed to work to begin with.

            Compare that with how the pandemic have been handled. If there actually were a level playing field and open discussion (and maybe contributions from dissenting voices weren’t suppresed at every turn).

            Well, if that were true, I don’t think we’d be despairing over damaged immune response following ill-concieved new mrna hotness (whose manufacturing at scale wasn’t even properly verified before it was forced out into a significant fraction of the world’s arms).

          • >Predictions that stand the test of time, based on open data anyone can verify and replicate.

            We already have that.

    • Well it was government PR agencies that did that. Mine has a detailed style guide with written, mandatory guidance to write things at middle school level reading comprehension standards…Should of swiped a copy before they threw me under the bus.

  5. You have some of them here because there are only small steps from anti-vax to Klaus Schwab, then NWO, a life in pods eating bugs, and finally climate change denial. I wonder if this associative network is not willfully engineered. They call it memetic engineering. In other words, whenever you have a problematic movement, you call Alex Jones to steal the thunder and drive away rational people.
    Even if it’s not true, whenever I hear about him, I picture the guy from the “Fifteen Million Merits” episode of Black Mirror who lives a relatively good life by criticizing the system for those who are trapped. It’s merely a drug that evokes strong emotions, blending truth with lies and irrational behavior, but ultimately changes nothing.

    Maybe something will emerge that is able to unwind this whole mess.

    That said, I read the Arctic-news blog sometimes, but I have a hard time assessing exactly how accurate the picture there is. He seems to be on the other end of the scale. what do you think?

    I’m sure that they will start with solar radiation management in the near future (if they are not already doing it to some degree).

    • Watching Dane Wigington is interesting sometimes. You wonder, does this guy really believe what he says or is it some act? My own guess is there is so much airplane traffic and methane in the upper atmosphere (Noctilucent clouds) that everything looks weird.

      Any geo-engineering will be a Hail Mary pass in my opinion.

      “One of the reasons I joined the Extinction Rebellion movement in the first place is because I don’t really believe in democracy: I believe in smart people making decisions”

      This is pure comedy gold. Thanks for the laughs.

  6. You really bring these comments upon yourself.

    It’s is exceedingly clear that there are environmental problems. Only a normie can’t see it or admits it’s a fixable problem if we all just had Teslas. Even if we suppose global warming is a fiction, there is abundant evidence that illustrates the damages and contamination of our Earth as well as the ill effects on ourselves. I’ve been very fortunate (maybe) to have had direct experience and knowledge of ridiculous environmental contamination and harm caused directly to humans. I know of the existence, as one example, of a very extensive and long term independent study to do with a chemicals influence on humans… initiated by a very large chemical producer. That study without doubt showed the increase in cancer and numerous other illnesses. That report is obviously not published and is kept very securely and it’s business as usual. Another example is the enormousness amounts of heavy metal pollution that occurred for decades in a very large city and the weird coincidences of illness and mental deficiency issues that people were having. Or… I could talk about the insanely toxic solutions used in the creation of aircraft parts and how there wasn’t even any signage as to the nature of those solutions or how the damage it does to ones person is imperceivable until one has mysterious ailments many years or decades later for unknown reasons. Or… food adulteration and harmful practices. I could go on… for a long time about what I’ve seen and know to be true.

    No one is really interested in particulate pollution, chemicals that are used everywhere that give you cancer… or the bait and switch used by mostly large businesses to certify something is ok… when it’s not (there are many ways this is done).

    And, you want to talk about the weather?

    The biggest threat we face is the normie – it’s that simple. We’re coming to the end of the experiment were for some generations people could make their world and invent all sorts of ideologies and religious to explain what has happened or how things should be. They have shown themselves repeatedly to make not only poor decisions… but the worst decisions and all that was required to get a bit ahead of the other idiot normie was to make slightly better than average decisions over a long time. Of course… those decisions include cutting down the forests and destroying everything that goes with it… extract resources and use those resources for stupid shit… making everything plastic and all the problems that come with that… make electric cars that cause even more environmental damage… going on holiday to unique and beautiful places and over time destroying what made it so great once… voting for psychopaths and idiots… medicine to fix everything et. al.

    People have created a Hell for themselves here on Earth and they love it.

