No more COVID

I’m not going to post about COVID anymore. There’s no reason for me to spend my time convincing people not to take these vaccines, as I did throughout 2021. The writing is on the wall by now. The problem hasn’t ended either, excess mortality in 2022 is higher than in 2020 and 2021 and we just had a massive wave from the most brain-damaging COVID variant seen so far, BA.5.

You interfered in the evolutionary dynamics of a sarbecovirus, leading to massive unprecedented waves of infection in the middle of summer and we’ll now find out what the long term repercussions will be. I think it will look like accumulating brain damage and immune damage leading to “mysterious” excess mortality, but time will tell, assuming you’ll still have the cognitive capacity to recognize what happened of course.

But the reason I’m done with this subject is because people don’t really care about understanding any of this. You can see here how much success I’ve had explaining that SARS2 doesn’t have bits of HIV genetically edited into it. Some people just want the substack dopamine, some of them are in it for the money (“subscribe today and I will tell you how to cure ALS, an incurable disease”), the audience wants to hear how the vaccinated are all about to drop dead and the vaccinated have ironically moved on with their lives.

What nobody wants is to be falsified. I’d be happy for people to go about falsifying my claims. I don’t mind Berenson disagreeing with me, what I do mind is when he calls something “vanishingly unlikely” without offering an argument or any data to back of that claim. But if you can’t get people to see why a paper that was retracted after two days is bullshit, then your hopes of convincing them of anything else are pretty slim too.

All I want is to understand how nature functions. That’s what interests me. But now I’ll move on to greener pastures.


  1. “Never shay never again” as Sean Connery might say.
    I suspect you’ll have a few more things to say about Covid, but yeah, I get it. It’s all been a shitshow, the shitshow continues but we also need to get on with our lives. Truth is, none of the normies I know seem to be any worse off for taking the prick (so far) and are busy booking their next EasyJet mini break while I still bump my gums about excess mortality and the broken social contract.
    Yes we were right, but if we can’t flourish and enjoy the things that made our lives worth living in the first place, what was the point.
    Anyhoo, thanks for all the research (even the bits I didn’t understand). It was a source of inspiration and strengthened my resolve. Keep doing what you do.

    • Ludger sums up my thoughts well. I follow many COVID/vaccine theorists- Igor, Berenson, John Paul, et al. I appreciate your intelligence and insight. Your pieces are engaging and well written. My hope is that after you step away for a while you might decide to return to the topic.

  2. A covid infection causes heart problems. The vaccines also cause heart problems, but at much lower rate than the disease itself. The vax was rushed and is far from perfect, but it’s a better alternative than a full blown infection in compromised/weak/unhealthy people. The paternalistic world government has censored information about serious side effects of the vax, and people who drop dead of cardiac arrest after being triple boosted are in fact dying from vax related symptoms. But it’s relatively rare, and again, all things being equal, you’re better off dealing with vax side effects than a bad COVID infection. Most people who get either COVID or the vax end up mostly fine. There will be no mass die offs, not even in Two More Weeks.

    There, was that so hard? Now you can go back to posting about mud people and Quetzalcoatl or whatever.

    • If the vaxes screw up the immune system as we now have data that they do, the vaxed will be a lot more likely to develop aggressive cancers. I already know three cases (people I know, not anecdotes), of people with no personal or family history of cancer who developed insanely aggressive cancers over the past several months; they were all fully vaxed. Plus, the immune system screw up from the vaxes will lead to more and more and more infections. Yes, covid itself is very bad, but it doesn’t cause tolerance like the Moderna vaxes especially do.

      It is funny that you would assert that “most people who get either Covid or the vax end up mostly fine.” You have no evidence for that other than very short term, using garbage data. Very short term thinking and garbage data are what got us here. Maybe you can get a job at the CDC.

    • >The vax was rushed and is far from perfect, but it’s a better alternative than a full blown infection in compromised/weak/unhealthy people.

      This argument would work… if the vaccines didn’t make you more likely to catch it!

