Millions more begin to show the IgG4 class shift

At this point, most of you are informed enough to understand the story from the graph alone. This is what we see, after two initial Adenovirus vector vaccines, followed by two shots of mRNA:

IgG3 is not boosted, it stays basically flat. Instead, we see IgG4 shoot up, with a bit of IgG2. And importantly, we see that it does not require the first shot administered to be an mRNA shot. Two mRNA shots can override the priming by other vaccines and presumably natural infections too. There’s some discussion in the study about what causes this effect, it’s associated with Interleukin 10, one of the signaling molecules the immune system uses to discourage excess inflammation.

The mRNA vaccines are specifically designed to fool otherwise healthy cells to express an alien protein on their surface. When cells show zero evidence of being sick, while they nonetheless express an alien protein on their surface, it’s logical to expect the conflicting messaging to lead to this abnormal response. There are other factors presumably playing a role too. The response induced by mRNA shots is so strong that it encourages antibodies against epitopes that are not very immunogenic because they resemble our own proteins. There is also long lasting circulation of the Spike protein.

It seems to be a case of humans asking so much from the adaptive immune system, that it risks harming the body. And so it becomes forced to treat the protein of a virus that has killed tens of millions so far, the same way as a bee keeper’s body treats bee venom.

Note, it takes about 24 months before the IgG4 signal becomes dominant in these people. That would be early in 2023. Studies like this frankly are not really ethical. You can see clearly after the first mRNA shot that there is no proper IgG3 response, while IgG4 shoots up. Why add another mRNA shot afterwards?

The practical implication of these results is that a country like Argentine joins the West in this problem:

The mRNA vaccines were administered pretty late in the game outside of Europe and North America, which hoarded the supply and rushed to get these vaccines into their population’s bodies.

IgG4 antibodies are poor at neutralizing a virus. But the even bigger problem, is that when they bind to Spike protein expressed on the surface of an infected cell, they instruct your NK cells not to kill the cell. Complement can also bind to antibodies to kill a cell, but IgG4 has poor complement binding ability too. The whole balance shifts towards tolerating infected cells.

This means the virus can spread itself, by simply fusing cells together, without viral particles having to enter the bloodstream. Once the antibody response is IgG4 dominant, there’s a big Darwinian incentive to increase the fusion ability of the virus, which is associated with severe health consequences (you don’t want cells in your lungs or brain to fuse together). Hence ever since the earliest Omicrons, fusion ability has been steadily improving.

You can expect this virus to adjust to this brave new world we have created. To start with, consider this: ORF8 is a protein designed to discourage infected cells from producing too many Spike proteins. You can see that throughout evolution, the virus now constantly breaks ORF8, with mutations early in the sequence. If the antibody response against Spike is broken, why bother suppressing Spike production?

Again, you’re not just hurting the people who received these mRNA vaccines, you’re harmfully influencing the evolutionary incentives for this virus, which impacts all of humanity. You know what an immune response to a respiratory virus is supposed to look like, you know the other vaccines don’t do this, so why are these mRNA vaccines still being administered to people?

I have to emphasize once again: There is still no evidence of this class shift happening in any unvaccinated people. Even after severe infections that required hospitalization, zero people show this class shift. That’s very logical: In the lungs, the virus first encounters IgA and IgM. IgM also shows up in blood, so by being exposed in the lungs, IgM gets a head start over IgG.

Acute infections are normally handled by IgM, to bring down the viral load. This means IgM goes through affinity maturation, it becomes better suited to the infectious threats that surround us. Then some of those immune cells undergo class shift towards IgG, so you see IgG rise after a moderate or severe infection. IgG then points out cells that remain infected to the immune system, so that they can be destroyed.

All the injected vaccines interfere in IgM learning to do its job, they all put the burden on IgG. They produce such high levels of IgG antibodies with these vaccines, that IgG even ends up outcompeting IgA in the respiratory tract. In the mRNA vaccines in particular, we see they place such a huge burden on IgG, the cells producing these antibodies undergo a class shift.

As I have said before, these changes take some time to emerge. If this had already been seen during the clinical trials, it’s hard to imagine these vaccines ever being approved. There’s some preliminary evidence, suggesting these changes eventually emerge after administration of the inactivated vaccines too. This study found IgG4 levels against Delta higher than IgG3, 28 days after administration of a second inactivated vaccine. This abnormal ratio is again not seen after infection.

It takes time to vaccinate everyone, it takes time for breakthrough infections to then cause a class shift towards IgG4, it then takes time for the IgG4 antibody response to encourage the evolution of highly fusogenic variants with high Spike expression, along with whatever other viruses learn to make use of the brave new immunological landscape.

You can see the excess mortality continue its steady increase, along with the fusogenicity and ACE2 affinity of novel variants. But I want to emphasize once again: This did not have to happen. It’s a direct consequence of vaccination. Our immune system would normally recognize virulent variants of this virus and actively discriminate against those virulent variants.

