No need to say thank you

Back in june 2021, I told you to buy Tokyo Tekko. This became my largest single position in my portfolio. I also wasted money on a bunch of Hong Kong microcap crap, don’t be like me, don’t diversify with junk. Whenever I deviate from what I know should work, I don’t get lucky, it just doesn’t work. My biggest positions however all make sense, even the Hong Kong ones. Companies with good earnings and healthy balance sheets, that pay a dividend. It’s not super hard.

Let’s look at where we are today. Back in June 2021, you’d pay about 1600 yen for a share. You then had to be patient, as a year later the stock was sitting around 1250, a completely ridiculous price. This illustrates how you have to be careful with leverage: Undervalued stock can become idiotically undervalued, especially when management thinks they can scoop up their own stock by letting it sink for a little longer.

Today it’s sitting at 3245.00 Yen, as the company FINALLY decided to buyback some of its shares. You received 20 Yen in dividend in 2022 and another 240 a few weeks ago. So in total you’d have 3505 yen.

I told you you should be able to easily make 20% a year on the stock. 1600 * 1.2 ^ 2 is 2304. That’s what I promised.

If you listened, which none of you did (LSWMs gonna LSWM), you’d actually have 3505 yen, if you sold today. I sold a few weeks ago myself.

In other words, I got it right, you should have made at least 20% a year, even when adjusted for the 16% the Yen decline in value compared to the Euro over the past two years.

No need to say thank you (because you didn’t listen anyway).

So I will say again, I think I have a pretty decent track record, it just takes some patience for me to be shown right. In June 2022 I would have looked like an idiot. I certainly felt like one.

I have now sold myself, at 3220 Yen a few weeks ago.

Now the naysayers might say there was a risk involved. The steel industry may not grow. But if the steel industry shrinks, companies with a healthy balance sheet will survive, while the ones with debts go bankrupt. Then with the overcapacity gone, earnings improve again, ultimately resulting in the stock price going up. Hence if you bought one with a healthy balance sheet, like Tokyo Tekko, you’d be fine.

People will tell me it’s unethical to make money in the stock market.

Personally, I’d say it’s unethical to work some minimum wage shitjob, or to get a post-post-post-post-doctoral degree, only to work 60 hours a week doing shit work for your professor.

Why? Because you’re reducing the value of labor, by letting yourself be exploited. Don’t do that.

If you don’t like your job, quit it. If you’re not getting paid a fair wage, go on strike, or quit it.

Letting yourself get raped in the ass is ethical, figuring out how not to get raped in the ass is unethical. That’s what idiots will tell you. To me this is an insane mentality.

And people will tell me: “Well these companies pollute the environment.”

Yes I know, so here’s a suggestion: Don’t buy products you don’t need and vote for politicians who will do something about it and protest to demand that politicians do something about it.

But when Japanese people who inherit the shares from their parents dump their shares, don’t let some American hedge fund get a good price. Get that good price yourself.

In a better world, we would all get monthly NEETbux deposited on our bank accounts. But that world does not exist. So you have to earn a living somehow. If you’re qualified to wipe grandma’s ass in the nursing home, get a fair wage for doing that and don’t feel like hanging yourself when you wake up in the morning, then great, go do that. But I’m not even qualified to tie my shoelaces. The only jobs I’m qualified for leave me feeling like hanging myself.

And look, it’s not like you LSWMs are going out there donating your money to people dying of hunger. People shitting on me for investing, are the ones who just don’t have money.

When I tell you to buy shares in cheap companies, with a bit of luck I’m stopping you from:

  1. Letting your money rot in your bank account, where it’s used by your bank to hand out loans to coal mining companies.
  2. Being a retard who buys NFTs.
  3. Donating it to someone with terminal cancer who is going to spend half a million dollar on some therapy that has been around since the 80’s but never shown to work and requires them to fly to the other side of the planet and be treated by an American scammer.

I have devoted myself to:

  1. Not having children, who would have to grow up in a world that will become uninhabitable and will be unpleasant to live in because it will face the extinction of most megafauna and a lot of deaths.
  2. Not flying. I will take a bus, I will take a train or I will take a boat when I want to travel. But you won’t find me jumping into an airplane, unless I had some medical emergency that necessitated it perhaps. I will probably never leave Europe.
  3. Not owning a car.
  4. Eating a vegan diet, insofar as this is practical to me. If something has 2% honey added to it or 5% pesto added to it which has 10% cheese added to it, then I really don’t give a shit. When I eat peanut butter there are 238 insect fragment in a jar of it too.

