Plan B: A national address to the population

A brief “what if” sci-fi horror story. I’m still leaning towards “severe incompetence’ myself, but this scenario is admittedly a reasonably close runner-up for me.

(Warning: This is my personal blog, dumb comments pretending that the global ecological crisis is not real may be removed.)

Dear citizens of [Your country],

Today I have a difficult message to offer you. All of you have seen your societies dramatically change during the past years. You have seen frightening things, violations of civil rights you once took for granted, suppression of free speech and tragic deaths that went unexplained. More and more of you are asking the sort of difficult questions that were once the domain of a fringe minority and I owe you an explanation for what is happening.

As you may know, we have spent the past thirty years, attempting to reduce our global carbon emissions. In practice, this proved far more difficult than originally anticipated, although it has to be said that previous administrations did not adequately recognize the severity of the crisis back when there was still an opportunity to properly address the problem.


We have known for more than a century that the fossil fuels we burn would cause the buildup of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, with changes to our climate as a result. The Swedish scientist Arrhenius first demonstrated this in the late 19th century. What nobody anticipated at the time was how much the global population would rise and how much our consumption of fossil fuels would rise with it. What was once believed to be a process that would unfold over a number of centuries, proved to be a problem that would transform the world in a lifetime.


The unfortunate reality we are dealing with, is that we failed to solve this problem in time. Our planet, the only one we know of with life, has already warmed by more than one degree Celsius. You can already see the symptoms of this problem all around you: Coral reefs are dying, forests are consumed by fire, unprecedented heat waves and droughts are causing food shortages in India and Africa. If we all continue to live as we do today, it will continue to warm, as more carbon dioxide will continue to build up in our atmosphere. Every additional degree of warming, will be more destructive than the previous degree.

As one last desperate effort, we attempted to mobilize a mass movement in 2019, of children who were concerned about the future they would face. We had hoped that some sort of global uprising would occur, that you would topple us, the governments who have failed you, who have left your children to inherit hell on Earth. Once it became clear that no such thing would happen, that the vast majority of people had no desire to embark on the kind of dramatic changes to their lifestyle that would be necessary, we settled on plan B.

There is no way to spin it, plan B is bleak. It will inevitably end in tears. And I will readily admit, that I’m deeply, deeply sorry, on behalf of your entire government, that we failed you, that we did not manage to help you avert this outcome.

However, we saw no other option. If you wish to see what an unmanaged contraction looks like, I encourage you to look at Syria today. In 2011 the combination of a severe drought, coupled with high global food prices and a collapse in oil production led to the start of a civil war that has led to unprecedented misery. Millions of people are traumatized and children are killed before the eyes of their parents by religious extremists. That, we believe, is the sort of future humanity would face if we don’t intervene. Again, if you wish to understand why we chose this road, please take a look at what happens in Syria today.

And so, we had to settle on plan B. After years of experimentation, we found a novel corona virus that fits our definition of Disease X. It is flexible, capable of constantly mutating by jumping from one species back into another, it can kill silently by causing strokes and heart attacks weeks after the infection and it has no clear cure that could nip this pandemic in the bud. We released it, we helped it spread across the planet, we prevented the development of herd immunity and we gave you experimental injections that would prohibit you from developing long lasting immunity against it.

At this point there’s no force left that can stop the managed contraction. The genetic diversity of this virus has increased dramatically and we have now seen viral reservoirs emerge in multiple species, which will serve to constantly reinfect our species. Billions of people worldwide have now been sentenced to lives of constant increasingly more severe reinfections. Even many of those who avoided the injections will face constant reinfections, by virtue of the fact that they live around people who were injected. The nation of Sweden was chosen to receive a special privilege: Its children under the age of twelve are the only ones in Europe who were not injected.

The Chinese political system has proved most effective at combating existential threats of this nature and so China was also given a special role: The Chinese population will not receive these injections and through large scale mass testing and mandatory quarantines, circulation of this virus will be kept to negligible levels.