We know that NK cells do this against influenza and we know that we preferentially make antibodies against virulence associated epitopes of viruses. We also know that this wide range of IgG antibodies encourages increasing ACE2 affinity, through affinity escape. All these mediocre antibodies with poor affinity to the virus, encourage the virus to increase its own binding strength to the ACE2 receptor, because it helps escape these mediocre antibodies.

Natural infection doesn’t do this: When an infection is severe enough to require an IgG antibody response (not all infections require IgG antibodies), it creates a small number of IgG antibodies, against a small number of spots on the Spike protein, those spots are most often 7 to 9 amino acids in length. Those antibodies will target different spots from one person to another, so they’re hard to escape through evolution. Importantly, those antibodies also undergo affinity maturation: The immune system improves these antibodies over time, to make them bind more tightly.

Once you’ve gone through this process, your body is playing the role in the human community it’s supposed to play: Stop virulent respiratory viruses from spreading themselves, while allowing milder ones to pass through and find new hosts. With sufficient exposure however, the unvaccinated are likely to turn into dead end hosts, prohibiting them from selecting against virulence by no longer passing on the virus altogether.

They screwed all of this up and created an immune escape pandemic, of ever more infectious variants. You can not discriminate against virulent varieties, when your body is just desperately trying to keep this virus out with a cocktail of IgG4 antibodies against the whole Spike protein.

Now you see the result. Your kid has brain damage since the summer of 2022? Well, BA.5 that spread in the middle of summer, evolved to infect the brain (where antibodies can’t reach). It has a selective advantage thanks to the boosted.

All these low grade morons are telling you that it’s somehow normal for a new virus to emerge next to a Chinese lab, infect the whole human population within months, then reinfect everyone on a constant basis, constantly increasing the viral load seen in sewage (highest peak ever seen so far was in December 2023) and constantly increasing its fusogenicity with every new Omicron variant.

Do me a favor, when you run into one of these morons, grab them by the neck and ask them: How come none of this ever happened with the previous four corona viruses that jumped into our species and established themselves? How come the hCov’s are not steadily increasing their virulence?

It’s because they vaccinated everyone, because they’re stupid, irresponsible cowards. They did this themselves. All of this started, when a low IQ Republican real estate mogul became president of the United States, his administration pushed these vaccines heavily and he continues defending this disaster. This is not a “conservative-progressive” thing. It’s about respecting the laws of nature, versus violating them.

Humanity chose to violate them.


  1. Quote: “… so why are these mRNA vaccines still being administered to people?”

    I try to dig deeper and ask me: “How can they icecold posion and kill a million fetuses?”

    The adult vax-deaths/disabled are bad, the children sharing this fate are worse, but isn’t it worst how our societies ignoring the million of mRNA-poisoned fetuses who were never born?
    Before 2021 I thought the maternal instinct would prevent this massacre, but seems like this instict can be overridden. And the vaxxed mothers who lost their children, are all silent, because they know.

    I think now too the Earth is overpopulated. Not because climate or resource problems, but because of the loss of value of a human life. The more people on Earth, the lesser the value of a human life. Seems like if more than eight billion people are on Earth, then we have only the value of cattle.

    I feel ashamed about my species, who threw away a million fetuses, with an icecold face.

  2. I’ve been absolutely horrified by the crazy overreaction to the “pandemic.”
    We’re in the 5th year now and it still hasn’t broken open, the authorities still haven’t relinquished their grip on the masses. The director of the CDC is still strongly recommending the unapproved experimental gene therapy for pregnant women and babies.
    We’re riding out a dystopian science fiction movie.

  3. Really, if you think this just started with “Orange man bad”, you are sadly mistaken.
    The patents (yes patents) for mRNA therapy go back 20+ years.
    There’s even a patent on the “virus”, cuz you know you can’t patent a naturally occurring thing, like a squirrel or a tree.
    Beyond that, isn’t it amazing that 4+ companies all were able to produce a “vax” at the same time!? That’s amazing, or it was part of a larger plan…..
    Primary target was white people, western nations, but hey, let’s knock off a couple billion people while were at it. Makes the world a better place, right? Nevermind the dead…. they’re dead…..

    • The vaccines where rushed because of the election 2020 and the trials were carelessly executed. Pfizer cherry picked the data showing 95% efficency and got away with it. Trump’s administration bears a large part of the responsibility for this.

      • the irony is that they changed the protocol so that they wouldn’t have to announce their 95% efficacy until after the election, so even though he simped for pharma they still pfucked him over.

        • Yep

          I’m sure he was lied to during “warp speed.” Not sure why he still clings on to the vaccines (besides vanity), but Trump is no scientist and that is the reason we have “experts” in power. Those “experts” failed the world and anyone who spoke out promoting other therapeutics (including Trump) were ridiculed and censored.

