Nuclear energy is the only real climate solution

As we all know, global warming is a hoax. It’s not actually getting warmer, that’s all just a measuring artifact from the urban heat island effect. However, it’s also caused by the sun. And it’s also caused by the Earth’s core. And it’s also actually a good thing, especially with that new ice age coming up soon. And it’s also actually the fault of China and India, so we can’t do anything about it. And it stopped in 1998.

However, it’s also actually the fault of the anti-achievement anti-value woke mob/mind virus/religion, for protesting against nuclear power. Note: All low status white males freedom-loving patriots should make sure to check out the taxonomy chart below, to truly understand the evils of the woke religion!

And as a preachy vegan hysterical climate alarmist card-carrying member of the woke mob and devout adherent of the woke religion myself, carefully having studied every aspect mentioned on the woke taxonomy chart in woke Sunday school, I have to say I agree with these anti-woke hard-working freedom-loving patriotic alpha males.

I am pro-nuclear. Because so far, nuclear has a proven track record. There is no other form of energy production, that has created the sort of permanent wildlife reserves nuclear energy has. The wolves today run freely through the Chernobyl nuclear exclusion zone.

Now I’m not talking about generating electricity. France is a net energy importer that’s finding out that nuclear energy needs a source of fresh water. Turns out the hysterical alarmist hoax makes your rivers run dry. Or at least until we get that new ice age I guess.

No, nuclear energy is very good at reducing carbon emissions, without ever having to generate electricity. Have a look at how the Russian armed forces are hard at work to reduce Ukraine’s carbon footprint:

It turns out anyone can keep your country hostage, by seizing one of your nation’s nuclear power plants. All they need to do, is wait for the wind to blow in the right direction. Then when you plan on reconquering your lost territory after they run out of people to throw into the meatgrinder, they can blackmail you: “Either you stop right now, or an ‘accident’ happens.”

And see there’s the thing. If a nuclear bomb detonated in Kiev, it would be obvious who is responsible. But if the spent fuel pools in this power plant collapse and both sides blame each other, with the Russians insisting that “someone” was “shelling” the power plant, what are you going to do? Are you really going to invoke article 5?

The Ruskis are quite willing to use Polonium to murder some old FSB agent in the middle of Britain. Do you think they would be willing to drone-bomb your spent fuel pools? How would you go about proving it was Putler all along?

Remember, it’s not in the reactors that melt down, but in the spent fuel pools where the real fun stuff is stored: The old rods that have to be kept cool for a very long period or they start blowing their jizz all over your face. If I can Google that, so can the Ruskis.

If you think the Chernobyl exclusion zone is a great way to reforest the planet, wait until you find out what a spent fuel pool fire can do:

I co-authored a report in 2003 that explained how a spent fuel pool fire in the United States could
render an area uninhabitable that would be as much as 60 times larger than that created by the Chernobyl accident.

Very based. Uncle Ted (pbuh) would approve.

My goal now is to form a kind of pro-nuclear hoof-iron alliance between preachy vegan hysterical climate alarmists on the one hand and low status white males opposed to the woke religion on the other hand: Regardless of whether it generates carbon neutral electricity or not, mother nature benefits from nuclear energy, the gift that keeps on giving.

One moment you live in a province of the Soviet Union. The next moment you’re at war with another former Soviet province. And they’re using the nuclear power plants built on your territory, to salt the Earth.

But hey, that could never happen here, right LSWMs?

It’s not as if Europeans have a habit of getting stuck in pointless wars with each other. I don’t know what happened in Yugoslavia, but that was in the 90’s, so basically during the dark ages. And I wouldn’t count on mass-migration triggering new conflicts either.

I mean, it’s not like the Hindus and Muslims are already duking it out over their conquered spoils:

In all seriousness, the median construction time for a nuclear power plant is 7.3 years.

So if you begin building a nuclear power plant today, it will be done by 2030. And then they’re supposed to operate for 40 years. So building them today means planning for the year 2070. What will Europe look like in 2070? Hint: Allahu akbar!

Here’s a question: Why are women so stupid and irrational? How can they look at this and not understand we’re dealing with some real green energy here?

Why are women always clutching their crystals and believing in ghosts and other nonsense, when us smart rational scientific STEM-studying men with very non-receding hairlines realize we should be painting a giant red target in our country for the Russians until 2070?


  1. Quote: “As we all know, global warming is a hoax.”

    No, CO2 induced global warming was a hoax, but core induced global warming is real.

    But I’m willing to join your “pro-nuclear hoof-iron alliance” as long as we can agree not to use fission reactors anymore, because they can explode like in Fukushima.
    I’m a big fan of the new so called “Dual-Fluid” reactor design. It can’t explode and can burn any kind of radioactive waste. You don’t need fuel rods which must be stored after use for a long time in water pools.

