Neutering the goth kids

You can file this one under “grumpy low status white male is now old enough to notice things”.

We used to call these the goth kids back when I was in high school and they generally made it out with their genitalia intact. I’m not saying they ever had a very bright future ahead of them, I’m saying they were at least physically capable of having sex without having to inflate a pump in their fake penis or dilating the surgical hole between their legs twice a day.

We always had boys like this, boys who are so gentle and passive that they don’t reproduce unless an assertive woman basically forces him to marry her (Victorian morality FTW). But now social media algorithms fool them into becoming science-fair projects.

The saddest thing is, this guy probably isn’t even gay, in the sense of being sexually attracted to men. He’s simply passive and submissive. The empathic artistic poet type the girls go wild over. A Percy Shelley or a David Bowie.

You can tell these two belong together, Jazmin Bean and Salvia. She is dominant and he is submissive. It’s the artist duo, there’s nothing new under the sun here. It’s Percy Shelley with Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. In life you have to work with what you have. The reason we used to have rigid social norms is to protect people like this from themselves.

But instead of figuring it out, she decides she is “non-binary” (fake, made up term) and he decides he’s a woman. Even being born just twenty years earlier, they would have made it out with their bodies physically intact. She is never getting her tits back, he is never getting his normal sex drive back, the estrogen will have irreversibly damaged his gonads.

I am old and autistic enough not to fall for any of this stuff peddled on Tiktok by a Chinese company or in censored subreddits, just like I am autistic enough not to fall for the libertarian low status white male circlejerk that believes you can change our atmosphere without killing us. You are all just different varieties of morons, adjusting to whatever your group consensus happens to be.

From Pew Research:

The share of U.S. adults who are transgender is particularly high among adults younger than 25. In this age group, 3.1% are a trans man or a trans woman, compared with just 0.5% of those ages 25 to 29. 

If this was something that has always existed and there was some sort of social stigma that prevented people from realizing they’re transgender all along, we wouldn’t have six times as many under 25 as we do from 25 to age 29. That suggests social contagion instead. These are the kids who would have been emo or goth twenty years ago.

And the fact that they want to be the other gender, makes people think they’re doing them a favor by going along in their desire. But funfact: If you offered them euthanasia therapy they would show up to your doorsteps too, complaining the waiting list is too long.

The reason all of this is happening, is due to what people eat. Nobody is going to believe me when I say this, but that doesn’t matter. You can look for yourself, the places where this phenomenon pops up are also the places where obesity rates are highest, which are also the places where people consume the most animal fat, which are also the places where people struggle the most with anxiety and depression, which are also the places with the highest rate of autism.

The human brain is mostly fat. Take a woman, have her eat the flesh of animals genetically bred to be obese until she ends up with polycystic ovary syndrome and has to shave her moustache, then have her become pregnant and watch what happens to the child. The child will be anxious, depressed, androgynous and autistic. This is how you get they/them wokies. The reason this happens is because you’re feeding them a diet that interferes with their hormones and causes epigenetic imprinting that continues to interfere in the child.

The reason you didn’t see this problem in any period before the world war II era is because we didn’t feed people a diet that interferes with their hormones and makes them anxious and depressed. We have numerous studies that reveal how high fat diets interfere with epigenetic processes in the offspring, setting them up for PCOS among other problems. These problems build up over generations, just like the obesity rate is steadily getting worse. The Goth kids did not exist until the 1980’s, the Trans kids did not exist until the 2010’s.

Until the 20th century, everyone ate the exact sort of diet that low status Americans fear the most: A diet high in carbohydrates. And you didn’t have these butch looking obese They/Them wokies with polycystic ovary syndrome who want to amputate their breasts.

The problem of course is that when you’ve spent your whole life from the time you were a fetus exposed to a Western high fat diet, then that’s what your hedonic baseline has adjusted to. If you spend your whole life drinking coffee, alcohol, or smoking cigarettes, you feel miserable when you stop. People who try to follow a plant-based diet will often feel miserable, because their hedonic baseline will have adjusted to a high fat high animal protein diet.

