Lumpenprole Supremacy

Social justice never appealed to me, because I wasn’t born in a sheltered environment. It’s effectively a form of secularized puritanism, the religion of the Western middle class. You could consider the 90IQ 90k college debt generation as the new Western clergy. Aristocrats in medieval times generally had too many children to give all of them enough land to raise a family of their own. As a consequence a lot of the younger children would join the clergy, live in voluntary poverty and avoid having children.

The 90IQ 90k college debt generation is the modern equivalent of the medieval clergy: You have a degree in cultural anthropology or “communication sciences”, so you decide to go backpacking in Vietnam or rioting in the streets rather than bothering to try to live a semblance of a normal life. I remember meeting a guy in college who said that he felt guilty towards his parents because he spent the money they saved for him when he turned 18 to travel to China and India where he took heroin. Good: The first step towards not being an idiot is recognizing that you’re an idiot.

You never really encounter someone from the 90IQ 90k college debt generation who gained anything meaningful out of traveling the world. It’s always the same boring stories: “$Generic_Third_World_Hellhole is still very pure and undiscovered, it’s not yet filled to the brim with boring white hipsters like me! Whenever I would go somewhere, all the local darkies would gather around me and ask to take a picture with me, particularly those of the opposite gender! I ate $local_dish with my bare hands and then I had diarrhea for days! You can really only understand $X about $Culture_Y if you’ve actually been there and slept in a shitty youth hostel that smells like mold for two weeks in a bunk bed beneath a sweaty fat American guy who snores!

(The implicit part: Did I mention that I spend my twenties traveling the world because I want to be a fat old guy who passes on damaged DNA and spends his days watching TV when I finally settle down and have children?)”


“I can’t make a down payment for a house because of capitalism, not because I studied cultural anthropology, insist on living in a metropolitan megacity where you don’t have any of those racist rural white people and spent the nest egg my parents built up for me to take a gap year after graduation to go backpacking in South America!” Funfact #21312: I would cut off my left ear as a sacrifice to Tezcatlipoca without so much as a second of hesitation, if I thought it would ensure your college debt is never forgiven, Trump gets four more years and your parents sell their house in the suburbs to spend the rest of their lives on a cruiseship in the Caribbean.

Below the middle class you find the working class, who always have to bear the brunt of bourgeois virtuosity. Below the working class, you find the not-working class. I was born into the intersection of the working and the not-working class, my dad lost his job when I was a toddler, we barely scraped by since then. My sympathy, naturally, lies with these two respective classes. More specifically, my sympathy lies with those who are born into poverty and don’t dissociate from or deny their upbringing.

My brother unfortunately chooses the opposite response: He tries to blend in with the clergy, hoping that nobody ever notices a peasant managed to slip into their ranks. That never ceases to hurt me. Admittedly I tried it too when I was fresh out of high school and went to college, but I quite readily figured out that I would rather be dead than spend my life trying to blend into this sort of crowd. I found myself in an appartment in Amsterdam as an eighteen year old around people who were snorting cocaine and pissing off a balcony and I realized I would feel flattered if these people considered me autistic.

No, the noblest and most virtuous path should be obvious: You hustle, you start a family of your own, raise your children, you buy real estate and then you laugh when you’re an old man and the next 90IQ 90k college debt generation insists that you’re the problem. Then you tell them: “Nobody is forcing you to rent an apartment here in $Boring_Metropolitan_City! There’s nobody stopping you from moving to the next town over, but you insist on living in the exact spot in the country with the highest density of Tinder meat!”

People often seem to think that I hate rich people, or left wingers, or ethnic minorities. Other than my generalized dislike of humanity as a whole, the only people I really dislike are sheltered liberal left people who enjoy kicking downwards instead of upwards. I’m talking about the kind of bourgeois college students who ask you what your parents do for a living and then grin and ask you “Seriously?” if you tell them your parents deliver mail. I don’t blame people for growing up as happy children in a sheltered environment with wealthy parents who fed them their cod liver oil and took them to their ballet lessons. I blame them for kicking downwards.

It’s always hidden in the small things. You’re shamed for the sports you like. You’re made fun of for your accent and the town you’re from. You’re ridiculed for going on vacation in your own country. It’s an entire society that’s built to marginalize and shame you. You’re shamed for being white, because white people are rich and powerful, but then you’re also ridiculed and shamed for not being rich and powerful.

