Now you can see why the vaccines were a mistake

From the Guardian:

A first case in Europe of the new variant of Covid-19 has been identified in Belgium in an unvaccinated young adult woman who developed mild flu-like symptoms 11 days after traveling to Egypt via Turkey.

The patient did not report any links with South Africa or other countries in southern Africa. None of her family members have developed symptoms. The patient was said to have a high viral load at the time of diagnosis by researchers at the universities, KU Leuven and UZ Leuven.

This means it’s already everywhere. And it should be pretty obvious that the vaccines don’t work against this: Israel reported a positive case in a 32 year old woman who received her third shot two months ago.

The important thing to remember is that you don’t need a virus that evades 100% of the vaccine induced antibodies for the vaccine to fail. The vaxx developers are in full damage control mode on Twitter now, insisting that this is not necessarily a big deal. All evidence however suggests that the vaccines are going to fail against this variant. Of course you’ll still have some immunity against this variant from these vaccines, but there’s the problem: You always have some immunity. You already had some immunity from other corona viruses, but we know that some immunity isn’t going to do the trick.

If it evades most of your antibodies then it’s like sending off an army faced with overwhelming odds. These vaccines through original antigenic sin will prohibit your body from generating a more effective immune response. The spike protein now looks pretty much completely different and it’s now responsible for the majority of cases in South Africa, this took place at a speed far exceeding the rise of Beta and Delta.

Vaccinated people are now stuck with this mediocre immune response, that’s intended for a variant that no longer exists. This really looks like the scenario where you’re worse off being vaccinated than you are if you’re unvaccinated. And if this is somehow not yet the big one, the one that uses everyone’s highly identical immune response against the Wuhan version of the spike protein to its own advantage, then you can rest assured that when it grows dominant, it will be giving birth to descendants that will do the trick.

Let me grab an old study from Japanese scientists, who tried to answer the question: Under what circumstances do we see antibody dependent enhancement? That is, a situation in which the virus uses your overall vaccine induced antibody response to its own advantage, leaving you worse off than if you had never been vaccinated in the first place. They determined it’s pretty easy: You take Delta and you add these four mutations:

K417N, N439K, E484K and N501Y.

If you throw those four mutations into Delta, you have a version that uses your vaccine induced antibody response to its own advantage.

Does that ring a bell?

So let’s see:

-K417N: Bingo!

-N439K: No, but we have N440K which is a neighboring mutation and should perform the same trick of interfering with the antibodies.

-E484K: We have E484A, which means you have a mutation at the same spot, but resulting in a different amino acid, Alanine instead of Lysine.

-N501Y: Bingo!

In other words, its mutations look pretty much identical to what the Japanese scientists were warning would allow Delta to use your vaccine induced antibody response to its own advantage. Oops.

The vaccine manufacturers are saying they’ll need two weeks before figuring out whether the vaccines will need to be updated or not.  I don’t think you need two weeks to figure out these vaccines are useless against this thing. If healthy 32 year old triple vaccinated people are getting infected and spreading this thing, then your vaccine is useless.

This leads to a number of awkward questions: I thought you were going to update these vaccines for Delta? Now there’s a new variant, unrelated to Delta, but you’re going to update the vaccines for this new variant? Oh and what does that mean for the people who were scheduled to receive their booster to the original variant?

I give it two months at most, before you’ll be starting to see a consensus shift: These vaccines were a big mistake. Now you can see why. A new variant emerges that seems to have evolved in someone who was HIV positive while infected for an extended period of time with SARS-COV-2, giving the virus ample time to figure out an optimal solution to the vaccine induced immune response.

The other awkward question they don’t want to address is as following: How are you going to avoid an original antigenic sin response to your new variant specific strain? How do you make sure your new vaccine updated for this new strain isn’t just going to boost the antibodies originally developed against the original strain you vaccinated everyone against? They have no solution. In fact, this new strain spreads so fast that if it escapes our attempts to contain it (which all evidence suggests will be the case), the new variant specific vaccine will come far too late to make a difference.