“I follow the low status white male diet, I eat 60% beef, 30% cheese, 10% eggs and I feel great!” Yes and you’re pushing up your hedonic baseline. You will feel great when you begin taking heroin too, then within a short period you’ll need it just to feel normal. I see people like this quite regularly on Reddit, they report having to use their hands to manually remove the hard turds from their anus because there is no fiber in their diet, but they feel great.

The low status white males have also grown convinced now that milk is some sort of superfood. But milk comes from pregnant cows, whose estrogen ends up in their milk. You’re unironically drinking estrogen and it interferes with your hormones. Same for any young boys who get exposed to it. All these Twitter alpha males who insist on feeding their son milk so he becomes an even bigger alpha male are setting themselves and their sons up for misery.

I call this the “low status white male to they/them wokie pipeline”. The low status white males are the seeds, which germinate and produce the they/them wokies as their fruit. When you see these Reddit posts about the MtFs and the FtMs with Bible-thumping parents who “don’t accept them”, what do you think you’re looking at? You’re just looking at parents who grew up following the “alpha male gurus” from thirty years ago and now have their kids rebel against them. A Jordan Peterson or an Andrew Tate from thirty years ago was just a Baptist preacher on TV.


  1. Quote: “The reason all of this is happening, is due to what people eat. Nobody is going to believe me when I say this, but that doesn’t matter.”

    It’s your tendency to find simple reasons for complex problems. Same with CO2.

    All those in Worlds history have failed, who promised the people to solve problems with simple solutions.

  2. I think you have dismissively posted about seed oils before, but here are some facts for the audience:

    1. Carbs not immediately used are converted to fat (mostly palmitic, a saturated fat) for storage before they are later used, meaning your metabolism runs substantially on fats.
    2. The fastest way to raise your blood triglycerides is to eat carbs
    3. The major change in Western diets has been a dramatic increase in seed oil consumption and a steady decline in meat consumption
    4. Meat consumption has moved from beef to pork and chicken. Pigs and chickens are fed bottom of the barrel seed oils and their fat often contains more linoleic acid than actual seed oils, because as monogastrates like us, they are unable to metabolise much linoleic acid.

    This has no bearing on the ethical or climate impacts of meat consumption.

    • Hey look, an LSWM showed up to spread the American McDonalds gospel of low carb diets.

      Carbohydrates and polyunsaturated fatty acids are the two single greatest things in the history of humanity, sorry.

      • Lmao responding to facts with personal attack is not very autistic of you 😉

        I eat a lot of carbs, thank you. I don’t think keto is that great, but that folk would do better to eliminate the nuts and olive oil they tend to chug down.

        McDolands firstly fries everything in seed oils and secondly has a huge amount of carbs, on which they make most of their profit. An anti-carb movement would ruin them.

  3. It’s not just the artsy guy but the programmer/nerd archetype seems to be particularly affected by the trans stuff. What will happen when none of these people ever reproduce? Will it just be alpha males as far as the eye can see?

    • It seems to have started with submissive effeminate homosexuals, then you started getting middle-aged transvestites, then you started getting chronically online computer nerds, now it seems to be every skinny nerd who got picked last in gym class and has a severe depressive episode decides that he’s actually a woman all along.

      And then they start injecting estrogen and surprise surprise, now they feel great, so clearly they must have been “born in the wrong body”. But the reason that happens is because estrogen is an anti-inflammatory antidepressant drug, you could inject literally anyone with it and they would feel happier. That doesn’t mean you’re a woman, it means it’s a hormone the brain and the immune system use for self-regulation.

      Testosterone in contrast just makes you angry and bitter, especially when you don’t see how to fulfill your desires. It’s a horrible drug, it makes you completely aware of how you’re failing to achieve what you want to achieve.

      Just look at me, high testosterone from working out regularly and I’m ALWAYS ANGRY ABOUT SOMETHING. I’m also just never kind to people, I’m always calling them low IQ low status white males.

      • I saw a recent case of exactly what you’re describing on a YouTube account called planarwalk, a “skeptic” I have watchedoccasionally even though I disagree with their analysis I still find it interesting. This is a classic case of a nerdish white guy who turns trans one day, because he likes the clothes, it’s insane.

