My heroes

If you’re not an autistic white man, I just don’t respect you. Sorry, it is as it is. I thought autistic white women have some intrinsic value too, but Greta broke my heart, I learned my lesson.

Autistic white men have opinions they arrived at by thinking. Everyone else just feels which group they belong in and then they just adjust to that group.

Two examples of my heroes.

The man who eats roadkill:

I brought this guy up at a date with an Israeli girl once, but she was more interested in figuring out whether I come from a wealthy family.

And this guy, who sleeps in the Alaskan snow and has mice show up who get arrogant and start stealing his hair to build nests. The fact that he’s not that young anymore just makes it better.

Women, normies and brown people just don’t really do this. There’s nothing stopping a woman from scratching dead polecats off the road to eat. There’s nothing stopping brown people from camping in Alaska.

You people all worry about the share of women and brown people at Ivy League colleges or as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Should it be higher, should it be lower, should the government intervene to make it so? WHO CARES! Tell me why it’s only autistic white men scraping dead animals off the road to eat. That’s what I want to know. Anything that makes you not fit into your social context is always done by an autistic white man, like my dad picking my mom up from the clothing store she worked at with a rope holding up his pants, embarassing her in front of her coworkers so she asked him to wait outside.

I can respect people who are not vegan. If you sleep in the snow in Alaska and the mice steal your hair, fine. You are nature, so you participate in the cycle of life. I could try rationally defending this, I won’t. I’m just describing my feelings.

Whenever I see women, normies or brown people on Twitter try to explain in an autistic way these feelings they have that lead them towards certain stupid behavior, it doesn’t make me respect them. It just makes it worse. You could write a whole manifesto about why you won’t date a guy who splits the bill on a first date or wears a scarf, you’re still just being a woman, revealing why it was a mistake to give you rights.

When women, brown people or normies go on vacation, the purpose is not to have mice steal their hair, but to seek luxury. Then they will post this luxury they consumed on Instagram, as evidence of their social status. They will photograph their food, the stupid shit they bought at some clothing store, the pool at the hotel, some landmark. But all they’re revealing is that they’re just fused together with the rest of the human beehive.


I had a girlfriend once. I offered her if she’d like to go harvest wild oysters with me sometime, but she just talked around the question. That’s all I had to know. That could never be the other half of my soul. When girls say they’re “not like the other girls”, I can’t blame them. If you were a Sackler, wouldn’t you say you’re “not like the other Sacklers”?

And people will say “well women/normies/brown people have different interests than autistic white men”. Yeah and those different interests make them inherently less valuable human beings than autistic white men. No, I won’t budge on this issue. This is the hill I will die on.

If you had a computer simulating the brain of an average woman, normie or brown person and you could change one or two neuronal connections, I would bet good money that would allow you to simulate every other woman, normie or brown person. I can just imagine the scientists simulating these brains: “Alright this is Fatima, she just went on vacation to Dubai and posted #freepalestine on her Instagram. Now watch what happens when I disconnect these two neurons and connect them with two other neurons. Now we got Samira, who has a slightly bigger nose and posts photos on Instagram of the restaurant she visited!”

I’m just warning you people, when God said in the Old Testament he would never again flood the whole planet, he was talking to autistic white men. As soon as the last autistic white man dies you people are all getting flushed down the toilet like an embarrassing high school science project, sorry, it is as it is.

I fundamentally deeply look down upon people who try to fit in with other human beings. I only respect the bees that leave the beehive. And I don’t respect those bees that leave to try to improve the hive from the outside. I respect the bees that leave to scheme to burn the whole hive down. Most bees just post selfies on Instagram to prove they were allowed to feed royal jelly to the queen. But only autistic white male bees try to burn the whole hive down.

Those are my heroes. Everyone else? I just try to forget you exist.


  1. I guess the upside of you not being able to fake being a normie, even on a date, is that your writing is just effing fire💥🏴‍☠️

  2. I was feeling super cold today (for a reason – we have had a cold snap, and I have had to do a lot outside for the last few days).

    So I took a hot bath and totally crashed, literally could not move or think

  3. If you’re looking for an admirable man, you won’t find a better one than Diogenes.

    Thousands of years later, and he’s still relevant, and funny too.

