New evidence of persistent Spike protein tolerance from breakthrough infections

I really didn’t want to do a COVID post today, but duty calls, as I stumbled upon a new study from Singapore released a few weeks ago. Not so long ago, I explained that evidence now shows excessive Spike protein exposure from a combination of vaccines and breakthrough infections leads to immune tolerance: The immune system begins to send anti-inflammatory IgG4 antibodies after the Spike protein, that basically serve as a tag that tells your immune system not to worry about the protein.

For every thousand teams that shoots up a bunch of people and proudly announces “boosters lead to superior antibody levels versus natural infections!”, there’s one team where someone has two braincells to rub together and decides to take a good look at WHAT SORT OF ANTIBODIES the body is actually deploying. And whenever they bother to do that and I read the results, I feel like starting an unhealthy drinking habit.

You should never trust the man of one study, so today I have to point out another study recently released, that simply shows the same thing: The immune system is beginning to tolerate SARS-COV-2 spike proteins in people who received the vaccines.

Have a look at the following image, it shows you everything you need to know:

These are mild infections I circled here in red, in unvaccinated versus the vaccinated.

What you see here is clear evidence of long-term tolerance in a subset of mild breakthrough infections, which is not showing up in mild unvaccinated infections.

But the signal also shows up a few weeks after the infection, shown here:

So we see the signature of tolerance, with IgG ratios in a subset of mild breakthrough infections that are worse than both mild and moderate infections. And if you had any doubt whether it’s good to deploy an IgG4 antibody response to Spike, you can just compare mild to moderate infections and it’s clear that this is not how the body is supposed to respond.

In fact, if you had any doubt left, do me a favor and go out and look for other respiratory infections where the body switches over time from IgG1 and 3 to IgG4. I don’t know of any. As far as I know, it’s not normal.

For what it’s worth, these are Delta breakthrough infections, so this is from the pre-booster era. In other words, skipping the booster won’t be sufficient to skip out on a tolerance response. Just like in the previous study we looked at, the first two shots are sufficient to eventually start deploying IgG4 against Spike, a response you don’t see in the unvaccinated.

Note by the way that the majority of mild breakthrough infections show some evidence of beginning tolerance: By 180 days, there is exactly ONE out of 36 mild unvaccinated naturally immune people, who shows a more IgG4 shifted response THAN THE MAJORITY OF MILD BREAKTHROUGH INFECTIONS. When you start to get some substantial amount of IgG4 it starts to cause positive feedback effects, that then end up leading to IgG4 becoming more dominant. I don’t know where the exact threshold lies, but that’s what the literature says.

What you don’t see here of course, is the IgM to IgG ratio. The effect is even worse, if you would take into consideration that the vaccines shift the whole response from IgM to IgG, particularly the Adenovirus vector vaccines. In fact, the fact that IgG is made to do the job of dealing with this virus on its own without the help of IgM may be playing a role in pushing the IgG’s towards tolerance.

If you enjoy a metaphor, then basically one group is sending mostly police officers into a warzone with orders to defuse tensions whereas the other group is sending mostly soldiers with orders to kill. And then in addition to this, we’re ignoring the fact that the latter group also sends a bunch of tanks along, because it’s too much of a hassle to count those.

If this was some sort of booster specific issue it would be bad enough. But two shots are enough to eventually push people towards this response. And maybe you can come up with a perfectly valid argument why people should be deploying antibodies against a Sarbecovirus that their body would normally use to tolerate peanut protein, or to learn to tolerate pollen from plants when we place the pollen under people’s tongue to reduce their allergy, among other fun stuff.

Maybe you can come up with some sort of explanation where this response makes perfect sense. But I can’t find it and trust me, I’ve looked.


  1. The next question would probably be what is the chronic viral load in the vaccinated who have deployed IGG 4 as their primary defense. And what is the long-term effect of an asymptomatic chronic coronavirus infection?