But of course they don’t want you to think about that. Clarence Thomas figured it out long ago, that rich people enjoy living in an “atmosphere of diversity”. To get that, they throw the poor under the bus. You’re supposed to think of this as a casual irrelevant thing. Your parents are subjugated, your grandparents were subjugated and you subconsciously pick up on it as a child. You inherit this innate feeling of subjugation and marginalization. It’s the path towards extinction.

People who gossip, who write “Rintrah is an alt-right bigot!” somewhere on Reddit are essentially engaged in class warfare. Class warfare is so ubiquitous nowadays however that I generally really can’t be bothered to deal with it when it hits me personally. Class warfare is everywhere, if you learn to pay attention to it. It’s the 90IQ 90k college debt crowd that’s eager to see Trump or Boris Johnson die in the hospital, because they know working class white people like them. It’s public health scientists (lol) who insist that “anti-lockdown protests are rooted in white supremacy”.

Communism is an ideology for CEO’s of multibillion dollar Sillicon Valley tech startups

“So why aren’t you a communist then?” You might wonder. The thing is, what the 90IQ 90k college debt generation wants is a society where you’re simply rewarded for being a hypersocial virtue signaler instead of any of your own innate abilities, because they know they’re not genuinely capable of anything substantial other than obedience and adjusting to social cues. They want to be rewarded for simply correctly demonstrating bourgeois mannerisms. What do you think a society is where you get hired for a job because of the extracurricular activities on your resume? It’s a society where “people like us” help out “people like us”. That’s how you end up with a Marxist college professor who uses “I bet he works at a gas station” as an insult.

The irony is that under free market capitalism, you can avoid socially mingling and paying lip-service to bourgeois sentiments, simply by being genuinely competent. Michael Burry has Asperger’s syndrome, but ends up with a nine-figure net worth because he simply comprehends how the market works. What do reasonably intelligent guys from working class backgrounds generally end up doing? They end up working in IT. You need to be smart, but you don’t need to virtue signal and you generally don’t need a college degree either. What the 90IQ 90k college debt generation aims for instead is being bailed out in exchange for virtue-signaling.

The role of government in society is mainly as an instrument to help hypersocial people exploit the rest of us. Governments come up with regulations for any sort of new industry, which then creates an economic niche for armies of lawyers and lobbyists, who will spend their days rubbing shoulders with each other while pretending to contribute to society. Anyone who has worked in a novel industry for a few years has seen this dynamic unfold in his life.

Working class whites tend to figure this out, so they respond with a seemingly paradoxical demand for a smaller government. Why don’t working class whites want socialism anymore? They have figured out what happens. You get a new aristocracy of bourgeois virtue signalers who managed to build a career out of jumping through all the right hoops and rubbing shoulders with the right people.

“Free education!” The socialists promise you. Congratulations, now middle-class people can earn a living teaching bourgeois nonsense to your kids, you end up paying for it through taxes and your kids now need a mandatory four year degree before they can get hired for a petty office job they could have otherwise gotten straight out of high school.

The main sort of class warfare I’m  concerned about right now are unemployed people who die of opioid overdoses because the petite bourgeoisie got afraid of a glorified cold virus. The only bigotry I will confess to is that I’m a lumpenprole supremacist: If you have cutting scars or opioid injection spots on your wrists, you’re part of my master race. I’ll leave you with my favorite artist, one of the few I’ve encountered who gets “it”:


  1. I’m so glad I discovered you a few months ago. You’ve been a rare voice of sanity and, more so, an original, clear thinker. This post one is one of your best.

    I’m that working-class tech guy. I left that field behind about a decade ago, though, and I’m now in higher education. (Watching it all rightfully burn to the ground. Good riddance.) I can’t get on board your investment strategies, as I can’t leave that part of my leftist perspective behind – I simply can’t bring myself to participate in the market – but the political shift you’ve described before has mirrored my own these past few months. I’m older than you, what I used to like to call a proper leftist, of the anti-liberal/postmodern sort, in the line of like Terry Eagleton. But I’ve rediscovered my younger libertarian side, and I’ve also become entirely disgusted with colleagues and friends who’ve shown their perfect contempt for the working and, as you nicely say, not working class.

    I’m glad you post this stuff, man. Gives me some hope for the future. You’re damn bright.

    Enjoy your detox.

  2. The reason I generally lean libertarian, despite “extreme right” views, is the simple fact that when you try for authoritarianism, the people you hate most end up as your authoritarians.

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