Neutering the Goth kids part 2: The skinny nerds who were picked last in gym class

Yeah sometimes a topic is so important that it needs multiple posts. The comment for which I got permanently banned today on /r/gothstyle was as following:

You’re not a goth girl, you’re just the nerd who was always picked last in gym class. Your failure to live up to masculine gender norms makes you think you’d be better off not being a man, which then leads you to think you’re not really a man.

It’s not too late for you to figure this out. Better someone tells it to you now before you’re turned into some sort of frankenstein monster by censored subreddits that peddle this nonsense.

I would consider this a true work of art myself. It’s probably in vain, but this dude wasn’t injecting anything yet, so I figured it was worth a shot.

I’m not an intellectual and I don’t try to look like one. Generally speaking, intellectualism is obscurantism. Dark age theologians, the intellectuals of their day, spent their brief time on Earth arguing with each other over how many natures Jesus had, one or two. Then they spent their days arguing over how many wills he had. And finally, they spent their days arguing over how many “energies” he had.

And to an outsider, some heathen king in Lithuania at the time, this would have sounded like bullshit. “We get it, you like this Jesus guy and you believe that he’s going to bail you out for your own actions on Earth after your death.”

But would such a heathen king have had anything useful to say on these theological debates? No, because you have to be completely immersed in the dark age Christian worldview, for any of these debates to mean anything.

Even to today’s Christians, these debates mean nothing. A Mormon missionary can’t tell you whether he believes Jesus has one or two natures. These things mean nothing to him, he has to look up the answer on Wikipedia first. Even other aspects of early Christianity, like the trinity, don’t really mean anything to us, whereas they were the most important controversy at the time among early medieval Christian intellectuals.

Christians will tell you “oh yeah the trinity, yeah I believe in that” because they have it in the back of their head that this is something they’re supposed to believe in, but why they believe in it, what it means and why it is important are things they probably can’t explain to you.

The same is true for these gender debates. They would not mean anything to people a hundred years ago, they won’t mean anything to whatever people are born a hundred years from now. But today, they’re the most important thing in the world, on everyone’s mind. And even I can’t escape it, as I run into these skinny nerds who pretend to be goth girls every time I want to look at a sexy goth girl.

And so when some ugly dyke called Judith Butler at a college in America makes a living writing books full of semantics games about sex and gender and how these two things are different and how gender is performative etc, I look at this like a medieval Lithuanian pagan king would look at it: “I get it, you hate being a woman, because you’re ugly and you look like a man. That doesn’t mean you’re not a woman, it just means you’re an ugly woman who looks like a man.”

And so when people throw these theories at me about how you can be “born into a woman’s body” and what have you not, my only response is: This stuff isn’t worth debunking. I can’t debunk Chris Chan’s theories about how the different dimensions are soon going to merge leading to his Sonichu cartoon drawings becoming real either. I wouldn’t know how to go about it, because he’s just too far gone.

That doesn’t mean you have something useful to say. That generally means you’re too far detached from practical reality for me to engage in a meaningful discussion with you. When a low status white male shows up here to my comment section, insisting that CO2 was higher in our atmosphere in the past, I can sigh and write a meaningful response, because he’s at least interacting with reality. I can explain to him that:

  1. The sun was less bright back then, so temperatures were not as high as they would be at that concentration today.
  2. Even if CO2 was higher back then, that doesn’t mean we would benefit. I’m pretty happy that malaria mosquitoes and creepy worms in the soil that crawl into your body when you step on them, or creepy flies that lay larvae in your skin can’t survive in the Netherlands due to our cold winter.
  3. The big problem isn’t the destination, it’s the speed of the journey. We can’t migrate billions of people around the planet within a few decades without chaos and war.

You can’t really do that with the troony tunes, because they’re not really making empirical claims. Rather, their claims are metaphysical. Their claims are about the nature of reality. There’s no more debunking that you’re born into the “wrong body”, than there is debunking that Jesus had “two energies”. All you can do to them is remind these people of practical reality and remind them of what they’re actually doing to themselves: They’re turning themselves into science fair projects for surgeons.

