Overshoot: The Great Liberator

I don’t want to have any children. The idea never truly appealed to me. For the first few years, children inherently have zero appeal to men. You just don’t want to clean a child’s body. But female animals naturally do this for their babies.

Children are a spin on the roulette wheel. You can be lucky, things can go right and you’ll have a healthy kid. There are also numerous ways it can go wrong. You can find out mother nature is uncooperative in your endeavor. Worse still, is when nature is cooperative, but the child just never thrives.

You can end up stuck with a child who will just require continual care, who can’t be left alone even for an hour. There are parents in the Netherlands who end up with daughters who are institutionalized, because they self-injure. They require continual supervision, or to be physically strained to a bed, because otherwise they go eat broken glass. These are parents who may have thought for the first ten years that everything was going smoothly. But then it turns out there are more complex problems after all.

You will probably love them all the same of course. That’s what parental instincts do. Your kid throws feces at you? You love them. Your kid bullies other children? You love them. Your daughter eats broken glass? You love her. Your son goes to prison? You love him. Your son thinks he’s a woman? You love him. No matter how badly things go wrong, you tend to continue feeling attached to the kid. It’s normal not to give up on something you spent your whole life investing effort into.

If you don’t want a kid, as a man that’s fine. With women the stigma is much bigger, so they come up with all sorts of stuff. “I’m queer” or “LGBTQI+” I’ve never really understood what queer is supposed to mean. I just see an unattractive woman with a boyish haircut. They don’t reproduce and I think that’s a great idea, I just don’t understand why it requires looking physically repulsive. It’s not lesbianism either, because a woman attracted to women is still going to be attracted to healthy looking happy women radiating vitality, not to overweight women with strange haircuts who look and behave like they have a thyroid problem. My recommendation would be: Just be a normal woman who has no interest in having kids and doesn’t pretend to.

I would honestly go a step further and say that I don’t just happen to be disinterested in having children, I’m disinterested in a monogamous romantic relationship. The idea that there’s someone out there who is “perfect” for you is insane. No man sticks to having one guy friend. You have different friends, with who you share different interests. I’m not going to bother some of my friends with stories about my stock portfolio, it doesn’t interest them in the slightest bits. Others I won’t bother with stories about obscure medieval Tantric Buddhist sects, it doesn’t interest them either.

But there’s supposed to be a woman walking around somewhere, who is the perfect complimentary whole to my own being. And yet, when I look at people in steady relationships I know, that never seems to be true. It’s always just a matter of adjusting. They say you should marry a dumb woman, but the guys I know with dumb girlfriends end up resenting her. After all it means you have to share your house with a dumb person for the rest of your life. There’s a reason boomer jokes all just consist of some variety of murdering their wife.

I have platonic female friends. But there you immediately run into the same problem as with a relationship. Imagine I’m in a relationship with a woman. I go to visit a female friend of mine who lives nearby. I go in the evening, we smoke some weed together, chat and then I return home, smelling of weed. She may trust me, she may say she’s fine with it. She isn’t, doubly so if she had to take care of our baby while I was out having fun.

In theory married couples will say they’re fine with it, in practice parenthood and marriage mean you just have to give up on your opposite sex friends. Or worse, you have to bring your partner along and pretend that they really like each other too, instead of sitting there as a de facto policeman who makes sure there’s no penis ending up in a vagina it doesn’t belong in.

People blame housing prices for the low birth rate. Japan shows that this is not what’s going on. Tokyo is perfectly affordable, yet people don’t reproduce. The Baltic states, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, these are places with plenty of physical space, but people don’t reproduce. The real problem is: As soon as you decide to give birth to a child, it’s just over.

Over recent decades, the amount of fun stuff you can spend your days doing has increased dramatically. On the other hand, raising a child is still basically the same deal as raising a child was fifty years ago. A century ago, if you were a single man in a small town who came home from work, there just wasn’t that much to do. You could read a book, listen to the radio, go to the pub for some cardgames, that’s about it. Today the opportunities are effectively endless.

Society will grow poorer in the years to come, but these opportunities are not just going to disappear overnight, because many of them are just a product of new knowledge. We know what alcohol does. You drink it and you feel great for a few hours, then the next day you feel terrible. But Ketamine allows you to sink into your own internal mental world for a few hours and then afterwards you just feel better. Mushrooms and mescaline cactuses are incredibly easy to grow, this is not something that suddenly disappears because food prices go up or a country descends into civil war.