And that’s when it gets ugly. With influenza, we have an age-stratified layered immune response: The influenza virus changes over time, so different age categories have different immune responses to influenza. If a new variant emerges that makes optimal use of one age category’s immune response, it won’t help it spread in other age categories.

For this virus, we injected everyone with vaccines that target an identical Spike protein. This means that most adults in the Western world now have a highly similar immune response to this virus. All it takes is one variant of this virus that figures out how to use that immune response to its own advantage and you’re faced with a disaster.

When you try to generate a highly identical immune response against this virus in everyone, to protect 0.3% of the population, you’re setting your whole society up for disaster when some variant of this virus comes into existence that isn’t affected by this vaccine induced immune response.

The vaccines were a mistake. You can’t develop a quick and easy fix to a problem like this. When you have a respiratory virus that kills around 0.3% of people it infects, overwhelmingly elderly people in poor health, then you’re better off asking yourself what leaves 0.3% of people unable to fight off this virus and focusing on addressing those underlying problems.


  1. Well, gee, to anybody with any knowledge of basic Biology or even an intuitive understanding of virus infections, this comes as – wait for it – NO SURPRISE.

    Problematic is the idea of original antigenic sin – that indeed takes extensive knowledge of immunology, and is unfortunately the more worrying of the two. In this way even people who have studied immunology (!) tend to think that if there is a new variant, all one must do is to update the vaccine. Oh, well. I have seen many of my colleagues in life sciences, who should have known better, fall for the scam.

    They’re going to target a different protein next, I bet. Not many of them left though, membrane, nucleocapsid, envelope. What else is there?

    • >They’re going to target a different protein next, I bet. Not many of them left though, membrane, nucleocapsid, envelope. What else is there?

      They probably will. However, by the time they have figured out the current vaccines no longer work, they’ve tested their new vaccine against a new protein and they have genuinely deployed these vaccines to hundreds of million of people, we’ll be another year down the line.

      I don’t see how they plan on fixing this.

      • Well I suppose they can’t fix it, but that’s why they signed contracts that exclude liability. What’s more interesting to me is how they are going to SELL it. If the vaccine doesn’t work with protein S anymore, why should it work with protein M?

        Or maybe they get lucky and original antigenic sin won’t be a problem, because the spike protein is so different that the old antibodies do not react to it anymore. Either way, anything that comes next is going to be capital E Experimental.

        • >Or maybe they get lucky and original antigenic sin won’t be a problem, because the spike protein is so different that the old antibodies do not react to it anymore. Either way, anything that comes next is going to be capital E Experimental.

          Or they get really unlucky and targeting the new spike protein means inducing antibodies that the other strains subsequently use to their advantage. Or the hCOV viruses use these antibodies to their advantage.

          That’s what we see in Dengue. There are four different strains and they all evolved away from each other, to make use of the antibodies induced by other strains. We don’t have a vaccine against Dengue, the experimental attempt at making a vaccine against Dengue backfired massively in the Philippines.

          Or hey, you vaccinate people against the Spike protein of this new strain and you induce a whole new autoimmune response. Nobody really knows what’s causing the myocarditis, but it seems like it may be an autoimmune thing.

          Ultimately, it’s really pretty fricking simple. We’ve never deployed a vaccine against a coronavirus, these things always failed in the animal trials.

          It’s a virus that doesn’t hurt 99.7% of the population, the only reason it causes us so much trouble is because we have inverted our demographic pyramid, with millions of people so old or obese that their immune systems can no longer keep a virus like this under control.

          We’ve seen viruses like this jump into our species before, it happened in the late 19th century even. You have two nasty flu seasons and you’re back to normal, with the population having built up the kind of highly diverse immune response that prevents any particular mutation from having a big impact on fitness.

          Normally, after your first infection with a corona virus you’re protected from reinfection for about a year. After that, you’re susceptible to infection again, but your risk of severe outcomes will have gone down by 90%. This is exactly what we see with this virus.