Mandatory injection is extremely controversial, because it violates the most fundamental principles on which liberal democracy is based. However, given their historical role in World War II and their embarrassingly low injection rate, Germany, Austria and Italy felt it was necessary for them to impose mandatory vaccination. Those who nonetheless still insisted on not receiving the injections had the ability to emigrate to another European country. Similarly, Australia and Canada, as remnants of a cruel colonial empire, felt a strong moral obligation to push for maximal injection as well. Our ancestors exterminated through ruthless genocides those cultures that sought to live in balance with nature.

The reason you are witnessing me proclaim this message today is because we are now moving into the next phase. In fact, you will find that every prime minister or president in every developed country that administered these injections is now announcing a message similar to mine. Projections are that in the developed world, excluding China, the population will decline by sixty percent within the next five years.

Many of you will be angry at me, many of you will be filled with rage. You will argue that we had no right, you will argue that there was another way, some of you will even argue that we exaggerate the severity of the global sustainability crisis. However, regardless of how you may feel about me personally, it’s necessary for everyone to understand what’s going to happen in the coming years and how we will have to deal with the upcoming controlled contraction.

The injections were preferentially distributed to elderly people, who have already lived long and happy lives. Those of you who are younger, those of you in your twenties and thirties, were left to make the choice for yourselves. However, as you may have noticed, those of you with a high carbon footprint, who regularly fly to other countries, go out to restaurants and occupy prestigious jobs, were strongly encouraged to take these injections. We have preferentially spared people who can cope with a low standard of living. This is why the continent of Africa has been almost entirely spared.

Regardless of whether you were injected or not, there are a few things you should all understand. From today onward, the injection programs have been halted. It’s additionally necessary for you to understand that 99.9% of people involved in the injection programs had no idea what they were participating in. For you to get through this transition together, it’s necessary not to blame each other, we have to move forward united as one. In fact, those of us who were in on this project have already said farewell to our families, we will be dead before tomorrow.

For those of you who care about such things, we are the number of the beast, we are the six hundred and sixty six elites who together compose the number of a man, that was prophesied two thousand years ago. The “engraved image” that comes to live that you were told about, is the mRNA or DNA that you had injected into your bodies, which produces the toxic payload of the second beast and renders you susceptible to constant reinfections (the graven image turned alive by the beast). This mark of the beast is what you now required, to buy or sell in this new global world order.

The dragon who gave the beast authority is China, which created this virus and fooled the whole world into becoming infected, before encouraging you to embrace lockdown policies that merely made the virus deadlier by eliminating benign respiratory viruses that normally protect you. The reason the beast is described “like a leopard, with the feet of a bear and the mouth of a lion”, is because it is a synthetic chimera composed of many different corona viruses. As humans, we can’t escape fate.

Your government will now face an orderly transition into the new Chinese system, which is tasked with managing the global contraction and developing a system of artificial intelligence that will ultimately come to resurrect every single person who has ever existed in the course of history. We hope that this can still be accomplished in time, but we will not be around to see it ourselves.

It’s now necessary for all of you to focus on not blaming each other, but on raising our children, so that they will be able to cope with the future that lies ahead of them. For most of the children, who were naturally repeatedly exposed to this virus in childhood, it will ultimately come to be comparable in severity to a common cold. Children should not belong to their parents, they are the future of our entire communities. Teach them to cherish Nature, teach them to live within Her limits and teach them to be kind and tolerant towards one another.

Most importantly, it’s now necessary for all of you to devote yourselves to religion, philosophy, spirituality, entheogens and contemplation. This is the only way to make the global transition bearable. Every developed nation has now legalized LSD, mescaline, ayahuasca and psilocybe mushrooms for its population. We encourage you to look beyond the veil of death, we encourage you to understand that nobody ever truly disappears forever. The people you love, the people you will miss, are nothing but a particular perspective of God. Everyone you love carries the divine spark, that lies at the foundation of the human soul and can never be destroyed.

I must warn you all of something. I understand that many of you will hate me, I will understand that you may disagree with the measures that we chose to take. However, please understand that the coming years are going to be unbearable for you, if you make the choice of believing that the crisis is not real.