We have all of the world’s music on our smartphone. Again, this is just not something that’s going to disappear overnight. Exchanging information, plants, ideas, philosophies has become easier than it ever was. Medieval people didn’t just believe in Islam, Christianity or some other religion because they were taught to.

They believed these things because they had no alternative. They had no way of explaining how humans came into existence, they had no ability to look at our genome and figure out we’re 99% genetically identical to chimpanzees, but with two fused chromosomes with a bit of old edge material left in the middle. They were taught about hell, but now even the pope comes out and declares he thinks there’s probably nobody in hell. The cat is out of the bag in a lot of ways and just not going to go back in.

Of course most people don’t just have kids because it’s so much fun. There’s a secondary factor that historically led people to produce new humans: Societal pressure. This is from family members, like parents who wish to become grandparents. But it also comes from societal elites, who need soldiers to defend their nation, peasants to work on farms, etc. Generally speaking, the clergy take on the task of ensuring people reproduce.

Our society is no different. You have a bunch of low status white male gurus like Elon Musk, berating people for not having kids, even though almost all his kids are raised by their moms. Governments in Canada, Japan, Korea and Europe more or less implicitly do the same thing: “Have kids NOW, or we will open the flood gates and keep letting brown people in until GDP starts going up again.”

Your government basically tells you:

“Woken up by the call to prayer at 7AM? Decapitated lamb’s head in the window of your local butcher shop? Women dressed like ninjas in the subway? Everywhere you go it smells like garlic? Surrounded by four guys in an alleyway and forced to hand over your wallet? Well that’s your fault, for not creampieing your girlfriend back when you were young! If you had simply used the right hole, we would not have to let all these people in! It’s your fault, not ours! GDP wasn’t going up by 2% a year anymore!”

And they have a valid argument of course. Your government has to pay for grandma to get her arse wiped in the nursing home and for grandpa’s social security. They have to pay for that stuff with taxes, which means they need people who spend money and do jobs. They need you to drive somewhere in your car and stare at a spreadsheet, so that you pay them petrol taxes.

If they can’t get you to do this stuff for them, if you don’t push the next generation of cash crops out of your vagina, they’re going to look for browner people to do it for them. First they tried it with Greeks and Italians in my country. Then they brought in Moroccans and Turks. In Korea, Canada and the United States they try it with Indians.

But when people bring this up to me, I have one simple answer:

You blew it.

You don’t have a kid you can’t feed. As much as low status white males and their gurus like Elon Musk want us all to keep producing more kids, they don’t want you to do that if you’re on welfare. You won’t hear any of these people say: “Welfare moms need to be forced at gunpoint to push more kids out of their fronthole NOW!”

No, they hate that, because they realize at a fundamental level that it doesn’t solve the problem, it’s just more ballast on the ship. Those women on welfare cost more than they contribute to society, so you don’t want them to reproduce. They’re a net sink to you.

Well, ask the trees.

When it comes to building up fertile top soil, to the trees you are a net sink.

When it comes to removing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, to the trees you are a net sink.

Ask the Bonobo.

When it comes to dispersing seeds of trees in the forest, to the Bonobo you are a net sink.

Ask the clouds above your head.

When it comes to refilling the aquifers beneath the ground, to the clouds you are a net sink.

We are in a global crisis of ecological overshoot, known as the Great Acceleration.

Nature is doing its best, to maintain the conditions necessary to enable life. But from this perspective, us humans are all just excess ballast on the ship, not carrying our own weight.

And so when my government, billionaires like Elon Musk, edgy “trad” memelords on Twitter or any of these people tell me to reproduce or they will need Achmed to do it for them, I tell them:

Fine. Go on, have Achmed do it for you.

Have Achmed explain to little Fatima why that koala bear on TV is burning its feet in the fire.

Have Achmed explain to little Fatima why the house is so cold at night.

Have Achmed explain to little Fatima why the electricity doesn’t work and when it will go back on.

Have Achmed explain to little Fatima why it takes half a year before grandpa Hassan can have his surgery.

Have Achmed explain to little Fatima why there are all these hungry people in Nigeria on TV.

