On overcompensation

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Sorry, I have to point this out.

You can spend your whole day sharing racist memes together on Twitter, you can tattoo swastikas on your forehead, but if you were against the 1st lockdown in March 2020 from the start, if you immediately knew “this is wrong”, you don’t have it in you to be a Nazi.

“What do you mean, I’m really racist, all brown people need to go back to their own country.”

Yeah there’s the irony. You shit on any authoritarianism you have actually experienced. Yet you think to yourself “I would’ve been his first man.” You don’t have it in you to be an authoritarian. You just enjoy shitting on the system and opt for the most straightforward way to do it.

But I read the interviews with the people who ran the extermination camps, because I want to understand the human condition. They were not “racists”. They were not “far right”. They were just weak, docile mediocre men, who got to experience a little power. You can only pity them. They genuinely had no principles or ideological convictions. They were just average men, adjusting to a sick social context, to reap the mediocre benefits it offered them.

That’s the problem the survivors ran into. Upon meeting the men they believed to be devils, they just met weak, docile, order-following mediocre men. And there could be no satisfaction in seeing them ruined.

There is one interview by a Jewish survivor with a camp guard. It it the most unsatisfying, frustrating thing possible, because there is no trace of hate. It is just a weak cowardly man, constantly choosing the easiest road ahead of him, ultimately culminating in the death of his wife after a gang rape. There is no catharsis.

The real nazi’s were mostly murdered in the night of the long knives, or on the front. The men operating the camps were just weak, simple men. They were genuinely not ideologues, any more than a hog farmer is motivated by hate of pigs.

You don’t find those men on Twitter or your local LSWM militia. You find them running the financial administration for a slaughterhouse, or occupying a management position in Royal Dutch Shell, or working for a consulting agency like McKinsey, advising the Sacklers on how to sell more opioids.

The best way to check who you would have been in the past, is to ask yourself if you eat meat. If you can’t get yourself to eat meat, then you just really don’t have the cruelty in you to participate in that machine.

Don’t let women know this, they like a man who has a bit of cruelty in him. They don’t want to fuck Maximilian Kolbe. They want to fuck Ted Bundy. It’s one of those cruelties of nature and probably the main reason female promiscuity is so stigmatized.

Neo-nazism is mostly just hipsterism. The difference between the “alt-right” and everyone else is that they’re just honest about noticing what everyone else pretends not to notice.

Just as naturally anti-authoritarian LSWMs overcompensate, by trying to identify themselves with cruelty they are incapable of, the natural authoritarians overcompensate too. Ask your neighbors who called the police on you in March 2020 because they saw you leaving your house too often, how they feel about Donald Trump and the “alt-right”.

Don’t rub it in their noses. I never meet anyone nowadays who claims they supported the lockdowns. Just be happy for them, that we happen to live in the sort of societal conditions in which it doesn’t matter what they are.

If you are a human being that is.


  1. As angry as the lockdowns made me to experience, I would do it to minorities again tomorrow. I wouldn’t even need to psych up for it.

    The only reason covid hoax authoritarianism was bad was because it happened to my tribe instead of exclusively to enemy tribes.

    Can I be a Nazi now?

    I don’t even identify as a Nazi, I actually describe my position as racist pagan feudalism, but it’s important to me to measure up at least to centrist positions like Nazism.

    • Poor Fucko, he is going to be heartbroken when he finds out I am actually just a dark brown Pajeet.

      I spend the whole day in a call center in Calcutta, calling Aryan white blue-eyed dolichocephalic grandmothers and telling them there is a problem with their computer that can only be solved by buying steam gift cards for me. I make these blog posts whenever my stupid manager Rajesh Kumar isn’t around and we can goof off.

      Then after a long day at work I come home to pray at my twenty-headed lobster God shrine before I walk up to my dark brown wife Pajeeta and mount her from behind to create new Pajeets. I usually work overtime so she already finished the Dal Makhani so rather than eating it by myself I generally just lick her dark brown butthole to get her to shit it out I like it that way it’s extra spicy and it stops me from becoming vitamin B12 deficient.

      Fucko if you read this, take good care of your parents, don’t let them get scammed on the phone.

      • You’d be a fool to assume you or your blog impress me enough to invest more than a passing smirk worth of emotion.

        I do not need your approval as I generally do not view v-gans as full human beings, I simply want the general acknowledgement of being Nazi material.

