More signs of increased virulence

Weeks ago I already told you that everything suggests we’re now starting to see higher intrinsic virulence.

Well other people are beginning to notice it too now. Limerick in Ireland has an outbreak of JN.1. They also have the most patients waiting for a bed at their hospital on Monday 23 october 2023, since they started counting in 2004.

Throughout all the pandemic years, they’ve never had as many sick people waiting to receive care at the hospital at once as they do right now. They had to cancel all planned surgeries, to treat the people showing up in the emergency room.

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating: SARS-COV-2 is just the way the problems get solved that humans refused to solve themselves. It’s plan B. I’ll leave it to the rest of you to speculate who set up plan B. My experience tells me you never get a satisfying answer to those sort of questions.

Almost everything humans do can be forgiven, except how they treat animals. People really don’t like to hear this, but you’re fat because you eat animals that are themselves fat because you breed them to be fat and keep them in cages.

If you try explaining this to Americans, they will say they eat just as much beef as they did in 1909. But back then, cattle did not receive antibiotics added to their food to make them fat. All the animals you eat now are metabolically unhealthy.

The farmers can’t keep them alive in their cages without giving them antibiotics. Those antibiotics disturb their gut bacteria, which has the added benefit of making their bodies absorb more nutrients, thereby making them fat, which then makes you fat.

At a global level, you can predict how fat a population is, by looking at their meat intake. This stuff is not hard to understand. But you people take great effort, to avoid understanding it. You look for bizarre loopholes like “ketosis”, to lose weight with a diet that causes you to smell like ammonia, but you just make your underlying metabolic problems worse.

Your problem is carbohydrate intolerance, which is caused by eating too much saturated fat. When you stop eating carbohydrates, you simply mask the underlying problem, while your metabolic health further deteriorates.

So now you’re dying from a virus that kills you by infecting your fat. With every infection your immune system is damaged a little. Obese people suffer more severe infections, but also suffer impaired fibrinolysis, so their bodies struggle to repair the damage from infections. Scar tissue accumulates in their lungs, their blood vessels and their lymphatic system, where new white blood cells mature.

We’re at 27 million deaths so far. Tens of millions more have been disabled. Most people now have some degree of brain damage. You see elevated levels of mental distress in Dutch teenagers and memory problems in Dutch adults, that don’t return to prepandemic levels.

I wouldn’t encourage anyone to avoid social interaction, I actually went to a concert yesterday myself. If you want to solve this by avoiding social interaction or wearing masks, like they tried in 2020, you’ll just kick the can down the hall. Whether we like it or not, this is going to be solved by metabolically unhealthy people with broken immune systems dying, until most of the survivors have become dead-end hosts for this virus.

There will be room in the world to come for kind, humble and innocent people who are merciful towards animals. When you feed yourself with the flesh of animals you change your body as well as your mind. You become arrogant and seek to dominate others.

You probably feel better, when you eat the flesh of animals. But you feel better when you snort cocaine too. A boss feels good when he humiliates his employees too. So again I say, you can either stop eating animals, or suffer the consequences.


  1. The Economist modeling that you link to shows an estimated 27.2 million excess deaths worldwide since the beginning of the alleged pandemic and attributes them all to “covid,” zero to the vaccinations. They also claim that the shots have sharply lowered the IFR. I don’t think so. Their numbers in Africa are completely made up, since there is no data available in most African countries.

    There are several other teams tracking excess deaths headed by Denis Rancourt, Norman Fenton, Ed Dowd, and others. It would be interesting to make a close comparison between all of their numbers and what they think they’re seeing.

    • Yeah it’s a pain in the arse to figure out what the real death toll is. Some people died from terrible treatment (first wave), some people died from the lockdowns, some people died from the vaccine and some died from the virus itself.

      As time goes on, a larger share will be people who are dying from the virus, which reinforces my point that this problem is just getting started.

      • The term “excess deaths” is totally without meaning. If you look at the historical death rate per 1000, it nosedived between 2000 and 2012, then started rising until 2020 where there was a sharp spike.
        Do we compare excess deaths to the rate of death before or after these time points?
        The lower death rates means more old people were alive and frankly I’m not too concerned about an increase in their death rate. We can’t know what the death rate would have been in this group had coof not happened and even if it did kill them, so what?

        I’m only really interested in the death rate of the groups 0-50 years. These were actually down “during” the “pandemic” and are now sharply increasing.

        But this can be masked (lol) by the increase in oldie deaths which sets a new baseline for “deaths” from which to derive “excess deaths”.

        So unless you have calculated your own figure for excess deaths with sound reasoning, I would never take the number presented at face value. In fact I would assume it is just lies.

