Omicron benefits from mass vaccination: A comparison between countries

Everyone is focused on the war in Ukraine right now, but I only really bother posting on Twitter about that. Instead I wish to make a pretty simple point today that requires little elaboration: Whereas Delta broke through the waning vaccine induced immune response, Omicron benefits from it. That is, we have now entered the brave new world in which mass vaccination is causing mass infection with SARS-COV-2.

To illustrate this, I think it’s useful to look at countries with different vaccination rates and to ask ourselves the following question: How do the different waves compare to each other in height? What I’m arguing is that countries that have not practiced mass vaccination, have an Omicron wave that is of comparable height to the Delta wave.

On the other hand, countries that have vaccinated most of their population, are seeing an Omicron wave that led to anywhere around ten times as many infections during its peak and most worrisomely, appears to stay stuck above the peak of the Delta wave, something that doesn’t happen in countries with low vaccination rates.

So first we’ll look at some mostly unvaccinated countries and see what happened there.

Here’s Bulgaria, with 30% of its population fully vaccinated:

We see a wave that peaks at about twice the Delta wave.

Here we see Algeria, with a 13.7% full vaccination rate:

We witness a wave that peaks at around 1.4 times the Delta wave and sharply declines again.

Here we see South Africa, which has a 29% vaccination rate:

It peaks at roughly the same height as the Delta wave.

And now we’re going to look at countries that have vaccinated almost their entire population.

Here we have Portugal, which has vaccinated 91% of its population:

Its cases now peak at around 15 times the Delta wave.

It’s worth mentioning that Portugal was the media darling, because of their high vaccination rate. Their prime minister predicted in July they were on track for herd immunity and would be able to drop all measures soon.

Here we see Denmark, another highly vaccinated nation, with 81% of its population fully vaccinated:

The Delta wave can barely be spotted, Omicron peaks at around fifty times the Delta peak.

Here we have Israel, another highly vaccinated country that was first to begin giving people booster shots:

Israel’s Omicron wave peaked at around ten times Delta, but importantly, it appears to drop down to a baseline that is still above the 7-day peak of the Delta wave. Denmark is not done dropping yet, but Portugal appears to similarly stay stuck at a high base of continuing infections, that exceeds any of its previous waves.

Whereas in Algeria, Bulgaria and South Africa Omicron appears to decline to very low levels again, the highly vaccinated nations are seeing infections stay stuck at a level above any of the previous waves. Testing is never a precise indication of levels of virus in the community, because people only get tested under certain circumstances, but we can also take a look at RNA in sewage to see what’s happening.

Here is RNA in sewage of the Netherlands, another relatively highly vaccinated country:

So the general pattern tends to hold. The Omicron variant of SARS-COV-2 remains widespread in countries that have practiced mass vaccination, but not in countries that have not practiced mass vaccination.

More copies of the virus represents more opportunities to try out different mutations.

So, I will repeat what I have said before:

A vaccine against a novel coronavirus with high potential for variability, that generates non-sterilizing immunity for around six months, erodes natural immunity and is given indiscriminately to ~80% of the Western world’s population will lead to a longer and deadlier pandemic.

In fact, we see that Scotland has stopped publishing its statistics, because the same numbers that showed protection against death through the Delta wave have stopped showing protection now that Omicron has grown dominant.

A chronic infection that has evolved to overcome your antibody response is a big problem for a number of reasons. To start with, chronic viral infections lead to T-cell exhaustion. This is a gradual process, that eventually makes it easier for this virus to spread through your body. Second, COVID-19 is better thought of as a vascular disease that damages your endothelium than as a respiratory disease. This is for example why we see increased risk of stroke in people who suffer mild infections, for weeks after the infection.

If, at this stage in the process, you would still want to reign in this pandemic, then the way to do it would be to start a campaign of mass prophylactic treatment. There are certain dietary factors that have made SARS-COV-2 much milder in Africa and East Asia than in Western nations, an important aspect seems to be the fact that plant proteins, particularly legumes, contain natural protease inhibitors that hinder viral replication when they are not cooked at excessively high temperatures.