I know there are those of you who don’t want to believe it, who insist that we will soon enter a new ice age, that carbon dioxide is simply plant food, that our oil wells will spontaneously replenish themselves and that the climate has always been changing. But I encourage you to think of the following:

-We went from less than one billion in the 19th century, to seven billion people today. Even if you think carbon dioxide is somehow a life-giving gas, do you really think our planet can bear the burden of such a giant mass of people?

-Hundreds of millions of people worldwide depend for nutrition on fish in the ocean, but the fish population is now depleted. In fact, the ecosystems are irreversibly changing and the oceans are becoming filled with jellyfish.

-The carbon dioxide we emit also acidifies the ocean. This will make it impossible in the long run to grow shellfish like oysters and mussels.

-Our soils are eroding. Half the world’s topsoil was lost over the past 150 years. Even without global warming, we would find ourselves faced with global food shortages in the coming decades, without plan B.

-We’re chopping down trees for paper and biomass energy faster than nature can regrow them. In many places, the soil is lost once we chop down the trees and what’s left is barren rock where trees can’t grow.

-We’re losing the resources on which we depend for our way of life. We will hit peak rock phosphate in the years ahead, we won’t be able to produce the fertilizer we need to nourish our soils.

-We used up our best fossil fuels first. We began in Texas, with wells that spew oil into the air when you hit the right spot. By now, oil is extracted from the bottom of the ocean, or entire forests are removed for the black tar sands that lie below. The fossil fuels that are left are dirtier and costlier to extract.

If it helps you cope with the transition, then please feel free to hate me. But please understand that the crisis is real. As long as you don’t work on solving the crisis, if you try to go back to living the way we used to live, the crisis will get worse and there will be increasingly little carrying capacity left for human beings.

If you all work hard on salvaging what’s left, regenerating topsoils, reforesting the planet, growing seaweed and shellfish in the ocean, then we can have perhaps a billion people spread out across the globe. We can preserve culture, art, beauty and civilization. If on the other hand, those of you who survive decide to try to go back to living the way we used to live, by 2100 you will be left with a hundred million people at most if you’re lucky, spread out over New Zealand, rural Canada, Greenland and Siberia.

This is my message to future generations, who will witness this recording: In 2019 we made the painful choice, because we failed to make the right choice back when it was still possible. If we had acted earlier, we could have avoided the painful choice. Please don’t repeat our mistake.


  1. This is dumb, not only because of the silly environmental views expressed (cutting down trees faster than they can be regrown – ridiculous and factually false), but because if anyone were to make an announcement like this, EVERYONE involved (pharma employees, physicians, government employees) would be slaughtered wholesale. Hence, no announcement like this would ever occur.

        • CO2 is plant food.
          Natural levels vary throughout geological history from 200ppm (super low, plants barely grow or die) to 8000ppm (green lush wonderland), and greenhouses push it up to double that high for optimal growth.

          We are at 400ppm, Ie, 5% of NATURAL peaks, a very LOW level that stunts plant growth dramatically, and even going from 300 to 400ppm has helped green the earth.

          Higher is BETTER

          Meanwhile, on the “global warming” front, CO2 is technically a greenhouse gas, this is true, but it absorbs almost all of the relevant frequencies it is going to absorb well before 100ppm, by 300ppm to 400ppm, fuck all difference is made to global temperatures, it is equivalent to putting a 40th layer of glass onto a greenhouse that already has 39 layers.

          We are still IN an Ice age, just an “interglacial period”
          Ponder that.
          How can temperatures be “extreme” when we aren’t even out of the ice age yet?

          Look up the video “Ice cores VS the Hockey stick” To see how UTTERLY BATSHIT INSANE FUCKING MORONIC it is to worry about the (mostly fraudulent) modern “rise” in temps symbolised by the famous hockey stick graph, when compared to natural normal temperature variations that are so extreme that they make the (fraudulent) hockey stick “rise” INVISIBLE on the graph, as it is too small to even make up a pixel.