        • “The lower death rates means more old people were alive and frankly I’m not too concerned about an increase in their death rate. We can’t know what the death rate would have been in this group had coof not happened and even if it did kill them, so what?”

          Grandson of the year award finalist.

          On the bright side, I’ve noticed that men who don’t like old people tend not to reproduce. It is the guys who are devoted to their grandparents who do reproduce, reliably. It’s has to do with a capacity for affection, and culture perpetuating itself, and women preferring to reproduce with men who care for their families of origin. When there are natural disasters in regions where there are traditional groups, you will see a son carrying his ancient father or grandfather on his back to save him. So I guess you’ll get a Pope Francis award, too (the non-reproduction award).

          • Old grandmas keep the infants from sticking live rats in their mouths while mom is collecting grubs for stew; kids with grandmas fare way better, even in modern societies (yes it is a whole area of anthropology). Old grandpas tell tales of the past to young men and give life structure and meaning; they also describe how past battles were won. Refusing to expend affection and resources on old people is a signal that a young guy is short of social, emotional and economic resources; he’ll probably be trying to get resources from the female and their offspring instead of the other way around, haha, so a bad bet.

          • My friend, the role of the old is to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their young. They have lived most of their life and should pass that privilege on.
            Contrast to the boomers, who have clung to life at the expense of everyone else, lockdown being the most obvious example.
            If you think I hate old people, consider that my wife and I took my mother in and with her dementia she cannot look after our children (2 sons so far).

            When I say I do not care about the death rate in old people, it is because they already have a high death rate and also a younger person dying is more of a tragedy than an old. If allowing 10 eighty year olds to die saved one 20 year old, we should make that trade.

  2. This post reminds me of your “Two Options” essay you wrote several months ago, which included the following quote:

    “People will have to live as nomads in tent camps. Sufficiently rapid depopulation should allow survivors to adjust using our food buffers.”

    I’m not entirely sure what you mean by the phrase “food buffers” but the reality is that many of those Irish people stuck on trolleys in that overcrowded hospital in Limerick are farmers. The prospect of food shortages is terrifying. Ireland had very strict lockdowns and very high vaccine uptake, the combination of which suggests a large percentage of the population have “broken” immune responses (i.e. mRNA inoculation prior to natural exposure).

    On top of this, if Iran shuts the Strait of Hormuz, the price of oil and natural gas will soar again, almost certainly reaching all time highs. Meaning diesel for tractors and fertilizer will be in short supply. But presumably in such a food emergency, grain typically used to fatten livestock will be diverted to feed humans instead.

    • >But presumably in such a food emergency, grain typically used to fatten livestock will be diverted to feed humans instead.

      Yeah I would expect we should be fine when it comes to food for the coming years.

      But in the long run, everything is wrecked.

  3. This could very well be the last days of the hegemony of the west and the status quo as we know it.

    Possible scenarios we could very well be seeing in the near future:

    *Massive surge in covid deaths in above all countries with highly mRNA vaccinated populations.

    *Israel’s entry into Gaza triggers a major war in the Middle East that ends with Israel’s defeat and with the US being thrown out of the region.

    *Iran closes the strait of Hormuz and triggers a major oil crisis followed by a financial meltdown and economic collapse with the West being hit hardest.

    *Russia defeats Ukraine which leads to the dissolution of NATO. Russia then occupies the Baltics.

    *China defeats and annexes Taiwan.

    *Nuclear weapons being used

  4. It feels like it’s up in the air. Vietnam and the 70s unrest went hand-in-hand with neoliberalism in the West. The collapse in Afghanistan, and the current inflation/banking crisis, might be the beginning of the new multipolar world, who knows?
    (Also add Japanese rearmament: things could get hot in Asia, too)

  5. “You’re fat because you eat meat”: wrong. Neither me, nor anyone else who is on a genetically/evolutionarily sensible high fat low carb majority animal based paleo diet I know is fat, let alone fat because of meat. The more plants and especially carbs I eat, the shitter I feel and the more I put on weight, which immediately goes when I shift back to high fat low carb paleo/primal. Meanwhile, you almsot certainly kill more animals to eat than I do, but keep up the holier than thou bullshit, denial wont help your karma, neither will egoic false judgement of others 😉

      • I actually agree. All that matters is; if you eat x, y, or z, what are the health outcomes? While the evolutionary history might provide clues, the actually empirical evidence trumps all.

        The increase in obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other metabolic disorders has occurred with some major lifestyle changes

        -Mass vaccination
        -Physical jobs to sedentary
        -Widespread chemicals and GMO in animal and plant agriculture
        -Diet moved from saturated fat + carbs + protein to polyunsaturated fat + carbs

        There’s good evidence that excess polyunsaturated fats, particularly linoleic acid, are metabolic poison and reduce your tolerance to carbs. The vast majority of people’s calories now come from plants as carbs and polyunsaturated fats. You could say that most people eat a plant based diet.

