Low Status White Males Against Oatly

A while ago there was a trend among low status white males on Twitter, to bash Oatly, the oat based dairy substitute. And if there’s one thing low status white males love, it’s to put up feeble resistance against a historical inevitability. It was a strangely forced right wing meme.

But it leads me to wonder, whether we’re underestimating this company. It’s trading at a market cap of around 600 million dollar right now, because it makes a loss, although the margins are improving. It trades at around 0.6 times revenue. That’s the sort of thing you want to see when buying a company.

In fact, Oatly is the prime example of the first rule I would offer anyone who wants to invest his own money: Don’t buy during the Initial Public Offering. I’m not a genius, I’m sure there’s stuff I get wrong when it comes to investing, but if I warn people not to buy stock during an Initial Public Offering, I’m already going to save them a lot of money.

It’s a bit like the Beyond Meat story:

These companies raise a lot of money, because smart people realize we’re going to have to find some alternatives to eating meat, eggs and dairy, if we don’t want to die. Unfortunately, dumb people are really unwilling to eat something different, so these companies launch and then discover nobody buys their products, as vegans already have their own alternatives. They crashed massively after the IPO.

But the nice thing about being monkeys stuck on this rock (you’re not going to Mars losers), is that you will have to adjust to the dictates of nature, whether you want to or not. You’re not going to upload your mind to a machine, you’re not going to Mars, you’re not going to build a Dyson sphere, you’re not going to have flying cars and your fake neckbeard playmoney will go to zero.

But imagine the bird flu starts to get really nasty. What are people going to do? Are they going to buy almond milk? Well, you can’t easily produce a bunch more almonds. Almonds grow on trees that take five or six years to mature. Oats are much easier to grow. It should be relatively simple, to get American farmers to switch over from growing cattle fodder, to growing oats.

The reason cows are now catching the bird flu, is because of one single mutation, T199I, which increases the flexibility of the receptor site, broadening the range of animals that can be infected. That’s it, the virus has a total of one new mutation that helped it adapt to cows. It’s not going to stay like this, it’s going to get better at infecting cows with further mutations, which means the milk production will start to go down further too.

A company like Oatly will shoot up in value, not once it starts to sell more oat milk. No, it’s going to shoot up in value much earlier, as soon as people realize that we’re going to need alternatives to dairy, whether we like it or not. I don’t think this is miraculously going to turn into a nothingburger. After H5N1 was first detected back in 1996, it steadily grew into a bigger problem. It could be it disappears from cows for a few months before reappearing, but even that seems doubtful to me.

Here’s the other thing to comprehend: This virus now officially bounces back and forth between chickens and cows. In Michigan, a herd of cows infected a poultry farm. So, with cows now catching the virus, we’re going to see more poultry farms infected too. And with more poultry farms infected, we’ll see more birds infected by the poultry farms, which means those birds will infect more cows, which means those cows will infect more poultry farms, in an escalating spiral.

The other thing to keep in mind: We have seen three cases of bird flu in farm workers so far this year who were infected by the cows, with the most recent case also suffering respiratory symptoms. What are they going to do, once we get farm workers who get severely ill from the virus, or pass it onto other people?

They’re going to have to end up culling the cows, whether they like it or not. But unlike the chickens, who get to live for 48 days, the dairy cows live for half a decade before they kill them, so they really don’t want to cull them. But they have no choice.

I just find myself getting flashbacks to January and February 2020. The Dutch health agency announced it “probably wouldn’t show up in the Netherlands”. Why? “It just won’t ok?” They gave no argument. Well, we saw what happened. Human beings tend to be bad at accepting bad news. Just look at the low status white males on Twitter, they’re all convinced the new bird flu was bred as part of some gain of function experiment in the United States.

But they’re wrong. We’ve had this virus since 1996 in China, we can just follow it as it suffers very small mutations of a single amino acid, constantly allowing it to spread further and further. That’s entirely different from SARS-COV-2, where we just knew of nothing that looked similar to it, except for some weird virus found in miners that Shi Zhengli had uploaded too. Not everything is a conspiracy, sometimes you just have to deal with the consequences of screwing over Mother Nature.

