No ticket to the Doomsday bunker!😱[Video]

No this is not a suicide note, I’m just broadcasting my envy of this job-creating billionaire bunkerchad.


  1. James Hansen is currently writing his second book titled “Sophie’s Planet”. He is now saying that SRM is our only option left.

    It must have been pretty brutal where you are when it hit 40 degrees a few years ago, I assume most Dutch don’t have AC.

    But it doesn’t even matter if you’re Zuckerberg, you would start losing your mind after a few weeks underground without seeing the sun. Makes you wonder why he is choosing that option instead of a luxury yacht where he can sunbathe.

    • LSWM, the bunker is a smokescreen. He’s not gonna be there. Communities survive, communities that work together will form whatever civilization replaces this shitshow. I suspect he and a few of his billionaire buddies have quietly assumed control of some reasonably civilized country in the southern hemisphere, where they have installed a puppet government.

  2. I am glad this is not a suicide note and I know it’s against the rules but if you think an increase of 0.015% of CO2 will kill you you might be waiting a long time 🙂

    Never forget these people have more money than we could ever imagine so what do they do with it. Electric Jesus (musk) builds space ships so Zuckerberg and that clown who owns Amazon (forgot his name) build bunkers

    • Everyone has to deal with this in his own way.

      Some block the road, others build a doomsday bunker and some of you will go into your grave denying it.

  3. “I totally believe everything the media tells me. They would never lie to me.” – Radtard

    They been playing doom and gloom fear porn for a long time buddy.

    Fight the doom, become the Doomslayer.

    • Don’t worry, I have it from good sources (the Alex Jones show) that CO2 is a life giving gas and the globalists came up with this global warming hoax to raise taxes on low status white males.

      They built these bunkers to make their hoax look more credible. Oh and they used HAARP on Maui. Just paint your roof blue and the space lasers won’t destroy your house.

    • There is no hatch Wombat, i have been screaming “stop the bus i want to get off” for sometime now but they wont stop it.

      Its only a matter of time before nature stops it for me/us 🙁

      Hence why rich people build bunkers i suppose but i really dont see any reason to in existing beyond this moment. No point prolonging the inevitable and all that.

      • “I have been screaming “stop the bus i want to get off” for sometime now but they wont stop it.”

        Yes, it does seem like it’s all over but for the screaming.

        Although at least I’m not in NZ, or Hawaii.

        The final indignity for residents of those moistened postage stamps will be getting eaten by Morlocks/Molochs when they leave their underground lairs/bunkers in search of meat.

  4. Well, if someone seals the entryways and he can’t get out it’s game over. Except if Marc has thought of that and takes some boring equipment down with him. And a handyman to do the job.

  5. Yo, I’m back. And I had too my personel air conditioner climate doom.

    The station in the hospital for withdrawal treatment was full, so I got only a place in the psychiatry. Some were normal, some half-mad and some completely mad. The whole equipment is wrecked and all nurses overloaded.
    I was so bored that I started to be an amateur nurse and I was the only one who really did something for all those poor human wrecks. I guess I was good in my “job”, they all liked me and called me Peacemaker. It was always so damn hot there because the air conditioning was not active, too expensive.

    Then they said I have to move to the withdrawal treatment station, which is directly under the roof and even more hot. The air conditioning there of course disabled too, because those lazy drug addicts don’t deserve air conditioning. I panicked and fled the hospital and now I know it too, Rintrah, climate doom is really man made … at least in the hospital where I was.

  6. Rintrah, I want to tell you a story about white and brown people I experienced while I was a week in the psychiatry, because the station for withdrawal treatment was full.

    From the completely mad indigenous white people there everyone had a personal minder, whose work it was to prevent them doing crazy shit all day long, like grabbing everything they could grab, becoming aggressive or intrusive to others, or shitting and pissing on the floor. And the minder had to clean it up.

    You guess it: The minders are all brown people, because no one of the white nurses want to do this job. One had a pakistani minder, another an indian, and another an african.

    If it hadn’t been so serious and tragic, I could have laughed uproariously at it all day long. The best dark commedy I’ve ever seen, running round the clock.

    Rintrah, we really need the brown people if we don’t want our society to collapse.

    • I’m sorry Diogenes, but that sounds like a nightmare.

      But I believe all of life is a nightmare, so perhaps I’m just negatively biased.

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