    • Afaik the long term effect is rapid aging. I can see this at two people in my small social sphere. Both took the initial vaccination, and both are looking now like 20 years older.

  2. I live in Silicon Valley and have had customers masking up again because they tested positive, but basically have no symptoms or ‘just a runny nose’. Why they would run out to test with just a runny nose? Not my problem! Basically I’m seeing a lot of confirmation of tolerance and infection, or tolerance of infection. There were quite a handful of these cases here in the last couple weeks compared to one month ago. I’m not vaxed, so hopefully I don’t have the same IgG4 response. The strange days aren’t gone altogether.

  3. Geert Vanden Bossche believes those who had prior infection before immunization and never got boosted pre-Omicron are still capable of activating their innate immune system to protect against infection

    I think tolerance is very worrying because of the molecular mimicry aspect of these spike proteins (leading to chronic inflammation, autoimmunity, neurodegenerative disease), but the human body is a miracle and I refuse to give up hope.

    • Thanks, I’m reading it now.

      >Geert Vanden Bossche believes those who had prior infection before immunization and never got boosted pre-Omicron are still capable of activating their innate immune system to protect against infection

      That’s not going to be a lot of people.

      I can’t help but think that Geert stares himself blind a bit too much at the specific mechanisms. If you think you understand it based on very specific mechanisms, then you can still be blindsided by mechanisms that you don’t account for, that aren’t on your radar.

      I generally just stick to the basics:

      -Homogenizing the whole population’s immune response and fixating it on an extinct version of the virus can’t work out well.

      -Vaccination causes the body to end up sending the wrong kind of antibodies after this virus.

      -Vaccination isn’t working, as evidenced by escalating negative efficacy against infection, high RNA in sewage and persistently high excess mortality, all showing up mainly in highly vaccinated parts of the world.

      This is the sort of stuff I understand and can explain to others.

      I can barely follow Geert’s explanations, but I can’t help but get the impression that he has a very black-white view of the situation: Antibodies are basically useless against the virus and you depend on your natural killer cells to solve the problem and as long as you don’t get vaccinated your natural immunity will end up bailing you out.

      Maybe that’s correct, but I also can’t help but be more pessimistic: Some unvaccinated obese boomer is going to get one or two infections and be perfectly fine once everyone around them starts getting sick? Seems overly optimistic to me. Even the unvaccinated children are now getting sick in droves, we only see this stuff in highly vaccinated nations, but it’s not good.

      To me personally, I’m inclined to look at it more from the perspective of a population that either develops immunity as a group against a virus of this nature, or doesn’t. Maybe that’s just a product of the sort of data I have access to as a simple prole, but I get the impression that constant circulation of SARS-COV-2 in a community causes everyone misery, vaccinated as well as unvaccinated.

      Maybe Geert is right, maybe the whole thing escalates very rapidly in the coming period (in which case I probably shouldn’t be playing tourist in Britain after Christmas lol), but my gut tells me that we’re just going to get more of the same thing I have been observing for a while now:

      -A population that gets constantly growing waves of mass SARs-COV-2 infections, which kill a bunch of people and cause immune system damage and thereby lead to positive feedback loops whereby we get even bigger waves of SARS-COV-2 along with other viruses.

      And of course:

      -A government that keeps pushing vaccines that work for a few months, but have steadily growing side-effects (simple logic dictates that a bivalent booster has more opportunity to cause autoimmune problems than a monovalent one) and merely make the long-term situation worse (as evidenced by the shift to IgG4 among other issues).

      And most importantly of course:

      -A government that sees you dying from a stroke two months after your breakthrough infection as a victory, because it means your death becomes “unexplained” excess mortality, rather than a vaccine with negative efficacy against infection having caused your death.

  4. I read Geert’s latest and it went over my head. I can usually understand some amount of his writings but this one is different. I’ll read it again in the morning. I think you and Geert are close in your thinking. I’ve read and watched him since the very beginning of this mess and he says very similar things. I appreciate both of you for doing the good work. Enjoy the castle.