And that’s the frightening thing to me. It is apparently possible, to convince a teenage girl that she is actually a guy and that she should have a fake penis made out of her forearm skin installed between her legs by a surgeon. Even scarier I guess, is the fact that the surgeon can believe this is in his patient’s best interest.

The only useful thing we learned from the “gender debate” is the fact that people can apparently be convinced of anything, as long as the idea in question becomes associated with power and status. There is no straight pride, there is no low status white male pride, so these groups are not associated with power and status in the minds of people.

You can insist that your parade is “against oppression and discrimination”, but the only thing people see at an instinctive level is that you’re now in power. And human beings adjust to the norms of whatever group seems to be in power. The Dutch became antisemitic during the German occupation, because they lived in a society where antisemites were in power. We had fascists, sure, but they had Jewish party members. Young people who see that it’s cool to get neutered, will want to get neutered.

The other bizarre thing you’ll notice is that it isn’t really effectively possible for people to stop any of this. There’s a particular corner of society where these ideas originate, they then spread across the left like an oil spill and eventually they become societal orthodoxy.

Today it somehow became societal orthodoxy that porn-addicted male nerds and losers who were picked last in gym class are actually women, whereas ugly overweight teenage girls are actually non-binary and self-injuring suicidal teenage girls who were sexually abused as children or became addicted to gay hentai are actually men. It is the most bizarre thing I can think of, but this is now what you are expected to believe. For me to not believe this, makes me just another nazi in most hip and cool young people’s eyes.

Within a few years, “conservatives” went from never having heard of any of this, to arguing that they tolerate the latest new experiment that escaped from the isle of Doctor Moreau, but don’t want their kindergarten children to be taught to sign up for his experiments too.

You would imagine that the regular dumb schmucks who make up most of the human species, would at least still have the power to stop a bunch of clowns from teaching their daughter how cool it is to have her breasts amputated and have a fake penis made from her forearm. But they don’t have that power. Their kindergartners are going to be asked to think of which of the 12 genders they identify with and there is exactly nothing they can do to stop this.

You have to wonder: If you don’t have that very basic power, to stop a group of freaks from trying to convince your children to be neutered, what power DO you have? None. Zilch. That’s ultimately the main reason people are so eager to witness societal collapse. They desperately want to gain some sort of meaningful control over their own communities again.

The way this is framed, is that if you don’t want to play along with this delusion, you want “trans genocide”. But “trans” is not an ethnic group. There is no Troonystan on the map.

Rather, there are just delusions people have and for whatever reason, this delusion become a publicly celebrated one. The human mind can produce a lot of delusions and importantly, if you put a bunch of people together who share a delusion, they can convince other people of their delusion too.

We have people who believe they are actually handicapped, who want to have a leg amputated. In a few cases surgeons went along with this, thinking it would be in their patient’s best interest apparently. We also have people who believe they have already died. We have people who believe they have multiple personalities inside of them. We have people who believe their body is made of machinery. We have people who believe their family were replaced with doubles. We have people who believe they are actually the messiah.

And for whatever reason, society didn’t lump the people who think they’re actually the opposite gender in with these other delusions. I’m not (yet?) accused of “transamputee genocide” when I say doctors shouldn’t amputate healthy limbs. No, society began actively facilitating these people’s delusions. That is a cruelty that boggles my mind.

There is no bisexual woman on the planet who thinks to herself: “Yeah I don’t want to suck the dick of the skinny nerd who was always picked last in gym class, but a transbian, that is, a skinny nerd who was always picked last in gym class, became depressed and then decided to inject estrogen and have his penis turned into a fake vagina, yeah I would love nothing more than to spend the whole night licking his fake clitoris!”