  4. The antibody class shift emerging from inactivated vaccines is huge if true, because the Coronavac mentioned in that study is made by China and used there too. This means that in case of a mass die-off China will also be severely affected. If they hadn’t, a dying US would have probably initiated a preemptive nuclear attack. As it stands now, we have a chance for a relatively peaceful devolution of society and an orderly return to monke.

  5. I guess this answers a question I was forming. Would immune imprinting mean that someone who was covid infected or injected with adenovirus platform before getting mRNA injections, plausibly avoid the class shift?
    With the exception, of course, of the German gentleman who began with a J&J shot, and proceeded to allegedly get 216 more shots, mostly mRNA, 133 of which have been so far verified by the authorities. He is still standing, last I heard, and free of Covid! The vax drug pushers should make him their star exhibit for “safe and effective.”

  6. As per conspiracy theories, all this was done on purpose to reduce the population to half a billion.

    Are they on target to achieve their aim?

    Within how many years?

    • >As per conspiracy theories, all this was done on purpose to reduce the population to half a billion.
      Sounds perfect, the environment is saved. I’m not joking, I hope this is true, because otherwise a worse fate awaits man and everything else on this planet.

        • Ecological despoilation? Yeah, I played a role in that.

          Animal cruelty? Yeah, been there.

          Exploitation of workers? Sure.

          Corruption, greed, power, stealing? Mmm hmm.

          Betrayal, dishonour, cruelty, torture, murder by proxy? Oh yeah baby.

          And each time, I was sold this tale. . .

          “Don’t worry mate, we’re the good guys, and we’re gonna be doing the right thing.”

          And like I fool, I believe it, but before you know it, there he is again. . .

          Good old Lucifer back to lead me into fresh new horrors again, and again, and again, and again. . .

          And again.

          No, I won’t miss this world at all.

          • So, seeing as it comes up so often here, what do I make of this Israel business?

            Well, I’m not a judger – something about beams and motes and eyes. . .

            However, I’m not a deliberate monster either.

            And on that score, I’d offer some practical advice for all those involved: don’t look at images or film of the victims and their families, don’t read their emails or learn of their stories, and don’t correspond/converse with any of them in any way either.

            Because the moment you do, you will see that they are human, and then you won’t be able to participate in their destruction, either directly, or indirectly.

            You will realize that you are nothing but the monstrous agent of a demonic system.

            And then you will find that you cannot change what is happening, you will collapse in tears, and become dysfunctional.

            And it will all go on anyway.

            Until the Prince of Darkness eases up, let’s everyone forget for a time, and then does it all over again.

          • Whose side do you take?


            A monster wins either way. In this case, I choose the snake because he is a far more sympathetic beastie, to me anyway.

            I hate spiders. I don’t know why. It’s just my instinctive, innate bias coming to the fore.

            Makes no difference what I think though. Events in this contest will just take their course no matter how I feel about it.

            And then, once he gets hungry again, the victor will go onto eat some other unsuspecting and sympathetic critters, or maybe get eaten in turn himself.

      • The environment is being destroyed by over consumption in the rich countries, by the golden billion.

        What good will the saved environment be for you if you are not saved?

        As the Russians say, there will be no world without a Russia in it.

        Those trying to destroy Russia will get destroyed too by Russia’s nuclear weapons.

      • The earth will be fine. The same folk that created Covid, created the false CO2 is poison. There ar many real enviromental concerns, and these political “tule the world” globalists steal money that should be spent on real issues. All the solutions to the non prob=blem of CO2, do nothing to lower the GAT, global average temperature, but they do increase government power.

    • The Deagel website, now taken down, projected a population decline in mostly the western countries by 2025. For exemple the Us population would go down to a 100 million people. It seems to me unlikely that this could be caused by the Cvax. If any of this would coome true

      • Deagel is made up nonsense. I think that is pretty clear, no logic behind any of its numbers or why it would be online.

    • The aim is to slowly reduce to 2 billion, with 500 million western style consumers. This needs to be achieved by 2035. The injections are also germline gene therapy to make sure that the problem does not simply return in another 100 years. The next gen of the injected will be mostly sterile (dependent on HLA allele). The people running this shitshow are all Nobel prize winners (one is now dead, another soon to be dead). They 100% know what they are doing.

      • I might just add, they left it until the very bitter end. Just understand that as soon as Al Gore came out of his smelly dirty festie hole talking shit, TPTB already had their intended solution in the bag. Why do you think that they moved ALL the manufacturing base to China and why China will be highly robotic and automated. They finalized their intention to kill off all you retards back in 1970. Step (1) First ship all important manufacturing to China where they eat dogs and live like peasants. Step (2) Kill off the useless western over-consuming eating retards. What, you think that they would just do nothing? The Climate Change / DAVOS fake BS argument was just designed to keep both sides distracted, whilst they implemented their final solution (the Oil Industry Solution). The ocean issues have now started. Things will be very noticeable to the normie peanut brains, starting now. You could not get away with this in say 2025. Things will be 100% noticeable by then and the normies would have put 2 and 2 together.