    Just throw anything into a basin full of molten lead, and get the energy. We can even dig out all old atomic waste as valuable fuel for this type of reactors.

    • >But I’m willing to join your “pro-nuclear hoof-iron alliance” as long as we can agree not to use fission reactors anymore, because they can explode like in Fukushima.
      >I’m a big fan of the new so called “Dual-Fluid” reactor design.

      I agree, Fukushima was nuclearism-fissionism, which is a distortion of real nuclearism as set out by Karl Atomx in the nuclearist manifesto.

      Real nuclearism has never been tried.

  2. As a LSLIQWM, I’m completely on board with your proposed alliance for the proliferation of nuclear power. If things go right for the LSWM and wrong for the preachy vegans, we get unlimited power and humanity will finally break free from the shackles of Earth’s natural order to spread out into the stars. If things go the other way, the natural order gets rid of us and Earth can finally take a break after 50k years of putting up with us. I think in the investing terminology this is what they call a “barbell strategy”.

    • >As a LSLIQWM [proceeds to write a bunch of dumb crap only low IQ low status white males could believe]

      Every comment like this is getting approved. Humility goes a long way guys.

      >we get unlimited power and humanity will finally break free from the shackles of Earth’s natural order to spread out into the stars.

      In all seriousness, do LSWMs genuinely still believe in the Muskoid space fantasy?

      You realize there’s nothing out there for you right? Your body is not designed to handle zero gravity and space radiation. You can barely make it to the moon and if you do make it there you return as some kind of cripple.

      LSWMs really need give up on the technofetish.

      I think this technofetish LSWMs have starts because you guys buy your wife a hitachi magic wand and it’s the first time you actually see her orgasm so you become convinced technology can solve everything.

  3. Speaking of LSWM check out this one: Just look at those chubby cheeks, the dead eyes, the asymmetrical face, the thin beard and bald head. Clearly a loser who will never get a date unless it is with another omega male like himself.

    Now contrast that wreck with the dynamic leader of the fight against Global Warming! Michael Mann will be the one who will wake up the world to its dangers and save it from the existential danger we all face.

  4. You’re becoming predictable and tedious. The fiction essays remain entertaining, but the droning climate stuff is weak tea. You preach dismantling industrial progress. How is that accomplished without causing massive poverty and death? I am interested in hearing your insights about that. What goes away (semi conductor fabs?), and what stays or is replaced? Who decides? The uniqueness of your prose is slipping. I hope it refreshes.

  5. Shellenbergers thing is full retard.

    Not sold on nuclear power but don’t buy the Ukrainian spies claim either, if the Russian government wanted to wipe out people there or salt the earth hey would have done it by now. Poisoning an area that would affect them would make no sense.

    I am also increasingly skeptical of the Chernobyl story, I am convinced it was American or other actor based sabotage and an agreement was made to keep quiet to keep both parties reputation intact. Official story just does not make sense.

  6. Radagast, maybe time to lay off some of the drugs or something ok?

    I say this as someone who likes you and thinks you’re on the right track most of the time. But your writing lately has been all over the place. Please don’t reply with snark, I’m concerned and I’m trying to help.

    For what it’s worth mate.

    • People always tell me to “lay off the drugs” when I’m “laying off the drugs”.

      The problem is that I’m “laying off the drugs”.

      When I take drugs I just look normal and happy. When I don’t take them you people think I’m on drugs.

      • So the obvious solution – take more drugs. Get on it, and lay off the vegan bullshit too. There are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. They’re all natural. Guess which you are?

        • >So the obvious solution – take more drugs.

          You should’ve just smashed “post comment” after this, because it’s immediately downhill after this. In fact, this is probably the smartest thing you’ve ever said. And that’s perfectly fine, because it is a quality insight.

          It’s ok to be a one-hit wonder, even Thom Yorke will have to spend the rest of his life hearing drunk people ask him to play Creep. That doesn’t mean you can never contribute something good again to humanity. It just means you’ll forever be haunted by the best thing you ever did.

          You will forever be haunted by this insight you posted on my blog. From now on, every time you write something, you’ll try to outdo yourself, but you probably never will.

          Next time you want to comment, do me a favor and ask yourself: “How does this new comment compare to the height of my intellectual achievement?” If it involves defending animal abuse, that means it’s nowhere near as good as your best work.

  7. Humanity is not even capable of this plan any more, sarcasm not needed.

    The Stalin era dam in Ukraine has collapsed and will not be replaced. Technology is falling off. Smart phones are the only new thing in a while, and they have some of highest uptake in the third world. Why? Because it’s a technology robust against everything not working. Technologies that require massive infrastructure and stable social institutions are dead.

    “Renewables” is meaningless word; real characteristic of this technologies is “distributed”. Same thing. Grid can collapse but your windmill keeps turning, your panel keeps glowing.

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