    • You’re right mate. Pollution and higher and higher rates of cancer from the pollution made the artificial panic about covid all the more annoying.
      Panic and protect yourself all you like from covid, what will you do re. cancer? It’s liable to trouble you at some point.
      I agree about normies. And lots of normies are entrenched in formal education. Is it any wonder vaccines don’t work, and huge capital and, ahem, “talented people” are at work making stupid things like “self-driving cars”

    • >The biggest threat we face is the normie

      I think you underestimate the complexity of the human mind, even of the “normal people” you seem to disdain. Many people aren’t as well-adjusted as you might believe, as evidenced by the numerous psychological issues in modern societies.

      Focusing solely on one’s immediate surroundings rather than on obscure theories and speculations is a logical choice. It’s more rational than spending time commenting on the internet about things you cannot change.

      Civilization is like the ancient forests, you have to learn how to navigate it. You cannot change it unless you find a way to acquire tremendous power.

      You appear to blame “normies” for the lack of success in environmental movements. The truth is probably very simple: these movements aren’t successful because they suck. Despite many people feeling unfulfilled in various ways, these movements cannot ignite the fire in people’s hearts. They offer no positive vision, only belittlement and accusations. It seems no one informed them that being preachy is highly unattractive.

  7. So long as the billions of deaths are all brown people and we successfully keep them out of our air conditioned domed cities of all aryans, this article reads like an advertisement for why climate change is a good thing. If it means the depopulation of Africa, Asia and Latin America without the need of firing a single shot, it almost makes me want to go barbecue some tires.

    • You know this guy has a Mexican wife with a huge butt who’s five feet tall and his LSWM buddies at the bowling team give him shit for it whenever they’ve had a drink too many.

      It has to be something like that. He’s compensating for something.

      Not going to lie though. If I had to choose between screwing a white woman with an IQ below 130, or a brown woman, I would choose the brown woman, every single time. White women are extremely entitled, but most of them have little to show for it.

        • >Maybe I just hate POCs, ever consider that?

          That’s just sad.

          It’s not like Pajeet in India wakes up in the morning and thinks “oh no some guy called Fucko the clown on an obscure Dutch blog wishes I was dead because I’m brown”.

          You can spend your whole life hating brown people, but the only one who suffers as a result is you.

          • Isn’t it amazing how many people miss the most important lessons of religion? To live one’s life hating others, whether they’re enemies or not, is such a curse. Even Bushido teaches to slay one’s enemies without hatred. Your blog’s comments are a powerful testament to the fact that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink it.

          • I don’t suffer silly, I enjoy every second of this.

            It’s simple tribalism – us against them. It’s not about hate, although the hatred part is very entertaining; it’s about simple group interests.

            As a side note, you may remember but I don’t drink and I don’t hang out with those who do, and I don’t really care who you have sex with because you will never produce children anyway.

          • Actually Fucko’s posts make me suffer, because when I read them by accident I feel like I stepped in vomit while barefoot.

            I think he simply doesn’t have a wife. He is fantasizing. This is the internet after all.

        • “Fucko The Clown” what is your vision for the future, with regards to your Aryan grandchildren? You do realise that Europe will become Muslim majority later this century? The demographic changes make this a certainty (Muslim immigrants in Europe have a much higher birth rate than the native Europeans). Not only this, but the vast majority of the coming climate refugees from North Africa and the Middle East are Muslims. Large percentages of these Muslims also did not take the gene-based vaccines. You really want your grandchildren to be forced to live under Sharia law? Doesn’t the Quran instruct Muslims to kill non-believers?

          • I do not live in Europe, and my religion is racially exclusive and explicitly aryan supremacist in its doctrine, if the rest of the world goes completely to hell at least my community is going to stay nordic.

            I would advise the rest of you to start viciously excluding non aryans as well, if the evil governments import human pollution then you should at least shun them the way orthodox Jews shun goyim.

  8. This is a very apt metaphor you’ve plucked out, I’m impressed. Most people are like children who either think Daddy is going to magic the problem away with new shiny gadgets, any day now, or that he lied the problem into existence because he hates you and doesn’t want you to have nice things. But they are children without the positive qualities of childhood; no joy, no generosity, no sensitivity. The children themselves are increasingly becoming this way in the postmodern condition, under the system which won’t stop moving forward until it fully snuffs out the soul of mankind.

    The problem is, almost all people just completely identify with the system; they simply go on as if the system is the only thing there will ever be, and they will cling to the system until this causes their hands to rot and fall off. No matter how many articles you write, or how well, the masses won’t change except at the hands of abject misery, which is fast coming their way.

    That’s not to say you shouldn’t write. Those of us with eyes still in their sockets, we love what you write, even if it unfortunately lacks a sense of ultimate rightness to it, that all the evils of the world are but a few little dollops of shit on the wonderful, sprawling tree of existence which we all blossom from. It would be cool to see you become sober, though. If I can raw-dog reality, so can you.