        • I dunno. I was around in the 1970s and if their goal were to save the planet by reducing the human population they should have acted then, rather than working out some elaborate scheme that included ruining China’s environment. It seems like you are looking at what happened, mostly by chance and regular greed, and attributing it to a grand plan. I agree that maybe covid/vax were part of a plan, but all that other stuff??? Probably not.

          • These cationic lipid nanos go straight for the ovaries. Look at the nuclear import / localization signals and the sequences that are being imported. They waited until the bitter end, because this is how long the tech took to refine.

          • Yes, I remember the early Japanese study that found that the vaccine spike went to the ovaries. But I know a lot of vaxxed women who are having babies now. Most of them I know only indirectly, but there are a lot. So their ovaries are not shot yet. I guess the spike is also going to their daughters’ ovaries; maybe that will matter.

        • Economic growth across the western states since the 1970s has been increasingly an illusion resulting from a growing and indebted population. But now, with the youth population in decline, any “asset” which depends upon a growing mass of payers – a house, a pension, a government bond, a collateralised debt obligation, an apple i-phone, or a Netflix subscription, to name but a few – will be rendered unviable… only the order and timing of the failures is left to discover. And beyond that, all that remains is when the various sour grapes narratives – including the one about how some all-powerful “they” behind the curtain is doing this deliberately – finally breakdown and people are forced to acknowledge the reality of a natural process of collapse which has been slowly gathering pace for more than half a century.

      • What do you mean by the next generation of the injected? There are lots of vaxxed women who are having babies now. Those kids aren’t getting vaxxed, for the most part.

        • The future female child of an injected mother, that yet to be born child’s immune system will reject any embryo carried by that child. You will not see this effect for 20 years. The injected mother is not rendered infertile. Her daughters are rendered infertile because their embryo will be recognized by their immune system as non-self. This is the brilliance of the strategy. By the time that people notice, those that did this will be long gone.

          • If the infant females have the IgG4 shift then the antibodies that attach to their ovaries won’t do much harm, right? Their bodies will just tolerate their spikey embryo as if it were a peanut to which they’d been desensitized. I agree that there may be other repercussions but it seems like the IgG3 to IgG4 shift gets rid of the autoimmune issue.

        • It is a foreign DNA germline gene therapy import. The injected mother’s yet to be born female child’s eggs will have chromosomes that contain foreign and highly immunogenic genetic code. When those eggs eventually become an embryo, 30 years from now, then that child’s immune system will reject her pregnancy as foreign.

          Read this again, so you understand it. I have now said it three times and you still do not understand. Spike protein just provides the import / localization signal. What is relevant is the plasmid DNA in the bottles. This is the gene therapy.

          (and fuck me, just stick with Shalom for fucks sake, now I have to type OK? Well it is not fucking OK. Just stick with what works. Shalom, for fucks sake.)

          • Okay, I was assuming the immunogenicity was due to the spike from the vaccine or from infection.

            I have read about the plasmid DNA in the bottles. I guess that DNA could be inserted into a vaccinated woman’s existing eggs, and thereby exist in her embryo, and thereby be in her daughter’s eggs. But why wouldn’t the vaccinated woman’s body attack the woman’s existing eggs due to the foreign DNA that had been inserted in them? Why would it all have to take so long to play out?

          • I do not quite understand what you are saying. If a daughter is conceived from an egg with plasmid DNA insertion in the DNA then every cell in the daughter’s body will have that genetic insertion not just her eggs. I agree that there will be a huge health and fertility problems but I’m not following the embryo rejection hypothesis. Also I doubt 100 % of eggs will be transfected in vaccinated mother from 1-2 injections.

        • Only half the chromosomes are in the first egg (eggs of the injected mother). Remember, those injected mothers also have boys. Those next-gen boys then go on to fertilize the next-gen eggs. The effect is at least 20 to 30 years away. An injected male however does not have gene modified sperm. Only a next-gen boy from an injected mother has the changed sperm. A next-gen mud-blood boy however can still impregnate a next-gen pure-blood girl. Remember, the next-gen girl only has the recessive modded gene – so her immune system is still HLA normal – so it terminates the next-next-gen embryo.

          • Can you recommend some site that spells this out in great detail for real retards? I know you are trying hard here, but I can’t picture what you’re describing.

