Low status white males were right after all

Sometimes credit is due where credit is due.

Low status white males were right, my heart is broken. I really believe in no enemies on the spectrum and I thought Greta deserved the benefit of the doubt. You would be shocked if you realized, how much I actually tolerate from people. But there is truly no real doubt left for me. There is nothing to salvage here.

I want to apologize to every freedom-loving patriot who photographed himself wearing sunglasses in his SUV. I excessively maligned you guys. I do want to give you people a word of advice however. You understand it when someone is sick, but you don’t recognize the name of the disease. You should just keep it simple: These people don’t want to solve climate change. They want to destroy the Western world, out of some sort of self-loathing virtue-signaling spiral.

The LSWMs were not right about climate change being a hoax, or about the sun or the Earth’s inner core causing the warming, or about the warming being a measurement error caused by the urban heating island effect, or any of the other theories they invented. They were right in a more guttural sense of the word, in that “climate change activism” is not about climate change, or even about nature. It’s just hatred of the Western world. Climate change just happens to be an effective argument against our success, especially because it is such a hard problem to solve.

If you’re not going to strike in solidarity with Uighur detained in concentration camps, if you’re not going to strike in solidarity with children kidnapped and taken to the Gaza strip, then you shouldn’t be contaminating climate change activism with this political struggle between Palestinians on the one hand and the descendants of those who survived the Holocaust and the failed 1948 Arab attempt at a second genocide on the other hand.

Being Jewish doesn’t change this, it just means you’re afflicted with pathological self-hatred. That self-hatred is not unique to Jews, the Japanese left has the same phenomenon. When the Japanese find out about something Western, they sometimes copy it and say the quiet part out loud. The Japanese left just openly called for the extermination of the Japanese race. The Jewish left are arriving at the same conclusion.

I’m really a pretty nice reasonable guy. I have a very basic request of people:

Can you acknowledge and condemn the atrocity that happened in Israel against innocent children and elderly?


Then just keep your mouth shut about “Palestine”.

I’m not asking people to be erudite historians who understand how the Gaza strip arrived at the situation it is in today. I’m just expecting some basic decency, some acknowledgement that being a Jew whose parents or grandparents or great-grandparents moved to Israel doesn’t mean your children should be shot in their bed or in front of your eyes by people invading your country.


Yeah here’s the thing. Israel doesn’t go out of its way to be cruel to people. Israel attempts to protect itself against the unimaginable cruelty that was committed against its own citizens. The people who died or were kidnapped were all sorts of people, mostly secular Jews, plenty were left-leaning peace activists.

I’m just asking you to condemn what was clearly an intentional act of cruelty, committed against people who have zero responsibility for whatever piece of Israeli government policy happens to upset you. If you can’t do that then I don’t want to hear a single thing you have to say about what goes on in the Gaza strip now.

You can debate what the appropriate Israeli response should be. For what it’s worth, I think they need to blow up the wall with Egypt and drive all the Palestinians out. The two state solution is dead.

After World War II, millions of Germans were forced to leave what are today Poland and the Czech republic, places their ancestors had lived for centuries. Germany does not treat the Sudetengermans as generational refugees, who need to be settled in Czechia again. Only Arabs do that, to Palestinians.

But you don’t have to agree with me. But if you believe that the current response is wrong, you need to come up with an alternative response that brings those responsible for the cruelty to justice and ensures that it will not happen again. Because otherwise you’re de facto saying that Israelis should just accept that this is how they are treated.

And if that’s what you’re saying, then you’re evil. And yes, that’s what you’re saying, if you’re calling for a ceasefire. It’s like demanding the Allies sign a ceasefire with Nazi Germany after defeating the Germans at Normandy.

If you’re calling for a “one state solution” after what happened, you’re effectively also calling for genocide against Jews. Gaza has 2.4 million people living in it. Half of those are children, so that’s 1.2 million adults. Half of those are women, so that’s 600,000 men. Israel killed 1000 men who invaded the country to slaughter people, out of an estimated 2,500 who infiltrated the country. You can’t coexist under those circumstances in the same country. You’d get what we saw in Rwanda.