  5. Good read, as usual. I tend to agree with you over Geert at this point. The only real question to me is if the vax is a bioweapon or if it’s pure malfeasance and incompetence.

    • There is no doubt that this is a deliberately designed, intricately planned government operation; plausible deniability is built into some of the stupid interventions but the design of the spike protein in the vaccine leaves very little to chance in terms of doubt. I don’t think they considered what would happen when the vast majority of the population would quit the biomedical security state in the early stages. Now that the awakening and the resistance is upon us, no one can predict what will happen next. Be prepared for anything.

      In response to Radagast’s statement:
      > A government that sees you dying from a stroke two months after your breakthrough infection as a victory, because it means your death becomes “unexplained” excess mortality, rather than a vaccine with negative efficacy against infection having caused your death.

      Sounds like the preferred outcome of a battle using modern war tactics: Kill your enemy and leave no trace.

      I share your pessimism Radagast but believe that for those who want to survive, there are ways to save yourself. But, I worry that with every reinfection a person’s immunity ages and it is likely that it will reduce their life expectancy.

  6. I still remain curious of other’s opinions once the state of chronic relatively asymptomatic covid infection is obtained. My experience is limited to chronic hepatitis C and B infections which lead to death of the liver either by tumor or cirrhosis. Chronic varicella, herpes or Epstein-Barr does not seem to progress as rapidly to other diseases. It appears that we will have a large number of chronic covid infections, this article suggests the chronically ill may return to an acute phase once the immune system gives up. What does acute unrelenting covid infection or chronic smoldering infection look like from a clinical standpoint? Do these people ultimately die of the covid directly as with progressive hypoxia from pulmonary involvement or from VAIDS tumors or complications of the cardiovascular system? The early victims of this unfortunate end should start to appear this winter what should we be looking for?

    • Fast growing cancer, coming out of nowhere, in people without a personal or family history of cancer. I know three such cases now. I just got a Christmas card from a friend who is 65 y.o.. In April she went in for her two year mammogram; she’d never had any problems, and nothing felt funny except a little tingling sensation. She had widely spread, metatasized cancer in both breasts. But it was two separate cancers; not one that went to the other side. And then the son in law of someone in my church, who is old order Amish but got vaxxed anyway, just had a chunk of his back the size of his hand removed due to a sudden melanoma (but that removal wasn’t big enough). And last month a 76 y.o. friend of a father who never smoked but he got diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread everywhere and he was dead in four days; people just don’t die that fast of cancer; it was so strange. I guess I have a fourth; about six months ago the sister of a friend had breast cancer and it was the “you’re okay” kind but suddenly it wasn’t and she died in a few months; she was in her 70s. Old lady breast cancer is typically slow growing.

      I know you’re thinking, oh, these are all old people. So maybe it will be old people who go by cancer. But I am seeing a lot of obits of people in their 50s and 60s in my hometown area papers. They seem to be dying suddenly but no actually details are given in the obit.

      I do find myself wondering if I am imagining all of this. Maybe it is normal for people to die like this. I mean, people do get cancer and die. And I know loads of old people who do seem okay. What freaks me out the most is how old everyone looks now; that is real; in the grocery store everyone looks like hell except the very youngest people and they don’t have the usual young person glow anymore.

  7. Thanks for this one; it might be your most-easily-understandable (and therefore most-shareable) piece yet.

    Do we understand WHY this is happening, mechanistically? Why do the injections cause this? Is it as simple as, the body is flooded with so much spike that the sheer amount of it generates the IgG4 response?

  8. Meanwhile, as the developed world abandons the failed vaccines, here in Portugal (the lowest IQ in the EU) the media is bragging about having the highest new booster uptake in the EU.
    They’re estimating about 3 million new boosters given to the 10 million population.

    Should be an interesting country to watch for excess deaths and covid hospitalizations this Winter.

    • Do you still have measures in Portugal (masks, testing, etc.) or has that
      largely been dropped?