          • Thanks for the explanation. So you are saying that the next gen girl has only 23 genetically modified chromosomes that she inherited from her injected mother and therefore the effect is recessive. But when her child is conceived with a man whose mother was also injected then the genetic modification will become dominant because both sets of chromosomes will be gen modified and the embryo will be rejected. Still first gen person can have children with a pureblood person. Is this only for mRNA jabs or others as well in your opinion?

          • I’m not the Retard poster. His comment probably refers to the following post made on 2020-12-09 on a website that shall remain unnamed, a screenshot of which has been circulating on the internet:

            “I’m an industrial engineer at Moderna and the other one of us is a process development engineer . I’m sure the same thing is happening with Pfizer-BioNTech. It was hard to put things together based on the small quantities of additions happening in manual step (highly unorthodox for a continuous-process production). The explanation we got was highly sensitive trade secret adjuvants being added. Diggin in deeper showed how sensitive it actually was.

            Most people’s understanding of this novel vaccine type is that it works as follows:
            1. Make mRNA coding for S protein
            2. Make lipid nanoparticle delivery system
            3. Profit

            How it actually works from what we’ve uncovered:
            1. Make mRNA coding for S protein
            2. Make mRNA coding for mutant versions of CYP19A1 and CDKN1B in smaller amounts
            3. Make sure that while delivery system for (1) mostly ends up in liver, most of (2) ends up in the gonads
            4. Make sure form and quantity of additive upregulating LINE-1 reverse transcription activity makes it hard to detect among legit adjuvants
            5. Effects from (2) integrated by (4) are recessive; mildly oncogenic effects in vaccine recipients unlikely to be noticed for many years
            6. (5) is recessive but since most of the population is vaccinated, in next generation female offspring have premature ovarian failure

            (6) coincides with poor people being obsoleted by AI and robotics, so we didn’t have to dig for motivation”

          • F.G. Thank you. I’m aware of this post. That is what I thought the poster retard was referring too it, but he mentioned rejection of the embryo. Gene therapy will be going to both gonads based on the Japanese study so I’m not sure why he thinks that only eggs will be affected.

          • To answer the questions. Eggs are all sitting there prior to transfection. The relevant thick juicy trad-male cum, however, is made after transfection. First-gen cum is therefore in a general sense pure, injected or not. Females however have their eggs DNA imported. Next-gen first trimester recurrent pregnancy loss is the aim of the game. The body has mechanisms for this in relation to genetic defects.

          • That said, some pregnancies might get through. I wonder what Deliverance type human mutants might get born, and what incel entertainment that might provide.

          • People often seem to think that because a woman already has all of her eggs when she is born, and men produce semen throughout life, that somehow the semen is always “fresh and new” as if it came from heaven. However, it comes from progenitor cells. Those male cells that produce semen will be transfected right after the shot, and so the fresh new semen will be affected; there will be gene modified sperm right away.

      • No need to reduce us, as we reduce ourselves by ourselves..
        How many people around you are happily married and have the normal 3+ kids?

  7. Thanks for another update.

    > There’s some preliminary evidence, suggesting these changes eventually emerge after administration of the inactivated vaccines too.

    > Instead, we see IgG4 shoot up, with a bit of IgG2. And importantly, we see that it does not require the first shot administered to be an mRNA shot. Two mRNA shots can override the priming by other vaccines and presumably natural infections too.

    Christ, this is really sobering stuff. You also discussed some preliminary evidence in one of your 2023 articles that suggests that the IgG4 class switch can also occur in those infected prior to mRNA inoculation, not just in the immunologically naive.

    Also, regarding that “thanks to the boosted” Omicron sub-variants study you cited that was published in The Lancet, the authors of that paper are essentially confirming the vaccine-driven immune escape pandemic theory/phenomenon, and yet they bizarrely write:

    “Booster shots are required to cope with gaps in immunity. Their discriminative immune pressure contributes to their effectiveness but also requires monitoring of selective viral adaptation processes.”

    Presumably they just write this to increase the likelihood that their paper will be published. The Lancet used to be regarded as one of if not the most prestigious scientific journals in the world. Now, this journal along with the the majority of virologists/immunologists around the world have lost all of their credibility. Public confidence in these institutions will never recover. All they are doing now is creating more misanthropes.

  8. my doctor says I need to get the tetanus booster jab soon. Before saying yes or no I obviously want to do some research. Does anyone have any information on the topic? Maybe Rintrah could write a short guide on non-covid vaccines? I think this would be an interesting topic. Sooner or later we are all going to have to deal with it.


    “The bacteriophage [ !!! ] behavior of SARS-CoV-2 during the acute and post-COVID-19 phases appears to be an important factor in the development of the disease. The early use of antibiotics seems to be crucial to inhibit disease progression — to prevent viral replication in the gut microbiome, and control toxicological production from the human microbiome.”

    Remember that in 2020, officials (WHO, etc.) advised against (!) treating COVID-19 patients in hospital with antibiotics.