          It would have been really pretty simple. In March 2020 you tell the elderly to stay inside and take vitamin D, you let the young mingle and get sick. You have a spike in deaths and then you go back to normal.

          But nope, they screwed up, gave hundreds of millions of people a highly homogeneous synthetic immune response against the Wuhan spike protein and now whenever there’s any significant change to the spike protein they have to shut down the whole world, because we now have hundreds of millions of sitting ducks.

          You have to wonder: What did they expect was going to happen? Today it’s a HIV positive dude in Botswana sparking the next variant. Tomorrow it’s a HIV positive heroin addict in rural Russia. Next week it’s a Leukemia patient in Germany.

          Their solution seems to depend on some sort of perfect world in which the nations of the world cooperate to vaccinate 100% of the global population, thereby exterminating this virus despite these vaccines merely putting a small dent in transmission.

          • In my personal estimation, the myocarditis is possibly linked to the illness-like side effects of the vaccine. I say this because myocarditis is significantly more common after the second dose of mRNA injections, which is also where illness-like side effects are much more common. It’s also more common in young men, who, coincidentally, also generally suffer more from side effects due to a very active immune system. Since myocarditis can also result from a heavy case of influenza or similar viruses, I would assume it to be a “natural” by-product of a strong immune reaction to the vaccine. Systemic stress that puts the heart to its limit, something like that.

            Other theories state that the heart inflammations are a result of non-aspirated injections that go directly into blood vessels instead of muscle tissue (supposedly between 1-5% of all cases). According to the theory, the fattened mRNA accumulates in a part of the heart where blood moves slowly, and subsequently causes an autoimmune attack on heart muscle cells. Supposedly, this concerns young men so often because they have more blood vessels in their muscle tissue. If this was true, we should also see a lot of unspecific damage to capillaries, and thus, organs, with a loss of physical endurance e.g. due to lung capillary damage. I am not sure which theory best explains it, but have to admit that I do not know how influenza causes myocarditis either.

            Your strategy is right on. The vaccine could have been a good thing, if it were given to only the susceptible people Unfortunately, “normies” don’t understand that they have an immune system which can take care of respiratory illness. I have suggested what you have multiple times, adding that only sterile immunity can prevent transmission to old people, and so young people MUST get infected in order to protect susceptible folk. Unfortunately the media has spread so much fear and panic and has discredited all experts who were of this – arguably qualified – opinion, that everybody and his hamster was forced to believe that vaccinating everything that moves is the only way to ever get our freedom back. The “war” against the coronavirus can only be won with the “weapon” that is the vaccine, again, completely discrediting the immune system.

            I am currently duelling COVID and can only say it’s no different from any other respiratory illness. Note that the fearmongering hasn’t worked on me and my immune system remains undisturbed by the existential dread and naked terror so many suffer from.

          • Luckily, even if there is some OAS/ADE involved, it seems to be just with respect to viral load and transmissibility but not in terms of severity: all known cases are very mild. This is basically mother nature creating a vaccine for all of us. moderna, pfizer and the rest are freaking out because it seems nature brought a superior, free of charge product.
            Short moderna/pfizer and go long nature!

            Radagast, thank you for your blog! It’s much more than just the pleasure of reading it.

          • “It would have been really pretty simple. In March 2020 you tell the elderly to stay inside and take vitamin D, you let the young mingle and get sick.”

            I saw an interview with Knut Witkowski back then (now removed from youtube) where he said exactly this. We could have don’t this if those in charge had consulted the actual experts, and had an actual interest in people’s well-being.

      • >>>”I don’t see how they plan on fixing this.”

        I’ve reached the conclusion that ADE might not be the primary feature of these vaxxes (that would be the damage spikes cause to the endothelium throughout the body), but it is certainly not a bug. They will stick to the spike as the primary agent of attack because it is silently culling the masses with plausible deniability.

        There is nothing to fix, just activity for the appearance of doing something. Vaxxes are but one area of medicine where failure increases revenues.