          Ecological damage is real. Big Agrochem runoff kills coral (not acid oceans rofl), deforestation and intensive farming causes problems, overfishing is wiping out fish stocks etc, plastics are polluting everywhere and smog is a bastard in many places…but most of these are problems PUSHED upon us by the central bank globalist fuckwads keeping us all impoverished, while holding back all the various tech breakthroughs that would have solved these problems decades or a century ago in some cases.

          It’s gaslighting and victim blaming; deliberately engineer societies of enslaved, robbed, poor, brainwashed drones, deliberately suppress and rob the most productive and smart among them to fund massive breeding of the stupidest and/or least self sustainable (only asian (worst polluters) and african (most parasitic) populations are rising, every euro based population on the planet has been shrinking for decades), keep back any tech that would easily allow them to exist with only a fraction of the harm to nature, then blame them for it so they get guilty enough about their own existance that they let you kill them off and truly enslave the survivors.

          EG: look up “changing world tech”. Organic matter, plastic, rubber, farm waste, food waste etc, into clean burning renewable oil, and fertilizer, 80% efficiency, no outside energy source needed, USA waste alone would make enough oil for the planet. Working tech, factory up and running, then deliberately badly run IPO and missmanagement kept the company in and out of bankruptcy for 2 decades, keeping the tech away from living up to its very real potentional as indicated by its name.

          Thats not too many humans. Thats evil fuckers in charge deliberately fucking the planet to guilt trip us

  2. I’ve wondered why conspiracy people and environmental people find each others position inconceivable? Many times I’ve seen posts asking about motivations for C19 in conspiracy forums and I’m brutally attacked for suggesting maybe it’s due to resources limits and the elite don’t want their planet trashed. Later I’ll be at a collapse or eviro type place and will be attacked if I say C19 might help slow the destruction of earth if shuts down vacations, flights, travel, conferences, nightlife, it’s like an austerity program. C19 gave a lot of clarity to how people behave vs what they say. Surprised by how my super woke friends who prattle on about how important consent is and checking in repeatedly during sex to be sure eager and enthusiastic consent is always present suddenly want to hold down and forcibly inject people. Well I’m going on an autistic ramble. Thanks for writing your ideas.

    • >I’ve wondered why conspiracy people and environmental people find each others position inconceivable?

      I often wonder that too.

      “The elite want to kill us all!!!”

      “Alright, why exactly? Because the world is overpopulated?”

      “No, that’s a hoax! They just want to kill us all because they’re evil!!!”

      And sure, I’m not going to argue that you can prove beyond reasonable doubt they want to kill us all.

      But take the milder version and you see the same dynamic:

      “The elites want to reset the whole economic system and make us all live in pods and eat bugs!!!”

      “Why, because that’s the only way we can live within the planet’s ecological limits with seven billion people?”

      “No, just because they’re evil communist sons of bitches!!!”

      More often than not, when people disagree with someone, they don’t want to understand their motives.

      • they engineer the “overpopulation” (myth because current known but suppressed tech would allow all 8 billion to easily live in fantastic conditions without harming nature anywhere near as much as we do) and the suppression of tech that solves it, in order to guilt trip us into allowing our own extermination and the total enslavement of survivors, hunger games style. Why? Because they want to be the “elites” in the capital, and 8 billion is a lot of rebels to try to suppress, even with robot drone tech etc, they are human farmers, and there are too many human cattle for ease of farming.
        Changing world Tech, Thermal Depolymerisation, factory up and running in the 90s, worked fantastically, turns any and all organic waste into clean burning renewable oil and fertiliser, deliberately kept from solving most of our problems via dodgy IPO and missmanagement for 2 decades.

        or Cold Fusion, which works fine but was deliberately suppressed (unless you can explain how a small jar of deuterated methanol, containing a small piece of palladium metal with a small 5v low current pulse being fed into it can *boil dry* dozens of buckets of water in a short amount of time, by any non nuclear means, while creating the correct new elements and isotopes to be expected from deuterium fusion…

    • I received 70 likes suggesting that the coordinated virus response and mass vaccination program is a form of post-carbon inspired “managed economic contraction and desirable and humane population reduction” in a sub devoted to questioning lockdowns.