I have a simple question:

Imagine some guy on social media starts complaining about the bombardment of Dresden by the British, about the millions of Germans who were forced out of Poland and Czechia, about the millions of Germans put to work as slave laborers after the war, about the hunger rations Germans received after the war, WHILE REFUSING TO EVER ACKNOWLEDGE THAT PEOPLE WERE SENT TO GAS CHAMBERS IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

What would we call such a person?

We would call them a Nazi sympathizer.

Now imagine some ugly fat brown woman or a Swedish autist starts complaining about lack of water and electricity in Gaza, about people dying in bombardments, WHILE REFUSING TO EVER ACKNOWLEDGE THAT CHILDREN WERE SHOT DEAD IN FRONT OF THEIR FAMILIES AND KIDNAPPED TO SERVE AS HUMAN SHIELDS.

What should we call such a person?

We should call them a Hamas sympathizer.

And ultimately, what these people are saying is cruel to Palestinians too.

Do I want German women to live as human incubators for SS men? Do I want German men to be cannon fodder against the Russians? Do I want German children to learn in school how to recognize a Jewish nose? No, that would be misanthropic. That’s a miserable existence. So I want the NSDAP forced out of power.

Do I want Palestinian children to live out their lives, convinced that their only purpose is to die as martyrs in the fight against the Zionists? Do I want Arab women in Gaza to continue serving as human incubators, without access to birth control, which the authorities refuse to distribute? Do I want them to live under a government that uses any foreign aid it gets to destroy Israel, openly digging up the water pipes we paid for, just to build new rockets? Do I want the descendants of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to live as a lifelong underclass, waiting for the day they can finally reconquer Palestine? No, that would be cruel. That’s a miserable existence.

I want Palestinian Arabs to have a chance at a normal life. So I want Hamas forced out of power.

I hope to make this the last post I’ll ever make on this topic.


  1. Don’t worry about Greta too much, she is young and easily influenced by “the current thing” due to peer pressure. I’m sure that, like all of us, she will become wiser as she grows older.

    Remember, we still have Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to rally behind. He takes the best and most sensible policies from both the left and the right and combines them together:

    – Environmentalist

    – Pro-choice (regarding abortion and vaccines)

    – Against medical tyranny, Big Pharma corruption and mandates

    – Suppors Mexican border wall and against illegal immigration

    – Supports Israel’s right to defend itself

    • *Supports

      Also I forgot to mention:

      – Supports the decriminalization of psychedelics and cannabis

      – Supports the First Amendment, against Big Tech censorship

      – Supports the Second Amendment, against gun control

    • Gretas mother has been known as the queen of woke (PC) here in Sweden since long before Greta got famous. That explains it all.

  2. It’s cool to see you be forthright and disavow Greta. I was never a fan of that little leftoid. She may be right on global warming (but to be honest, I’m becoming more skeptical), but she’s badly wrong on everything else and a real drag on environmentalism.
    Personally, I’m hugely disappointed in Max Blumenthal, Jimmy Dore, and others on the left who are basically endorsing Hamas. I expected it, but it’s still infuriating.

  3. Also, why are you still pretending LSWMs are anti-Zionist Palestine-lovers or whatever? The boomer RW PVV types are all fervent Zionists.

  4. Gomez, you genuinely wanted Greta to be authentic, to the point that you subconsciously overlooked blatant evidence to the contrary. She is a willing con. We all have our blind spots. Bravo to you.

    • If that was not a mistake, she would be so based that I’d kinda like her again.

      But I’m pretty sure it was a mistake.

      • “Hello friend, do you have a minute? I’d like to talk to you about climate change. No, no, hear me out. I was once like you and thought we humans could just do whatever we wanted, and factory farm all these poor animals, and use up all the fossil fuels of the earth in my SUV. But I’ve seen the light, and I want to bring the Good News to you as well. You see, there is this Swedish autistic girl who opened my eyes and taught me there are larger forces in play. If you don’t mind, I have some pamphlets in my car I’d like to share with you if you can just wait a minute…”

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