Oh no, Bolsobros!

Well let’s see.

Bolsonaro became president on January 2019 and immediately everything went to shit.


Bolsonaro has been an outspoken champion of mining the Amazon since his presidential campaign in 2018, promising to unearth the rainforest’s vast mineral wealth. His pro-mining stance has garnered vast support from prospectors. He is widely expected to run for re-election in October.

Brazil has large reserves of potash underground in the Amazon rainforest, including in and around lands inhabited by Indigenous people, whose concerns have held up some mining projects for years.

Last month, Bolsonaro issued two decrees to drive gold prospecting with a focus on the Amazon rainforest.

Or see:

President Jair Bolsonaro defended on Thursday (19) breeding cattle on indigenous lands to reduce the price of meat in the country.

He said he intends to include regulation of commercial agriculture and livestock on indigenous lands in the proposed release of mining activity.

We’ve come a long way since the Austrian vegetarian emo boy with the funny moustache was bullied into committing suicide in a Berlin bunker. Right wing politics today revolve around eating beef and pork, whatever stops them from drowning their misery in more beef and pork has to be destroyed. That’s literally it. Their last stand is that they don’t want their children to be brainwashed by creepy drag queens into having their genitals cut off, but they’re even losing that battle so now they just want to drown their misery in a haze of benzos, opioids and beef.

If you expose yourself to enough social media algorithms you’ll find Jordan Peterson’s daughter and you’ll literally end up eating nothing but beef and salt to own the libs until you start having bloody liquid diarrhea. You can even find them posting the Yes chad when they see some study saying most people would rather die young than stop eating beef. These people just want to slowly euthanize themselves by clogging up their arteries and they’ll bring the whole world down with them if they have to.

And so I’ll make it easy: Best thing would be a novel coronavirus jumping from bats in the Amazon forest into Brazilian cattle farmers. But second best thing is Bolsonaro getting kicked out of office.


  1. You know it’s weird. But I have the same values as Bolsanro except I am an environmentalist like J.RR Tolkien.

    And no. I don’t endorse not eating a balanced meal with low refined carbs and sugar.

  2. Rada, you should google vitB12 deficiency. I prefer dying of CV accident in my 50s(although i don’t eat beef more that 3-4 times a year) than battling pernicious anaemia and permanent damage to my peripheral neuro system.
    Tbf i really do enjoy your blog and your writing style but you are turning into an extremist. Please note i don’t argue your thesis but solely criticising your argumentation per se, you are turning into those NPCs with sunglass profile photos from their cars but with an opposite sign. They have completely shut their capability to rationalize any other data or opinion different from their own. This is what extremism boils down to – having single view on particular topic which is impenetrable to any facts.
    By the way have you read articles on comparative evolution? It seems that we are who we are (and not apes with ape like iq and abilities) because of meat and especially cooked meat.

  3. Funny how the only piece of data in this article completely refutes everything you wrote. The trend of increased deforestation clearly started before Bolsonaro’s term. You talk so much about people being brainwashed by the media and yet swallow the entire anti-Bolsonaro narrative without even blinking. So cool that these days people can freely choose which parts of the propaganda they’ll accept and which they’ll reject.

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