It doesn’t exist. The main reasons you get all these young women who play along with this whole transgender and pride stuff seems to be because:

  1. Young women tend to adjust to whatever social norms seem dominant. Good luck even finding a woman to date who isn’t into pride marches and drag queens, unless you want to date a religious woman.
  2. Seeing some nerd desperately pretend to be a woman makes them feel happier about being women themselves.
  3. This is the saddest aspect: Women clearly just love to see male losers humiliated. The males of most species fight each other and they do it so that the females can see which one is fittest. To see these skinny nerds dress up like goth chicks is like the cherry on top of seeing them pushed into lockers by the jocks back in high school.

The easiest heuristic to determine whether a movement is leftist or not, is to just ask yourself: Is it cruel? The Soviet Union and Maoist China are full of endless anecdotes of cruelty. Spain during the civil war faced similar cruelty.

This whole habit of convincing depressed nerds and losers that they are actually the opposite gender is cruel. It leaves people with mangled bodies that they have to spend the rest of their lives in.

The fact that this is now such a big thing, the most cherished value of the modern Western left, more important than fair wages, more important than wealth inequality, more important than preserving the Holocene, seems to tells us something about the metaphysical nature of the movement we are dealing with. You always need to keep a comfortable intellectual distance from any ideology that endorses mutilating children’s genitals.

It would be seductive to say that this is just a progressive error, which show up from time to time. Prohibition of alcohol was once a cherished progressive value, as was eugenics. Sometimes the left just wholeheartedly embraces something stupid, that sounded like a good idea.

But the left has never before really screwed up so severely that a bunch of children had their genitals turned into science experiments for nerds with 12 years of medical school under their belt. That’s a whole different kind of cruelty than just shooting people and throwing their bodies into a ditch. Something that evil has never before happened and I’m trying to figure out what the metaphysical lesson to draw from it is.


  1. This post hits pretty hard. I was just thinking about this the other day when I got into an argument with someone who declared his rabid support of waging a civil war against haters and bigots. I told him that I thought it was reasonable for people to want to separate from others who promote what they consider to be immoral sexual attitudes, and suggested that he himself would benefit from such a separation. He demanded of me an example, and when I sent him some of those images of the rainbow flags in elementary school classrooms, he snapped back, “HOW IS THAT PROMOTING ANYTHING?!!”

    This shit is so unhinged. These people are so possessed by this stuff that they actually want to see others hunted and butchered for, not even disagreeing, but mere neutrality. It’s like some black wizard opened up a hell portal, and demons are jumping into people’s hearts all over. The future really does look dark. The three roads of WWIII, ecological catastrophe, and cyber-stalinist civil butchery aren’t even mutually exclusive, and we’re driving toward them at full speed.

  2. Never let women into power cause this kind of sick sadistic cruelty is what you get in the end. For a society to stay sound it must be ruled by men. This was common knowledge only 100 years ago. Just take a look at the counter arguments for female voting rights they had back then.

  3. >This is the saddest aspect: Women clearly just love to see male losers humiliated. The males of most species fight each other and they do it so that the females can see which one is fittest. To see these skinny nerds dress up like goth chicks is like the cherry on top of seeing them pushed into lockers by the jocks back in high school.

    Toward the end of my time at an all male high school, myself and a few others realized that we had encountered very little of what could have been called bullying; some, sure, and there were a few pricks here and there, but without girls to impress, the boys mostly just left each other alone at worst. Alas, without competition we stagnate and stagnation leads to extinction, being outpaced by those who refused to stagnate.

    It’s kind of funny—I was speaking with a female friend awhile ago who lamented how boys start to become cruel to each other upon coming to a certain age and wondered why that could be, to which I offered that anecdote and that that certain age is sexual maturity and the point at which they start to notice girls; realizing that that male cruelty is essentially to sate a female appetite for it really turns the matter on its head. Of course, you spend a few minutes thinking it through and you realize how much sense it all makes, sad as it might be.

    • But what about English public schools (that is, private English schools for rich boys)? They have been traditionally been the worst very places imaginable for brutal bullying (outside of e.g. prison settings). And there aren’t any girls or women present in those places. And this is not a historical oddity; it is still the case.