    The fact that he’s still funny is telling. Charlie Chaplin? Meh. Nobody would laugh at him anymore. But pointing things out with your middle finger? Chuckle. That’s timeless.

  4. Based post, autistic white men are the only people who love freedom and actually have the bravery to be free. Every other type of person on the planet love to be cocksucking slaves; except for maybe the most autistic femoids, who want to be free but are cowards due to having cunts and estrogen (They need powerful autistic white men to guide them).

    Ideally, autistic white men would rule the world, and everyone else would be our servants. These npc faggots want to be servants, and take pride in being cumpillows, so why shouldn’t they serve us? We’d treat them better than their modern masters anyway. I was shitposting in the previous thread but I’m being 100% serious now.

      • For some people it’s just their natural inclination (Everyone who isn’t an autistic white man) Which is fine. In my world I’d treat you well.

        • I suppose the only advice I can give is be a servant for good rather than evil. Though that tends to be hard.

  5. I flew abroad a few times in my youth and when I see pictures of Spain I feel depressed seeing the damn scenery. Why the hell do you travel to a country where you can’t drink the tap water? When I took a bath in the sea, I discovered that I was swimming in sewage. The pool didn’t appeal as I saw toddlers pooing in it. Sure it was hot and the sun was shining but I hated the landscape and the people there.

    No, I prefer the nature in the north and the changes of the seasons. Summer is short but it doesn’t have to be longer, it’s just the beginning of summer that’s enjoyable anyway. I love walking around in nature and smelling the pine and fir trees.

    When I hear people say that they are going to travel abroad, I feel a joy inside and think to myself, I don’t have to go along!

    • I’ve only ever travelled north by myself: Scotland, Norway, Sweden.

      Women, normies and brown people travel south.

      Autistic white men travel north and then the mice steal their hair or they get lost and die, going to a better world with less women, normies and brown people.

      • I stay where I am, in the north where spruce and pine grow and where there is a bog nearby. If I go further north, only barren mountain land remains, and that’s not something I appreciate. The Sami people can keep that shit.

        • I did travel years ago. However, the only place that I would want to travel to now is to Denmark to see the bogs. I have read Glob’s “The Bog People” three times.

          One of my fondest memories of growing up is of when my family went clamming; I’m from New England. We lived about seven miles inland but we would drive to the shore and would use rakes and our toes. I now regret steaming the clams; I did also gather wild plants for food but to be honest the clams were a lot tastier than tiger lily flower pods. Rintrah lives in urban areas and expects to find rural females in those urban areas and then concludes that rural or small town females don’t exist.

      • My country is now filled with brown people but when I take a walk in the forest, the only people I encounter there are white.

    • I know of someone who took a walking trek through Italy, France and Spain.

      They saw one bird – a pigeon.

      I imagine that there’s just not enough habitat left to support life in places where humans are concentrated, and civilization has run on for too long. Or the locals have eaten everything or whatever.

      If you want to go south for a holiday, come to Australia.

      I look out my window, on the outer edge of a town, and see a range of parrots among other birds. I go outside to explore a strange noise at night and there’s an echidna.

      Lizards, frogs, snakes, in my yard. . .

      Kangaroos at my back fence. . .

      I sometimes go to the south coast of Australia for holidays. Huge beaches, few people, and no poo. It is filling up with people in many places down there, which is a shame as they cut down the bush for suburbs, but it’s still pretty clean, there are plenty of remote places, and there are birds and animals.

      I can’t imagine travelling to anywhere that doesn’t have wild birds and wild animals as a destination of choice.

  6. genuinely surprised you like outdoor boys when the guy flies in multiple planes to reach his spot, sleeps under animal hides and brings a ton of pork to cook on his stove

    • I know. I don’t approve of any of that.

      I just remember what Jesus said: Forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.

  7. I was intoxicated when I made this post, datura and alcohol is an interesting combination, especially when you just donated blood

    • First off, please don’t abuse Datura too much bro, you already know why. Your simps care about you. Second, trip report? You learn anything?

  8. boo! unless you are keeping your blood in your freezer, you are literally (figuratively) feeding royal jelly to the queens.

    seriously: do you hate everyone or not? donating blood is not the action of a bee that left the hive to burn it down.

    • Watched a few more of his videos. Inability to smile (or make any mature facial expression, really), no chemistry with his wife…

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