Permanent Climate Lockdown

If this is a cat, I’m a mouse with toxoplasmosis

This is the last thing Dutch low status white males see before being put under permanent climate lockdown.

Under Klaus Schwab’s permanent climate lockdown (with input from Bill Gates and George Soros), it will be forbidden for low status white males to drive cars or eat meat. You will instead have to eat cactus fruit and seaweed burgers, unless you would rather just die of hunger, which is also accepted. It’s a mistake that hysterical climate alarmists want to make you eat bugs and live in a pod. They want to make you live in a tent and eat seaweed burgers and cactus fruit.

For every pound of body fat, you will receive one daily smack on your bottom. When you try to resist, Greta herself will show up by train from Stockholm and bring her whip to smack you even harder. I try to resist every single day.

From now on, every hard working Dutch low status white male will always be late for work, because every road will be blocked by hysterical climate alarmists, forever.

Your boss will look at you, notice that you are late and say “I thought of offering you a promotion, so you would become a medium status white male and could apply for an even bigger mortgage to live in a slightly bigger block of concrete. Unfortunately you are five minutes late so I changed my mind, the function will now go to Kees instead”.

You will protest and say: “It’s the fault of the hysterical climate alarmists, they blocked the road so my bus was late!” But your boss will have no mercy for you. “Oh you are blaming the climate change activists for your own failure to leave home early? Well in that case I have a new job for you: There is a shit stain in the toilet bowl, I tried spraying it away with my pee but it’s stuck, from now on you have to remove the shit stains after someone used the bathroom. I will turn this into your official job title.”

From now on, Europe’s complete economic policy will be decided by an unelected cabal of autistic Swedish teenage girls. Their first plan is to introduce special low status white male taxes.

Eating meat will be illegal of course, but other things low status white males like to do will be subject to high taxes. Want to play darts? For every dart you throw you’ll have to pay low status white male tax. Same for playing snooker, every time you hit a ball, you’ll have to pay 5 Euro worth of low status white male tax. Playing poker will also be subject to low status white male tax. All this money will be used to pay for climate reparations for black women in Africa.


  1. Well, you have to understand that humans have a strong tendency for inertia (Normalcy Bias). Since the current day does not look too bad it is almost impossible to extrapolate any possible danger in the near future. We as a species are not made to do this by evolution.

    Don’t hit your head against the wall repeatedly. It just hurts and you won’t change the world. We need to suffer in order to get active and do something.

    The same is applicable to smoking, obesity and so on.

    • Yep. People first need to see the damage, to accept the measures necessary.

      But by the time they see the damage, it’s too late to stop it.

  2. Speaking of banning meat eating and the environmental benefits of veganism, what are your views regarding all the different dietary philosophies when it comes to wholefood plant based diets? Here are three different variations:

    1) Starch based, low fat: This is promoted by Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. Neal Barnard, among others. They maintain that the diet must remain low fat (10 percent of calories and below) to prevent, arrest and even reverse atherosclerosis/cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

    2) Typical wholefoods plant based diet: Promoted by Dr. Michael Greger and T. Colin Campbell, among others. Same diet as above, but high fat nuts, seeds, avocado, olives, etc. are allowed.

    3) Raw fruitarianism: Solely raw fruits and vegetables, debatable whether raw nuts and seeds are allowed. Fully Raw Kristina would be the most famous promoter. Very difficult to get enough calories. High attrition rate, especially in cold climates. Very expensive also. Durianrider and Freelee The Banana Girl were former famous promoters of the “30 bananas a day” diet, but later abandoned it, and started eating lots of white rice and potatoes. Curiously, Durianrider also eats enormous quantities of refined white sugar, while remaining very lean. He’s also probably the most hated vegan on YouTube, along with Vegan Gains.

    It would be great to get a “what I eat in a day” blog post sometime in the future.

    There’s also a lot of current ongoing debate regarding the sweetener erythritol, and whether it is harmful or harmless. Here is a video of Vegan Gains and Dr. Michael Greger discussing the study:

  3. Jokes aside the lockdowns are coming. They will be revealed Oct 4 with Laudato Si 2.0. It will be an ‘exhortation’ for a weekly Sunday “Sabbath” for the earth. It is imperative that you reject it.

  4. Lol, I love the part about trying to remove shit stains with piss streams. I think I have already been demoted to shit stain remover status, I do this on a daily basis.

    • But that’s the best part! I’m sorry but if you don’t want to listen to Greta autistically grunt as she tans your ass into environmentally friendly leather I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

      • No, that bit is great. The fEMdom stuff is great, the issue is the fINdom stuff about the money.

        It violates one of the most sacred parts of the social contract–if the whore wants the money she has to do the work.

        • Ahhh my mistake, anyway, the findom stuff should be implemented anyway. Not because I disagree with you, I just think it’d be funny. It should be applied equally to everyone however. People should be taxed for calling their pets “furbabies”, for telling you to “cite your sources” when you’re having a discussion in person and they’ve run out of arguments (then not actually reading them when you actually do so with your phone), and putting ketchup on meat (Or meat substitutes anyway.) Anyone who doesn’t comply with the new taxes gets a visit from the Heroes of Greta, a new law enforcement agency made up exclusivity of half naked, homeretoic, greased up, buff guys; who beat anyone senseless who who refuses their Goddesses’ edicts.

  5. It seems like you view the LSWM as the cohort that is standing in the way of real progress being made toward reducing CO2 emissions. But I almost wonder if it’s a way for you to cope with the reality that it’s not just the LSWM that will dig his heels in against any initiative to take away his store-bought meat, SUV, and air-conditioning, but it’s the vast majority of humanity who will be digging their heels in. The LSWM is an easy target because it’s a stereotype we can all visualize. But I don’t know many people of any race or sex who are eager to give up their modern life and carnivorous habits, let alone sit on the asphalt in front of traffic to show their support for reducing CO2 emissions. If you’re going to disparage the LSWM, you might as well disparage the entire industrial society worldwide.

    • >But I almost wonder if it’s a way for you to cope with the reality that it’s not just the LSWM that will dig his heels in against any initiative to take away his store-bought meat, SUV, and air-conditioning, but it’s the vast majority of humanity who will be digging their heels in.

      Of course you’re right.

      The vast majority of humanity needs to end up… how do I say this? Montezuma did nothing wrong, let’s keep it at that.

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