• You write “genetically manipulated Adenoviruses” to relativize the mRNA-vaxx-genocide of the western world.

        Where are the Sputnik victims?

        • >Where are the Sputnik victims?

          Go look up the excess mortality in Russia lol.

          Also, who cares whether you die from the vaccine, or because they drafted all the men in your village and sent you off to die in Ukraine?

          • It’s pointless what Russia or other countries have done. If you poison and kill your own people you have lost all moral credibility. A just war led by mass-murderers, how can this be?

  1. It’s a difficult dilemma isn’t it?

    On the one hand, Russia (formerly USSR) is/was an authoritarian country with lots of corrupt oligarchs and propaganda (state run media), and a government that has a history of committing unimaginable atrocities and cruelty against innocent civilians. Michael Malice has written great books and done many podcast interviews discussing this horrible history.

    But on the other hand we are heading towards food wars and water wars over the coming decades due to the climate crisis, which huge competition over natural resources. Russia has access to some of the most fertile arable land on the planet (Chernozem), more of which will become farm-able over the coming decades as more of the permafrost melts. Many countries in the future will be forced to rely on Russia for grain imports. In countries like Egypt, this is already the case.

    Russia also has Lake Baikal in Siberia, which is the largest freshwater lake in volume in the world (because it is also the deepest lake in the world) with pristine water free of pollution due to the lack of human activity in that part of the world.

    And of course there is the massive mineral deposits, lumber, huge rivers for hydroelectric power, natural gas etc. that Russia also controls.

    So while I respect and admire your patriotism, I’m not sure (in the long run, over the coming decades) it’s that good of an idea to be becoming more and more hostile towards Russia. But of course I say this as an Irish person, with Ireland having a long history of militarily neutrality***. We are one of the few European countries that is not a member of NATO. But I understand why you, a Dutch man, would feel this way considering the history of Nazi occupation of your country.

    *** While we were technically neutral during World War 2, we were biased in favour of the Allies in many ways. Here’s one notable example:


    • Lake Baikal is the world’s largest freshwater lake by volume, containing 23,615.39 km3 (5,670 cu mi) of water or 22–23% of the world’s fresh surface water, more than all of the North American Great Lakes combined. It is also the world’s oldest lake at 25–30 million years, and among the clearest.


      • I remember a cute movie “the war of the buttons” (or something) with Irish children back in the time of WW2. Their teacher was teaching them Geometry. He was saying with gladness how the Germans were destroying the UK with cruise missiles that were using Geometry (it was funny).
        Of course, I love the English language, but:
        The Brits have a long grudge against Russia (bc she wouldn’t let them dominate Eurasia), and it is obvious in their pop culture, e.g. see Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper” (1983!!).
        They (and their American offspring) cannot accept that Russia is too big and too proud (and not protestant enough) to submit to them.
        I can’t follow them in their anti-russian spite, which often became anti-Orthodox spite (e.g. Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ was partly an anti-orthodox libel).
        Besides, our heroic Greek ancestors fought alongside Russia during the Crimean War, against the British-Franco-Turkish alliance.
        I used to like Iron Maiden, but now I understand how deeply nationalist/supremacist they are.

        • >I used to like Iron Maiden, but now I understand how deeply nationalist/supremacist they are.

          Perhaps so.

          UP THE IRONS!

          You reminded me of this song, appropriate for this blog:

          “Just by looking through your eyes
          He could see the future penetrating right
          In through your mind
          He can see the truth and see your lies
          But for all his power, couldn’t foresee his own demise”


  2. On the spot!

    Russia is and will always be a corrupt shithole country filled with bad people, all the good people were either killed by the bolsheviks or fled to the west. The elite are gangsters who know how to play the game and doesn’t care about the common citizen. The people are traumatized and brutalized to a high degree and vengeful.

    But, they are rich in natural resources and have built up a very efficient military production. Heavily focused on old, proven and, from the West’s point of view, simple weapons technology.

    The West’s great mistake was to allow its defeated opponent to be humiliated and impoverished in the 90s. The right thing would have been to provide Russia with large grants, debt reliefs and help to become a strong western economy. Instead they allowed Russia to be plundered and destroyed.