  6. I’m convinced it is polyunsaturated fats which cause carbohydrate intolerance – these are a very new phenomenon.

    You are correct that farming practices these days are absolutely disgusting and you could argue that this is a change which could result in metabolic health declining.

    In ancient Egypt, the ruling class were the only ones with access to large amounts of seed oils and they suffered the problems we see today, while the poor were not affected. I don’t think they had antibiotics or hormone drugs.

    Anyway, what is it you want to do about Coof 2 Electric Boogaloo? Are you simply documenting for posterity?

    Personally, I think the course of the virus is set and the vaxxed have driven it here. All we can do is observe. It may turn out ok, it may not.

  7. I tried eating low carb vegetarian. I did lose seven pounds on the reduced carbs, but it was disgusting. I like cheese in small amounts but to be low carb I had to eat a lot of cheese and eggs and nuts. However, my bloodwork wasn’t any better.

    Now I eat most days:
    breakfast: one and a half peanut butter and jam sandwiches on wholewheat bread, and a little grape juice
    lunch: 2 pasture raised eggs (or pretzels and cheese), and a little grape juice
    dinner: a bowl of soup made up of whatever is left over from cooking for others, usually including some greens and tomato sauce, and about an ounce of meat a week.
    and, 4 oz. of wine with juice added, and a few hard candies.

    I have regained the seven pounds and am now slightly pudgy but my bloodwork is slightly improved. I don’t really care about any of this (and yes, I know that juice is the dietary root of all evil); I’m just posting it as a data point.

      • I started doing low carb while eating meat, cheese, and vegetables and felt a lot better than on any other diet. I had more energy and was in a much better mood overall. I mainly ate steak, meat and vegetable stews, as well as some dairy. I think the key is red meat, otherwise you won’t feel satiated and will have to snack constantly.

      • Well, I did lose weight. That is pretty thrilling these days. In the U.S., not being enormous is a distinction.

        I should have added that my bloodwork was fine either way. But that when I have tried to really, really cut carbs, my blood pressure goes way up (as it does if I fast). I don’t think human females are meant to fast or eat low carb diets; it messes with hormones that affect blood pressure. When they fast female rats they become masculinized, and I bet that an abnormally restrictive diet like low carb would do the same thing.

      • Lowish carb is literally the way most healthy tribes ate most of the year for most of human evolutionary existance. Strict low carb is the way some quite healthy tribes loved all year round (inuit/masai for example).
        *VEGAN* is the “dumb american invention ” that NO healthy tribes in the entire kmown history of humans ate, despite there almost certainly being some who attempted it, since some lived in fruit rich environments where such an attempt would be trivial compared to the dangers of meat, the conclusion being: it is SO detrimental to health and wellbeing that either none managed to maintain it, or if they did, the physiological and fertility decreasing drawbacks are so severe that even with a survivability boost due tonreduced dangers from hunting, they srill got outcompeted so quickly they never left a trace.
        Go eat some pastured butter fried free range eggs and pastured lambs liver so your brain can actually be logical again, and reevaluate your NONSENSE position.

        • >Strict low carb is the way some quite healthy tribes loved all year round (inuit/masai for example).

          How long do those tribes live?

          • Child mortality— if some people die very young, it reduces life expectancy. This is how it was in all pre-industrial societies. But then the question is, what is the quality of life of someone who survives compared to an agricultural peasant?
            I’ve never been obese, but the difference in how I felt after I started eating more beef, lamb, and eggs was enough for me to be convinced. Every other diet I’ve done, including quasi-vegetarian ones, had moments where I crashed or felt low-energy.

  8. What kills people are massive amount of carbs— all that bread, soda, and candy that lower-class Americans eat. Cut those out, and introduce something satiating (like meat), and you’ll do fine.
    As for evidence, isn’t it pretty clear that societies with decent access to meat (like the Europeans, Mongols, etc) fared better than grain-fed peasants?

  9. Margarine or butter or avoid both?
    I learned that butter and lard produce less poison than seed oils if they are heated.

  10. “It’s plan B. I’ll leave it to the rest of you to speculate who set up plan B. My experience tells me you never get a satisfying answer to those sort of questions.”

    I’d enjoy to know what that unsatisfying answer is. I suspect it’s not your banker, typical elitist, Biden and Co. or even the head honcho of the Jews. It’s also not big corpo. Most elites have taken the mystery juice, same as politicians and big corpo leaders… and their whole workforce.

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