    • > The vax was rushed and is far from perfect, but it’s a better alternative than a full blown infection in compromised/weak/unhealthy people.

      especially the “compromised/weak/unhealthy” are harmed most by the jab induced blood contact with this protein (assuming that no other common ingredient of the jab brands is responsible) as they are already more magnetic than electric (and the overall death rates in our local elderly homes since the roll out, even after each jabbing round, are exposing the fraud quite obviously: no benefits for anybody, except for pension funds & symptoms profiting pharma regarding necessary treatments)

      > you’re better off dealing with vax side effects than a bad COVID infection.

      definitively not my observation: depending on the direction of your electric flow & essence (origin/mixed) you will either completely or partly rot inside-out or outside-in and whereas the latter is well observable (skin issues, failing extremities – there will be “contergan” children in the not so far future, lacking fingers/toes or whole hands/feet) the former comes “suddenly & unexpected” as the brainstem feels no pain (failing “yin” organs, compact cancers – depending on individual weak spots faster or slower but according to my detection “safe & effective”), i do not exclude that there might be “blood contacted” on this planet who will get away / become healthy hosts** but at least in my area of observation/detection this is not valid so far: more contacts > more degenerating stench…

      ** maybe sleeping upside down & becoming nocturnal are options XD

  3. “you’re better off dealing with vax side effects than a bad COVID infection”

    Except we have treatments for Covid that aren’t being deployed. And I’m not just talking about HCQ and IVM. Dr. Urso has been prescribing finding different medications to work around the pharmacists refusing to fill scripts.

    People are still dying because they are being given Remdesivir in hospitals long after when it would have been effective – the viral phase of the disease.

    Excess mortality is higher in 2022 and 2021 than 2020 – since vaccine rollout.

    There is no need for the vaccines. You admit there are injuries, but they aren’t “rare” at all.

  4. You have also previously vowed to quit social media and to only write positive things (that was a weird one to promise).

    It is very hard for you not to scratch these itches.

    Suggestion: maybe instead of making a vow, just frame it as “I am sick/weary of …”

  5. Thank you for all your work on covid related matters. You are not the first person and blogger I have known who has said ‘enough!’

    As per the first comment, I am interested in psychedelics. I have learnt many things over the years – fermented foods & drinks, bone broths, lots of different vitamin & mineral supplements, Kratom, CBD, etc – and cactus and salvia are next on my list. I have read all you psy d related posts.

    If I may be able to help in any way, then please ask. I look forward to any future posts you may make.

    Pax et bonum

  6. I don’t blame you, it’s an extremely depressing topic.

    Your non-COVID posts are very interesting, particularly on philosophy, mental health and psychedelics. I had no idea you could get Mescaline from the San Pedro cactus. Hoping to try some this spring when the better weather arrives.

  7. I think of your covid pieces as gifts to the truth. That, rather than attempts to persuade, even if you think they are such. Maybe that is because I have never managed to persuade anyone of anything until recently (and I am middle aged). Isaac Babel wasn’t trying to persuade anyone but I’m glad he wrote. I found especially comical the posts that rebuked you for not starting a revolution; they almost seemed calculated to shut you down in their sheer presumption. It seems likely that as the spirit moves you, you will write. But Chagall did not sit next to his works in a museum and listen to what dorks said about them as they wandered by, and maybe you don’t benefit from that either.

  8. Here is note sent to friend about recent post:
    I get the point but sad as this site provides insight, but fuck it if nobody pays attention or is capable of change! The early censorship of the conversation has totally fucked rational discussion
    And yes the propaganda shoveled out by “west” has distorted our ability to have real discussion, identify the problem and somehow fix it…

  9. That was the entire reason I came here. Oh well, thanks for all the great articles. I’ll remove this site from my subs list.


  10. Trying to convince people about something or change their minds is
    very difficult. And even if you do, so what? You can convince people that
    smoking is bad for you and exercise in general is good. People may eventually
    agree, but it almost never leads to any action.

  11. Thank you for your articles about covid. I don’t blame you for not posting any more. “It’s easier to con a man than to convince him that he’s been conned.” Instead of wasting time trying to convince others to quit being stupid and dangerous, we move on and watch the unfolding disaster with clear consciences that we opposed the insanity.

  12. Ok, if we can’t have Covid doom, then give us at least some more climate doom.

    Al Gore just told something about “rain bombs”, “boiling oceans” and “600,000 nukes exploding every day”. Can you top that?

  13. Take a break, sure, but don’t totally stop. Your posts are very important to getting the word out.

    You are convincing more people than you know.