  3. Do we have an understanding of how much the vaccines impact original antigenic sin? I suspect a good chunk of people were exposed to the virus early on, recovered without much symptoms, gained natural immunity, and then were vaccinated later. In that case would their body still have their natural immune system response or would they now be stuck with the vaccine induced antibody response?
    And would that last forever? Or would it lessen over time (as we see its effectiveness also wane over time).

  4. Leaving aside all considerations of the actual science involved, how far does one have to have one’s head up one’s hinder to accept an injection from Pfinedzer, unless the ONLY other option is instant death? I don’t know the history of Moderna or J&J is this regard, but I doubt it’s much better.

  5. It is a crime against humanity that the definition of immunity was changed by, I believe, the CDC. Immunity is now defined as something best achieved through vaccination and also a weaker response occurs naturally. I am paraphrasing.

  6. I was looking for that Japanese study earlier and couldn’t find it, even when searching with very specific terms in Google Scholar. Thanks for linking to it.

  7. > -E484K: We have E484A, which means you have a mutation at the same spot, but resulting in a different amino acid, Alanine instead of Lysine.
    > -N501Y: Bingo!

    Looking at Omicron on Nextstrain:

    Shows these S protein mutations:

    > S: A67V, H69-, V70-, T95I, G142-, V143-, Y144-, Y145D, N211-, L212I, G339D, S371L, S373P, K417N, N440K, G446S, T547K, D614G, H655Y, N679K, P681H, N764K, D796Y, N856K, Q954H, N969K, L981F

    Neither E484A nor N501Y are in the list.

    • I think that might be for the original “South Africa” variant. If you check the tweet linked in the post above, the OP Tom Peacock gives the full spike protein mutation profile in his thread.

  8. Thanks for the update. But the question I am interested in is not so much how the pandemic will evolve, but how the mass hysteria will.

    We can quibble all we want about the best way to manage this pandemic, but neither those in charge nor the populace at large look at evidence, value debate or are even really looking for a solution.

    They are just scared and are looking for someone to blame. Once they find somebody (anybody), they will punish them with righteous elan, while doubling down on the only strategies they can think of (lockdowns and vaccination).

    It does not matter to them that it will be the nth inconclusive lockdown and xth booster with a vaccine against a strain that has disappeared months ago. They are sure that the plan must work because they have heard it repeated so many times. That it does not work is the fault of the traitors among us.

    By the way: do you think that someone who had COVID and recovered is spared some of the side-effects of vaccination? If the vaccine does not protect you from illness, do think that you at least the illness will protect you from the vaccine?

    • As this is a religious matter, the search for the “sinner” is actually quite “natural” or let’s say, logical. Though we should have matured beyond that. I assume this is why past religions used human sacrifice. To put all sin and guilt on those who are then ritually killed, thus, divine punishment is realized, celestial justice restored. Jesus has died for our sins, but sadly people have forgotten about that.

      Unfortunately, the illness will not protect you from the vaccine. The second mRNA dose is much worse than the first, because antibodies are already present and a much stronger immune reaction is being mounted. The booster dose apparently has similar side effects to the second dose. If you already have antibodies from an infection, this will make the vaccine’s side effects worse. It will probably (hopefully) protect you from original antigenic sin, and the vaccine *should* not reduce your immunity against COVID. If you do get a jab, make sure whoever injects it aspirates first, i.e. makes sure that no blood vessels were hit.

      • > celestial justice restored
        I see your point, as also shared by Radagast in a previous post, but I disagree. Scapegoating worked that way before mass communication. Now, propaganda makes sure that the catharsis is never actually reached, and that the hate keeps mounting.

        The normies might very well end up locking up the unvaccinated, or exterminating them, but the propaganda will a) never show people what happened and b) keep pretending that everything is still the fault of the unvaccinated.