      Also, just because boys/men think that women have an appetite for observing men being cruel to one another, doesn’t mean that it is actually true. It is possible that men think this because thinking so and acting on it gives them some Darwinian advantage, but that women don’t actually notice it or even dislike it. But men are incapable of seeing that about women. Really I think men hold all sorts of false beliefs about what women think, but these false beliefs have evolutionary value so they stick and men can’t be reasoned out of them. With the exception of one incident (which I intervened in), I never noticed males tormenting each other when I was in school; I had no idea they did it until I read about it. Women are mainly thinking about what treat they’ll get next either with their own money or some guy’s money; that is all; well I guess if they have kids they are thinking about their kids, too or the welfare of some family member or pet.

      • First paragraph is indeed a good point and a stick in the gears that needs addressing before any further purveyance of this idea.

        >Also, just because boys/men think that women have an appetite for observing men being cruel to one another, doesn’t mean that it is actually true. It is possible that men think this because thinking so and acting on it gives them some Darwinian advantage, but that women don’t actually notice it or even dislike it.

        Seems like kind of a contrived scenario that Occam’s Razor wouldn’t favor.

        >With the exception of one incident (which I intervened in), I never noticed males tormenting each other when I was in school; I had no idea they did it until I read about it.

        It’s less of a showcase of cruelty as it is the creation of a social dynamic, and women seem to drift toward the high status men. The girls at my middle school weren’t present for the bullying, yet the bullies commanded almost all the attention from the girls (no, not all, so I’m not making any universal accusations, but a disproportionate amount hard to ignore), despite only one being particularly good-looking.

        Admittedly, that sort of contradicts my statement that there is a “female appetite for male cruelty”; at most, that’s ostensibly the case (although it is reasonably that).

        • I’m willing to believe that men who bully and are cruel to other men have a advantage with women. But again, I don’t think it is because women see them do it and find it appealing; quite the opposite. Think about prisons – they are full of men, just men, doing horrible things to one another, with no female audience. My impression (as a female) is that men hide the horrible things they do to one another from females; not always of course, but in general.

          So maybe the hormones that make some men horrible to other men, and aggressive towards them, are attractive to women. But if women don’t actually know what is going on, it is not their fault that they find those men attractive if they don’t know about the cruelty. It is easy to hide cruelty; apparently girls can be very cruel to other girls; I doubt that boys notice that at all. Who knows; maybe the sorts of hormones that cause girls to be cruel to other girls, are attractive to males. I went to too small a high school to have much of a data set.

  4. I think the transgenderism phenomena is probably most comparable to the the court eunuch phenomena in nations like the Ottoman Empire. In the Ottoman Empire, marginalized groups (Mostly Greek and Slavic Christians) had their children stolen from them by the state. These children were castrated, raised to be Muslim, and then served in roles such as courtiers, sex slaves, jesters, tax collectors, etc. When a Christian village complained to the state about some problem, they had to deal with their own brainwashed and mutilated children first. This was done by the Ottomans to humiliate and demoralize their Christian subjects, and encourage them to convert. This lead to the Christians feeling as though they were powerless to even save their own children, and that they had no future; and having to deal with the castrated jester freaks their children turned into only rubbed salt in the wound.

    I think the transgenderism phenomena is similar in its goals, even if it’s much more insidious in its methods (Being a meme that was concocted and released into our society, that spreads through media and personal communications. Rather than a direct government program.) You take the children of a disliked marginalized group (Low status whites) and you mutilate them to humiliate and weaken said group. Machiavelli wrote that it’s the middle class that threatens the ruling class, not the lowest class (Who are simply weapons either the middle or the ruling class use against the other) So middle class whites, brilliant and autistic as they are, are the real threat to our masters. The autist whites are the biggest threats to the ruling classes, as they don’t care about social conformity, hence why it seems like the tranny propaganda targets them the most. At the end of the day, it’s the ruling class (Bourgeois deracinated whites, and jews.) brutalizing the middle class (low status white people) to keep the middle as dysfunctional and weak as possible.