Have Achmed explain to little Fatima why the Amazon is burning down.

Have Achmed explain to little Fatima why the gorillas in Congo went extinct.

I really don’t care, because I’m not going to do it for you.

I know I tested at a 130IQ as a kid (before I started sedating myself), I know my kid would be in a similar range, I know people in that IQ range will not enjoy the sort of society you are leaving behind for us.

So I say, once again:

Let Achmed do it.

If you had taken some real effort to keep this planet habitable, I would maybe feel differently. If the boomers were vegans pushing for degrowth policies, if we have a serious chance of keeping global warming beneath 2 degree Celsius, maybe I would not say “Let Achmed do it”. But they’re not vegans, they’re too fat to walk so they’re stuck in mobility scooters.

Let the bottleneck be brown. I don’t care.

You need someone to pay for the pensions, I get it, you’re threatening us that you’re going to invite Achmed over to pay for the pensions if we don’t use the front-hole, I hear the threat and I tell you:

Go for it.

Five trillion more brown people in our country every year to keep GDP going at 2% a year?

Try it.

I’m not stupid enough to fall for these threats, or for this societal pressure.

And I’m not cruel enough, to bring a child into this world who will have to watch the whole thing fall apart.

At the end of the day, the reality is very simple: You’re increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide content at a speed orders of magnitude higher than anything seen during the worst global mass extinctions.

I know low IQ low status white males want to deny this is a real problem, so I created the low IQ low status white male challenge for them, that would allow them to demonstrate it’s not a real problem. So far, I have had none complete it.

Instead, you people just throw a bunch of red herrings: “Polar bear numbers are increasing.”

Oh you sweet summer child. You think the end of the Holocene is a problem because of the polar bears. I envy you. I wish my mom drank while pregnant too.

I don’t feel like bringing a kid into the world to watch the fireworks, because the fireworks would blow up in his face.

If you had tried hard enough, we could have kept warming below 2 degree Celsius. Then we would have had “hard times”.

It would have meant electricity rationing, banning airplanes, banning private car ownership, banning the consumption of meat, reforesting most of our farmland, growing seaweed in the ocean to be used as carbon-negative biomass with the CO2 sequestered beneath the ground, heating our bodies instead of our homes in winter, one child policies for sub-Saharan Africa, etc.




But as things currently stand, we’re going to end up blowing past two degree. And in the process, we’re triggering a cocktail of positive feedback loops that will take the whole crisis out of our control.

We’re not going to have “hard times”.

We’re going to have end times.

And in doing so, you liberated me from obligations. I don’t have some sort of obligation to society to keep this scheme going, if you’re not willing to preserve climatic conditions compatible with agriculture. If we were given hard times, I would feel an obligation. But we were given end times, so I feel none.

And I mean it when I say, that genuinely feels like a relief. If my parents generation had chosen hardship, I would have felt an obligation to choose hardship too. But they didn’t. They chose to end the Holocene.

And if you need someone to wipe your ass in the nursing home for you while it unfolds, I’m telling you, I won’t bring a child into the world for you to do that.

If you plan on sticking around in adult diapers to watch the fireworks, go ahead and invite as many brown people over to change your diapers for you as you want.

Do what you have to. I really don’t care.


  1. The right people are deciding not to have children for silly, wrong-headed reasons. All your ancestors for a billion years successfully reproduced and you’ve decided to become a failure in that chain because why??

    • Most branches on the tree of life are dead ends. 99.9% of species that ever lived are extinct.

      I don’t worry about my own family going extinct. If you go back a few hundred years, all Europeans are related.

      But elephants are a separate branch of life that dates back tens of millions of years.

      And the elephants are threatened with extinction. We’re creating a world where elephant species can not survive.

  2. Sorry to read this Rintrah. I was hoping you would bring a Child into this world. In fact, you have a moral obligation to do so. All smart and clever able bodied persons should be. Also you will benefit so much, you will be so much more enduring, persisting, Caring etc if you become a father. Sitting behind your computer is not the only thing in life. Live a life of flesh and blood!

    • People should not reproduce at all under conditions of overshoot.

      It makes the overshoot itself worse and it leads to miserable short lives for their offspring.