Unfortunately, governments just seem eager to pursue the sort of policies that are making the situation worse. There is nobody who can prove to you that vaccinating naturally immune people will help protect them from SARS-COV-2 in the long run, in fact I have already shown you the evidence indicates that vaccination destroys natural immunity and thus sets people up for reinfections. And yet, the governments continue injecting people with these vaccines, not even bothering to check whether the recipients have already developed natural immunity against this virus.

You can expect that the outcome of this mistake will be very deadly.


  1. Rintrah, thanks for writing about it. Just a word of warning: When I wanted to write about it (which I did not), I looked at death charts for these countries, the low vax countries looked less favorably.

    Another thing that I realized was that the vax prevented a lot of Delta cases.

    Note that higher death rates may be due to the low-vax countries being poorer, and thus having less developed medical facilities. It is hard to decipher.

    I am certain that in the long run the “Covid Vaxx” is a terrible Faustian bargain, where a temporary protection was traded for a permanent immune system damage and deprogramming, and caused more variants to appear, with yet more to come, and reinfect the vaccinated.

    • Countries that have low vaccination rates also tend to have worse healthcare available to the average person. That could be a confounder to why low vaccination countries have higher mortality rates.

      • This is abs true. In Bulgaria the average life expectancy is 10Y less than that in Israel. Also the hospitals are corrupted top to bottom: they get paid extra money for treating covid patients so they were basically putting every patient that somehow resembled a covid symptoms immediately to the covid wards effectively killing them if they actually had some different threatening condition. So those bastards were infecting elderly seriously ill patients with covid and hence were killing them. There are some good GPs providing sensible early/home treatment protocols but the huge majority was just sending people at home and telling them to take paracetamol. The vast majority of my friends there had covid and luckily all of them had a mild disease. But the old, unhealthy and lonely elderly people were slaughtered. It brakes my heart! There was some seriously bad karma accumulated in the last 2 years.
        On the optimistic side, people in Bulgaria have absolutely no trust at all in the elites and therefore the vaxx rates are so low. They would have been so low even if the vaccine was the youth elixir itself – whatever the elites push for, ordinary Bulgarians silently resist. There is a quasi-inteligencia in the cities that believe in EU, Biden, Woke-ism and they took the vaccine, but they were not at serious risk from this disease never the less.

    • >Rintrah, thanks for writing about it. Just a word of warning: When I wanted to write about it (which I did not), I looked at death charts for these countries, the low vax countries looked less favorably.

      Well I suppose it depends on where you look, but when I take a look at Algeria, I’m looking at a total death toll of 6820 people, currently hovering around 10 people per day, a fraction of the Delta wave.

      On the other hand, the United States had its third deadliest month in January. They’re highly vaccinated, but the booster uptake is much lower than in most of the other highly vaccinated countries.

      I have the impression that highly vaccinated countries like Denmark, the Netherlands and Portugal suffer high rates of infections among the double vaccinated segment of the population, with the boosted elderly currently still enjoying some protection against infection that lasts for a few months.

      Once that protection wanes, I expect they go back to suffering a high death toll again too. If we look at Israel in particular, where the third shot has had sufficient time to wane and many skipped the fourth shot, the death toll is already looking pretty grim.

      • To clarify, all of these mRNA injections with the Wuhan spike protein are a mistake, even in the elderly. However, they do succeed at kicking the can down the hall by a few months, at the cost of greater pain once the antibody response wanes. Seen through that light, all of the numbers we observe in different countries start to make sense.

    • “Another thing that I realized was that the vax prevented a lot of Delta cases.”

      The cmRNA vaccines are coded with Pseudouridine, an isomer. As such, ALL of the resulting antigen (spike proteins/T-bacilli/prions) will be isomeric. So will the antibodies. ICU cases of Covid-19 are caused by two lethal antibodies: REGN10987 and B38. The immune system will be sabotaged to produce excessive, huge amounts of isomeric abs (especially binding isomeric abs), thus it will fabricate fewer normal abs (among which we can count the two lethal abs mentioned above). That is how they got away with claiming “the vax protects against severe cases of Covid-19”. However, now, the vaccinees have a huge amount of isomeric abs which are awaiting an activation (to become truly misfolded, neurotoxic). Activation = a thermal shock.