And nature has no obligation to be merciful to us. We think it’s merciful to us, because of the observer bias: The only reason we’re around and get to stare at screens is because we haven’t had any massive destabilizing pandemics in recent decades. But look at the Native Americans upon Columbian contact, or the Plague of Cyprian, or the Black Death of the middle ages and you’ll realize this is not the natural state of things. Sometimes nature is just done with your bullshit and your population crashes by half in a year.

There’s no obligation for these pathogens to grow milder too. Go look up myxomatosis in rabbits: It stays stuck killing 90+% of rabbits it infects, even after already blowing through a population, it just returns after a few generations once the population has grown enough and kills 90+% of the population again. “Viruses evolve to become milder.” Nope, not always. A virus that passes on long before you die has no reason to let you live. You have to hope that whatever species gets hit by such a virus has a bunch of isolated populations that never run into it.

With the bird flu, you’re looking at a virus that evolved in these giant boilers to kill 90% or more of all the chickens, within 48 hours of exposure. It’s perfect for killing chickens, it perfectly understands how to exploit their cellular machinery, with the side-effect being that it grows capable of infecting other species too, unlike the low pathogenic avian influenza.

A virus that replicates this aggressively can not evolve in wild birds, because it would kill them before it managed to spread, but because it replicates so aggressively, it’s also strong enough to infect other species. In the other species it often starts out mild, but grows more aggressive as it gets better at its niche.

And it can’t go back. It can not get rid of its polybasic cleavage site that makes it so aggressive, because then it just ceases to have its survival advantage. The rest of the genome is evolving to help it infect the endothelial cells too, when it loses some of the basic amino acids of the polybasic cleavage site it becomes no match for other viruses, so it has no real other option than to evolve towards steadily greater virulence in any new host species it jumps into. You see this in mice, after five generations of infection, the virus becomes extremely deadly, as it changes the other genes to become better suited for the endothelial cells of mice. And a virus that developed such mutations really can’t afford to lose its polybasic cleavage site, because then it’s locked out of the endothelial cells.

It just amazes me how society responds to this. You all want to try your luck, with a virus that kills 90+% of chickens within 48 hours and killed 70+% of the pups of the elephant seals in South America in 2023. “Well most of the cows survive it, let’s wait and see what happens.” It blows my mind, this kind of trust in divine providence, having done essentially nothing to deserve it.

Fortunately, as humans we have one advantage over all these other animals. We have already had a virus rampage through the endothelial cells in our brains: SARS-COV-2. The Spike protein is recognized by the Toll-like Receptor 4 in our endothelial cells. This causes epigenetic changes that increase the expression of the toll-like receptor, which should then also have the effect of protecting against H5N1.

It’s just a pretty simple fact of the matter that when your endothelial cells in your brain have been forced to deploy an innate immune response against one rapidly replicating RNA virus, that same immune response is going to work against the other rapidly replicating RNA virus too. There’s a reason corona viruses and influenza viruses don’t tend to spread through the human population simultaneously, but follow each other: The innate immune response against both is similar, even though the adaptive immune response is not.

This is the saving grace us humans are dealing with, assuming the brain’s endothelial cells innate immune system has been forced to deal with this virus on its own. When antibodies function to keep the virus out of the endothelial cells in the brain, we lose that saving grace.

But what I can’t wrap my mind around, is how humans just allowed this to happen. They just looked at some new virus emerging in the late 90’s, they saw how it killed 90% of the chickens within 48 hours, they saw how it jumps into the wild birds and they thought: “You know what, let’s vaccinate the chickens, see if that works.”

They just don’t tell us everything they know. You turn on your news and they say:

“Oh a fox got sick from eating a wild bird with bird flu.”

“Oh the chicken farm was infected by wild birds”.

And here’s what nobody tells you:

-We only see a polybasic cleavage site emerge in influenza in the lab, or in the chicken boilers. We are responsible for the birth of these viruses.

-The polybasic cleavage site allows the virus to infect endothelial cells. This makes them much more deadly. The polybasic cleage site also widens the range of species an influenza virus can infect.