    Now they are back on track and ready to restore their lost honor. They are a very dangerous opponent and we must stop their advance at all costs.

    If you go to war with the Russians, be sure not to be captured alive. They torture captured soldiers in medieval fashion. One can expect to being castrated by drunk Russian soldiers or something else equally horrific.

    • Russia has suffered almost half a million wounded and killed in Ukraine and all it has to show for it is minimal gains (the vast majority of its acquisition were obtained in the first six weeks). If they conquer the rest of the Ukraine through military means, then they could easily be looking at several million instead. Unless they intend to use nukes, they would probably run out of able-bodied men completely before they managed to restore their Soviet borders. Sure, they could arm millions of Ukrainians and Poles and conscript them to fight on their behalf, but there’s a 90% chance they would just turn said guns against their Russian oppressors instead.

      Russia’s time as a great power is done and the only card it has to play is the nuclear one. Let’s hope that decades of corruption and poor storage conditions have not rendered that a paper tiger as well.

    • > Russia is and will always be a corrupt shithole country filled with bad people, all the good people were either killed by the bolsheviks or fled to the west.

      Calm down, Adolf.

  3. Unlike others, most LSWMs *can* distinguish between Russians/Russia and Putin’s Russia.
    As we can also distinguish between Israelis/Israel and Netanyahu’s Israel.
    So Putin had them vaxx’d… Netanyahu too.
    (And Trump who ordered the “Operation Warp Speed”… and “suddenly” allowed the new 61 bn loan…)
    So Putin is obviously a globalist.
    If he’s a globalist, then he wants global trade to keep going so he can sell his gas.
    Why did he spark a war against the West then?
    It doesn’t sum up.
    But the ‘eco conscious’ West don’t mind cornering Russia by trying to make the Black Sea a NATO lake, which naturally leads into war, thousands dead in the meat grinder, more weapons built, and used, more CO2 emmissions etc etc.
    Russia’s push back of NATO from the Black Sea (they know they lost the Crimean War once the Brit-French-Turks captured Odessa) is indeed an existential struggle.
    For the West, it is existential ONLY if they want to grab what belongs to Russia.
    Yes, the West are very trustful people… Just wait to see how they will claim back the loans they gave to Ukraine (to get them killed in their place). Of course some mercenaries are spiteful and nationalist enough to attempt it on their own.
    That, or Rad is just making a Large Language Model and/or training chat bots to debate using preposterous arguments.

    • “Why did he spark a war against the West then?”

      Well, Putin wanted what all empires and their leaders want (which I guess is the same thing as what ‘the machine’ wants), which is to exploit resources, draw whatever it needs to the core, and burn it up for fun and profit and to survive.

      Unless empires (and there’s more than one, so I will call them ‘nodes’), within the global industrial-technological system, can draw resources to the core they will start to cannibalize themselves, then like stars that run out of burnable materials to keep them inflated, they will implode (which will also happen to the whole global system eventually, although it seems like this will be uneven, with some areas coming out ahead in the inevitable collapse – For. A. Time. Collapse is baked in).

      The relatively small node/s that is Europe (divisible into various nation nodes) exists on the massive ‘World Island’, which happens to be festooned with peer, or greater, industrial technological nations/nodes. So, it is no surprise that Europe, even with the aid of the USA, has failed in its latest bid to defeat Russia, just like Europe failed the time before, and the time before that, to crush Russia.

      The purpose of this effort by Europe/USA is, of course, to chew Russia up into small bits, draw them back into the European core/s to burn up.

      But Europe has failed.


      So, things are looking grim for Europe.

      Europe (here’s looking at you France) has also been kicked out of colonies in Africa recently, who are getting offered a better deal by China and Russia:

      “You want a nuclear reactor bro? Sure. Why the fuck not.”

      Why is this so? Well, whatever the cause, my guess is that decades of clever-dick, bloodless, neoliberal, egghead economist priest bullshit haven’t helped them.

      You act like a bunch of fuckos? You reap it. That’s karma innit?

      All those LSWMs, who’re pissed about being betrayed and losing their jobs and who may not be keen to fight accordingly, well, they won’t have anything to fight with even if they wanted to because the greedy fuckos that run the Western nodes sent their factories offshore for shortsighted profits.