  14. This was posted today on the Naked Capitalism site by a general practitioner who is legitimate; the site vets these sorts of posts and he has been posting there since the start of the pandemic:

    “In the article it states that 23 states are having similar numbers for deaths and births. Not exactly how it was presented yesterday [in an online Grand Rounds discussion] – “so far 24 states have reported their numbers – and EVERY SINGLE REPORTED STATE so far is having the same thing – the birth rate is down – and the all cause mortality is very much up.”

    What is concerning to the epidemiologist that was talking to us yesterday is that the actual relative rate in each state of both deaths and births is right about the same number in all reporting states. This would not be expected in any kind of infectious disease problem – or at least it has never happened in history – they tend to have a lot more scatter. No – this is something else – something exogenous.

    As I have been telling you all for months – there are significant issues with young women – and with miscarriages – finally, the numbers are coming in to make me realize that I am not losing my marbles. The ICD 10 codes for primary amenorrhea and for mid-trimester abortions are through the roof from historical patterns. Also mentioned was the fact that there is a sudden drop off being noticed by fertility clinics in number and motility of sperm. NONE OF THESE THINGS ARE BEING STEADFASTLY COMPILED ON A FEDERAL LEVEL – so this is at times like the blind leading the blind….

    The all cause mortality – estimated about 5-10% have to do with COVID – and that is a stretch – mostly COVID deaths for 2021 an 2022 have been older patients near terminus anyway. No – the ICD codes for pulmonary embolus, acute coronary syndromes, sudden cardiac death, strokes, suicide, drug OD, and various cancers seem to be the cause – and the cancers that are skyrocketing are leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and solid endocrine and neuroendocrine tumors…

    It is going to be very interesting to see the numbers from all the other states that have yet to come in.” ( post is in the piece about China’s population).

    I am not a “kid” person. I decided not to have kids since I think life sucks. However, I do see them as being as worthy as anyone else at having a shot at an existence that is about the normal length of time. I guess a person could look at this and say well, this means no kids, so no problem, right? But I don’t feel that way. What is going on with this?

    I feel so horrible for parents of little kids. The idea of just letting them get covid infected over and over again (especially after being vaccinated, and all the people I know with kids have had them vaccinated) is monstrous. Even a little information and analysis helps. The word does get out. Older adults keep asking how they can keep their sorry selves alive, yes, I do a limited amount of that, but this? I feel so bad about young people, too. I can’t believe that I am writing a “what about the children” post, but I guess I am.

    • Kareninca, I have been meaning to ask why Claritin as a preventive or treatment? I did buy a sample 5 pack recently and took one when I seemed to be in the initial phase of a rare bad respiratory illness. And in fact it went away very soon, though other factors, including supplements, may have been at play. Isn’t it basically an allergy symptom reliever? (If covid posts end, I may not have many chances to inquire of you) thanks

      • There’s been plenty of studies out there for a while showing anti-histamines to have a multitude of effects on Covid infections. In addition to ramping down on mast cell overreaction, some have also been shown to interfere with spike protein binding to ACE2

        • Thank you, I had no idea. And can’t get much more basic than working against overactive immune response and spike binding. I will purchase some more to have on hand, and compare the ingredients with generics and other antihistamines too.

        • Thanks for referring me to the Mehen response. I am guessing Claritin would be useful (with very low risk) as an early treatment or preventive when there are early signs of a likely infection. Though it sounded like you might be using it as an ongoing prophylactic. Have enjoyed your other comments as well. Good health to you and everyone here.

          • I take a generic claritin per day as a preventative, unless I won’t going out at all. There’s no harm in it for most people (it can interact with some drugs and maybe pregnant women and kids shouldn’t take it; the usual caveats). And so far so good. My vaccinated (and once boosted) husband gobbles claritin and benadryl pills year round (and has for years due to allergies) and so far he has not caught covid. Generic claritin is about as cheap as it gets.

  15. Hi Radagast,
    The burning question for me is why the vaccine slow genocide now? I believe depopulation is a goal but to what end? In the context of the serious military proxy war between east and west and the serious currency and economic war between east and west, it would seem that the slow vaccine genocide weakens the west’s position and increases to probability of the east winning. It appears therefore to work against the west’s agenda of world hegemony. Did they completely miscalculate or is there another part of the plan that I am missing? This is important as it determines how to prepare at an individual level.