-Not even the 1918 pandemic flu had a polybasic cleavage site in its Hemaglutinin gene.

-Unlike normal influenza it evolved to target the brain, where most antibodies can’t reach. Normal influenza doesn’t have the ability to develop this trait, because it can’t infect endothelial cells. This means that even the survivors end up with brain damage.

They don’t tell you WHY it’s such a big problem.

They don’t tell you WHY these viruses came into existence.

They just fool you, they deceive you, they soothe you.

And for low status white males, that little grain of truth, covered by a thick insulating layer of deflection, is STILL not enough.

No, these idiots need their own low status white male theory, about how George Soros, Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates came together once the hurly-burly was done and the battle lost and won, to create a gain of function virus that allows them to destroy the meat industry.

Hey geniuses, here’s a suggestion:

Maybe this is a problem.

Maybe this is a problem:

Maybe this is just how you breed super-viruses. Did that thought ever occur to you, that this whole situation of giant cages full of genetically identical birds never existed before the second world war and that it leads to the birth of strange new viruses?

Because we’re about to find out.


    • Anyway, we’re going to space niggers, well at-least some of us. It has foretold by the Gods, and is inevitable. The Templist Empire and Imperium is inevitable.

      “Second Imperium | A religious imperium comes about by it being declared by the gods, or by a god. The resulting empire comes about by the efforts of humans, and the assistance of those gods or that god, to satisfy the mandate of the imperium. A religious imperium is therefore, in essence, a divine mandate to form a religious empire. Such a mandate can be given for a variety of reasons, but it is axiomatic that, if some gods give or a god
      gives such a mandate, that mandate must serve some purpose that is known to those gods or to that god. The purpose of Wotan, for example, in declaring the imperium of Christ over Rome, was to destabilize and colonize Rome.

      Paving the Way | Among the innumerable purposes for our declaring the Templist Imperium, is to pave the way for a follow-on imperium, which I shall call the “Second Imperium”. This way will be paved by ridding the Indo-European world of the Eastern philosophical elements that have been brought to it by Christianity and other such groups, even as such elements exist (and, they do very prominently) within secular moral trends. Templism is
      the necessary tool to achieve this task, to return our Indo-European peoples to their natural tribal, virtue-concerned, intellectually concrete, philosophically substantial, internally honorable yet externally treacherous, dharmic, elitist, willful, striving, enterprising, immortal glory seeking, hero-revering, world-loving, conquering, pantheon worshiping ways, removing the Eastern humanitarian, deontological, intellectually abstract, philosophically simplistic, strategically dishonorable, adharmic, egalitarian, will-denying, ascetic, stasis-seeking, glory renouncing, irreverent, world-hating, smugly acquiescing, single god worshiping influences that have entered into the West and stifled the Western ethos for so long.

      Second Imperium Described | The “Second Imperium”, which achievement of the aforementioned task enables, extends over the entire Milky Way Galaxy. Your symbol, as a Templist, is the black sun for this reason, and this symbol, derived originally from the design of distinctive brooches found from Merovingian Alamannia, was popularized by the SS for this reason: that, as the sun is now the center of your world, the black sun (that is, Sagittarius A*) will become the center of your world.

      Pity the human, the very un-Aryan human, who perceives that he lives on one planet of one hundred billion planets, suspended in space, and does not perceive a destiny, a possibility that must be actualized through his own will, but would rather adhere to such bygone eschatologies as “we will all die and go to an ethereal happy place that cannot be and has never been perceived” or “wE StiLl LiVe oN tHe wORlD TrEe BeCaUsE mY OnE HunDreDTH GrEaT GranDFather ThOuGhT sO” or such hopeless and therefore worthless eschatologies as the secular “the Earth is a doomed pleasure garden for a doomed species”. Has he learned the lesson of The Aryan Mythos? Well, perhaps he should read it.

      Reminder of The Task At Hand | But, do not get ahead of yourself. Do not now heedlessly finance frivolous space expeditions. Templism exists to bring about the First Empire. The mandate of the First Imperium and of Templism are one. When the time comes for the Second Imperium, a “Second Templism” will be necessary to bring about the Second Empire. This will be achieved by a second prophet, who will accept the Templist Canon, yet modify it and build upon it with his own work, inspired of course by us, your gods.