  3. I can’t relate to the anti-monogamy ideas; and honestly, from reading one of your previous posts it seems like you’ve created your own reality where monogamy can’t be true, since you don’t believe in it yourself. (We all do this on some level.) Well I reject your reality Radagast! I shall find myself a waifu who’s just as autistic as me to love monogamously, and there’s nothing you can say to convince me otherwise! Only autists are capable of love!

    Anyway, I’ve decided that I’ll let my girl decide if we’re having kids or not. She’d be the one who’ll bring them into the world anyway.

    If I do have kids, I’ll raise them as Gigachad and Gigastacy, Welfare Viking, Vegan, Warriors of Shiva. Perhaps one day, the descendants of the spawn I may or may not have will carve out a glorious Empire in the desertified ruins of the Cascadian forests from horseback, just like their steppe ancestors.

    Imagine a horde of brown haired, blue eyed autists in mail running down the weak warriors of New Aztlan; conquering the Mexica, and then educating their people on the Vegan ways of their ancestors and Quetzalcoatl. All spics that still try to their eat tacos with ground beef of-course being sacrificed to the great serpent. (Maybe I should start breeding Anaconda’s to make it more literal….)

    They could re-establish the Indian racial caste system, but in America.


  4. I had two children by accident in a monogamous marriage. (we wanted to wait a year or two and were not opposed in principle).

    The kids are the best thing that happened to me, bar none. They are now legal adults. Yes, wiping their butts was not pleasant, but pretty much everything else was.

    I would not object to humanity being depopped, as long as it happens to OTHER PEOPLE’s descendants.

    • 1000% agreement with everything (except my kids are school aged and not by accident).

      The main thing that irritates me about this thought process is that it assumes we know what’s going to happen. Will it be the end of the world? Maybe, maybe not. In our kids’ lifetime? Probably not, but maybe. Is it guaranteed that your kids’ life will be so terrible that they will wish they had never been born? Almost certainly not… and if you think that way, well, nothing’s stopping you from taking the gas pipe yourself.

      Anyways, I hate the crowds at the beach and on the slopes, so: anti-natalism for thee, not for me.

    • I also have children, but would I do it again? Well, it seems finely balanced, but probably not.

      Or at least, it seems to me that deciding against bringing another person into existence in this world, at this period in time, seems like the more humane and rational decision.

      Perhaps it was always this way? Has existence ever been preferable to having never existed? I think it was Schopenhauer who thought life was just some kind of monstrous mistake and a fleeting and nasty inconvenience in between endless periods of nothingness. Maybe he was onto something?

      And that was before the whole world really started spiraling down the drain.

      Anyway, deciding against having children at this time is the reasonable and compassionate part of me speaking (I would spare them the horrors and terrors of the world), but having already reproduced, I obviously don’t make all of my decisions on that basis.

  5. I think the current issues of overpopulation could have been prevented or made less bad if males around the world are predominantly incel by economic and other circumstances until they even get opportunities with the opposite sex when 30+ years old.

  6. You make a very good point about parental instincts about loving their child no matter what bad they do because of attachment.

    Hitler’s parents would have loved him no matter what bad he did.

    But why do you keep going on about trillions of brown people in our country?

    Why don’t you go on about the reasons why brown people are in our country, who is bringing them in and on whose orders?

    Which medieval Tantric Buddhist sect do you belong to?

  7. So, at some point, a snake ate a mouse, and there was a lump/spike in the snake/graph (aka the boomers), but rather than just let the mouse pass through the snake, they panicked and stuffed a rabbit down the snake, then a cat, then a dog, then a goat. . .

    Poor snake. Chuckle.

    On contemplating this type of phenomena, there have been others who have pointed out how Conrad said that the human race doesn’t soar like an eagle, but rather flies like a beetle.

    Which brings me to how this will probably end, which is with billions of ‘beetles’ randomly butting up against a fly screen of planetary limits. Some will pass through holes in the wire into the future, but most will fall in a great pile on the wrong side.

    But it is likely that some of us will find the hole.

    Maybe I should add here that the odds always look bad, but that somehow humans carry on. It’s as if some entity puts its finger on the scales, and tips them in our favour whenever necessary.

    Who knows what that entity is thinking though, or what it will decide. Maybe it will decide that it’s had enough of this version of the world/universe and/or humans and that it’s time to introduce something better.