      • I was really irate and depressed when I was vegan. It was a long 19 years. And I had tons of estrogen; about as much as you can have. These days I eat pasture raised eggs, a little cheese and butter, olive oil, and about two ounce of meat or fish a week (which is left over from cooking for an elderly omnivore in the household; he eats small amounts of meat/fish; I’d have to throw it out otherwise; I put it in soup). Plus I eat bread and veggies and grape juice. Now my mood is good. I think that what I’m eating is reasonably similar to what humans traditionally ate.

        You are missing some chemical that your brain needs. Maybe you can fix this while staying vegan, or maybe not. If you can figure out what it is, that would meet a great need. I am guessing it is something in fish, but that is just a guess.

        • I was pretty awfully depressed as a child, before I became vegetarian. I thought I would be in the newspaper, as the youngest child to commit suicide.

          I’ve sometimes thought I would feel much better if I started eating animals again, but the reality is that this is just how I am. I think some omega 3 supplement can probably help the brain, although cannabinoids and curcumin can fill the same need.

          The simple fact of the matter is just that a vegan diet is sattvic. Most of the elements you remove when you become vegan are very tamasic. The consequence is that you’re going to see the world as it really is, rather than having a mind that insulates itself from all the horrible reality around us.

          The simple fact of the matter is also that EVERYONE is going to end up vegan, whether they like it or not. There’s no other way to feed 8 billion people in the long run.

          The only question is: How long will it take before everyone becomes vegan? Do people delay it until they made the planet uninhabitable, or do they proactively take the necessary steps? That’s what we’re going to find out.

          • I was a massively depressed kid. So maybe it was just aging that helped. Women tend to become less depressed as they get older. Men tend to get more depressed, unfortunately. Really testosterone helps prevent depression; estrogen makes it worse; you have that part backwards. BTW I did try fish oil and curcumin when I was vegan (I rationalized the fish oil as a medication), and they didn’t do a thing.

            I think you’re right about the numbing effect of consuming animals and even dairy and eggs. When I was vegan I found the thought of eating those things unbearable. Now that I’m eating them (albeit in small amounts), I just sort of turn away from what I know goes on to produce them.

            We are animals, and we’ve evolved to enjoy eating animals. About ten years ago I was with someone who was about to be admitted to a hospital; that person was vegan but the orderly brought the usual plate which was bacon and eggs. It just greatly annoyed the person it was for, but I figured the animal was dead anyway and we couldn’t send it back, it would just be tossed, so I ate it. The pleasure of eating the bacon took over my brain completely; I can still remember it perfectly. I don’t think this is a good thing, obviously, but it has to be taken into account; people do want to be happy, even if it is that sort of happiness.

            People won’t become vegan; rather than have no meat they will eat one another until the population is low enough for them to have space to grow food animals again. The ability to feel moral revulsion about something like cannibalism was lost a while ago.

        • Provided you have a few eggs per week, that’s all you need. Easy to find a local free range farmer in the netherlands or if you have space you can get a few hens. They produce eggs anyway so no animals are getting harmed.

        • Kareninca, just wondering: did you actually *like* meat before you became vegan? Me, I’ve been vegan for nearly 20 years now (and vegetarian longer than that). Some of my worst childhood memories involve being force-fed meat. They’d force-open my mouth the shove the stuff down my throat. It was horrible. I hated the teste and (especially) the texture. I quit eating it pretty much as soon as I realized I could get away with it (as a teenager). I very much doubt my body and brain would like it if I suddenly had a piece of bacon. I hated it back then, so why would I suddenly like it now?

          I suspect (but cannot prove) that most of the long-term vegans (and vegetarians) are like me. They just hated meat to begin with, or were perhaps indifferent to it. How many people have the discipline to deny themselves something they badly want, especially when it’s so readily available?

          But yeah, R is wrong: the bulk of humanity will never be vegan. What’s going to happen is that the bulk of humanity will end up eating far less meat, and also, the number of humans will go down. Everybody is panicking about declining birth rates, and while I cannot say I like the prospect of a rapidly ageing society, in the end, it’s for the best. 8 billion humans is unsustainable, which means that it will not be sustained. The number will go down one way or another, and collapsing birth rates is arguably better than any of the alternatives.

          • Meat was my favorite food when I was a kid. I didn’t eat a lot of it because one just didn’t, but it was what I liked best. I didn’t know any vegetarians (let alone vegans) when I was growing up in the 70s.