    For discussion see this video:

  10. So, we continue to see successive variants improving their fusogenicity, which is one of the best measures of intrinsic virulence. This has been the observed trend since the first Omicron variants arrived.

    But what about interferon suppression? Do the latest variants continue to show improved interferon suppression, or is there a ceiling that you eventually hit? I seem to recall you wrote that half of the genes in SARS2 are involved in interferon suppression, which makes sense when you consider that this is a sarbecovirus most closely related to viruses that persistently infect bats. Is it possible that we may see variants in the future that are as effective as the Ebola virus at suppressing interferon?

    • Provincial Bulgaria must be a great place to live!
      (Just trying to be funny.. I read your follow-up’s to posts by Radagast with great interest)

      • Thanks for the compliment, much appreciated. Yeah, the vaxx rate in rural Bulgaria is only around 20% I reckon. I hear that the Rhodope Mountains are supposed to be beautiful. The region is also one of the very rare “blue zones”, home to an abnormally high percentage of centenarians:

        Must be nice to be in beautiful nature surrounded by people with still functioning immune systems, healthy skepticism and a rightful distrust of government. Makes perfect sense in a former communist country.

        Unfortunately, the same cannot be said here in Ireland. Stevie Nicks is coming to play a show in Dublin in July. Fleetwood Mac is one of my all time favourite bands, but the thought of being in an enclosed arena surrounded by 10,000+ boosted obese boomer bio-hazards is making me have second thoughts about going.

        “The clouds never expect it
        When it rains
        But the sea changes colors
        But the sea
        Does not change
        And so with the slow graceful flow
        Of age
        I went forth with an age old
        Desire to please
        On the edge of seventeen”

        • Yes! The Rhodope range is beautiful! That’s where I would like to go (it is similar to Greek Macedonia and Thrace). The nature there must be very beneficial to one’s health. Of course the life-style of working, walking and not being stressed has been lost, but the Irish and other friends of nature would like it a lot! Also the music is ‘Old European’, Celtic-like, you could say.. oh! and there is said to be a connection between Greco-Slavic bards and the Occitanie (France).. (Yeah, I also miss concerts with a vibrant audience and music..)

    • It seems to me JN.1* has to recombine with the other variants, to bring back improved interferon suppression.

      That’s happening, there are a bunch of hybrids out there inheriting the BA.2.86* spike and interferon suppression from the improved XBBs, but it takes time for them to grow dominant.

      • It looks like it’s first going to bring back S:R346T and S:F456L, the prior for antibody evasion, the latter mainly to increase ACE2 affinity.

        People’s IgG4 dominant antibody response against the RBD is now so weak, it only takes a few weeks for most people to become susceptible to a practically identical Spike.

        Protection now mainly seems to be through IgM antibodies against the NTD, along perhaps with some positions on S2.

        But IgM antibodies naturally decline rapidly and mutations in S2 are already emerging in lineages that have S:R346T and S:F456L.

        So we’re going to see a wave of reinfections in highly vaccinated regions of the world from these lineages with S:R346T and S:F456L.

        On top of that they may then evolve changes in S2.

        But as this happens, antibody pressure on the NTD keeps rising.

        You can also see this problem with the vaccination campaign. After three shots, antibodies against the RBD peak, after the fourth shot the immune system then starts increasing antibodies against the NTD:

        Same is true for all these breakthrough infections people suffer: They shift antibody pressure to the NTD.

        Endlessly pushing new antibodies against the RBD is not going to work: BA.2.86 added a new glycan in the RBD, so the antibodies can’t reach there. In addition, it’s able to just reduce the immunogenicity of its RBD, by resembling our own proteins. That’s already happening.

        So eventually there will be massive pressure against the N-Terminal Domain.

        How it responds to that is hard to say. It could start deleting amino acids from its three immunogenic loops. That would increase virulence and increase fusogenicity, it would start to behave more like SARS1. It could also change how the NTD is folded, by replacing one cysteine pair for a new pair. That would suddenly render a whole bunch of antibodies useless.

  11. I’m saying “shalom” but I don’t mean it. I thought you were a good scientist. Now I think you’re badly misguided.

    Europeans are being denied the right to be an ethnic majority in their ancestral homelands by Jewish interests. Look:

    What the United Nations is perpetrating on the peoples of Northern European descent meets their own definition of genocide:

    • Hahahaha you brought up that same Barbara Spectre video I have seen a thousand times.

      I could show you a thousand highly feminine upper-middle class blonde white women peddling the same type of bullshit.

      This is just what bourgeois women believe. It doesn’t prove anything.