  8. You still don’t get it. People’s belief in government is the reason we have these problems in the first place.

    “Banning” things to save the environment can never work, because government is by definition corrupt.


    >It would have meant electricity rationing, banning airplanes, banning private car ownership, banning the consumption of meat, reforesting most of our farmland, growing seaweed in the ocean to be used as carbon-negative biomass with the CO2 sequestered beneath the ground, heating our bodies instead of our homes in winter, one child policies for sub-Saharan Africa, etc.

    Could only be practically and sustainably achievable in a statless society and most people would do it voluntarily, ostracising those who did not

    • “most people would do it voluntarily, ostracising those who did not”

      So the majority would in fact force a minority to live the way they want. That sounds like a democratic state to me. (How did Fauci put it? “We will make them take the vaccine voluntarily. If they don’t do it, we will insist. Until they take it voluntarily” XDD or something like that)

  9. “And they have a valid argument of course. Your government has to pay for grandma to get her arse wiped in the nursing home and for grandpa’s social security.”

    They don’t HAVE to. In the past it wasn’t like that. Read Dickens or Orwell. In those days old people just suffered, like many other people, obviously. Someone told me a “Care home” in the UK cost 17K a month. It is ridiculous, an old person who may not even be conscious of what is happening can in a short time have a quantity of money squandered on them that would take a normal person many years or even
    decades to earn. It is totally illogical. It has to be an excuse to import Achmed.
    I like the gag about lesbians’ appearance, you quite often make me laugh, you have a sense of humour.
    BTW what do you think of stand up comics? When I was young I liked them, nowadays I can’t stand them. They seem very artificial, like PUAs, using manipulative techniques. With you the humour just crops up organically, and that is how it should be.

    • Yep. When a woman has multiple husbands, they can share the time they have to spend taking care of a child.

      Tibet has always been ahead of the rest of the world in a lot of ways.

      • The ideal life that men should want is to service their hyper masculine waifu and raise her boyfriend’s children. The Goddess does all the work while the men talk about their feelings and watch My Little Pony together. When the woman comes back from work. the men fight to determine who gets the right to shoot his vasectomized spermless coom into her cunt and rub her feet. (Mother only allows chad to impregnate her.)

        When the men grow too old to suit their mother’s tastes, they duel each-other to the death, allowing the Goddess to feast on the flesh of the dead to give herself their strength. This repays the mother for the honor and joy the men found in servicing her. Any man who isn’t enthusiastic about such an end being indoctrinated with giantess vore hentai until it makes him excited to go down mother’s gullet.

        The last surviving man lives an ascetic, sexless. life of taking care of his wife’s boyfriend’s children. The last man’s primary role being based around abusing any boys that mother has; through constant beatings; and the subtle introduction of femdom pornography; in order to make them ready for their future life as servants of the feminine.

        The boys may also be trained in the arts of men through serving their sisters, the Coffin of Andy and Leyley being a holy text used to teach the boys what this implies.

        • You could also do this (As Fucko the Clown would likely prefer) In-reverse.

          The ideal life for the woman is to be beast of burden, slaving away in the kitchens, barefoot and pregnant. Her and the other trad-wives devoting their lives to feeding their God, and watching NFL games to learn the deepest lore needed to keep his fire interested in their pussies.

          When Daddy comes back from work, he selects from the women and decides a winner based on who created the best sandwich, and who can cite the most number of NFL player names from the top of her head. Daddy then sloopily shoots his load into the lucky winner’s snatch; before the loser girl bring their God a case of beer so he may begin the holy ritual of drunken wife beating.

          In order to train future women into their rightful place as servants of men; all female spawn of the God are molested, raped, and beaten by their father at a young age. This teaches the girls their natural place as Daddy’s cumdumps.

          When the women grow too old to maintain their God’s attention, they can retire to a life of feeding and taking care of his newly growing daughter-wives; while he in-turn takes his army of sons out to watch NFL games and shoot wild hogs with a minigun from a helicopter, just like the founding fathers intended.