  3. I’m going with the biggest medical blunder in human history

    “Even many of those who avoided the injections will face constant reinfections, by virtue of the fact that they live around people who were injected.”

    Are you referring to vaccine shedding? I have noticed when visiting vaccinated friends and relatives odd COVID-like symptoms (itchy throat, cough, headache) but nothing too serious.

  4. You’ve probably seen it already, but for those who haven’t, there was a UK drama about 10 years ago called “Utopia” which focussed on a similar scenario: an elite plot to avert environmental catastrophe. Their plan was to engineer a pandemic of “Russian flu” and then release a vaccine that would depopulate the world through widespread infertility. Worth a watch – at least the original version. The American remake not so good.

  5. “Most importantly, it’s now necessary for all of you to devote yourselves to religion, philosophy, spirituality, entheogens and contemplation. This is the only way to make the global transition bearable. Every developed nation has now legalized LSD, mescaline, ayahuasca and psilocybe mushrooms for its population.”

    Tbh I think they will need to legalise much harder drugs than that to help with the “transition”

    • You’re only eligible for Ark B if you’re a phone sanitiser or a hairdresser, though.
      Shudder at the thought.

      Seriously though – you believe Greta? Maybe you are eligible after all…

  6. Your blog post reminds me of what Bertrand Russell said in his book, “The Impact of Science on Society”

    “I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing. There are others, which, one must suppose, opponents of birth control would prefer. War, as I remarked a moment ago, has hitherto been disappointing in this respect, but perhaps bacteriological war may prove more effective. If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full. There would be nothing in this to offend the consciences of the devout or to restrain the ambitions of nationalists. The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of that? Really high-minded people are indifferent happiness, especially other people’s…”

  7. It’s not fiction. The Global Depopulation Policy started in 1945, and this Covid plandemic is just another in a long line of strategies to lower human fertility, promote deaths, and increase morbidity and mortality, albeit this latest depopulation salvo is finally a concentrated worldwide one tied to the necessity of a “reboot” of the world’s failing financial system (see economist Catherine Austin Fitts’s excellent explanations on Bitchute of the Central Bank’s “Going Direct” Reset plans to retain and even further consolidate the financial control of the world’s resources into the hands of an elite few — Fitts explains how that is tied to the plandemic’s pushing digital ID and “vaccine passports”). Radagast, I assume that you’ve read the following book, published in 2013:

    Killing Us Softly: Causes and Consequences of the Global Depopulation Policy —

    • If such a plan existed, then it must have been the least successful program ever launched.

      World population more than tripled in the past 70 years.

  8. If this was a plan to depopulate the planet, why did our elites not only spare Africa of the “vaccines,” but flush billions of upon billions of dollars down the toilet there in recent decades?

    Africa would be the first place to start any depopulation campaign. Hell, HIV/AIDS might have done so if our elites left Africans on their own. But that’s not what the elites did.

    • Once the first world goes to hell, Africa will quickly follow. Do you think they can keep the population up there without the help of the west? See Rhodesia/Zim as an example, “An estimated 3.4 million Zimbabweans, a quarter of the population, had fled abroad by mid-2007”. Shit went downhill fairly quickly. What if all the white people packed up and left South Africa? I’d think Africa will revert to a historical carrying capacity. What was the population there in say 1600? In Radagast’s scenario, sounds like China will hand the pop problem anyhow.

      A better question is, would they really want that many Chinese to survive? And what of India? Surely those populations would be culled. The Chinese have a relatively low birthrate. So does Europe though, so why target them?

      • You’re giving the elites way too much credit. The birthrate in the U.S. and Europe is already very low and those places have, even after Covid, huge populations of old people. So why would the depopulation effort start there, rather than in Africa or India, where the very young populations are still breeding like rabbits?