    Is it vegan to eat peanut butter? No? Then starving is the only vegan option. I don’t eat meat (except for shellfish perhaps). If you don’t eat birds, reptiles, or mammals then it’s fine with me. Ideally ditch eggs and dairy too, but perfect should not be the enemy of good.

This is basically it. I can’t imagine myself owning shares in a company that hurts animals, or produces fossil fuels. But a man has to eat.

And look, it’s good to give away money. I give away money to the homeless, whenever I have change with me.

But before giving away large amounts of money, you need to be REALLY ABSOLUTELY SURE that it’s going to be put to good use. That’s much harder than you may imagine it to be. Even when you give away money to a cause that’s ethically justifiable, that doesn’t necessarily mean you make the world a better place. Sometimes it just means you donated to Bob’s animal sanctuary to buy chicken feed that would otherwise have been paid for by a surgeon wealthier than you who would have completed the fundraiser otherwise.

I think the best thing I could be doing with my life is running a permaculture farm. But to do that, I need to own a large amount of land. That requires financial stability.

Anyway, the next company I’m planning to invest in is Ishii Hyoki. We’ll see how it goes.


  1. I’m really interested in the things you have to say. I’m a female aspie whose been fired from a bunch of jobs. The only jobs I managed to keep long term involved escort-like work (because I’m attractive) and funnily enough public health research because it’s a lot like escort-work.

    What kind of mathematics should I learn and what sort of resources should I absorb to adopt a similar strategy such as yourself? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I get into middle age.

    • What’s this?

      LSWMs, are you trolling me?

      Am I supposed to believe a femoid snuck into the last safe space for LSWMs on the Internet?

      And not just any femoid, but a self-proclaimed whore?

      You show up here, announce you’re a whore and I’m supposed to stop myself from being an asshole? How exactly?

      This is like the CEO of British Petroleum showing up here, asking for my advice. What are you expecting? Are you a masochist?

      Really LSWMs, am I supposed to fall for this? Which one of you autistic NEETs did this?

      “I cynically made money off the privilege of being born with a real vagina, using men’s reproductive instinct to my own advantage, but now my body shows signs of the aging process, what should I do?”

      Same as all the other cynical femoids who find out the good times are over:

      1. Wake up every day, look into the mirror. Notice those little lines around your eyes. The moisturizer with vitamin C isn’t doing shit.

      2. Take off your bra. Looks like gravity is winning. Assuming you ever had actual tits that is. Otherwise it’s just sagging skin.

      3. Look up your high school friends from Facebook. They got pregnant ten years ago and you laughed at them. But now it’s not so funny anymore.

      4. Realize the good days, back when the world revolved around you, when you had a dozen guys trying to get into your pants at once, are over. And they’re never coming back, at least not until you close your eyes for good.

      >I’m really interested in the things you have to say.

      No you’re not. This is literally the first time you comment, in the rare post I make about money. It’s like you’re asking for abuse and I feel dirty for even giving into it.

      I would say you should let me fuck you in the ass, while I laugh at you and tell you I’m only going to fuck you in your ass because it would be cruel if you got pregnant and the baby had to suck on your tiny deflated tits.



      That’s why men go into the coal mines while you can sit at home. So that when we return home, we can gaze into the eyes of a mind that knows beauty and hasn’t been sullied by cynicism and zero sum competition with other people.



      The problem is that when you find the male weak spot and exploit it for economic gain, you make yourself unlovable. Then the whole male sexual impulse left is pure sadism: The desire to leave you feeling weak, afraid, humiliated and abused. The lust to dominate and destroy, the impulse we spend our whole lives trying to suppress.

      That’s why serial killers tend to go after prostitutes.

      • Actually I’ve commented under other names. I had a lot of respect for you, but some of the stuff you said was super harsh. I’ll bow out gracefully and let you have your space here.

        I had a bad drug addiction and that was how I ended up where I was. An awful lot of female aspies end up in sex work. If they were male aspies they would just end up as NEETs:

        Just fucking chill Rintrah. Fucking chill.