      • “As such, ALL of the resulting antigen (spike proteins/T-bacilli/prions) will be isomeric.”

        I don’t think that is how it works. Why would the resulting fabricated be isomeric? The pseudouridine isn’t in the resultant antibody. The supply of it is also limited to the vaccine RNA.

        • Go to the important-when-you-get-vaccinated-you-lose-your-natural-immunity thread.

          Read my comment dated February 11, 2022 7:36 pm.

          The resulting proteins must be isomeric, since Pseudouridine is an isomer of Uridine, that is, the helices of the amino acids will have a different configuration/chirality than if those amino acids had been coded with Uracil. Then, of course, the resulting binding antibodies will be isomeric as well. There will be trillions of isomeric spike proteins produced. Now, the vaccinees have a huge quantity of isomeric binding abs in their organisms which are awaiting an activation, a thermal shock. Basically the spike proteins are Reich’s T-bacilli. Both the spikes and the abs can become prions (full T-bacilli form), with a dextrorotatory chirality, should a thermal shock be encountered. Thermal shock = simultaneous volcanic eruptions.

  2. I appreciate you not covering the spergout in ukraine. I personally have a long list of books, shows and games backlogged and I decided I’d rather hole up and do that until mid summer rather than hear nothing but “ukraine, ukraine, ukraine” for months. I remember how fucking sick I got of hearing about muh holocough during the hoax year, and I don’t want to repeat it. Normies fuck off

  3. Think you have a typo in your next to last paragraph. You wrote:

    And yet, the governments continue injecting people with these vaccines, not even bothering to check whether the recipients have already developed natural immunity against this vaccines.

    Otherwise great article.

  4. I’m in zoom meetings all day. Through Jan and Feb the popular small talk was someone commenting that they had just recovered from CvD19, their whole family got it etc. The consistent thing was the being vexxed and usually boosted and the undertone of confusion.

  5. @Sandokhan
    I thought about Spike as a method we use elsewhere. Sleeper cell is a method to describe, but also in military the idea of “thermal” imaging. Also referred to “painting” a target.

    By biology or technology what if spike is really just the beacon that either attracts the next virus OR blows when the right heat signal hits it.

    Is Spike the equivalent of Pac Man’s Pellets or Thermal Imaging for a tactical strike by other means?

    I’m not beyond suspecting plans within plans here. Digital ID is the plot, spike is the subplot.

    What if the subplot writer was more sinister?

  6. Hello Radagast,
    Yet another very good article, thank you. The conclusions you come to are very close to the warnings of Dr. Geert van den Bossche for the mass vaccination campaign.

    I am a Bulgarian and I have lost someone very close from my family in there during this crisis. Unfortunately, the statistical numbers there cannot be taken literally, they are biased. There is a lot of skew for how the politicians are willing to drive this. Let’s talk about Bulgaria…

    As for the number of positive covid tests, first thing is a lot of people do not test there at all, tests are all paid by the people and a lot of people also do not want to take part of all of this, so even with symptoms they will not test.
    Second thing with covid tests is, if the politicians are willing to give the impression that the numbers are going down(for example for tourism, opening of the winter ski season or summer sea season), they would order the regional health inspection to advise family members of positive tested to not test, but assume they are positive and stay home, which again skews the final statistics as family members do not reflect anywhere officially as being positive and they are.

    Now, let’s move on to hospitalizations and death. Why is it very good you did not cover this in the post, but someone asked in the comments? Because death rate over there is absolutely useless for the corona virus statistical reasons. Forget about it.

    First on death, the country does have one of the highest death rate in the whole world even before the covid crisis. Some say it is due to the population age, others blame the health system, in the end it is very complex and cannot be easily concluded. However, in the aspect of covid here is what happens, and I know it is not the only country in the world where this has been happening, unfortunately.

