Nationalism is for white trash: In defense of the great replacement

I didn’t expect I would end up changing my mind on this one and I’m sure it will piss off some people, but here you go. What changed exactly? Well, people tend to hold strongly onto their ideas, until they’re faced with contrary evidence that happens to be overwhelming. As an example, for a long time I thought that within the Netherlands, we treat everyone essentially fair. Evidence to the contrary was relatively easy for me to dismiss. If young immigrant men are stopped more often by the police, it might be because they live in bad neighborhoods or drive flashy cars and being stopped by the police doesn’t significantly affect your day to day life anyway.

However, at some point I found myself faced with a form of discrimination that is very hard to deny, on the workfloor, where a nerdy white boy’s criminal activities were swept under the rug because he “doesn’t look like the kind of person to do such a thing”. It became clear to me that people practice nepotism. Good luck getting hired by someone with a mentality like that if you’re black. Of course that’s how a lot of Dutch society functions. If you’re part of a minority ethnic group looking for a job, your best chance is to apply for a job with people from your own ethnic group, or to jump through the hoops in a perfect manner and get a college degree that gets you a comfortable office job at some government department or some giant soul-crunching corporation like Unilever or Shell. The system isn’t allowed to discriminate, it’s just something that people do when they have the opportunity to make their own choices.

So, you might say, what’s wrong with that? Why does it matter that people favor their own kind? Well, besides the fact that you thereby leave some people with no real options in life (you’ll find a lot of ethnic minorities in their late twenties or thirties in Dutch colleges, hoping that yet another degree will get them an actual job), this is how the people with no redeeming virtues whatsoever protect themselves against anyone with any sort of genuine quality. It’s the conspiracy of the mediocre against the good.

You can look at Dutch neighborhoods where people get angry when an immigrant moves in, these are always the same type of neighborhoods, where the most inbred and dysfunctional white trash you can imagine is found. These towns are giant genetic dead ends, that serve no other purpose than to convert the Brazilian rainforest into abdominal fat and cholesterol, with factory farm animals as an intermediate state. These are the neighborhoods where the orange little flags to celebrate the Dutch soccer team hang outside throughout the year, where teenage boys start waking everyone up with illegal fireworks in October, where every New Years Eve the whole neighborhood almost burns down unless the police are willing to risk their lives by showing up.

Similarly, ask yourself what sort of people complain to you most often about immigrants. It’s the mediocre boring people. If you’re at a house party and some dude starts complaining to you about immigrants, I can guarantee you some things that won’t be happening that night. There won’t be any dancing. You definitely won’t be drinking liquor out of some girl’s belly button that night. In fact, all the girls will probably have left before 1 AM. You won’t meet new friends there who you’ll regularly talk to on a voluntary basis. If any drugs are used, it’s going to be cocaine and amphetamines, don’t count on taking a good hit of some changa. By the time you figure this out and find yourself so bored that you want to read a book, you’ll realize there are no books to be found within a three mile radius either.

Ever notice these angry guys all look the same? This is Dutch far-right politician Henk Bres, who used to beat up homosexuals at cruising spots. These types all come from the same small gene pool.

They say that a lot of words are dog-whistles for ¨racism¨. I think complaining about immigrants is a dog-whistle for ¨I’m a mediocre person who is going to expose you to nothing new that might interest you¨. That’s another thing you have to understand. Nobody who does anything even remotely dignifying with his life lies awake at night worrying about immigrants. The people who complain about immigrants are always the people who stand nothing to gain from immigration, because they’re not really interested in anything new anyway.

If there are Ethiopians living in Utrecht, I get to eat bread made from fermented Teff, if there are Asians living in Rotterdam I can visit an Asian supermarket to buy Natto. The guy who complains about immigrants would rather die than try any of that. He eats fast food and by the time he’s fifty he is too obese to walk, every day in his life is so interchangeable with the previous that you could summarize his life after marriage in three sentences.

But I value human liberty. I don’t like the idea of people’s movement being restrained by borders. Simultaneously however, I realize that there are people who value deeply the idea of living surrounded by people who look exactly like them. You should be able to do whatever you want when it doesn’t harm nature or other people. There are some Dutch people, who want to live surrounded by other Dutch people and they’re extremely angry that they’re now ethnic minorities in their own neighborhood. For those people, I have a very simple suggestion: Move.

