My Message To John Maus

Below you will find my message to John Maus. The first reason I am posting it is because I am thankful to him and hope to increase the chances he will see it, whenever it is right for him to see it. The second reason is so that other people may see it.

And appropriate for Easter, the third reason is because I wish to identify myself with his worldview, as Maus endorses god the father, jesus christ, the holy spirit, mercy, holiness, marriage and procreation, while condemning sin, evil, cruelty, lies, mercilessness and deception. My worldview is moving in his direction, I hope for everyone, including myself, to have happy lives, in alignment with the true, the beautiful and the good. I hope for us to be protected from war, hunger, strife, bodily injury, greed, pride and other errors.

His music is beautiful and difficult for people to immediately understand, but great effort and care goes into it. Just as happens to be true for many smart people and great works of art, the meaning is not directly apparent to a careless observer, it requires great understanding of the context within which it is produced.

Happy Easter to John Maus and anyone else who reads this.

Dear John Maus,

May this message arrive to you in good order and in due time. Thank you for producing your music. I was first exposed to it through a female friend about 10 years ago, when she sent me All Aboard.

I have been listening to your work so much that I feel the obligation to message you personally to say thank you. I listen to it constantly through Spotify and Youtube. Is this a way to compensate you for what you’ve given me? Probably not, but it’s a step in the right direction.

You’re the only artist I ever felt obliged to send a thank you note and I think you are probably the artist I’ve listened to the most in my life, at least since I discovered visionary plants and Spotify.

When I listen to your music, it is not just profoundly calming for me when I suffer anxiety attacks, but I also experience it as filled with deep metaphysical meaning and spiritual significance. I don’t think I’m entirely alone in this, as some of your music has been set to Hindu mythology by someone on Youtube.

Although I also experience this with some other artists, you stand out, in the sense that your work always brings a sense of tranquility and peace to my state of mind when I listen to it. I don’t think I received the gift to produce music myself, I do think I have the gift to experience meaning from it and for a song to become a profoundly immersive experience.

I experience your music as the distilled end-product of a man’s journey, his honest search for truth. I can not help but think your gift comes from a different source than the vast majority of modern artists. I think it draws my soul in the right direction.

I know all of this may sound over the top, but I hope you will see my message and believe me when I say I mean all of this with the utmost sincerity. It feels as if there is a mysterious man on the other side of the ocean, who threw me, a guy in the Netherlands, a lifebuoy so I may survive through a storm.

Happy Easter from Rotterdam. May all your days be filled with joy and beauty.


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    • I am curious to get your views on browser extensions and Vpns. It is difficult to get clear information on which are good.

      Thank you also for your writing,it has helped me and others during these dark times.

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