    Hospitals have been recently converted to financial institutions that receive funding based on certain treatment they carry on. The more expensive treatments they do, the more money they receive, which can then internally be spread around based on the local hospital leadership discretion. So when covid became a thing, this was a beneficial treatment for them as it was very well paid. So it was very important that hospitals had more patients ‘classified’ as covid positive due to financial incentives. The more – the better!?

    The GPs were doing no real patient – doctor inspections, but prescribing from day 0 of positive test 1, 2 or even 3 different antibiotics over the phone. As you can imagine, this only speeds up the time a patient gets worse, as covid is a virus not a bacteria. Then when the patient gets into hospital, stay conditions and treatment are so bad that if a healthy person will have to go through this, I would doubt they could, just to spend a couple of weeks staying there, not to mention if someone who is sick with corona, has been scared to death from corona(due to high death rate in the country), is all alone(no family or relatives allowed in for a visit), has otherwise a normal(clean and tidy) living standard and right now is with low blood saturation and does not feel well at all. People quickly get worse and worse, the antibiotics continue to change every 5 days and then they are hooked up on the ventilators in the ICU basically awaiting their death toll.

    Due to lack of hospital beds even people who had to go into a hospital due to other urgent problems were mixed with covid patients, then infected with the virus so in the end the numbers of covid in hospital patients kept growing. The lack of any ‘acceptable’ hospital care made hospitals not a place where one could have a chance to survive, but a place where one was just brought to die!

    Bulgarian medical system is in a collapse. It is broken beyond repair. One would rather die at home than go to a hospital in Bulgaria. This is what happens when corruption in the highest levels of the parliament has been all over the place for the last 30 years of democracy… So do not even try to consider covid death in Bulgaria for statistical reasons, this is doomed to fail as it is all skewed and biased.

    • Absolutely, agree on this! I am from Bulgaria as well and it is exactly as described. Even worse – people with other conditions were deemed covid patients just to squeeze more money from the system.
      Very close relative of mine had an urgent medical condition and the emergency team said she had covid so they would bring her in the covid ward in the local hospital. It is almost sure this would have killed her. She refused, and with the help of relatives she was transported to a sensible hospital where she was properly diagnosed and cured but this took time and the whole thing could have gone south.
      I wonder how many were effectively killed by this scam.

  7. I just saw a tweet about and explosion of cases in S. Korea and how it’s being ignored in the media. Similarly, I’m curious what you think about Singapore. It’s the place I haven’t seen any analysis on at all.

    In 2020, they reported about 60k cases and around 30 deaths. It’s Singapore, so one has to assume they are competent and probably telling the truth. They lag in vaccines into mid-summer 2021, and then do a big push on them and go from about 40% to 85% vaxxed from early July to early August. Then they get a massive outbreak cranking around mid-September, and have 600 dead by the end of November. Then about a month ago Omicron starts really going and they double their total pandemic cases since then. They reported 30 deaths just from 2/23-2/25, as much as in all of 2020.

    Obviously, the vax is driving the recent situation. I guess my question is, how did 2020 go as it did for them vs. what’s going on now? And maybe likewise for S. Korea. I know you’ve said East Asians have natural resistance, but maybe the vax is negating that?

    • I’m in Singapore. The US embassy actually listed SG as a ‘red / high risk’ location for a while, as the govt was actively discouraging people from testing or reporting their positive ART tests – “just isolate and recover at home with panadol, unless you’re dying and then go to the hospital”. Sound familiar?

      So due to that, SG now uses ART to test more folks in the clinics, but you still aren’t encouraged to report in +ve test. So the numbers here are pretty much understated.. real numbers 2X, 3X? Who knows.. but I use Denmark as the template, as we’re even more highly vexed.. and crazily boosted. So I expect the death numbers to climb. Pretty much all the vex folks here are getting sick in turn.. so this thing has a while to run yet.

      Recently, some well-known local online media folks have actually started to say that hey, maybe the ‘anti-vaxxers’ have a point about vex side effects. Prior to this, you weren’t allowed to question “safe and effective”, despite non-covid ICU being filled at record levels since Nov ’21.