        • I hereby acknowledge that you’re Nazi material* and have edited your name to reflect this reality.

          *Nazi material here referring to anyone the Nazi’s would gas and considering they first went after the retarded I think you’ve got a strong case for being Nazi material.

          • I’m an online racist as I know that this co mixing of people into a blob never turns out well abd it will all end in blood. I don’t really care what colour someone is provided they live in their own place with their own people and stop invading my areas. An international airport is like a horror show for me as well as modern corporate life.

        • Hitler was vegan, though, since the “ideal” of humanity is everything ugly and mediocre (Ever notice how the people who talk about “humanity” the most are the ones who celebrate the worst aspects of it?) Hitler had a higher soul and higher virtues, so I suppose you could say he wasn’t “fully human” Inthat sense, I’d take not being “fully human” as a compliment.

          • Hitler was put on a meat-free diet by his doctors in 1938. It was not until 1942 that he self-identified as a vegetarian.

            Don’t put this idiot on a pedestal and worship him for something he wasn’t.

    • >I actually describe my position as racist pagan feudalism

      I hate you for saying this because now I’m forever going to imagine you as a very skinny guy with a long blonde ponytail who reads Tolkien and runs a Dungeons and Dragons campaign in his free time.

      I’m literally just imagining a blonde version of Styxhexxenhammer666 in my head now whenever I see your comments.

  2. “What? You are looking for something? You want to multiply yourself by ten, by a hundred? You are looking for disciples? — Look for *zeroes*!”
    – Neechee

    “If Men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and the next place, oblige it to control itself.”
    ― James Madison

      • Nah, he’s the ultimate loser. I would rather be like Mussolini, a real HSWM. He pardoned persons who tried to murder him. Hitler hanged his enemies in piano wire.

        • I don’t hate Mussolini, but his tactics obviously failed considering he was deposed by the monarchy and own council and was then murdered by his own people; meanwhile the German people fought till the bitter end for Hitler, except for a few disgruntled aristocrats who tried to assassinate him anyway. At the end of the day though, Hitler and Mussolini were on the same side, and I’ve found that people talk about how much they just love Mussolini but hate Hitler are simply cowards who only let themselves like Mussolini because he’s a less controversial figure. I’m not even a Nazi, I don’t think we’re going to get anywhere dressing up like 1930s German workers, but the people who talk shit about Hitler when they agree with the vast majority of what he did are gay.

          • Both deserves to be buried in the sands of time. None of them offers humanity anything useful to help us face what the future will bring.

  3. You are starting to sound like the mainstream media and finding right-wing extremism everywhere and the cause of all the problems in this world.

  4. >The difference between the “alt-right” and everyone else is that they’re just honest about noticing what everyone else pretends not to notice.

    So true, King.

    Volumes could be written on this fact alone.

  5. Quote: “But I read the interviews with the people who ran the extermination camps, because I want to understand the human condition.”

    I don’t have to read the old interviews, because I “enjoyed” this condition for two years here in Berlin. The denazification, the history lessons in school, it was all a waste of time.

    And not only the perpetrator-nation totaly failed in this crisis, the victim-nation failed too. Israel and Germany, both should have raised a critical voice in this crisis, because of their historic experiences. But both have a vax-quota of around 80%, and both hide what they have done now.

    They both made all to a farce.

  6. Those weak mediocre men running the camps you you speak of weren’t really ideological National Socialists, they would have slaughtered for any regime, they’re lemmings, NPCS, Joe six-packs, etc (average people) and the exact same types of who support the Covid lockdowns today. So, while I don’t disagree that people who associate themselves with the swastika today aren’t really like those men, I don’t think those men were really “Nazis” either. The real National Socialists were the ones who were part of the NSDAP when it was opposed to the state, the guys that fought commies in the streets, tried to stage a coup, and worked their fingers to the bone to put Hitler into power; and the ones that joined the SS and volunteered to die on the most dangerous battlefields for the Reich too. Those people were men of higher principles, the authoritarian NPC bootlicker types would have gladly thrown the real Nazis into the camps if the ruling regime told them to, same as what they ended up doing to the Jews; since NPC types don’t have real principles, they just believe whatever the ruling regime tells them to, and gladly let themselves be used as tools.