      Timeline | The First Imperium (“The Imperium”), and its purpose, will be satisfied by the First Empire some time between now, and the year 2500. At whatever time it is satisfied, the Second Imperium will be declared (as, it is not now declared, only foretold to be declared). Then, the timeline of the fruition of the Second, Galactic, Empire,
      will be told by the Second Prophet.)”

      • No more space travels for humans, we will never reach Mars, and never go to the moon again. Peak space travel was 1969-1972.

      • So, quick question only because you brought it up in another thread; you said templism is some kind of result of the reincarnated Joseph Smith, could you elaborate on that?

        • Well to be honest I admit my intentions while posting that was a gimmick, a joke basically. Claiming things like that spreads the word of Templism, and gets people talking about and reading the Canon, thought the Canon doesn’t include gimmicks like that within its actual contents.

          Despite my post about The Author being Joseph Smith basically being a joke, there are some plausible reasons for why what I said might not actually be entirely incorrect from a Templist perspective.

          1. Templists believe in the concept of “continuous revelation” same as Mormons. You’re probably already familiar with this concept, but I will re-iterate. As our society becomes more knowledgeable and better equipped for handling the truth, the Gods continuously update their message and commandants through the medium of their prophets. The Author of Templist Canon serves in the same role as a Prophet of Wotan that Joseph Smith served two hundred years ago, and so in this sense, can be understood as a new Joseph Smith.

          The reason why the Gods don’t just reveal the total truth to their people is because they subscribe to a type of divine elitist pragmatism. What that means basically, is that total philosophical truth is not attainable by most people, and that it is acceptable to lead people to believe heuristic falsehoods if those heuristics lead people to behave as if they were aware of the truth, or cause them to believe in a more important and significant truth.

          For example, the concepts of Heaven and Valhalla that God told our ancestors about were heuristic falsehoods which led our ancestors (Who were not intellectually equipped to understand the more exact truth.) That they would live again and that their actions would influence their next lives. Heaven or other afterlife realms being heuristic falsehoods which influenced our ancestors to behave as if reincarnation was true, even though they weren’t equipped to understand the more significant truth of reincarnation, they acted as though they did, and obeyed divine commands. This is an example of elitist pragmatism on the part of the Gods.

          Of-course, the truth should be distilled as accurately as is practical. Which is why, as our knowledge of the world evolves, the Gods see fit to bless new prophets, who update their message more truthfully.

          One day a new prophet will come, one living in a time more knowledgeable about the universe than today, and the Gods will see fit to bless him with a more accurate version of the truth than The Author has today. There is no final prophet, but all true prophets serve the same role; to create more truthful religions inspired by the Gods. They could all be understood as “The Author” in a sense.

          2. An individual is the sum of their qualities. Your immaterial soul/consciousness isn’t “you” It’s a point of view, and completely interchangeable on a objective level removed from other influences. “You” are your body (genetic composition) and your material “soul” (behaviors stemming from your body, i.e, your genes) You are your physical qualities, and your mental qualities which stem from your physical qualities.

          Since you are your physical and mental qualities, that means other people who share those same qualities are more “you” than people who share less of your qualities. When you prefer your family or your race or your tribe or your religion or your ideology over other families or races or tribes or religions or ideologies, that’s you preferring yourself over others.

          The Author shares many qualities with Joseph Smith, he is a white American (only type of real American), a self-proclaimed prophet who claims to speak for God/Wotan, the creator of a religious creed which serves the interests of Americans inspired by Wotan/God, a fan of polygamy, etc.

          Also, the Author of Templist Canon is a temporal lobe epileptic, though his seizures stopped as he grew older, and it is possible that Joseph Smith was the same. Temporal lobe epileptics are attested as being perennial prophets, and very commonly experience religious visions, they are also known for possessing philosophical insight and genius.

          Whether Joseph Smith was a epileptic or not, he shares many of the same qualities as The Author, which means that he too is the Author in a sense.