            If you’ve been vegan for 20 years, and you haven’t been supplementing with k2 or natto, you might want to have a cardiac calcification scan done. I did after 19 years of being vegan and I was in the 95th percentile for my age (bad). K2 directs bone to the right places; without it the bone goes to the heart. This wasn’t known when I was a vegan, or not well known.

            Yes, you’re right, most Americans would eat their grandmother’s toes if they thought they would taste good. They’d tell themselves that Grandma didn’t really need toes anyway.

          • Thanks for your reply, Kareninca! So, you were basically controlling yourself for 19 years, and eventually you gave in. Me, I haven’t been “controlling” myself. I just

            I had literally never heard of K2 being an issue for vegans until you mentioned it. Huh. Sounds pretty bad. And I hope cardiac calcification is reversible. I’ll get some supplements. (I did some googling, and it appears that my only source of K2 over the past couple of decades has been tempeh. I used to eat quite a lot of it, but not so much since moving to the Czech Republic a few years ago, since it’s not that easy to find here.) I can’t get a cardiac calcification scan, since I don’t have a doctor. (Last year, I tried to find one. After a couple of GPs said they weren’t taking new patients, one GP finally said she could take me, but she first needed to put me on a waiting list. So, I was on a waiting list for a couple of months, and then – she said I wasn’t welcome because I hadn’t taken the gene juice. I haven’t tried to find a doctor since. I’m way too disgusted with the medical profession.)

            As for Americans: as far as I’ve been to tell, it appears that Americans feel entitled to anything and everything that they’re able to pay for. But if they can’t pay for it, they feel it’s their fault and just feel ashamed. What’s going to happen with meat is that it’s going to become more and more expensive as soil erosion worsens and bacteria increasingly develop resistance to the antibiotics that you must feed animals in factory farms so that they don’t drop dead.

  4. Hey man, I seem to recall from reading one of your previous blogs that you were considering buying a luxury mechanical wristwatch. Did you ever go ahead and complete the purchase? Lots of excellent and fascinating Swiss, German and Japanese brands to choose from. Zenith, Grand Seiko, Jaeger Le Coultre, Blancpain, Breguet and A. Lange & Sohne, to name a few. Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet are all overrated, in my opinion. Great watches, but overrated.

    • Yeah, that was me (almost) giving in to peer pressure.

      I’m not as autistic as I like to think.

      I’m frugal, bordering on the ascetic and I’m not going to let anyone convince me otherwise anytime soon.

      If I’m going to spoil myself with something, I will buy a boat, not a watch.

  5. As retarded as I think it is to ascribe troons to an ancient practice of meat eating rather than to a secular religious fervor centered around equality belief, I am extremely glad for little blogs such as these, because it tells me some people still have ideas they didn’t just get from elsewhere on the internet.

    It’s been on my mind lately quite a bit how now there are basically just two or three cookie cutter ideological memeplexes and almost everyone I meet is just a flesh based relay for them.

    It wasn’t like this when we were kids. People still had lots of stupid ideas, early blogs featured them, but the stupid ideas were all or at least largely their own work.

    We have hit a point where the internet has made thoughts themselves a passive participatory exercise, just as widespread music streaming has made it so much less common to find someone who plays a real guitar or piano.

    We are fossils from before the cataclysm.

    • >It’s been on my mind lately quite a bit how now there are basically just two or three cookie cutter ideological memeplexes and almost everyone I meet is just a flesh based relay for them.

      Yep. There’s the they/them ideology. There’s the low status white male ideology. And then there’s the careerist social climber ideology.

      That’s basically it.

      >As retarded as I think it is to ascribe troons to an ancient practice of meat eating rather than to a secular religious fervor centered around equality belief

      See there’s the thing you miss. Ideologies don’t emerge in a vacuum. We have multiple generations now of compounding metabolic and hormonal disorders. People’s bodies are broken.

      • I don’t miss it, I just see regular access to low quality meat for the last hundred or so years as less significant than the tides of bad ideology that have demonstrably been reverberating through our whole civilization since the christian priests, then again since the French revolution.

        Equality belief has deadly consequences that almost nobody will acknowledge, including both the commies and lswm mainstream.

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