Yes, that’s right, move. Relocate to another part of the country. This would solve everyone’s problems. If boomers sold their houses and moved to Groningen, Friesland or Zeeuws Vlaanderen, we’d solve the housing shortage in the Randstad. The boomers would buy these new houses for a fraction of the cost of their own houses. If you’re on welfare or retired, it’s very simple for you to move away from the big cities to a place where the cost of living is lower. People who work are often forced to live in the Randstad, but boomers have no excuse to sit there stuck in overvalued houses, endlessly complaining about the ‘fugees and the muslims. In most Western nations, it’s very easy to move to a place where everyone looks like you.

In fact, unless we’re careful or the boomers finally start dying in droves, the boomers might screw us over the way they screwed over the British. The British were apparently upset about immigrants moving in from the rest of the EU, so they decided to leave the EU. Of course this doesn’t stop immigration. It stops people who are not millionaires from immigrating. The British elite make sure to get themselves some EU passports before the UK leaves the EU. If they manage to move to a ¨point based¨ immigration system, it’ll be perfectly easy for wealthy people to move to the UK, just claim you’re investing in the local economy.

No, it’s the middle-aged white trash who are screwing over their own children, as their children now end up stuck on that miserable island. If I really grew tired of the Netherlands, I would have an abundance of options to choose from, just as people did in the 19th century, thanks to the European Union. I could move to Bulgaria and buy a house for a fraction of my savings, I could move to Berlin and enjoy the local art scene. People do this, they move around, finding countries that fit them better than their current nation. If young Dutch farmers want to continue herding cattle without the problem of polluting our soil with excess nitrogen, there’s a perfectly valid option for them: Sell your overpriced land and buy land in some other EU country where they don’t have a nitrogen problem!

They’re not doing that, the Dutch farmers behave exactly like Dutch white trash, expecting everything to stay the same and for the government to make it possible for them to cling onto an unsustainable situation. The reason of course is because today’s Dutch farmers are the remnant of those farming families who were too stupid to look for alternatives as the noose began to tighten around their throat. After the second world war, the Dutch government encouraged farmers to move to Canada and Australia, where land could be bought for a fraction of the price. Smart farmers moved there, everyone else remained here. Then some remaining reasonably smart farmers sold their land and became landlords or did something else with their wealth that’s actually economically viable. By now we’re left with the dumbest remnant of the farmers, who live off government subsidies and riot whenever the government tries to protect our environment from the pollution these people cause.

¨But hey, borders make it possible for us to keep wages from being driven down to nothing!¨ The eternal contrarian edgelord who wants to win approval from his boomer parents proclaims. No, that´s not what borders do. That´s what unions and socialism do. If you want to be paid a decent living wage, don’t elect millionaires and aristocrats who promise to keep the ‘fugees out of England. Vote for people who promise an actual proper living wage. Vote for people who promise to solve the housing shortage. Vote for people who promise to implement proper taxes on wealth and multiple home ownership. Implement actual socialism.

But what about our culture? What about our national identity? Now I’m just laughing, because the people who care the most about our national identity are the ones who know the least about it. Do you think I give a shit about our ¨national identity¨? I’m descended from Catholic labor migrants from Brabant who moved to Rotterdam. We were the 19th century’s Moroccans. The Calvinists were morbidly afraid that we were having too many children and that we displayed blind obedience to the pope. For most of the nation’s history Catholics were second class citizens, unable to hold political office or govern their own affairs.

Sure, we were not hunted as if we’re wild animals like the Roma were, nor were we branded with hot irons and bound down on the floor of ships like West Africans were, nor were we left at the mercy of the Nazi’s like the Jews were, but how attached should I feel to the identity of a nation that considered people from my background to be second class citizens? This nation was founded by and on behalf of wealthy Calvinist merchants.

And your culture isn’t threatened by immigrants. It’s threatened by your stupidity. What do you know about Dutch folklore? Grutte Pier, den Vos Reinaerde, Slokkeman, do any of these ring a bell? If you care about Dutch culture, study Dutch folklore. There are some black people who are protesting because they don’t like it when you dress up like a black slave and start dancing around and doing acrobatic tricks like a clown. Nobody wants to take away your culture, black people want to stop suffering public humiliation and they don’t want their children to feel excluded from the society they grow up in. It’s embarrassing for me and anyone else with an IQ above room temperature when you’re dancing around dressed up like a black slave and people outside of this country are led to believe that this is our main cultural tradition.