      • I do not understand why the bother. What goes around comes around, eventually, time and time again. You would think that people would learn from history, but they don’t. It does not help however that the history books are fake propaganda – but that is the unintended consequence of rewriting history. Under international law, a colonizer is entitled to either conquer or to agree to a treaty. Also under international law, the subject colonized population is entitled to use all available means to violently resist. This the Chinese have recently reminded all at the UN Security Council.These are well entrenched treaties that have been around for nearly 500 years. Just sit back and enjoy the shit-show. As per the first world war, in my disrespectful opinion, it will be the alpha Serbs that will be kicking off the game. Expect an orgy of bloodshed between Muslims, Christians and Jews. As always, the winner is China.

    • He’s not a scientist, he’s a disinformation agent, and whether or not he is conscious of it or not is up for debate.

      By the way, Mister Rintrah, your choice of music, you may want to reconsider. Look into the origins of infrasonic mind control. Honestly, even though you are only in your 30’s, you seem heavily MKULTRA. Read Stewart Swerdlow. He’s also Jewish.

  12. Recent quote from Geert Vanden Bossch, “I estimate the likelihood of a new variant emerging capable of evading the virulence-inhibiting effect of the PNNAbs to be 50% before the end of April 2024 and 99% before the end of June 2024”. We don’t have a lot of time.

      • Hmmm, yes. If it’s so inevitable, why hasn’t it already happened?

        Makes you wonder whether it is inevitable after all.

        On a long enough timeline, it seems inevitable that ‘one day’ there’ll be a really lethal pandemic, but that doesn’t mean by the end of the month, or even mid-year, or that this virus will be the one.

        More broadly, where are we at? Is it fair to say we’re in the ‘end times’? If not, when will we get there?

        “Are we there yet.”

        “Are we there yet.”

        “Are we there yet.”

        “Almost you little fxcker”


    • It seems a little silly to me, to say you can predict with 50 or 99% certainty when something will happen, especially after previously predicting it without anything happening.

      I think the whole vaccination experiment has dramatically backfired. It has resulted in wave after wave, of steadily more virulent Omicron variants.

      I expect that virulence will continue to increase with future variants. I have documented all this stuff with links.

      But to predict that something will happen with 99% certainty by some particular date? I’ll leave that to others.

      I think van den Bossche should just rest confident in documenting that these vaccines failed to work and led to constant waves of reinfection with steadily more infectious and now steadily more virulent variants.

      It just seems dishonest to always predict the apocalypse lies a few months in the future.

      • I mean, what we’re actually dealing with right now is bad enough. Millions of people worldwide suffer from brain damage.

        They suffer from brain damage, because these antibodies people have encourage the spread of neurovirulent variants of this virus, because most of the antibodies can’t reach past the blood-brain barrier.

        It’s better to avoid being overconfident in regards to how this will unfold. For Geert to say he’s 99% sure it will all blow up before June seems reckless, especially as he doesn’t bother explaining how he arrives at that number.

      • In his book and on his website, he discusses why his timeline was off. He truly is horrified at what he believes is coming soon to humanity and has prepared his friends and family and continues to warn the world.

          • “his teachings were spread widely and grew in popularity, which led to the event known as the Great Disappointment.”


            How apt.

          • The quieter it gets, the more Geert says he’s worried. So, now a lack of evidence is also evidence? A cheap shot from me there. What would I know?

            I won’t go into Geert’s pandemic shopping list of predictions that we can all expect to see in the next few months:

            I will just re-state what I’ve said before. Which is basically, at this stage, I have not personally seen any evidence of a lethal plague emerging among the population where I live wherein 99% of individuals received multiple shots of the rat juice, almost entirely before getting infected with the Wuhan virus.

            If people do start dropping like flies owing to their “vaccination” status upon getting infected with some mutation of the Wuhan virus, then I will surely see it as it will surely be brutally obvious.

            I’m thinking of closing my watching brief on this issue.

            It’s been years now.

            Could be time to move on.

          • The virus’ time frame is not a human’s time frame. It will out wait the impatient. And it won’t have as much to do with vaccination status as you might hope. The dogs in the Korean study were not vaccinated and they all ended up with severe brain damage due to covid infection.

          • Well, I was just going off Geert’s ideas when it comes to the vaccination making things worse for the vaccinated, but the unvaccinated doing better.

            Sorry, I’m going to waffle for a bit. Maybe it will end up making sense, or not.

            I respect Geert for putting a timeframe out as it happens; science being all about testing your hypothesis and all that. But he has been wrong before, which perhaps doesn’t bode well for his hypothesis, although he does show a willingness to take into account new facts. . .

            Whatever, I’m not going to get into the epistemology of it all, or details that I’m not across.

            He has put it out there though, but yes, if he’s wrong, the virus will still be out there, mutating away for all of the rest of time. . .

            It has a loooooooooooooong time to mutate into, well, whatever. . .

            In my own ‘commonsense’, ‘cosmic indifferentist’ worldview, when it comes to the unvaccinated doing better, it seems to me that to some extent people feel they will be safe if they just happen to pick the right team, out of some kind of tribalism; however, like the universe, the virus couldn’t care less how we feel.