        • >I had a bad drug addiction and that was how I ended up where I was. An awful lot of female aspies end up in sex work.

          That’s one redeeming characteristic, but still no excuse.

          Female + autism = femcel, not prostitute

          Prostitution is just abuse. Either one person abuses the other, or two people abuse each other. And considering how full of yourself you sound, looks like you’re the abuser.

          You just drained yourself of the ability to feel actual love for a man. And you’re sending the clients the message that they’re so unattractive that interaction with them is a chore that they have to pay for.

          I don’t know what it is with these high IQ autistic women who work as prostitutes and then start peddling some vaguely libertarian ideas and expect a bunch of autistic nazi incels on the Internet to be nice to them. Not gonna happen.

          Again, my theory is you people have just damaged your brains, so you show up to places like this, stirring a hornet’s nest because getting stung is the only thing that still makes you feel something.

          I mean, you’re not being intellectually honest either to me. That insincerity happens to be the only thing that has me convinced you’re a real woman.

          You show up here saying “hi I’m a female autist prostitute, can you explain to me yadda yadda boring money stuff”

          1. Being a female autist prostitute is irrelevant to the question

          2. How am I supposed to even pay attention to the question. Literally no LSWM reading your post is going to remember what your question was.

          3. The question was so vague I wouldn’t even know what to say to it.

          Let’s turn this around, shall we?

          Imagine I show up to some obscure Harry Potter fanfiction forum and announce:

          Hi I’m a South Korean boyband singer, submissive homosexual, serial killer, outlaw motor club member and an incel nazi school shooter, I was wondering what you think about-

          Nobody would care about the question.

          • >Female + autism = femcel, not prostitute

            I can see why you would think that.

            I might have thought that at one time.

            But after learning of my schizoid diagnosis late in life, and reading the various fora to understand myself better, I was surprised to read of of women who resembled “RASPUTINA”

            It was a mixture of both autism and SPD, and surely not the majority, and they could all have been trannies and trolls, but on further reflection I could see the logic.

            Particularly for the relative few who are attractive.

            Kareninca’s comments further down in this thread elucidate the mechanisms involved, which bolster my confidence my hunch is correct.

            Of course, you are also correct that certain “odd” types are drawn to abuse, but that’s a tangential factor here.

        • Reading that list you sent was basically a checklist of my ex. She would often joke that if her career plans fell through, she’d become a stripper or escort and probably make far more money doing so. She was probably right – she was basically permanently horny.

          So actually, despite Rintrah’s rantings, I think his aspie escort was real, and now he’s scared her off.

          My ex, too had been sexually abused on several occasions, and I’ve noticed this with aspies (I’ve worked with many) – their “is this person sketchy?” meter is basically off by 180 degrees, so the clearly-a-sex-offender was just being friendly, but the nice girl behind the counter at the coffee shop is a “total bitch because she commented on my shirt and I can’t tell if she was being sarcastic and now I hate her”. I also had a former boss who balked at me spending £10 on a pub lunch on the company dollar when I visited a customer, but repeatedly got fleeced by a contractor who knew less about the subject he was hired for than I did. So unfortunately aspies are pretty easy to trick if you know how.

          She would often lament the fact that women just didn’t “get” her, but I don’t think she particularly liked women anyway (even other aspie women – you’d think that would work, but they actually just rub each other the wrong way) and all her friends were men, who inevitably fell in love with her and/or tried to rape her…