    The real National Socialists were all incredibly eccentric in comparison to the normies of their time. Hitler was a vegan and deist, Himmler was a Neo-pagan occultist, Goring liked to raise Lions by hand, wear 19th century fashion, and was one of the first environmentalists and advocates for animal rights who had any power in a government in the modern west. Modern “Right Wing extremists” are more like those men then they are like the NPCS running the camps, they have that same sort of autistic charm going on. If modern Far Righters ever took power, they’d be the Hitlers and Gorings, while the lockdown NPC types would fall in line and become their camp running tools.

    • You raise some good points, but in all fairness, compared to the Nazi’s, the modern “far-right extremists” are pathetically boring too. They spend their days making memes about being forced to eat bugs and complaining about women not wanting to have sex with them.

  7. They were just weak, docile mediocre men, who got to experience a little power.
    Hannah Arendt noticed that about 75 years ago. And no, you don’t find them working for some business or corporation – you find them working for government.
    Neo-nazism is mostly just hipsterism.
    So was Nazism, until it wasn’t.

    • >Neo-nazism is mostly just hipsterism.
      >So was Nazism, until it wasn’t.

      That’s a good point. Early Nazism does feel like some sort of post-ironic performance art. Then with the night of the long knives, things get very serious, very fast.

      • >That’s a good point. Early Nazism does feel like some sort of post-ironic performance art.
        It sort of was, it’s not inherently dissimilar to modern “far right” ideological movements in that sense. However those were genuinely serious about what they doing too; when they faced trouble they didn’t just play it off as a “joke” like what you saw people doing in Charlottesville, even if their movement was a artistic one. Nazis were getting killed by commies and cops by the time the elections rolled around, and they had done their fair bit of killing too, so in that sense they were more serious than modern far righters; since they were actually willing to risk their lives and freedom. Fascism in general was created and inspired by artists, Mussolini was inspired by Gabriele D’Annunzio, a poet who took over the city of Fiume for four years as performance art.

        >Then with the night of the long knives, things get very serious, very fast.
        I don’t know your exact opinion on the night of the long knives, but I find that most people don’t have a sense of scale when it comes to it for whatever reason. The night of the long knives killed 85 people out a party of 2 million people, and most of those killed (Strasser, Rohm) wee killed due to their belief that the SA should totally replace the German military and bureaucracy. What Rohm and his ilk wanted would have likely have caused a civil war when Hitler wanted unity, and there’s also evidence they were planning to stage a coup (at-least some of them) to make that dream a reality. I don’t know what believe, but allot of people believe that night of the long knives was a total purge of all the true believers, when that wasn’t really the case.

  8. Vaguely related, but I’ve noticed an alarmingly high number of vegans I’ve met who are A-ok with cannibalism. Animal suffering is terrible, but eating free-range humans is fine for some reason, with or without their consent. It’s a strange little mind-virus that seems to have afflicted many vegans. Most of the vegans I knew were also fine with the lockdowns and/or actively wanted the virus to wipe out humanity. Just sayin’.

    • Radical preachy vegan climate alarmists are planning on capturing low status white males freedom loving patriots and sacrificing them on the altar of Tezcatlipoca, before eating their bodies.

      This is really true, I mean this. If you’re a white man with a BMI above 30, drive an SUV or a pickup truck and if you ever visited zerohedge.com, please be careful.

    • That’s the nice thing about being a low status white male in the 21st century. You can be completely cut-off from painful horrid reality, because there’s always another low status white male out there somewhere who will tell you what you want to hear.

      In the old days, low status white males had to base their worldview on what they heard in their local pub, on the factory line from their coworkers or read in the newspaper. But these days every low status white male can just access the internet, type “Global warming hoax” or “Covid hoax” or “Cholesterol hoax” or “Holocaust hoax” into Google and he will find another low status white male who will explain to him exactly what he wants to believe.

  9. Read the short poem The Hollow Men by T.S. Eliot. Such people are everywhere, for the system gives no quarter to the man of substance; there is nothing in society these days that validates them, or acknowledges the truth they channel. Today, geniuses are as rare as tigers, and for much the same reason. And when either one is encountered, normies can only react with fear, or bewilderment, or a titillated stare.

    The Four Quartets is another excellent poem of his.

  10. Yeah mid level functionaries are mid level functionaries. Senior Nazis had agency and could be ruthless though, and many of them were art kids (e.g. Goebbels). You don’t join the NSDAP early out of opportunism. Just one of many tiny “no-hoper” parties in a state very hostile to them.

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