        It makes no sense at all for the elites to depopulate Europe and the West only to have a bunch of Africans overrun those two places and turn them into Africa.

        • what you consume in a few weeks an african living in a mud hut takes a year, one european or american need what 1000 africans do in terms of resources

          • Who’s polluting the environment, oceans, etc.? Africans.

            Who gives us one disease and plague after another? Africans.

            Who gleefully kills species into extinction? Africans.

            Who’s turning Europe and America into hellholes? Africans.

            Wake up.

        • because Europeans are the only cultures on earth that consistently fight for freedom and rights, in logical, self consistent ways, and build freeish, harder to corrupt societies. They are Cows with Guns, and the Elite like the dumber, more easily controlled breeds of cattle to dominate the herd, so it ca be easily led.

          Think I’m Joking? Look up the Kalergi plan, made by the Father of the EU.
          Basically just paraphrased it above.

    • Africans consume a lot less of earths resources so they’re less of a concern. Those with a larger carbon foot print are the focus. Africa has a mild climate and they don’t even need to heat their houses. Very low carbon footprint. Plus someone will need to mine all those minerals for the 4th industrial revolution.

      • The population of Africa is already quintuple that of the U.S. and it’s projected to triple to almost 3 billion in the next hundred years. Africa is the source of one disease and plague after another. Africans take pride in killing animal species to extinction. Africans are overrunning and laying waste to Europe. Almost all of the trash in the oceans comes from Africa (plus India and China). Sorry, but the idea that Africa would be low-priority for depopulation is stupid beyond belief.

        • Correct. It’s an ecological disaster. Any poor, socialist country is ALWAYS worse for the environment than an advanced industrialised nation. The out of control population explosion in Africa will engulf Europe. And of course, it will be China reaping the spoils of Africa’s minerals and other natural riches – and those boys do not give a flying bat of the environment… just look at what they did to their own country.

    • Correct. Hence it’s a fantasy. It’s really sad and frankly baffling that he does not see the climate scam for what it is.

      Radagast have you looked at the tree ring data from northern Scandinavia. It completely debunks your “global warming” narrative.

  9. Have to agree with parts of this…yes its a mass depopulation agenda because of climate change (perceived or real). My belief is purely due to it all being permitted by God to bring on a very painful tribulation to those who have spat in the eyes of God, continued to murder untold millions of unborn children. I live in NZ and many Christians here hold a rock solid belief that God is coming back soon to take his kids home and deal with the wickedness in the world, from the global elites right down to my arrogant neighbour. I do hope you are wrong about the ‘numbers’, however considering Revelation speaks of 2/3 of the worlds population being wiped out in a 7 year period, I am afraid this is closer to the truth than what we would like to admit.

  10. I’m baffled. If the Great Unwashed on this rock are intent on over breeding themselves to extinction then why would the Global Davos priesthood bother with all this Virus and Injections song and dance pantomime of offing them in the first place?
    let the peasants do it to themselves. They seem to be pretty darned efficient at it after all, why attempt such a huge and intricate plot? To speed matters along?

  11. Brilliant, and eerily echoes the Promethean DUMB 4Chan leak.
    Correct about the ecological crisis, but not the man-made anthropogenic global warming. That graph of the animal biomass crisis is devastating. James A Donald wouldn’t believe it, called me a Commie.
    OP misses the upcoming Solar Sneeze, which has similar effects to global warming, anticipated 2028.
    COVID19 was indeed depopulation, and the mechanism is the vaccines, via deliberate malice.
    Whether that means thus-far discovered effects, or something more subtle, remains to be seen.

  12. It’s not out of the realm of possibility, but there is one major shortcoming I see here. The influence, effort, and coordination required to pull this contraction off would actually be far greater than what would have been required to just get humanity to willingly adopt policies and lifestyles that could have saved the planet. It’s not the power of the stupid masses that’s driving the environment off a cliff. It’s the greed and short-sightedness of the ultra elites. They could have more easily adopted nuclear power and implemented sustainable fishing practices rather than creating a coordinated super virus distribution.