          I think these types of women have always existed and are just a different sexual strategy. Her mother was apparently just the same as her (ie it’s at least semi-genetic), and she was an only child due to her mum having her very late due to a general dislike of children (I think her dad coaxed her into it). They are women who make perfect mistresses – they primarily want sex (and not children) and don’t talk about the same things as other women, so make interesting partners. The sexual stategy is basically to attract high-value men who have a family but are bored of their wife and they can be the fun one. They make terrible wives due to their independence, but reasonably competent mothers due to an obsessive desire to do things “right”. So in past times, they eventually would have got pregnant by the wealthy man (without wanting to) and raised the child alone on the man’s stipend (and having no sense of embarrassment, did not mind being “the other woman” or a single mother). The main difference now is a) birth control and b) the rate in society – male and female aspies can seemingly be created through artificial means, which makes me think there is some kind of brain damage aspect from chemicals, EMFs, etc. A society of nothing but aspies cannot function, but in some ways I’m wondering if this is the evolutionary “emergency button” for humans – basically a reset method so that when civilisation collapses (which it will, and soon), the aspies are the “strong men” (and women) who will rebuild it from the ashes. Aspies generally seem to hate the modern world it’s feminine unwritten rules od conduct and enforced social niceties and double-speak, and whilst I’d probably score only maybe a 6 or 7 out of 10 on the aspie scale, I would be far better suited to living in the woods or a Fallout 4-style wasteland than a typical office. If you think of the animal model of deer, they live like this – the males and females in separate groups for most of the year, who only come together to mate, with the males guarding a harem of females jointly, who they then battle over individually. Human males, being fetile year-round, will however prefer to have a ready supply of women to hand at all times. Aspie men can tolerate (and prefer) each others’ company, but still have sexual desire – they will therefore create warbands to capture a ready supply of sociable women, who are essentially a jointly-owned commodity that will do the chores and raise their children, with the occasional outlier Aspie female who will be the preferred “kept woman” of one of the higher-ranking men as a rarefied and protected position. The other women will hate her for her protected status, but that doesn’t matter to her.

          Eventually social skills will be recreated when one strongman starts unifying the warbands to rebuild a nation-state and start redistributing his power to lesser nobles, thus moving to the next stage of societal development.
          (Look up the Greek concept of Anacyclosis, it’s basically a longer version of the “strong men -> weak men” cycle)

          Sadly, many aspies (particularly female) have been captured by the medical industry to think they are “non-binary” or trans, when they are perfectly normal, if atypical, women and men.

          The “weird laugh” thing on that list was interesting as well – my ex actually did have a very strange “real” laugh (which I did find quite unattractive) when she was just with me and could be herself, but a very forced and stilted “fake” laugh for when we were in company.

    • I didn’t even notice this:

      >(because I’m attractive)

      Come on. Make my day.

      Post links to some pictures. Face, body, doesn’t matter.

      Do it.

      Let the LSWMs drain you of any sense of self worth you have left.

      Let a dozen guys mock you.

      Point out all your flaws.

      Come on.

      Make the biggest mistake you’ll ever make.

      I’ll free you.

      I promise I’ll free you.

      I’ll leave you feeling so completely and utterly worthless that you’ll be delighted to match with some overweight balding loser with a dead end job.

      And I will not even have to lie to do it.

      And then you will finally know peace.

      • If a woman in that situation is actually extremely attractive then a highly desirable guy will want to marry her anyway. He’ll just think the LSWM’s blatherings are irrelevant.

        Per the studies I’ve seen, the more attractive a man is, the more likely he is to think that any given woman is attractive. Homely guys are the fussiest. I have never heard my husband say anything bad about the appearance of a woman; the most he did was once wince slightly at the mention of my aunt.

        I think the reason you are coming up with this gross stuff is because you don’t actually think that this is a real woman (and it probably isn’t). If you ran into a real woman you would be nice to her, even if she were crummy in the ways you describe.

        • >You are taking far too much DMT bro.

          Yes, Radagast.

          As your attorney, I can advise you that taking too many psychedelics, or taking just ONE at too often a frequency, is bad for the soul.

          (Not that I’m convinced you’ve ever plunged into the depths. You strike me as something of a dabbler who plays in the shallow end of the pool, c.f. our previous discussion regarding Salvia. But that’s a discussion for another day.)

  2. So you are just like everyone else. Veganism is just the other side of the coin destroying wild habitats and a privilege bestowed by our one-time inheritance of fossil fuels. No one can escape modernity.

  3. Back when I was young and was an ultra attractive female aspie (not that there was a word for it in those days), I could not have been an escort. Men wanted to marry me, not use me. The same was true with my mom, who is on the spectrum; she looked like a 1950s movie star (way more attractive than me), and she was always treated as marriage material. I think that when an attractive woman opens her mouth and reasoning comes out, it turns off the abuse inclination even in men who might be abusive otherwise. My mom and I usually asked guys out rather than being asked out since after all if you wait for some guy to ask you it is not at all likely to be the guy you are interested in; in fact the odds are about zilch that a guy who asks you out is going to suit you.