      I do a lot of my own analysis, and as feared, as the sitaution for the vex gets worse, the govt stops releasing ever more data. Right now, I can’t even get the monthly death totals for up to Dec ’21. The data release is way way way behind schedule – I wonder why /s. The latest data I have is up till Sept ’21, and it was looking grim with all the excess deaths that I was tracking (and covid deaths was only 1/3 or less of the excess).

      So no, don’t expect to do any meaningful analysis from SG data, as the elites here are just as incompetent as the ones in the west… they went to school in the same places, are the same type of empty talking heads… it was institutional inertia that allowed SG to ‘function’ well.. but things are collapsing bit by bit as in the west.

      SG was also the only SE Asian country to quickly and loudly proclaim against ‘Russian aggression’ …. as I said, same type of empty suits as in the west.

  8. Hey Rintrah, you wrote a nice piece on the vector vaccines being a gene therapy. You rightfully limited yourself to the vector vaccines but apparently it has been proven now that the mRNA shots in fact, by reverse transcriptase, do have the capability to modify the DNA of a line of human liver cells. It is absolutely shocking actually.
    This could potentially mean the vaxxed could express the spike in their bodies forever. It could be in fact also the case for the recovered …ö

  9. Everyone on substack is discussing and commenting on the paper just published regarding the DNA modification of a line of cells. Yet, no one seems to understand a very important fact: the cmRNA vaccines are coded with Pseudouridine, an isomer of Uridine. This means that the spike proteins will be isomeric as well (as will the antibodies). The result of this is that the situation is much worse than that described in the paper: the heat shock proteins.

    Sars-Cov-2 and M. bovis include identical genome sequences which include heat shock proteins. During a thermal shock, these proteins will be activated (as will the binding isomeric antibodies), with huge consequences on the DNA transcription phenomenon.

    “The response to thermal stress in yeast is one of the most dynamic examples of transcriptional control known. Within 1 to 5 min of temperature upshift (30°C to 39°C), dramatic changes in protein-DNA interactions take place within HSP gene promoters, and these are accompanied by equally dramatic increases in transcription.”

    “Lipid mediated gene transfer (lipofection) has been widely used to transfer genes into various cell types (1–4). Lipofection works very well in many cell lines, resulting in high transient transfection efficiencies (our observations). However, the rate of DNA integration into the genome following lipid-mediated transfection is relatively low (5) as compared to other methods, such as retroviral systems. This inefficient integration has been thought to be a major disadvantage of plasmid vectors and has limited their use in gene therapy trials.

    We have attempted to overcome this hurdle by achieving higher rates of stable integrants in lipid-mediated transfections through treating the transfected cells with a mild heat shock.”

    “Another factor commonly overlooked is the fact that bacteria produce reverse transcriptase via retrons, suggesting possible viral-bacterial interaction. Indeed, LPS is known to strongly impact the process:
    “When we stimulated spleen cells with lipopolysaccharide (LPS), L1 mRNA levels apparently increased about 4-fold in the presence of AID and about 17-fold in its absence””

    There is also this: “the possibility of telomerase HTERT, which is a reverse transcriptase enzyme, having any potential to insert the mRNA spike protein sequence into telomeric DNA.”

    • Sandokhan:

      No, they won’t. The tRNA in the translation process will effectively “launder” the isomerism away. For the proteins to be different, all of the other translation machinery in the cell would have to have isomeric variants that just sit unused.

      Put simply, no, the modRNA produces a normal protein, regardless of the use of isomer nucleotides, because the cell has no way to produce an isomeric protein.

  10. Please consider Substack account for more convenient following and wider subscriber base.

    Thank you very much for your very interesting and informative cvd19 covering.

  11. Denmark and to some extent Norway have really high death rates now (compared to previous waves).
    Of course they both claim that COVID is no longer a dangerous disease, while for the past year and a half
    with less (absolute) mortality (CFR is obviously lower with Omicron) they had pretty sever restrictions.

    Upside down world? Or they are just lying to themselves and silently admitting they mad a mistake.

    Of course, both claim that vaccines work.

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