          3.The Mormon concept of exaltation, the idea that humans are crown-princes who once they go through enough spiritual development, will end up as Gods is not entirely incorrect, but the way this is typically understood is a heuristic falsehood.

          This comment is already going on long enough, so to make things short, qualities which are superior and beautiful are virtuous. The Gods reward those who propagate virtue with more virtuous reincarnations. (Your consciousness/immaterial soul might not have any inherent qualities to it other than being a consciousness, but the Gods can dictate what body your immaterial soul inhabits after death.)

          Those who are virtuous will incarnate into ever more virtuous bodies, until the point they end up as Demigods or even Gods of great power and virtue. Those who are virtuous tend to reincarnate into virtuous bodies that represent their same exact virtuous qualities, so, a prophet may end up as a prophet under the system of reincarnation the Gods have devised.

          Joseph Smith was virtuous, and contributed much to Wotan’s plans, I would not be surprised if Joseph’s Smith’s immaterial soul was incarcerated into Wotan’s next prophet. Though this is pure conjecture, and not knowable by current means.

          • There are some frank problems with what you said.

            I won’t get into the entire temple vs Mormon doctrinal breakdown as that’s not hugely productive, rather I’ll point out a pair of glaring issues.

            One tenet explains in a giant text wall that mental illness is not real, then down in I believe 14, it’s curtly explained that men with immaterial quests have much more mental illness.

            Which is it? Do men with unsuitable pursuits have more mental illness, or is mental illness fiction?

            Secondly, the articles are full of magic how-to guides, which are kind of a summarized and rebranded hermeticism. Then, in almost the same breath, you and the other writings essentially insist that all there is to humans is biochemistry.

            So, is the occult real, or is materialist atheism real?

            Which is it?

            I’m not going to really bother getting into Mormonism vs templism until templism wins some of its own internal wars and become a coherent ideology.

          • >One tenet explains in a giant text wall that mental illness is not real, then down in I believe 14

            Most “mental illnesses” are phantoms of the mind. They are self-perpetuating feedback loops created by excessive rumination and vanity; and the correlation of certain mental traits with others. Things like PTSD or anxiety disorders are of of this type.

            Other “mental illnesses” stem entirely from differences in the structure of the brain. These are things like bipolar one or epilepsy. Unlike a anxiety disorder, you can’t psyche yourself up into becoming a epileptic, nor can epileptics solve their “mental illness” by talking to a therapist or whatever. (Though in reality doing that that tends to be self defeating, though this is besides the point. It is possible to cure PSTD by talking about it and getting over it, it’s not the same as something like epilepsy.)

            When Templist Canon talk about certain mentally ill people being more exposed to spirits and Gods and such, it’s referring to the latter type. Schizophrenics, epileptics, etc. Though that doesn’t mean that anything a schizophrenic or epileptic says is necessarily true, especially a schizophrenic. Spirits and Gods can lie, people can misinterpret what a spirit is communicating, spirits can be malicious, etc.

            >Then, in almost the same breath, you and the other writings essentially insist that all there is to humans is biochemistry.

            There is the body, material soul, and immaterial soul. Your body and your material soul is determined entirely by biochemistry. Your immaterial soul is your consciousness, though it is merely a point of view and doesn’t determine your behavior. Your body would behave exactly the same if it had a immaterial soul or not. Though you know you have a immaterial soul simply through observing that you have consciousness, and that consciousness is not a material object.

            >So, is the occult real, or is materialist atheism real?

            The occult is real, and the material world is real. There are two types of magic that are useful.

            Psychological Magic: Psychological propaganda used to influence the minds of people. Things like imbuements for willpower, or curses.

            Space Magic: A novel concept gifted from the Gods. Space magic is the manipulation of empty space with the power of one’s will. Space magic is performed first by becoming aware of empty space and atoms (Atoms in the classical sense, the most basic unit of matter that is physically inseparable.) and then the use of one’s will to move empty space to manipulate said atoms.

            This is a physical process, and is possible due to the Templist conception of physics which I will not elaborate on for now. Non-locality, which is still not fully understood, is how this work.