    • It’s not necessarily West v East. It’s the competition among transnational corporations using various captured factions within the different nation-state corporations (i.e., a nation is a corporation) alongside transnational criminal corporations (who never have needed to work “publicly” or submit their data to regulators for governance and oversight).

      There are oligarchs from China who’ve successfully corrupted entire local and state governments in the USA, and the transnational druglords from South and Central Americas capture the darkmarkets, and both work sometimes alongside, sometimes against the CIA, who remains unaccountable to the USA while operating against the DIA, who works sometimes with NATO and sometimes against, whereas NATO is deliberately sabotaging nation-states such as Germany, wherein you find factions that benefit from cooperation with elements within Russia’s transnational corporate industries and otherwise factions that resist any ties with Russia, and so on, so forth.

      Even something like a mass vaccination program has different competing interests. Consider the possibility that a group of Really Bad Actors did want to cull the population and expected it: being billionaire flunkies and criminals, they are used to getting their way and don’t mind cattle dying since it’s an everyday thing. So they tried to also save money by going with another transnational criminal corporation posing as a pharmaceutical company front, but that pharmafront cut too many corners to make a buck and didn’t properly brew the killer drug, so the culling plan got derailed and set back by criminal incompetence and greed. So now the Really Bad Actors not only didn’t get their result, but they and the pharmafront look like chumps and weaklings to a different set of Really Awful Actors, who take advantage of the weakness and lack of preparation to inject new chaos measures, such as actually true information about the criminality of the pharmafront and the role of the Really Bad Actors, stirring up a bunch of people who now resist the pharmafront and take it offline. This clears space for Really Awful Actors to create a New Approach to telemedicine and decentralized pharmaceutical dispensaries, which are data- and gene-gathering hubs that then sell back stylized treatments based on patient genome and virome, with such treatments requiring the patient commit to a lifetime subscription that’s non-transferable, or come up with your own idea here for how corporate espionage and sabotage works to fill in the niches they create out of the corpses of corporate controlled implosions.

      Wars within wars, games within games. The game you can game is not The Eternal Game.

  16. > time will tell, assuming you’ll still have the cognitive capacity to recognize what happened of course.

    > But the reason I’m done with this subject is because people don’t really care about understanding any of this.

    the problem is not so much the cognitive/mental capacity, the problem is the perception/sensory capacity.

    > All I want is to understand how nature functions. That’s what interests me.

    having read several of your corona posts (i mostly visit via links in one of my favorite economical boards) i am pretty sure you suffer from UNconscious perception (extended senses), which you probably unbeknownst to yourself try to make conscious by the use of psychodelics (i just learnt your “hobby” through the comments, not yet having skimmed through your experiences). i have conscious extended senses (my mother had armillaria & amanita “ragout” during midsommar not knowing she was already pregnant & causing me lots of disabilities & abilities) and can assure you that what you likely subconsciously “smell” regarding corona is spot on (growing stench in the groceries of my area). when YOU (having the cognitive capacity as well) acquire full CONSCIOUS perception (the synchronization of the 5 extended senses, called the 6th sense?) you will be amazed** how “refined” nature/god functions and why the majority of humans are… the way they are…

    ** UNconsciously this can cause one to become crazy/paranoid/fearful/angry/whatever (full range of emotions > psychiatry – i am not joking…)

    • I’m on a similar path. It’a balance of five in our heads. And if one ore more are supressed, this can cause all kinds of mental disturbing. I think they are archetypes, a caretaker, a warrior, a cooperator and a competitor. I see strong correlations to what our ancestors called “Earth-Spirits”. Living forces which manifest as sub-personalities and are a kind of advisors from birth on. They give us the special thoughts, we sometimes have, and they can completely overtake and possess us.

