My Main Advice In Life

Today I’m going to offer you my main advice:

  1. Just try to have fun, try to fit in a little and try to make a lot of friends.
  2. Don’t fill your head with opinions, causes and convictions.
  3. Accept that your mom was wrong, you’re unremarkable. That’s a good thing, it means you don’t have to fix the world’s problems, you can just forget about them.

That’s it. That’s what I have to offer after more than thirty years.

Some of you will call me a hypocrite. Well friends and less friendly LSWMs, who’s going to tell you to stop smoking? The guy dying from lung cancer. Who’s going to tell you to wear a condom? Someone dying of AIDS. Who’s going to give you these three pieces of advice? Yours sincerely.

And I’m not saying I’m unique in this. Most of us now have a habit of filling our heads with information that doesn’t benefit us, because information is more available than ever before. Whatever it is that interests you is something you can now constantly get more information about, every second of the day, without it taking you any real effort.

Ladies, do you think you benefit from figuring out what your old boyfriend is upto? Do you benefit from the ability to gaze into his soul? Probably not. You’re best off learning to adjust to whatever guy you ended up settling for. Sorry. Look away. Stop torturing yourself.

Here’s an example of someone damaged by exposure to too much information:

This is just sad. But it’s not sad enough that you should care, it’s just another random person out there somewhere. You can find millions of people with heads full of opinions, this is just one I find particularly sad.

This woman was once crowned miss New Jersey. When you reward a woman with a prize that tells her “you’re the prettiest one”, you damage her brain. They never recover from the narcissism you install in their heads. So now she hates the Western world. Because the Western world did the worst possible thing to her that you can do to a person: It gave her what she wanted.

If you’re a leftist, you have a huge advantage over me. You believe all human lives have equal value, so you have a perfectly valid excuse not to look at what happens in Gaza and move on with your life. After all, the lives there should matter as much to you as those of kids in Yemen, North Korea, South Sudan, or any other hell on Earth. And you’re not raging about what goes on there either.

But this woman is stuck with the conviction in her head that she needs to defend a bunch of guys who make videos of themselves with the children they kidnapped and dragged off into a warzone and she thinks she needs to spend the whole day tweeting about it. If you tweet more than four times a day, go see a psychiatrist.

I’m sure there’s someone out there who would benefit more from hearing “stand up for yourself and your convictions” or “don’t just mindlessly adjust to the mob” or “have some confidence in your own abilities” or “stop being such a hedonist and seek out the meaning of life”, but that sort of person isn’t going to stumble upon my blog anyway.

In fact, if you think you’re important enough or have anything substantial to contribute to humanity that deserves a “following”, please just go see a therapist. Don’t seek “followers”, seek friends.

So just go out there and seek out the sort of place where people like you hang out and stay there. Yes, that’s probably some big city, where you have to sell your kidney to afford rent.

“But when the dollar collapses and we suffer hyperinflation and the oil prices spike and food prices spike then the cities will become death traps and the minorities will riot and and and-“

Yeah, then you die. Sucks, but it happens. You would have died anyway, but now you skip out on twenty years surviving in a wooden shack in the woods until the arthritis in your hands stops you from plowing the field after everyone you cared about died.

Literally, unironically, 100% seriously, just forget about it all and try to adjust to the normies. Good luck. I mean it.


  1. This is good advice. Yes, exposing myself to negative online content over the last 5+ years has been terrible for my mental health. War and economic collapse articles on Zerohedge. Vaccine doom porn on Substack. SARS2 and climate change articles on this website. MGTOW/incel/”red-pill” forums. Right wing content on Twitter. I know that my happiness and well being would improve immeasurably if I simply put the phone and laptop away but my internet addiction makes it very difficult to do that. Lately I’ve even become morbidly curious in gore websites but I’m forcibly resisting these compulsions because I don’t want to give myself PTSD.

    Today is the 1st day of a new month. I will make yet another attempt at breaking these bad habits and channeling my energy and autism towards beneficial endeavours. Healthy eating. Meditation. Exercise. More time outside in nature (all this time indoors on the internet screws up my sleep cycles, hence me writing this comment at 2AM). Cold showers. Motivational books (David Goggins and Jocko Willink spring to mind). Other books and educational podcasts. Psychedelics and ketamine (I know that these will definitely help me, I just need to stop my procrastination/laziness and find a reputable drug dealer or grow/find mushrooms/cactuses myself).

  2. Those man-in-the-street interviews show you people that look happy, healthy, confident, and have good dating lives, and yet they can’t tell you who the current president is or what continent they live in and you realize they have an IQ under 85.
    A human being shouldn’t be that ignorant. We’re intended to use our God-given brains and trade in some happiness for wisdom.
    Some people are going to fervently hold absurd opinions. That’s the way it is. I believe everyone is crazy and retarded to varying degrees.

  3. Yes.
    And get married to a girl who wants to be helped in life, who doesn’t want to be alone. A normal girl. One that isn’t dazzlingly pretty, because if she were she could end up being a narcissist, as many models or beauty queens unfortunately do.
    (And yet, underneath the blockbuster appearence and all the effort to accomplish it, there lies the same need: someone to care)
    A normal girl will have loving simple parents, who care without being jealous.
    The realization that we can be average people, can be beneficial.
    It gives you peace and humbleness.
    We can be special through love (to people and the Lord), but no-one will ever know (except your family maybe), and it’s OK! We need to be friends with that, or it can spoil everything.
    “If you die before you die, you will not die when you die”.

  4. When my parents were college students in the 1960s (they were the first in their families go go to college; my dad was an especially smart immigrant kid and my mom a swamp Yankee), they had an anthropology professor whom they especially revered. He told them that all there was in life in the end was to find a few people whom one liked and to spend time with them. They took him very seriously and it worked well for them; of course they had their troubles but they ultimately had (and in the case of my mom still have) happy lives.

    But this is very hard if you are a sociophobe. That is why I don’t understand all this whining by autists. If you are a sociophobe this advice is much, much harder. My dad was a sociophobe and had trouble recognizing faces (fortunately he became a college professor so it didn’t matter professionally), so following that advice was very difficult for him, but he did his best and managed. My years of being a sociophobe were terrible. So if you are an autist without being a sociophobe I don’t know what the big problem is.

    Mothers don’t think their daughters are remarkable so women don’t have the “my kid is God” issue. Men who are mommy-worshiped mostly expect a doormat wife who agrees with their every doltish opinion of the moment. My father was the youngest and his brother was the worshipped one, even though my father was the smart one, so my father treated my mother as an actual human.

  5. This is good advice. I spend too much time reading blogs. Paying too much attention to goings that nothing I do will change is actually making me depressed. So today I started deleting bookmarks. Then I came here. Serendipity. Thank you. And thank you for your insight on the virus. I just dropped down and saw the Shalom requirement. I just yesterday got into an argument with a blogger over Hamas. He was pushing moral equivalence, i.e., the IDF is just as bad as Hamas when civilians get caught in the crossfire. I told him that Hamas as a matter of policy deliberately murders civilians. The Israelis do no such thing. He insisted the Israelis were just as bad. Then he started quacking about “proportionate response.” I felt like laughing. That’s all Israel ever does. Where has it gotten them? I told him if I could I’d send 1000 John Wicks into Gaza and have them kill every member of Hamas. He banned me. Told me I was lying about Hamas. The jerk.

  6. 4. Try to be a good guy, because you know there are already enough edgy wannabes out there. Doesn’t mean that you need to make friends with everyone, but being polite never hurts.

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