    • I agree with your first paragraph, you put it well.
      IMO it is the modern (last 100-150 years) education system that has wrought the damage. That and advertising and mass propaganda systems, like the BBC.
      As an Englishman I have loads of exposure to the BBC and consider it the most horrible. I have a little experience of other countries’ propaganda systems. The French seemed very similar to the British, but maybe a bit more pro-semitic and pro-african. I barely paid any attention to it as it was obviously a massive piss-take.
      The Russian seems to kind of foster a siege mentality, that Russians are hated and always get the short end of the stick. Well there may be some truth to that, plenty of Russians are fairly poor, but the thing is, their elite doesn’t give a fuck, they have loads of money and don’t share it. On russian debate shows the “experts” get all het up and shout each other down. In that it differs from the BBC. They act more civilised . But they are all acting. They all take the piss and so shouldn’t be taken seriously.
      Many think all Western European propaganda is pretty much of a muchness, pretty similar.
      If anyone reads this, describe the idiosyncracies of the propaganda system of the country you are from, if you have the time.

  9. Now it remains for you to share how are you going to decide who are the smart people and who are the dumb ones?

    The extinction rebellion folks are in my view not the brightest – they managed to alienate people from the noble cause of environmentalism.

    Anybody, who has a legitimate question is dismissed as climate-denier just like anybody who was questioning the lockdowns and covid mass vaccinations was labeled a covid-denier, anti-science and outright dumb by the smart karens.
    Those are not smart people who have convincing arguments, those are short-sighted people who want to impose their beliefs no matter what. There is literally no difference between a covid cunt and an extinction rebellion member who knows nothing about climate, but is damn sure he is the smartest in town. We might be looking at possibly normal temperature fluctuations without having the proper long-term perspective – scientists have shown this clearly by reconstructing past temperatures in Greenland (by examining the layers of the ice sheets).

    I am not saying we are definitely not causing a catastrophic environmental crisis. We could be, but if yes, it is up to debate precisely how and what should we do. Maybe we are doing the worst of the damage not through releasing CO2, but through damaging our eco systems. Glyphosate could be a much bigger problem than CO2, but hey, Glyphosate is good for business so we’d rather not go there. CO2 panic is good for business though. Let’s protest so that the governments can impose further taxes and sever the forests to build wind farms.

    The smartest people apparently think they can solve a crisis by imposing a new tax and giving more power to the state? That was brilliant. Why we did not come to that idea earlier! Oh wait …

    • Those extinction rebellion people that are ‘not the brightest,’ have worked out that there is a problem… a very awful one. The normie hasn’t figured that out and or accepted it and further, will never do anything about it anyway. I will say that the issue with climate are human and natural and natural response to human actions. The contribution of those parts I will not debate or even relevant to what I’m about to type: those hippies that want to insulate your house and reduce [essentially] consumption are right. If they don’t succeed [and they won’t] without assistance from the normie… which they aren’t getting… billions will die one way or another in the next few decades (from climate change or not). I’m not sure what your definition of bright is but I would think they are right about something quite fundamental and that’s bright enough. Just like a child that’s worked out when he falls and hurts himself, there is a correlation. Normies don’t want to hear it. I can assure you the best and brightest have been working on this issue and it’s still going to result in billions dead. So enjoy the ride!

      • Figuring out that there is a problem, but offering, or rather pushing to enforce, all the wrong solutions is not bright enough if you ask me.

        The covid cunts figured out there was a problem and put forward the “final solution” to vaccinate everybody with leaky vaccines. Those idiots were not bright – they just screamed for a solution, the profit-hungry industry offered them one and without giving a second thought they jumped on it.
        The same story is repeating with environmentalism:
        The german government wants to impose electrical heat pumps to save the climate, but when FOIA-ed on how much CO2 will be saved that way, they admitted to not have a clue. That sounds awfully similar to the mask/lockdown/vaccination response of the “brightest” against covid. Not to talk about severing forests to build wind mils or silently reactivating coal fired power plants after closing the nuclear PP. It has nothing to do with saving the climate, but has all to do with profiteering supported by a not so bright and panicked minority … ok agree, it’s a majority in germany at least.

  10. More seriously dude. I had a dream the other night that I met you at some gathering and I tried to convince you that climate change is just OMG Covid!2.0

    Amazing insight into the details of how we all got fucked with covid response, weirdly buying into “the science” on climate.

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