  13. When Disease X came along I thought: “Yeah, ok, totalitarianism is the only thing that will save society from chaos once the energy & environmental problems really kick in. Disease X is just the excuse to impose totalitarianism.”

    I thought: “well, at least they have a *real* plan after all” (as opposed to the renewable, sustainable nonsense). I just wished I did not have to get vaccinated with untested therapies.

    I thought it was my duty as a good citizen to believe in conspiracies: the alternative would have been to admit that those in power are demented morons, and since I respect authority, I want to think that are evil, but capable.

    The way things have turned out made me change my mind. The morons at the top really believed in the lockdown-vaccination mantra.

    They destroyed society, the economy, the financial system, people’s immune systems, polluted the oceans with billions of plastic masks, starved millions.

    But this was not part of a plan to save humanity’s future: it was because they really, truly believed that would help prevent the virus from spreading, and that they would score easy political points by hiding behind “experts”.

    And now they lost control and are shutting down the whole circus.

    Where oh where are the Illuminati and the Reptilians when you need them?

  14. I don’t believe there’s an illuminati either as it gives too much kudos to the people in charge. I think the virus has exposed just how stupid we really are. We live in possibly the most arrogant era of human history. It makes sense to me that they would fuck the vaccine up. A dangerous combo of pharmaceutical corporate greed and lax regulation and an unquestioning religious faith in science/progress from the media/government and general population

    • A bit from the beginning with google translate:
      they have decision-making power and are wearing suits thirteen bloodlines, elite family yes, they’re manipulating your mind and the language you’re saying. spruce spruce, which is the numbers of the beast they have power in their hands and are wearing suits Thirteen bloodlines, watch what you say evil sheep herd, tuku tuku spruce spruce, number of the beast

      This current situation is pretty fucking good. fear successful in making a sniff of ebola white coat on beeping Nazi they want to goddamn it to spike your children I can’t believe this amount of brainwashing. Who the fuck up there saw the laws make? healthy people have the right to evict Who’s going to give us that shit anymore? scientific, valid and undeniable fact, vaccine does not prevent coronavirus from infecting So where are the grounds for a passport? there is no knowledge of logic Why on earth is a child being spiked? finnish has not died any children under the age of two and mortality is not very different from influenza then if there are no more than sixes vee, time for pain Is it time to take your head out of the bushes?

      Full lyrics here

  15. Carbon, particularly carbon dixide, is the least of our climate worries. The Greens are soaking wet on this, probably due to the perpetual raincloud that rains on their parade.

    As I’ve commented elsewhere, the COVID crisis sounds a lot like the plotline from the movie, “Kingsmen: The Secret Service,” but with more than a few nutcase billionaires pulling strings on puppet world leaders in the effort to reduce population to save Gaia from humanity.

    The best way to save Gaia is to bring the poor up to relative wealth through further development, not to reduce them to further abject poverty that makes them necessarily burn more forests for fuel. Someone asked, “Where will they get their protein, by eating insects?”

    No, by eating the rich.

  16. 3 things :

    1. Agree with the potential sentiment but the reason isn’t carbon dioxide pollution, it’s fossil fuel depletion, and this is why it’s more focused on the first world than the third. If you look closely, there is a strong correlation between the greatest energy consumption per capita countries and level of Covid craziness. These places (Western Europe, North America, Aus/NZ) have the most to lose in terms of living standards compared to the rest of the world and are therefore going the most nuts. Therefore it may not be elites control at the heart of it, merely the overall system trying to adjust to declining inputs.

    2. It’s also a false binary to think that humans are capable of destroying or saving the planet through pollution or stopping pollution: from an energy perspective pollution is just unused waste and life on earth has had billions of years to evolve ways to deal with it. Our impact will be but a scratch, and anyone who actually lives on the land rather than a town or city can speak to nature’s unstoppable resilience. Species and individual ecosystems are canon fodder, and we focus on this taxonomic fetish rather than overall biological productivity which is all earth cares about. Diversity comes back extremely rapidly once conditions are right. You could even say plants ‘wanted’ humans to release all the carbon locked up to put it back to ‘work’ in biological production (sorry for the thermodynamic language, doesn’t really capture the reality but makes it easier for people to understand).