    • A couple of years ago I read a book written by a Turk that strongly criticised the Ottoman Empire as a multi-century disaster for the mainly turkic people of Anatolia.
      It was a poor quality epub I found and it may well be regarded as a trashy book by the Turks themselves. It kind of repeated itself and there were titillating descriptions of harem orgies every now and then.
      Still I learned a lot and I couldn’t stop reading.
      It said the first Ottoman Emperor was totally Turkish, the second half Turkish, the third a quarter Turkish, and the nth Ottoman Emperor 1/2^(n-1) Turkish.
      Why was this? Because the emperors ALWAYS reproduced with foreign concubines, never with their own people.
      It said the Turkish people from the Anatolian heartland just lived in primitive villages and scraped by, and their function was to slave away in the fields, or provide cannon fodder for the imperialistic wars of aggression.
      BTW Radagast, that is a good post.

  5. Quote: “Something that evil has never before happened and I’m trying to figure out what the metaphysical lesson to draw from it is.”

    What makes you think, after all this eras of madness you described, our era, the past-WW2-era, would have been a sane era?

    It was just another era of madness, which you have adapted as sane reality.

  6. >That’s a whole different kind of cruelty than just shooting people and throwing their bodies into a ditch. Something that evil has never before happened and I’m trying to figure out what the metaphysical lesson to draw from it is.

    Look up the Pitesti prison “experiments.” Their goal, metaphysically speaking, was to prove that there’s no such thing as a soul: can people be so thoroughly reprogrammed that seminary students can be re-engineered into atheistic new soviet men? Perhaps the answer is yes, but the methods were too ghastly even for the Romanian communists…

    I bring this up because I see this tranny shit as a similar weird experiment on materialism and dualism: if we can fundamentally re-engineer a person’s soul, can we fundamentally re-engineer the body?

  7. The good thing is their genes will be taken out of the reproducible gene pool before they accidentally spawn, like they would in the past.

    We will go through a population bottleneck and that is possibly to our benefit as a species.

  8. Love the comments and the original post. But beyond all the nuances and infkuences and brain damaging viral memes, how about the xenoestrogens people are getting? Food, juices, sweets, toys, pesticides, environment. All full of estrogen disruptors and mimikers. Are crocodiles goth and woke for having a small penis? Maybe it is all real at a chemical level and then the sick people try to find reason for why they feel like another gender.

  9. “self-injuring suicidal teenage girls who were sexually abused as children or became addicted to gay hentai are actually men.”

    You hit jackpot.
    One of my first girlfriends was exactly the goth girl type, self-injuring suicidal, addicted to yaoi (she’d watch gay anime everyday and import gay manga from Japan)
    This was more than a decade ago and well before the tranny stuff became mainstream, but it’s still the same story.
    There’s a big loud pattern behind 99% of these trans women and men.

    She wasn’t ugly and weird, but pretty hot, although the crazy was too much and we broke up. I heard from friends some time later that she decided she was a man (she floated the idea when we were together), then legally changed her name and chopped them titties.
    What’s worse is that she was a big tiddy goth girl and to this day those were still the best tits I’ve ever seen.
    I’m glad I never saw the result of this experiment.

    Pretty weird that this once was a disturbing, bizarre, isolated anecdote from someone in my life years ago and now it’s a social trend celebrated by western governments and Fortune 500 companies.

  10. Why should I care if some ugly losers masquerade as the other gender? I have no children for them to convert and I’m also in this modern death cult killing myself slowly with high stress job, drugs, and food. Do you think these people were going to become functional adults and have families if they didn’t stumble into this life style of theirs? They would’ve self destructed some other way.

  11. Once in a while a brave doctor or nurse comes out with a tidbit of reality. The vast majority of trans are bipolar or autistic. So, yes — it is explained by plain old mental illness. They would have self destructed some other way if that had been popular.

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