There’s the thing that people don’t comprehend. Unless one culture is placed in an authoritarian relationship with another culture, cultures that interact don’t just end up mindlessly eradicating one another. What happens instead is that you’re suddenly confronted with the realization that something you took for granted is actually pretty bizarre. Children are circumcised? You take it for granted because everyone you know is circumcised, until you meet people from another culture and realize that these other people marry and reproduce and live perfectly happy lives without mutilating genitals. You dress up like black slaves for fun? You discover that most people around the world consider this cruel and brutish.

So what other arguments are we left with? Overpopulation, environmental problems? In contrast to all the previous ones, these arguments do have some merits. The Netherlands is overpopulated and we do suffer from environmental problems that are made worse by population growth. But that’s not why tokkies bring these arguments up. The people who complain most about overpopulation and the environmental problems it causes are the same people who deny that global warming is a legitimate problem. These people suffer from a lack of intellectual sincerity.

Despite the intellectual insincerity, overpopulation is a legitimate problem in my country, but it’s a problem around the world. However, in contrast to most of the world, the Netherlands and the rest of Northern Europe are predicted to have an increase in carrying capacity in the years ahead due to climate change. When winters here get milder, food production will increase. Africa, India and the Middle East in contrast, face the prospect of a rapid decline in carrying capacity. It’s inevitable that people will be migrating away from the equator. If you want to shut down our borders and force people to stay in nations that gradually become uninhabitable, then you are essentially condemning them to death.

And the honest reality I’m facing is that if we’re stuck with seven billion people and some of them have to go, I can think of a few who would be on the top of my list. The Netherlands is filled with neighborhoods composed of white trash who deliver no real meaningful enrichment to existence. Look for example at the kind of nightmarish conditions caused in my country by white trash every winter through fireworks. It’s not just the teenage boys with OBEY hats, Stone Island/Canada Goose coats and/or Adidas/Nike shoes who have to be considered, consider also the white trash parents who apparently turn a blind eye to their children’s crimes. If those people could be replaced by Indians, Africans or Middle Eastern people who had to flee from countries destroyed by climate change, I would be very glad indeed.

Persian-Dutch artist Sevdaliza, who came to the Netherlands with her parents as a five year old. Every tokkie family should be forced out of their home to help resettle Middle Eastern refugees.

Whatever problems we face due to overpopulation pale in comparison to the problems faced by the people who flee from their collapsing nations. This is important to consider: The influx of refugees is the consequence of decades of idiotic conservative policies. We wouldn’t have faced these problems if we had effective foreign aid and renewable energy policies. The better solution to overpopulation is to make it easier for people to leave this country. If you have a high net worth  it’s relatively easy to start a new life elsewhere. If you’ve just graduated from college, it’s much tougher. The real problem here is wealth inequality: Boomers have options in their lives that people my age don’t have.

So what then about muh crime rates? Well let’s see. In an average year, 0.6 out of 100,000 people in my country get murdered. Of those men who are murdered, 43% are non-Western. A lot of these murders are drug dealers killing each other. Realistically speaking, this doesn’t affect me. It’s in the news everywhere when some bullet ends up in an average bloke’s home, because, get this, the average person isn’t affected by this shit. These things hit the news, not because they’re so common, but because they’re so rare.

But what about the rape? Most rape is committed by people you know. Rape within families is a huge problem, rape by friends too. The archetypal image of someone who loiters around at night in shady streetcorners to find someone to abuse is almost non-existent. And yet you’re seen as the dick if you don’t send a text message to some girl you went out with asking if she arrived home safely. People live out their lives, afraid of things that don’t really affect them.

Here’s another fun one to consider: What are you more afraid of: Terrorists or deer? On average, twenty Germans die every year in vehicle collisions with deer. How many Germans died of Islamic terrorism since 2010? Fifteen. Who is conquering Germany exactly? Muslims or deer? Medieval people had to fear murder and rape. You know what I fear? Cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

There’s the thing to consider. If the average immigrant is really the gun-wielding Allah worshipping lunatic who goes around killing people that the media tell you he is, it still doesn’t affect you. In reality, most immigrants act not very differently from other young working class men in societies with shrinking opportunities for social mobility. If you notice a lot of immigrants dealing drugs, consider that there are few alternatives left to earn a living in this society for young men without college degrees.

