Low Status White Male puts himself on fire in front of Trump trial thinking it will make a difference (it won’t)

You’ve probably heard about this by now, I’m just linking his substack post here for you.

Which gives me an excuse to comment on it.

This is just sad. It’s sad because he isn’t even that crazy. I mean, looking for evidence of your claims in the Simpsons is pretty stupid, because there are 30 years worth of episodes so if you have an idea about the world you’ll eventually find an episode that fits the idea, but the general claim this low status white male makes, that cryptocurrency is used by billionaires like Marc Andreessen and Elon Musk to fool LSWMs into buying worthless fake money with their real money, mistakenly thinking that women and brown people will eventually be paying with it when ordering clothing off Amazon or something, is just correct.

Sorry LSWMs, when you buy cryptocurrency you’re only ever going to sell it to other LSWMs, who will buy it from you because they’re expecting to sell it to other LSWMs at an even higher price. Please LSWMs, if you find yourself having thoughts or opinions on cryptocurrency, or worse, if you find yourself looking at graphs with lines that go up and down, just learn from women and brown people, distract yourself by signing up for a job.

Same for the idea that the United States is a kleptocracy. Nancy Pelosi’s investing success is easy to look up for for anyone who wants to find it. You’re not saying something new when you point this stuff out.

But there isn’t some sort of grand organized plan behind any of this stuff. There’s no Peter Thiel or anyone else behind the scenes who decides “well we’re going to let the whole thing implode on January the 3rd 2026”. That’s not how any of this works. Everyone knows everything is a scam and everything is bullshit being kicked down the hall like a can, everyone knows all of this crap is unsustainable. But nobody knows exactly how and when it’s going to fall apart.

At the top you will just find a bunch of rich people who make excuses for themselves and convince themselves that the stuff that happens to make them money also benefits other people. Elon Musk really thinks he’s going to make self-driving cars, Sam Bankman Fried really thinks the fake internet money for LSWMs is going to revolutionize the world.

There’s not some sort of grand organized global conspiracy among all these rich people to rob LSWMs of their money, it doesn’t work like that. The main thing I’ve always noticed talking to rich people, including the founders of the first Dutch cryptocurrency exchange who are now multimillionaires, is how vain and delusional they are. They’re just really, really stupid. And they have a talent for keeping themselves stupid. When something earns you money, it becomes very difficult to believe it could be a detriment to humanity.

I mean, just think about how sad this is. “I’m going to put myself on fire in front of the Trump trial to alert people to the fact that the government is just run by crooks to enrich themselves.” Dude, we already know this. If you want a government not run by crooks to enrich themselves, vote for angry brown women like Alexandria Occasio Cortez: Young angry brown women go into politics to get a white boyfriend, making money is a secondary objective for them. Old people like Pelosi and Trump who are already married have it as their primary objective.

Let’s look at the LSWMs manifesto again:

This is our rotten farce: For our entire lives, we have been flooded with media designed to slowly steer us into a world where the American Dream was dead, where the public was fully divided against itself, where everybody believed we were powerless to do anything about our worsening circumstances. It is all so they can organize an unprecedented, apocalyptic rug pull on the entire populace as they pivot to fascism, which is perhaps best understood as kleptocracy at the barrel of a gun.

When we piece it all together, we understand the truth: We are in a totalitarian doomsday cult.

Why on earth would our elites do this? There are many reasons, but the simplest is because capitalism is unsustainable, and they knew it: Climate change and resource extraction would catch up eventually. So, they never intended to sustain it. They knew all along that they would gobble up all the wealth they could, and then yank the rug out from under us so they could pivot to a hellish fascist dystopia.

Sorry, this is just sad, because anyone who is going to bother looking up your manifesto already knows all this stuff.

High status white males, women and brown people are not even going to take the effort to look up your manifesto, they’re too busy at their cubicle job, shopping or whatever it is brown people do in their free time, so what happens is that other LSWMs will read your manifesto. You know what they will be saying?

“Yeah thanks dipshit, I already knew all of this. Don’t put yourself on fire for this.”

Look, I’m just gonna make it very simple and clear for you all:

There is no correct order of words out there, no letters of the alphabet put together on a substack post somewhere, that’s going to solve the world’s problems for us, if only people knew about it.

There’s no secret conspiracy you can expose, no new ideology you can come up with, no esoteric knowledge you can discover, that’s going to substantially change the world.

“My LSWM manifesto is going to convince the government to force women at gunpoint to have sex with nerds!”

No it won’t. Don’t put yourself on fire for it, don’t kill a bunch of people for it.

“My LSWM manifesto is going to start a race war, that will result in all brown people being forced to go back to the big pile of sand they crawled out of.”

No it won’t, it will result in zero brown people going back to their pile of sand.

“My LSWM manifesto will expose the cryptocurrency ponzi scheme by the government kleptocracy.”

No it won’t, they will keep robbing us blind and when you try to overthrow your government you tend to make it worse.

Best you can hope for when you put text on people’s screens, like I do, is to have them chuckle a little. If I accomplished that, I consider it a job well done. And I’m not going to put myself on fire for it.

We can not provide you medicine, we can not cure your disease, we can not teach you something you can’t just Google, every fucking moron knows by now you will feel less suicidal when you take Ketamine or Psilocybe mushrooms.

We, the wordcels, we provide you a form of opiates, painkillers.

That’s what I try to do. I offer you a particular variety of opiates, word-opiates.

I hope they work.


  1. His act of publicly setting himself on fire is so extreme and yet his manifesto is weak as water.
    The two don’t match up.
    He seemed to be awfully upset about cryptocurrency.

    • In one of his other Substack articles (Dipshit Secrets of our Rotten World) he talks negatively about the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill but doesn’t even mention Ralph Baric. WTF?

  2. Yeah, that’s basically it isn’t it. It’s coming down, sooner or later, everyone knows.

    Just like everyone knows it’ll be: “TO THE CAMP!” for everyone with a soul who’s stuck in civ sooner or later.

    Poor guy thinking he can change any of that. . .

    He’s just added himself to the many who’ve put their shoulder to the wheel of history, but rather than slow or change its direction, have gotten themselves caught up under it and have had their crushed and mangled carcass carried down the ages.

    Sure, try to do what you think is right because you want it and love it, but that wheel is going off the cliff man. There’s no fucking stopping it now. Even if you stand in front of it.

  3. Max’s friends and neighbors said it was the death of his mother two years ago that made him increasingly unstable.

    The great Robert E Howard blew his brains out at the age of 30 when his mother died.

    Not saying the two are equivalent.

    What a horrible death as your flesh sizzles away consumed by fire. Can’t imagine.

  4. Speaking of the trifecta of government, corporation and herd, the only sane behavior is to treat them like a mouse treats a large cat – evasively, but with no hope of overcoming it in open conflict.

    The trifecta are oppressive super predators and we are prey, and much like the mice our best case is to find a sanctuary hole where the cats will never reach us, and just do our thing.

    It’s foolish to spend your life trying to fight a leviathan. Just go live.

    This means you too, rintrah, with your self defeating crusades against non v-gans. Nobody is ever going to change because of you, at best you will make yourself miserable while wasting your life in the process.

  5. People set themselves on fire and sometimes other people put them out. Set and put are synonyms in English, but not in this particular colloquial use. Like much of the rest of English, that makes no sense, but’s it’s just how it is.

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