            I’m not convinced any of us will be safe. And if the big dying starts, well, who knows what could happen? There’s lots of ways to die.

            Korean study? I don’t think I want to know – my own brain ain’t what it used to be.

            But I’m still alive, and kind of functional, which I perhaps wouldn’t be if the doomsday virus was actually going right off, right here, right now.

            No massive body count = no doomsday virus – at least right here, and right now.

            Give it more time, and sure, anything seems possible with enough time. Time for some Lovecraft:

            “That is not dead which can eternal lie,
            And with strange aeons even death may die.”

            From the sounds of things, we might even be better off if Geert is right. At least in his model the unvaccinated survive, and I got the impression that they might even come out relatively unscathed. If Geert is right though, my town will become a necropolis. And what happens after that? Does the virus suddenly just stop existing? I somehow doubt it.

            But what do I know, I’m not sure of anything anymore. Too many lies and opinions for me to have a clue.

            I don’t even know if I made the right decision not to get “vaccinated”. Perhaps they knew something we didn’t? The Chinese certainly seemed to go right off. . .

            I’m superstitious tbough, and I don’t like being lied to and manipulated, and they were all lying to me, and I didn’t trust the new technology which seemed not properly tested and rushed, etc.

            So, I made up my own mind. Which is a privilege that I hope doesn’t go away after a few more brain eating infections, or mandates, or getting interned in a camp, or upon receiving the mark of the beast, but who is to say?

            Strange times.

            Right now, the only thing I think I can trust is the evidence of my own eyes. And I’m not even sure of that much.

          • Hmmm, perhaps once the overall viral load goes down, after the vaccinated who struggle to clear the virus are dead and gone, the survivors will have whatever is left of their brains spared from repeat infections?

          • I don’t know why you would think it would happen quickly. The people who think it is a bioweapon mostly think it will be a slow process. Psychopaths who want a lot of people dead don’t necessarily want a big sudden kill, since it would disrupt their own lives. I would assume that it would go as slowly as they could make it go.

            When the shots first came out, an immunologist was quoted by the Jerusalem Post. She said that she thought that if ADE were going to appear as a result of the shots, it would appear in two years. Since they stopped quoting her after that, I figured she might know something, so I took that as the amount of time I would wait to see if I wanted to take the shot. Two years felt like a long time when it was happening, but it wasn’t really that long in the time frame of a pandemic. Even the old time coronavirus pandemics lasted about eight years.

            What I wonder if whether some of these countless variants that are coming out are manufactured. It seems that would be easy to do. I wonder if someone is having fun, coming up with varieties that will affect different people in different ways.

            The Korean study was simple. They infected unvaccinated, never before infected dogs with covid. The dogs had no symptoms. Then they euthanized them and checked their brains. All of them had severe brain damage. They used dogs in the study since their brains are close enough to human brains to be informative. Our dogs were delivered to us as puppies by a person who afterward found out she had covid; I am sure my dogs have had covid. They can’t seem to tolerate serrapeptase, so I do what I can; I give them a claritin if they are around people or dogs, and I use nasal saline spray on them.

          • Well, it’s sort of Geert’s timeline, not mine. He says it will happen soon, again and again, and I think it’s fair to say his hypothesis is busted after the observed facts don’t line up with his predictions at some point. Geert is the one who set this test for himself. Which is sort of what I would expect a scientist to do – i.e. put forward a hypothesis, and a test/experiment to see if the observed facts match the prediction. If it doesn’t happen as expected, then the original hypothesis needs to be dumped or modified.

            But, I agree with you that something else could be going on and it could take a long time.

            And on that score, I would not be surprised if it was a bioweapon, and a ‘cure’ for same, that got rolled out on us all.

            Nor would I be surprised if the full package is not being used in line with its designed intent and that this will have blowback. I can imagine the “vaccination” being intended for a more limited use in soldiers, to keep them fighting and to give them an advantage over their enemies after the release of the virus, rather than necessarily being rolled out to the whole population.

            I can imagine this happening intentionally, or unintentionally.

  13. More clown-level immunology from the purveyors of Official Science: “mRNA vaccines may have been so good and elicited such strong immune responses that the imprinting may be stronger than what we have been used to seeing with vaccines for other viruses”. Full story at .

    See, Rintrah, that’s the spin you need to put on your analysis in order to get it to the ears of the jabbies. The vaxxines were so good, that they directed the evolution of the virus towards fusogenicity! The little rascal had no other way to go!

    • Yeah.

      This is a bit like dad telling his children:

      “This restaurant we just went to was so good, we won’t need anything else to eat for the rest of the month!”

      I wouldn’t care about the imprinting if they were just vaxxing nursing home residents. But they injected teenagers with this stuff.

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