But here’s something you have to fear, due to a lack of immigrants, that actually does end up killing people: Inbreeding. One in every twenty-five Northern Europeans carries Cystic fibrosis. One in three thousand newborns here suffers cystic fibrosis. That’s a disease that will kill you. Twenty-five people in the Netherlands die from Cystic fibrosis every year. If every Dutch person today decided to have children only with Chinese people, Cystic fibrosis deaths would go down by more than half. We have 1300 people right now in this country who spend their whole lives suffering this disease, the main reason being because we marry within our own gene pool.

We base our migration policies on a fear of terrorism. How come we don’t base our migration policies on a fear of cystic fibrosis, which kills far more of us? There are Dutch villages where genetic research has to be performed and parents have to abort their kids because inbreeding ensures the kids will otherwise die within a few years after birth. What’s wrong with marrying outside of our gene pool? “But then we stop looking Dutch!” Yeah and that’s a good thing. If we all look similar, that’s because of a lack of genetic diversity. It’s not a good thing when you can tell what village someone comes from by looking at their face.

I’m going to ask you a honest question: Look at the people who are most upset about migration and tell me what these people contribute to existence exactly. What do these people do with their lives that justifies squandering our Earth’s photosynthetic capacity on them? I don’t see it. What I see is that every year these people riot. They attack random passerbys and ethnic minority families with fireworks. They’re quite competent at burning down Dutch cultural heritage with fireworks too.

Instead of describing it as “terrorism” when Dutch white trash attack police with homemade fireworks (what a sane society would call improvised explosive devices), the Dutch news media refers to this kind of terrorism as “firework incidents”. This is something you’ll notice everywhere when you pay attention. Radicalized white trash are not referred to as terrorists.

The simple fact you have to accept is that to be an immigrant per definition makes you a person with more potential, you’re part of a subset of people that excludes those too stupid to move away from the inbred town they were born in. Dutch farmers could continue their idiotic business practices by moving to another country where they don’t have a nitrogen crisis. They don’t do that, because they’re simpletons who stay stuck doing something that doesn’t work. Flexible animals that adjust to new opportunities and problems survive, simpletons die out, it’s the law of nature.

So what then if you’re poor enough to be dependent on social housing in one of the big cities, where you want to live because you’ve lived your entire life there and the people you know live there too? Here’s something to consider: If people actually care about you, they’re willing to spend an hour traveling to visit your house. If moving away from a place means you don’t speak any of the people who live there anymore, those people play no meaningful role in your life. I have friends I speak to on a daily basis, who moved to Ireland and other countries. Why? Because we actually have something meaningful to discuss other than “how was your weekend” and “did you catch the game last night”.

But what then about the grand hypothesized “white genocide”, that tokkies and other white trash fear underlies our European migration policy? Well, let’s start with some simple considerations. Shipping people in trains to the other side of Europe to force them into gas chambers because their ancestors were Jews is genocide. Forcing people to work on rubber plantations and chopping off their hands if they don’t deliver enough rubber is genocide. Killing a tribe because they fought back against two slave-drivers who sexually abused their children is genocide.

While we’re at it, when there are figures in the newspapers how much the state government will pay per member of your ethnic group killed, that’s genocide too. I’d love to put some kind of light-hearted joke in here, but I really can’t think of anything appropriate when it comes to things that are this bleak. But let’s make this simple. This is not a description of genocide:

The democratically elected government of the nation I live in has a migration policy that allows some people facing political persecution in foreign nations to resettle in my nation, as well as some skilled migrants from foreign countries who can help fill in the shortages our own nation has for certain jobs.

That doesn’t describe genocide, that describes a sane migration policy. Of course if you point this sort of stuff out to the far-right, they will call you a “cuck”, suggesting that you get off on the thought of watching someone else have sex with your partner. My response to that would be simple: “You’re a person who has accomplished nothing meaningful, dignified or substantial in your life. You could drop dead tomorrow and be replaced with some other random angry white trash nobody and there would be nobody out there who would notice.” My suggestion to everyone is as following: Don’t join this crowd of mediocre people who demand preferential treatment based off their ethnic background, focus on accomplishing something meaningful and substantial in your own life.

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