      • odor-wise (exhalation) the “brain” has 4 basic flavors and 4 anti-flavors neatly synchronizing with the octave or color-wheel (when white & black get included) and i can see how archetype systems (and their polar anti-types) somewhat fit the 8 “regular” scents (there are tons of hybrid odors as humans are predominantly (more & less “stinking”) hybrids today, especially the diverse albino variants, but go to a zoo and you will easily smell that the 4 basic primate essences suit the 4 basic human skins – even without extended olfaction when close enough and the wind blows towards you).

        knowing the “covid” smell it becomes crystal clear who will not pass this “(d)evolution” in the long run and radagast and many other skeptics/doomsters/conspirators (depending on their individually extended audition/vision/olfaction) are spot on and even i am surprised of the degenerative abilities of this protein when having BLOOD contact just once (in my family it sort of ruined the reputation of my “autistic” nose when 5 70+ neighbours who i gave between 3-5 years after their first jab all died within 10 months and those who i gave up to 10y will surely not make the next 5y)

  17. Simple comment from someone who finds your covid articles invaluable and top of the line: Please keep posting about covid! You are both trustworthy and competent, a much-needed combination in this arena.

  18. Just the other day I strongly recommended your website as highly interesting and factually informative about this huge array of different aspects involved in the mRNA vaccine to a couple of friends of mine while we were talking about this topic. So now the first thing they’ll read when they look it up for the first time is that you don’t write about it any longer. Well… thanks for having provided all these insights so far.

  19. Perhaps you could instead revisit Monkeypox. It appears by all measures that it’s completely fizzled out in contradiction to your fears that it would destroy the entire world.

  20. Have you looked into Cuba. Developed their own traditional vaccine. (basically Novavax?) Everyone dosed, nothing much is going on there , very few cases no deaths. Unless they are lying

  21. I’m in doom porn withdrawal. Anyone have any recommendations other than Igor who I already read?

    Leonardi is too up his own arse and Walter Chestnut is a man in dire need of MDMA.

    • Dr. Paul Cottrell. I had somehow missed him til now; maybe he has just been let out of twitter purgatory (I use nitter, but someone linked to him). If he is right we are all entirely and completely doomed, due to the attributes of the virus as bioweapon. He doesn’t have rintrah’s brains, but he may be covering a a peril that rintrah hasn’t looked at yet. I am still trying to figure out how credible he is.

      • Cheers. Yea, I’ve come across him. He seems to believe the virus is basically airborne HIV and can establish a reservoir in the body. There is a lot of hyperbole on both antivax and zero covid side though. A lot of wild speculation.

        If what Leonardi and co are saying is true though, we may as well be dealing with airborne HIV – and when the public grasp that nobody will want to leave their house or go into work. The government will have to send the army in to staff supermarkets and literally threaten doctors and hospital staff with jail if they quit their posts.

  22. Radagast has the right balance with a good sense of humour and fatalism to counterbalance the horror of what is happening. Maybe ‘doom porn’ isn’t the best description.

  23. Rintrah, this Random Dude on Twitter with the Handle “Harvard2H” says that viruses have swarm intelligence. Could this be true?
    Would you like it to debunk this crazy theory?

    • Diogenes, I was aware of Dan aka “HarvardToTheBigHouse” from the very beginning of the pandemic, sometime around Feb/March 2020. His stuff was really technical and over my head so I didn’t end up following up on him.

      Fast forward a couple years and I followed him on Twitter, and saw that he was predicting some really apocalyptic shit. At the time I wasn’t sure what to think.

      Since I was following Rintrah at the time on Rintrah’s first Twitter account, I once asked him what he thought of Harvard2H. One of his followers who struck me as fairly intelligent said Dan was a charlatan, and Rintrah “liked” the comment.

      But just a few days ago I saw Rintrah on his new Twitter account write to Dan and gave thanks to him regarding some paper Dan’s father(?) had authored.

      Fuck if I know. I’ve given up trying to understand our peculiar Dutch friend.

      But I’m just a LSWM, so I guess that is normal.

  24. There are many people who care.
    You just look as if you care to much about majority or opinion of experts and not this important minority that would listen.
    You look for approval by wrong groups, which is worth shit.
    Make it not sound as rocket science and people will get it and spread it. Like in this post now.
    But are you able to get out of this cocoon?
    I going back to another reread of your posts.

  25. Yeah right, you’ll be back to blogging about COVID as soon as the next scandal breaks out in the news.

    Remember the “negative vibes”!

  26. Rintrah, I think your posts about covid have been more influential than you realize. You have an uncommon ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and understandable manner, and I have learned much from your posts.

    I do hope you write more on covid in future, when you feel like it. Until then, your accumulated posts stand as an excellent source of information and analysis.
    I look forward to reading whatever you choose to blog about.

    Thank you for the education you have freely provided through your posts.

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