            I personally believe Space Magic is how all physical miracles have been performed in the past, though the Canon does not say this.

            >til templism wins some of its own internal wars and become a coherent ideology.

            It already has. There are no internal wars within Templism, it’s already entirely coherent.

            You’re stuck thinking in materialism vs idealism when neither is correct.

            Templists are direct realists, what can be observed is real.

            So, your immaterial soul/consciousness is real, hallucinatory beings are real (Even if they come from the unconscious, which they likely do as experiencing them is a internal phenomena. This does not make hallucinatory beings merely imaginary or not real, If you can see it, it’s real. Hallucinations are real, as hallucinations. A hallucination does not imply meaninglessness either.) Physical matter is real, space is real; and since these are all observably different substances, they are different substances.

          • Posting a passage on idealism from Templist Canon that should be of interest.

            The Question of Idealism | Is “solipsistic direct realism” not another word for “subjective idealism”, and would not the Templist’s hypothetical view better be characterized in this way? No. We maintain that the only world you know, is the world you see. If you only know one world, why would you ascribe properties to that world like “idealist in nature”, “coming from the mind”, “a subjective fiction”, and so on, if you have no other world to compare it to? “Real” means “of the world”, and that which you see from your point of view is the world. You therefore perceive reality, and there is no way to perceive except directly.

            But non-hypothetically, the Templist is the most utter realist about the world, as even some direct realists may believe that “some people perceive differently”, but to the Templist perception is a process like erosion or fermentation, a reception of pitches through the ears that stimulates a response that differs according to the brain that receives it and the ear that hears it, and the consciousness perceiving (in the immaterial, conscious sense, in contrast to the sensory sense), this response, so that the difference between a normal-sighted and a short-sighted person is not perception “of the world”, but each is an entity constituting the world, and its laws of color, which decree that colors reaching one lens produce one result and a different lens a different result. Each different sensory perception is just a different result, and each consciousness observes the results of the concept it inhabits, as was said in The Afterlives that immaterial souls witness the stimuli responses of whatever concept they inhabit. There is not one step in the biological perception process that is not a stimuli response, and not one step in said process that is not a constituent of the world.

            Indirect realism is often a way for mind-body monists to screw up their worldview to account for questions that arise from their previous folly in being monists. For, they regard experiential points of view as material perceptions only. If material perceptions can differ, then they reason an objective world must be imperfectly transcribed to each body’s material perception. To the mind-body dualist, in the Templist sense, immaterial perception constitutes merely a point of view in the world, and each different material perception that one can have a point of view over is just something in the world. The gap left by immaterial perception is filled by the monist with “the unperceived world”, which is unprovable.”

      • Sensitive moron, I’m not exactly sure why, but for some reason you truly disgust me.

        I loathe you, I despise every stupid thought you spew out of your repulsive, rotting excuse for a brain.

        You make my skin crawl.

        Everybody else on here is fine with me
        but you

        And this is my toned down comment after trying to restrain myself.


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        • I find your distaste for me hilarious honestly. You seem to me like an unconscientious object, I don’t think you even understand why what I say bothers you so much. (Hence your complete inability to properly communicate why what I say is wrong.)

          >And this is my toned down comment after trying to restrain myself.
          I’m still laughing honestly.

          >Methink’st thou art a general offence and every man should beat thee, ya dumb fat guts.
          Yeah, my poetry towards you was actually funny. (Of-course it was deranged, which is why it was funny.) Influential too, judging by your new name.

          Also, there’s no need to cargo-cult old timey Shakespearean English, you can use modern English for poetry, it doesn’t really make you more “intellectual” or whatever, though I do appreciate the effort.

          • >Yeah, my poetry towards you was actually funny.

            Ahh looking back I just larped as the Demiurge when I gave you your new name, the deranged poetry I wrote around then was about Greta’s holy waters, my mistake.

  1. More reasons that LSWMs don’t like oat milk is because some brands contain traces of sunflower oil (acts as emulsifier) which they don’t like because it upsets the omega-3 to omega-6 ratio in their cell membranes and they don’t like the phytates/phytic acid in oats and they don’t like the fact that oats contain soluble fibre (beta-glucans) which lowers their cholesterol.