    So I am unsure that this person who is purporting to be a female aspie is in fact such. I don’t think an escort service would hire an aspie, because she would not say what the men wanted her to say; she would say exactly what she wanted to say. And that would be a huge turnoff for a guy who was strictly seeking entertaining sex, especially for money. But I know almost no female aspies so I could be wrong. I wonder if they are out there but I don’t recognize them.

    • Also, this person wrote: “I’ll bow out gracefully and let you have your space here.” I found those words very painful to read, because they are trite. I hate trite phrases. I have never heard my mother use one. There is a book from 1986 called “Momilies”; it is brilliant; it contains a list of the hackneyed assertions that mothers are purported to make. I read though a copy once and realized that my mother had never said a single one of them. And the one other female aspie I am certain of would cut out her tongue before saying something trite, other than ironically. However, if this person is not a native English speaker, it might not be trite to her/him.

      And, this person’s post are way too short. At least in my limited experience, female aspies feel the need to be really clear, and that usually requires more than a few lines.

    • >Back when I was young and was an ultra attractive female aspie

      See LSWMs, this is why you should never beat or abuse a woman.

      When they find out you do it to one of them, they line up in front of your house, waiting for their turn.

      I’m not falling for this.

      • Some are looking for abuse but most are looking for magic. I have an acquaintance who reproduced with a guy who never paid any child support and she had to seek a good job in order to feed the kid and then she decided to reproduce with him again because “he really, really wanted to be a great artist.” And then later she dated a guy who was a warlock. You may wonder, why would I want to date a cretin, but there are non-moronic versions of this. Life is so gross that a guy has to create a show to distract and give a woman something to think about. That is why guys brag. If you say, but I want her to want me just as I am!!! I will say in reply that you don’t want her just as she is, no matter who she is; you have expectations of grooming and behavior and taste in music and environmental concern that she might find annoying but she might decide to humor you.

        Saying that you will be vegan and never own a car or fly and so on is like the opposite of this. It is shoving miserable reality into the woman’s face. Bleagh. You can live that way but still come up with something that isn’t soul destroying to entertain a female with.

        • >Saying that you will be vegan and never own a car or fly and so on is like the opposite of this. It is shoving miserable reality into the woman’s face.

          I know.

          They hate it. Modern civilization is more woman’s fault, than man’s fault. Men dance to the tunes of femoids.

          Women want to live in this sheltered little bubble, like Marie Antoinette in her fake village.

          And the men have to go out there on their behalf and slaughter anything that threatens to disturb their little bubble.

          • I agree, you put that very well. In Marie Antoinette’s time there was just her and maybe a few other noblewomen like that, maybe, but in modern times there are shedloads of women like that. I once knew a fairly intelligent mathematician female who said stuff like “if the world were run by women there would be no wars, violence or exploitation… it’s men who are into that nasty shit:(”
            Are you going to write to or try to visit that shooter, “Fouad” or whatever he’s called? He might appreciate it. I heard Dutch prisons are comparatively pleasant, he might be feeling better inside than he did as a free citizen. That would be a win-win for him. Having taken revenge.
            Taking violent revenge used to be normal, even admired. At the start of Kim by Kipling the Afghan says “when I was 15 I had killed my man and begot my man”

          • >Are you going to write to or try to visit that shooter, “Fouad” or whatever he’s called? He might appreciate it.

            Would you give your address, to someone who is in jail for killing people?

            It’s just asking for trouble.

    • I think she has Asperger’s and also ADHD. The ADHD part knocks out self-preservation and they will get themselves into situations which people with only asperger’s do not end up in.

      • No, not ADHD. That would make sense, but I don’t think that is it. It is borderline personality syndrome that knocks out the ability to tell whether other people are terrible or not. Aspergers can give you a rule – stay away from bad-crazy people. When you have ADHD you may just live in the moment, moment after moment. But even then in each moment you still have that crucial rule.

          • I thought that male ADHD presented as little boys running around like maniacs, and female ADHD presented as little girls living in a dream state, and that that was why female ADHD was so under diagnosed (since they are not so annoying to everyone so no-one notices). So I am not so sure female ADHD involves impulsiveness, but rather the inability to concentrate on what one is expected to concentrate on. Women are more likely to be borderline than men are (or so it is said), and that involves flailing around doing terrible self destructive stuff. But there are so many variables, and of course the reproductive drive leads to crazy behavior in both men and women, and then it gets some label, but all it is is Nature making people crazier and crazier until they are desperately crazy enough to reproduce; that is selected for.