      I remember NYT writing that Portugal was a huge success because there
      was nobody left to vaccinate.

      • Measures were longer and harder than other countries, but it all pretty much ended around April.

        I remember that from NYT, lol. For practical purposes it’s a good approximation to say there’s virtually no adult left to vaccinate (2 doses), minus the “huge success”.
        Booster enthusiasm decreased significantly but sadly we still have San Francisco levels of bivalent booster uptake and there’s footage of vacc centers still packed with kids.
        Just yesterday a 15yo hockey kid died suddenly, btw.

        But to be exact, vaccination is still a little bit overstated in Portugal. One time the gov’t posted 104% vaccination of certain elderly groups, then back to “100%” for 50+. Which can’t be true either. From personal experience, we still have our tiny minority of “conspiracy theorists” too.

        I believe that migrants and retired expats without full national status (there are many) taking the vaccine counted extra for the vaccination numbers without adding to the national population.

  9. My approach to life is quite different from yours. Whereas you crunch a lot of data, I apply crude heuristics and do a little reality testing and call it a day.

    Back during the hoax, I essentially relied on the observations that:

    -none of the gorillion old people I know were dying

    -none of my friends did the mask social distance bullshit and they were fine

    -my swedish friend reported that, despite doing none of it in sweden, everyone was basically fine

    -the homeless weren’t dying off

    -the triage tents in front of the hospitals were full of twerking nurses rather than sick patients

    -my friends in healthcare told me they were getting laid off to make room for a wave of covid patients that never came

    On that basis I reasoned, this must be bullshit. I was correct, without consulting a single study.

    As for the vaccine, I observed that:

    -mRNA vaccines are weird and new, compared to more traditional forms of vaccination

    -emergencies are when you rely on proven standard operating procedures rather than chance it on new shit

    -it rapidly became socially illegal according to government, social media, and employers to NOT chance it on the unproven new thing, while the chinky chinky chinamen instead used only the old reliable version for themselves

    These observations led me to conclude that something is fucky about the vaccine. I told a family member, “This vaccine is retarded, I don’t know how, but I’m sure it’ll come out in a few years.”

    That’s why I really enjoy your detailed breakdowns. I’ve become a broad strokes kind of guy, so it’s really nice to have a guy around like you who picks through the details and gives the play by plays. It helps me trust my instincts to see this kind of stuff. Thanks again for the breakdown.

    • >On that basis I reasoned, this must be bullshit. I was correct, without consulting a single study.

      The problem we’re dealing with, is that there’s a small group of initiates who already knew things in February 2020 that they never bothered telling the rest of us: That this is some gene-spliced abomination produced by the Chinese PLA. Rather than telling us this, they gave each other money in exchange for covering up this simple fact.

      What they told us simple proles instead is that they were going to change the social contract and grant themselves the right to ration human social interaction from now on, because the hospitals where they had been cutting expenses for decades were not equipped to deal with the wave of elderly sick people from what looked like a wave of hospitalizations not too different from what you would expect from a novel flu strain.

      If they had simply told us the truth, that some genetic experiments had blown up in humanity’s face, the subject would not have ended up politicized the way it was.

  10. The IgG4 may be the explanation for what it was known already for a long time. It is written in the Pfizer documents submitted for FDA. The vaccines have a dual effect: one is the immuno-stimulation to produce neutralizing antibodies, and the second one is immuno-modulation to prevent over-inflammatory responses. The increased IgG4 is probably the molecular activity that supports the latter effect.

    And regarding the PLA and Chinese work, I hope everyone now knows about the DEFUSE project submitted to DARPA. In that plan, the Wuhan laboratory was only intended to collect the bats and do PCR tests. The North Carolina lab was designed to create a new coronavirus with furin cleavage site in it and infect bats in the caves then develop an aerosolized vaccine in order to increase their immune system and remove the threat that they posed to the world. It turned otherwise, though, and the experiment became deadly for humanity. Search The Intercept from Oct 2021. They posted the project online.

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