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I don’t want to spend every day wallowing in negativity, so today I’m just going to do a post on something positive. I like small independent filmmakers. I already did a post on Hot Summer Nights a few months ago, but I have to shill it once again. It’s a nostalgic visual spectacle, about two teenage boys who start selling cannabis for a living. The critics were not too kind about it, but they’re wrong, or at least they just review movies by entirely different criteria than I do.

It was the director Elijah Bynum’s debut movie and he hasn’t released any new movies since. Here are two interviews with him, you can see he undersells himself:

Oftentimes, when a debut movie gets poor reviews you never hear anything again from a director. That’s what happened with the guy who did Escape from Tomorrow, a confusing movie I watched about a father who starts hallucinating at Disneyland.

But fortunately as I found out today that’s not the case with Elijah, he returns in 2023, with Magazine Dreams, a story about a black amateur bodybuilder who struggles to find human connection. Do me a favor and go out and watch this one when it’s released, as I want to see this director do more stuff, which is only going to happen if fans like me shill his movies. And if the story of a black amateur bodybuilder doesn’t appeal to you, I can recommend vaping some good Kush to broaden your horizons.

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