  4. Quote: “But a man has to eat.”

    “Food comes first, then ethics.” (Bertolt Brecht)

    This is the same lame ass excuse which people told me when I asked why they took the vax.

    • Let me take a guess.

      The company shows a good earning and has a healthy balance sheet, pay a dividend and the stock is undervalued.

      The company sells machinery that the market demands and the company has been around since 1963.

  5. So when you compromise you are smart, but when I point out that your extreme ideological position is not workable as stated and needs mild to moderate retooling to reflect what’s actually practical, I am a fool?

    Then you wonder why my respect for you has been slowly dwindling.

    Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you’re completely inconsistent, shitting on my ideas one week, then the next week shouting from the rooftops the exact things I have been saying the whole time, claiming anyone who disagrees is a moron, and not even having the common courtesy to apologize.

    At this point even if you started agreeing with me to the letter and giving me credit I’d probably still shit on you, because your personality is completely insufferable to deal with and you’re completely oblivious to it despite all the supposed empathy inducing psychedelics you’ve taken over the years.

    But remember, you’re alone and childless because you CHOOSE to be. Right.

    • >But remember, you’re alone and childless because you CHOOSE to be. Right.

      Imagine having children, when you spent your childhood wishing you were dead.

      Sorry, you’re just kind of innocent and ignorant.

      • I am no sort of irrational optimist but there are treatments for depression that didn’t exist twenty years ago. I can tell you that being a depressed little kid in the 1970s was not so great, even with parents who understood depression. I am not going to give personal anecdotes about my childhood depression but I knew someone who grew up in the 1950s in a very wealthy family and when she was little she used to sit at the end of their long driveway hoping to be run over by a car.

        But, I took Paxil for several years, about fifteen years ago, and it got rid of my depression and my social phobia. At a cost, of course; I can no longer appreciate poetry. And when I quit it the withdrawal symptoms lasted for over a year. But it was worth it. I have a neighbor whose son (now in his late 20s) was planning to kill himself about five years ago by dropping head first from their balcony, so she had to sleep between his bed and the window for six months until they got him on a good antidepressant. And they did; he is okay now. He’s just normally grim, as one should be due to the world, not unbearably depressed. I’m not saying that antidepressants are the answer for every person but the point is that this is like saying that you had cholera as a kid and so you don’t want to have kids since they will have cholera. With enough research and access to meds and empathy one can be reasonably assured of not having a depressed kid.

        Yes, yes, there are plenty of other reasons not to have kids.

  6. Radagast reminds me of a modernized, alternate universe Bill Hicks, who also used to rant about his disappointing co-ethnics (“LSWMs”), and who was known to say to his audience:

    “You MORONS. You FUCKING morons.”

    Except Hicks railed against their ignorance in matters of religion, pop-culture and such, whereas with Radagast it’s about climate change.

    “[That] argument doesn’t work with me, flapjack. Go back to your fucking crackerjack lifestyle, and I’ll meet you at the evolution bell-curve. I’ll be sitting there awhile. It’s kind of a tortoise-and-the-hare-story. (makes sound of crickets chirruping) “That’s Bill, waiting for people to catch up!” (crickets chirruping). ‘When is science is gonna save us, Bill?’ Oh, FUCK! (crickets chirruping) Take mushrooms, folks, squeegee your third fucking eye. (makes squeaking sound) The TV has clouded it over, OK? TV is like taking black paint to your eye. Chhhhhhhhhh! Take mushrooms. (makes squeaking sound) What do you think, mushrooms were here by accident? You think it’s a fucking accident mushrooms grow on cow shit? Where do you think ‘That’s good shit’ came from?
    Childbirth . . . isn’t natural. I’ll let that sink in. Childbirth isn’t natural. We’re not supposed to give birth. We’re not supposed to age or die. Did you know that? We’re supposed to live for ever. We’re supposed to be in a garden right now, leaning against a tree, naming animals, and the fact that you don’t know the name of every animal in the world tells me something. You know what it tells me? We left the garden too soon.”

    See 1:03:52 to 1:06:44

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