      It’s over for the West. It lost its values. It let the demon Mammon (aka ‘the Market’) decide those for it! Too fucking late to cry now – now comes the part where you deal with shit you reaped by worshipping demons.

      This isn’t the first time this has happened. There are probably a hundred reasons why the Roman Empire fell, but if you read Sallust, you will learn that the loss of morals was pretty high on that list.

      So, what to do? Deal with it by going to war? Not a good idea.

      Europe will lose.

      Why? Because modern wars are wars of machines, and the simple truth is that the ‘World Island’ can make more of those – both mechanical and bio-robot (aka infantry) – and pump them straight into the fray.

      If I was Europe, I’d make peace with it. Go along to get along. Better that than die.

      But Europe has this nasty habit. . .

      Periodically it feels the call to gather, march into Russia, and die.

      Perhaps this time Europe will buck the trend, march into Russia, and win.

      But going off of history, the average height in Europe will be reduced, yet again, as every man tall enough to join the grenadiers gets removed from the gene pool either in combat, or by placing the barrel of his musket against his forehead rather than have general winter eat him alive.

      • Or maybe this time it will work the other way around, and the World Island will invade only to be inevitably pushed back.

        Either way, the Northern Hemisphere can sort itself out for all I care.

        Note that this is coming from someone who, literally, has more skin in the game than most of you, having been circumcised as a baby to ensure he would meet the then hygiene standards for service in the Australian Navy, so he could fight in the latest Northern Hemisphere war (whatever that happened to be), like his family has always done. . .

        • Funny, isn’t it?

          Prepared, from birth, to be a sacrifice for an empire, who could not give a flying fuck about me, or mine, and for benefits that none of us would never see.

          Yes, it’s the time of the reaping.

          You guys have only yourselves to blame.

          No loyalty. No decency. No honour.

          Now you pay the fucking price.

          • You reminded me of that scene from “Gallipoli”! Mel Gibson standing there in a semi-desert land inside Australia while his friend tells a mid-aged Aussie, “if we don’t stop the Germans in Turkey, they will come over to conquer Australia!” (or something)
            I don’t want to make a spoiler and say how the Aussie responded.
            Lovely movie, and Jarre’s soundtrack..

          • Ha, ha – I remember a scene like that

            As I recall, the young guys are crossing some bleak desert landscape. . .

            They run into an old swagman

            He asks: “Where are you going”

            They say off to fight the Hun

            He asks why?

            They say because otherwise he will take over here!!!

            The old swagman looks around the desert. . .

            Then says: “They can have it!” 🙂

          • There are monuments everywhere here to those wars.

            Every town has a penis sculpture, what are those things, obelisks? Which are intact, I note, unlike my own penis :P, and covered with the names of the dead from those wars.

            It was devastating.

            You go to these towns, look around. . . where did all those names come from again?

            Impossible to believe so many died from such small towns.

            But they did.

            As a kid, when travelling at night, it would be pitch black. This mysterious beacon, like a lighthouse in the middle of the land, would be spinning around.

            Calling to the lost souls of the war dead. . .


            Terrible stuff.

            Not something I’d like to see happen again.

            In fact, I’d be tempted to shoot everyone who argued it was necessary to send yet another generation of Australians off to fight in yet another Northern Hemisphere war as a traitor.

      • I am not here to find excuses for Putin, esp. if he *is* a globalist.
        But if he is one, he is probably not interested in occupying Europe. They beated Napoleon and marched to Paris, and they just left.
        Maybe that’s when the Brits grew a spite for the Russians, when they saw that they can be victorious and naive (romantic) at the same time.
        + + +
        Guys, I’m also an adherent of the English speaking culture.
        But I won’t turn a blind eye at how the Anglosaxon established their Empire and try to preserve it.
        For Cyprus, if not for any other reason.

  4. Russia is OK. Just Stick to Moscow or St Petersburg. There is a big gap however between rich and poor. Everything is plentiful and the prices reasonable including a car and driver which I recommend to get into all the good clubs.

    The women just love western chads. It is a good place to study engineering or science at university, if you know the language well.

  5. Good advice, but I would rather go to Iran if we’re talking foreign places. Somewhere there is a lot of lamb on the menu and the women have striking faces. The Lebanese eat raw liver btw. Maybe the place I visit after the gay Zionist LARP state evaporates.