    • It is hard to find good surveys, but the ones that I see of Americans claim to find that men and women are about equal in their desire to have kids. I won’t bother posting links since any survey will have flaws, but it does match what I see here in the U.S.; maybe Europe is different. I think that men don’t realize this because they look at how they felt when they were young. Young men don’t want to have kids, but young women do (more often, anyway). Then the men grow out of that stage, but they assume that they personally changed, and don’t realize that as men age their view often shifts. And as women get older, they get less desirous of having kids if they haven’t had them already. So it ends up being about even.

      Another thing that changes over the course of the male lifespan is the desire to marry. A man has to reach a certain age, and it differs from man to man. Before he reaches that age, a man will not want to marry and will not be suited to marry, even if a truly amazing woman is available who wants to marry him. If he gets coerced into a marriage at that age it will be a disaster. But then when he reaches his marriage age, he will go for the first acceptable woman who appears. There are books directed to women who want to marry that are full of references to studies and anecdotes supporting this. The idea is to avoid the guys who are not ready, but be ready to pounce on the ones who have reached the right point. Lots of men don’t reach that point until they are in their 50s.

      So, when Rintrah gets to age 55 (or whatever), assuming he is still alive (as I hope), and assuming covid hasn’t turned us all into dementia patients, he will suddenly marry, and forget all about these things that he wrote on the topic.

      • > But then when he reaches his marriage age, he will go for the first acceptable woman who appears. There are books directed to women who want to marry that are full of references to studies and anecdotes supporting this. The idea is to avoid the guys who are not ready, but be ready to pounce on the ones who have reached the right point. Lots of men don’t reach that point until they are in their 50s.

        You slay me, Karen

        > So, when Rintrah gets to age 55 (or whatever), assuming he is still alive (as I hope), and assuming covid hasn’t turned us all into dementia patients, he will suddenly marry, and forget all about these things that he wrote on the topic.


  10. Pathetic 130 IQ points! I knew you were autistic but this is whole another level. Just 130 points! Bro i am at 149 and am the stupidest of my family. I do agree with you that you should not have kids. Totally agree!

          • Humility towards one dimensional animals is waste of time. Everyone is entitled to one’s own hell. Who am I to save them? I don’t pretend to be God or Mr. Know-it-all nor I am imposing my narcissism as intelligence on the feeble minded. As ome wise man once said ‘the fate of the drowning man is in his own hands’. If you think that someone will lend you helping hand while thrashing in the water – be my guest and take your time. This blog is two competing self-jerking circles trying to outproduce the other in terms of deadend eggsparks. And the very few trying to think for themselves and provide such output are inevitably shouted to the corner for the sin of thinking. As for me I come by just to laugh at punny pseudointelectual pretences of both author and most readers. I give you what noone wlse has given you in your life – unfiltered honesty because I see ehat you are and don’t try to fight it but wholeheartedly accept it. If such deal is unacceptable to you go up the dose of your Mao-inhibitors

    • That’s sort of what I though actually, I thought he would have had a higher score from the way he constantly goes on about IQ. But IQ isn’t the be all and end all. What matters is being able to get one’s arse in gear. I’m not too good at that, so that makes me a numpty.

    • IQ is overrated, selectively breeding people to be lower IQ like what modern society does through encouraging miscegenation is of-course wrong and evil; same as selectively breeding people to have weaker immune systems or bones; but IQ isn’t the be all end all.

      There’s plenty of normie geniuses out there, and all they’re good for is solving math problems and being cucks for corporations ran by people who likely have less developed synaptic connections and less overall neurons than they themselves have. A intelligent slave isn’t any better than a dumb one except in how efficient they are in matters of production and service.

      Those with a high IQ are not entitled to rule simply due to their intellects either. If we created some Skynet like machine that could simultaneously outthink every human on the planet, would that mean you should owe it an oath of service because of it’s high IQ? That’s what’s “meritorious” right? It’s smarter than you, so that means it knows best and is entitled to rule, right? I don’t think so.

      High IQ normies are inferior to Low IQ autists, I don’t care how good you are at solving spacial awareness problems if you’re too much of a bitch to desire freedom. I think you’re autistic however, Genomir, (Non-autistic people don’t call people animals on blogs) So you have my seal of approval.

  11. >They don’t reproduce and I think that’s a great idea, I just don’t understand why it requires looking physically repulsive.

    Physical attractiveness is primarily for the sake of attraction (imagine that), and attraction is ostensibly for the sake of reproduction. Good aesthetics and reproduction go hand in hand, go figure anti-reproduction would entail anti-attraction and thus anti-attractiveness.