        Modern scapegoating actually broke the traditional scapegoating mechanism. Last time around, it was the Allied victory that allowed the sacrifice to be exposed. But had Hitler been able to negotiate a peace, I am pretty sure that the Germans “es immer noch nicht gewusst haetten”. And I doubt the Americans are going to save us from ourselves this time around.

        About the illness not being a remedy for the vaccine: you say that it will make the vaccine’s side effects worse, but can prevent OAS. That does not sound too bad. Anyway, I am already vaccinated and I do not think I had COVID before, so it does not apply to me.

        Do you know of anything else that can protect you from the vaccine? For example, prolonged fasting is discouraged at around the time of vaccination, because it might prevent the vaccine from working its magic. I have been wondering whether fasting can reduce the vaccine side effects (I do not mean the superficial ones, but OAS, ADE or more serious damage to the blood vessels). I have not found any information about it.

        • Catharsis can be reached in many ways; to those who hate the scapegoat, every hit in the face, every fined, locked in or shot person is one more step towards utopia. The other thing that unifies humanity, next to religion, is war. And currently, we have both.

          Vaccinating people who have had it is total madness – for the average respiratory disease, years to decades of immunity are expected after infection. The hype for “antibody titers” is as misguided as it is damaging.

          As for weakening the vaccine’s effects: just look for things that enhance the effects (there are lists online) and do the opposite. A three day fast will help your body recycle immune cells it doesn’t need, and weakens the immune response temporarily. So does physical exertion (in a stroke of cosmic hilarity, I am currently at home with COVID, which I caught after going for a run during a four day fast).

          Now I’ll have to advise care, because NO ONE actually knows the exact side effect mechanisms. I don’t know what happens when you weaken your immune response e.g. by drinking. Maybe that will also dilate or constrict your blood vessels, with unknown consequences.

          I will now list things that weaken your immunity and general response to vaccinations: stress, physical exertion, lack of sleep, drinking, smoking, unhealthy diet, anti inflammatory medication, starvation mode. There are likely a few I have missed.

  9. Update to my previous comment: Here seems to be an alternative sequencing:

    This does show those mutations:

    > Conserved Spike mutations – A67V, Δ69-70, T95I, G142D/Δ143-145, Δ211/L212I, ins214EPE, G339D, S371L, S373P, S375F, K417N, N440K, G446S, S477N, T478K, E484A, Q493K, G496S, Q498R, N501Y, Y505H, T547K, D614G, H655Y, N679K, P681H, N764K, D796Y, N856K, Q954H, N969K, L981F

  10. I agree with most what is said here although I doubt we will see ADE just yet but who knows. Original antigenic sin for sure. We already saw it triggering the emergence of Delta.

    What I completely disagree with is: “I give it two months at most, before you’ll be starting to see a consensus shift: These vaccines were a big mistake.”

    Governments around the world will never allow a change in consensus. Otherwise we would have stopped vaccinating in Summer 2021 when it was crystal clear that the vaccine does
    not stop infection or spread.
    What did they do instead: Approve it for younger and younger parts of the population.
    Young fit people who would NEVER even see a hospital from a distance because of COVID.

    Now they want to mandate it in Austria, Germany, and eventually the world. Are you blind!
    This has nothing to do with logic or science. They will continue down this dystopian
    path and no argument in the world will stop them.

    • Carsten, I am afraid you are right. I see the German press (live in germany at the moment) basically begging the politicians to introduce mandatory vaccinations. Still it is not all said and done and Radagast may turn right at the end (hopefully!!!) – if enough people refuse to get vaccinated or go along with the boosters what would they do? Put all unvaccinated in jail/camps – if a meaningful percentage of the population just says ‘NO’ they cannot enforce it. So the simple solution is: do not comply.
      Now, if an ADE, which is undeniable, shows up they are toast as well. I’d like to see the vaccine pushers f****d but if it is through ADE it would be a disaster for all of us.

      • I know a Georgi from Heidelberg. Probably not the same person 😉

        The truth is obvious and they won’t stop. Sadly, only when the vaccinated die like flies they will stop.

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