    Kinda cringe how I know about all this stuff lol.

    • It contains dipotassium phosphate, which is bad for people who have kidney disease. People are getting kidney disease at crazy rates now due to covid and/or the shots. Crap processed vegan pseudo food could put them over the edge. You can just mix oat powder with water. Or make rice milk; that is easier to keep suspended. Some crap processed vegan pseudo food even contains titanium dioxide, which will ruin your pancreas.

        • It’s been going on for about thirty years in South America. And India and Sri Lanka:


          “The disease, which has made kidney failure the second-leading cause of death in Nicaragua and El Salvador, was first reported in the 1990s. It was a strange new type of kidney failure. Sugar cane cutters from plantations in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala were turning up at clinics with end-stage kidney disease. Some had been in what seemed to be perfect health just a few years before. These laborers didn’t have diabetes or hypertension or other factors that might explain why their kidneys were failing.”

          It’s not clear that it is entirely the heat; adjacent villages will have different rates. But the heat doesn’t help.

  2. Beyond meat is mostly canola oil. Highly inflammatory and definitely not good for you, and no kind of reasonable meat substitute at all. People would be better off just taking the second ingredient after canola oil (pea protein), mixing it with water, and drinking it. Or eating an actual veggie burger made out of beans or whatever.

    • That I’ve researched I can only find good things about the health effects of canola oil, looking at the primary research itself. What do you know about canola that I don’t?

      • Canola oil comes from the canola tree of the Peruvian rainforest. It has been renowned for is medicinal properties for centuries, and is often added to the Ayahuasca brew by shamans when they seek the feeling of radiant joy that the oil imparts. Truly an elixir of God!

      • Canola oil is very healthy when it’s fresh. And there we come to the catch. It goes rancid very very quickly, so that the only safe way to use it to basically make it yourself (and who has the means for that) Rancid oils cause all kinds of havoc in your body. Free radicals, etc

  3. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4598190/
    “Influenza Transmission in the Mother-Infant Dyad Leads to Severe Disease, Mammary Gland Infection, and Pathogenesis by Regulating Host Responses”, from 2015 but with swine flu.
    Seem even if the mother survives milk production is forever wrecked, so might lead to a lot less mice in the future. In this study mammary glands were infected by the infant’s suckling, because they inoculated the infants with flu. But the dairy cows would have to have it first to infect the infant calf, so the calf could infect the udder. But most farms calves don’t suckle, so how would the udder get infected?

    “Dairy cattle infected by avian influenza in recent months have surprisingly large amounts of the virus in their milk but little in other bodily fluids, according to tests by the Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

    That makes it easy to confirm whether a lactating cow is infected but makes testing more difficult for other cattle as federal agriculture officials attempt to learn the extent of bovine infections across the nation.

    In nasal secretions, blood, feces and urine, “we can find an occasional positive, but those positives are at levels that are almost undetectable,” said Dr. Drew Magstadt, a cattle disease researcher at the Ames lab.”

    Just seems strange for a bird flu to prefer to infect mammary glands? Unless newborn calves ate a wild bird?

    • >Just seems strange for a bird flu to prefer to infect mammary glands?

      Not necessarily. The under are the one tissue of a cow humans bred to become extremely abnormal.

      It’s possible there is some condition, like chronic inflammation, that makes the udders uniquely vulnerable.

      • My uncle raised broilers. 50000 chickens per house. Multiple houses. I’ll never forget the smell in those things. Pure evil.

  4. I drink coconut milk, because it has the most saturated fat and the least amount of carbs.

    I feel compelled to say that the low status males (at least in this country) drink enormous amounts of sugar and carbs. They don’t eat pate and caviar, but Mountain Dew and soda and potato chips. Not to mention cigarettes and booze and energy drinks.

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The patients in the mental ward have had their daily dose of xanax and calmed down it seems, so most of your comments should be automatically posted again. Try not to annoy me with your low IQ low status white male theories about the Nazi gas chambers being fake or CO2 being harmless plant food and we can all get along. Have fun!

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