    If you find yourself conflicted and unable to endorse disgusting aesthetics and anti-attractiveness, you should think carefully about your perspective. Reality itself is telling you something loud and clear.

    • >Just be a normal woman who has no interest in having kids and doesn’t pretend to.

      I’m not even going to tell you to renounce anti-natalism, I’m just going to say that you’re proposing a contradiction/paradox here; normal women have an interest in having kids, and if you have no interest in kids as a woman, you are not normal, and naturally you are not going to behave or look like you are. This is so obvious it shouldn’t even need explanation.

      I even say this as a person who acknowledges that many people ought not have kids and should either be sterilized or ruthlessly propagandized against it and am fine with abortion, I’m not one of those “every white person should have 12 kids and also we should maximize brown births before killing a single heckin wholesome lil niggo” crazies. It’s just a fact that the cycle of reproduction is the most normal thing in existence, so breaking from it obviously springs forth abnormality. Beauty is for reproduction, so disavowing reproduction is disavowing beauty, reproduction is normal, disavowing reproduction is inherently and entirely abnormal.

      • Eastern European, Korean and Japanese women are not reproducing, but they look better than the vast majority of women worldwide. It’s honestly mostly ugly people doing the breeding at a global level.

        • Your assessment of the situation is outrageously one dimensional. You focus solely on ethnic origin without taking into consideration the cultural pattern. All those places you list are thoroughly penetrated by western cultures and values and the ethnic factor (and the cultural background and traditions linked to it) has almost zero impact. You lack depth of thought to provide meaningful analysis. Pointing to the results without understanding why such results occurred is useless argument. I think you should seek career as politician, you check all boxes.

      • Last word on the matter is that yes, obviously lots of disgusting-looking people reproduce, and a lot; considering where I work, you don’t have to tell me that. These people are low quality and as such have poor aesthetic sensibilities, and so they find nothing wrong with copulating with orc-looking substance addicts.

        That, however, is not the concern. The matter at hand is regular people who deny their most basic nature and whose inner perversion naturally winds up reflecting in their exterior. After all, the ugliness of impoverished fast food addicts is a clearly different breed from that of the medium status they/thems and thus a different matter.

  12. >The real problem is: As soon as you decide to give birth to a child, it’s just over.

    On a different and somewhat more pleasant note, have you heard of the recent film Poor Things? It seems like the idea of your own life ending as your child’s begins is the central theme of the film; I wish I could say more but that read just occurred to me shortly after finishing it, so I didn’t have a chance to actually look at the content in that light.

    At any rate, speaking of aesthetic senses, it seems like a film you might appreciate getting to look at. It’s clear that looking nice was a priority for it, at any rate.

  13. I hate to continue making “one more post”-s, but just for the record, your final diatribe on this article does not fall of deaf ears. Though I am pro-natalist in a matter of fact sense in that I acknowledge its centrality to all of existence, I am aware of and acknowledge the issues at hand and that the proper course of action may well not be to just stay the course as normal as if nothing were awry. Hell, I even feel that I myself probably ought not have kids even if I were to have the chance to, just considering how poor of a father I figure I would be (but the fact that I have not and probably will not have such a chance speaks for itself).

    Essentially, I just feel that, between the anti-natalist drop-outists and the pro-natalist denialists, the reality is more complex and inconvenient than anybody wants to admit.

  14. I love how you repeatedly elaborate on sharp observations and deep thoughts about a complex topic to just end with the same lame CO2-story every single time!

  15. Everyone, left and right, is constantly talking about the apocalypse, but I’m actually enjoying these times. I never in my life had the least intention to have kids. I’m almost forty, my girlfriend too, we don’t have them and feel blessed for it every day. We just think, “as bad as things may be, AT LEAST we have no children!!!” I agree that, from a future generation’s point of view, life will likely be miserable, and that’s a god reason not to have them, but we do it mainly for ourselves. Bringing children to the world seems to give people some consolation to cope with their own deaths, or with the prospect of a lonely old age. I doesn’t work with me. On the other hand, knowing that the future is going to be just shit… I won’t lie to you, it smoothes the process. I wouldn’t like to be immortal on this earth.

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