    Or maybe Australia.

  6. Both elites, RU and US/NATO, had some rational to go to war over Ukraine.
    In 2008, when during the NATO summit in Bucharest, NATO openly declared it would welcome Georgia and Ukraine, many were saying it will lead to a war. Merkel and Sarkosy among them, but also Robert Burns, who is now the head of CIA and an US ambassador in Moscow at that time. Fast forward, beginning of 2022 when Russia is openly saying Ukraine in NATO is a red line, Kamala Harris openly stated at the Munich security conference, that NATO will welcome Ukraine. So they knew what was going to happen and openly provoked it. It wasn’t about democracy for sure. So the western elites openly pushed for that war and are also trying to keep it going for as long as possible. We all know that the west did blew the peace negotiation in April 2022 as well.
    No one is happy that the Russians did it but it was predictable. The US would also do it if Russia would place troops in Tijuana, wouldn’t they?
    Sure Russia is no democracy, but is either EU or US one? If Ukraine joined NATO, Putin would have been seen as weak and would have been replaced in months. I know it’s not a good reason to start a war, but it was predictable again.
    The people that are ready to praise Putin for fighting a war against their own corrupt countries are just following the fallacy that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. To pay some tribute to Godwin, it’s like glorifying Stalin just because he fought against the Nazis.

    Moving to Russia because of Putin, deserves a Darwin award by all means. However, if you know what you are looking for, it might be a rational decision to do so. Russia and eastern Europe are not so densely populated as western Europe, and the administrative power is not far reaching. You can basically go under the radar and give a flying fuck about who is exactly in power. Life is harder, because you might have to become way more self sufficient but you’ll be more free than in western Europe for sure. US is huge and I believe that you can have this type of freedom in the rural midwest as well. If you want to have 10 clubs around you, multiple 24/7 shops, central heating, avocado toasts etc then you have to live in a densely populated are in the “west”, but then you’ll have to “show your papers”. It’s a trade-off and if you have the right expectations a “shit-hole” like Russia or eastern Europe may make a lot of sense.
    EU is the big loser in this war. It got gang-banged by Russia and the US. I see no good outcomes for the EU now. US is pulling slowly out of this mess as they’ve achieved their goals of securing Europe as a poor vassal region. Russia will inevitably either win the war or we will all lose in a nuclear Armageddon. After it is concluded RU will simply concentrate on its ties with Asia and Africa. Europe will lose the war and also realise it is broke with no viable economy whatsoever. Then the blame games will surface and the European countries will have to somehow split a much smaller peace of cake between themselves. I hope they’ll do it in a peaceful manner, but not so sure about it. EU will for sure unravel in that process, which is of course most welcome.

    • A very balanced and (IMO) correct comment.
      As for living under the radar, Russia allows homeschooling. Just saying (I would mostly try rural Greece or Bulgaria).
      Of course, the ‘HIVICRON’ that Geert predicts could make all these considerations irrelevant.

      • Rural Greece is magnificent! Was there on several occasions. Locals are super friendly, climate and nature are perfect.
        I am from Bulgaria and there you definitely can find nice places to move in where you can be totally insulated from the central planners in Brussels. Serbia is a very good place for that as well, like they are not in the EU in the first place. Once you move to a place like that and get along with the locals, which isn’t that hard, you’ll be totally fine, as long as you don’t miss the avocado toasts. There are some muslims in those places, but they have nothing to do with the bastards that just cannot wait to chop the heads off of some infidels.

  7. Here’s an analogy, or two, that I just thought of:
    Greece and Cyprus. They are not united, mostly bc of the Brits.
    Bavaria and Germany. They are united, bc of the military power of Prussia.
    Bavarians are Catholics, like the Austrians.
    (Germany used to be full of local languages. The western ones sounded a lot like Dutch)
    I hope you get my point.

    • Another analogy, more relevant to our host:
      The Netherlands and Flanders.
      The Flemmish are just Catholic Dutch, with a lovely accent. Back then your faith was more important to your language (besides, nation-states were not a thing).
      Now that the Europeans have become more secular, they managed to turn tiny Belgium into a Federation.

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