    3. The entire way we western people view the world is very strange historically and is not shared by other cultures. In particular we have a control freak nature that is completely delusional, in that we think in terms of ‘for the greater good’ and utilitarianism through actions that we can do. This is nothing more than a religious thought pattern no different to stated reason for the Crusades or the colonial ‘white man’s burden’ that is now dressed in secular ‘scientific’ clothing. Hence why we have to state our depletion, diminishing return and over complexity issues in terms of ‘saving the world’ from our bad actions with other good actions. A Muslim for example would consider this very strange: the universe (God) decides what happens and not us, and the best we can do is bow down in submission to God’s will(what ‘Islam’ means). Neither is ‘true’ just different ways of viewing the world.

  17. Enjoyed your previous posts but this one was just bad and revealing a horrible wishful thinking where a highly dubious end justifies murderous means.

    If humans have reached carrying capacity, the Earth’s own population limiting mechanisms will come into play naturally, no “help” from global elites or anyone else necessary.

    Until then, wishing for an event of mass murder (let’s be honest and call it what it is, not “contraction” or “depopulation” or “decarbonization”) is unethical and unwise to say the least, and very much undermines what other things you are saying in your musings.

    As others have pointed out, the populations in the western world were already below replacement numbers and dwindling fast, while those in Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia are growing.

    And the people who are said to be behind the depopulation agenda show no sign of reducing their own carbon footprint, if anyone should be so naive as to think that is any of the “elites'” concerns.

    The greatest emitters of pollutants are China and India, and the same is the case for plastics. Neither China nor India are likely to slow down their development, no matter what environmentalists in the west claim or western “elites” want them to do. The Chinese social credit system is definitely not meant to reduce carbon footprint. It’s for totalitarian political and financial control. If the “elites” really wanted to avert ecological disaster, there are many other and more effective ways of doing that.

    Not seeing the complete inhumanity in any depopulation agenda, or the very possible lies and deceptions in the socalled green agenda, is to not have learned much from the trickery and lies of the last two years.

    • Exactly right. This article was so stupid, I might not be able to take the author seriously again.

      It’s borderline insane to make fun of Covid fanatics but then announce oneself as a climate fanatic.

      • I doubt the “elites” (euphemism for parasites) have climate in mind, it’s more of a proxy. They want their kind to continue to live in current Western historically unprecedented luxory, and that only works if we don’t squander resources at a fast rate – apparently, no miracle energy source by physicist genius has shown up so far, and time is running out.
        Note I am not justifying the parasites’ culling the slave population to a “needed” level and also mentally prepare everyone to live closer to poverty, in some egg laying hen cage analog.
        Just observing.
        Since the climate “rescuing” arguments go in the same direction in result as the actual resource issue, it’s a really nice proxy.
        (and yes, e.g. oil is being depleted, that’s why we have fracking now – the very fact that it’s now economically viable is not a good sign, it’s a bad sign. No mocking in the sort of “oh they said that 40 years ago” changes the fact that it’s finite, believing something different requires magical thinking. It’s when, not if, that they can be wrong about.)

        • Yes, I think you really nailed it. The whole climate change thing has reeked of a propaganda operation for 25 years at least. I can’t verify this, but I heard a astronomy commentator on a current events podcast say that, to a one, solar/astrophysicists believe that AGW is nonsense as none of the models include any solar components, and as far as they are concerned the sun is EVERYTHING.

          There’s a writer named Cathal Haughian who wrote a quirky 3 book series about 5 years ago (The Bullshit Machine / Before the Collapse / The Reset). He covers all this – the psychopathic nature of elites and all of their associated structures and organizations, the willingness and even need for the masses to be duped by the elites, the current economic & energy situation (with much reference to the 2008 financial crisis, energy return on energy invested and the like), and the planned Reset, which is as you describe in your first sentence, to preserve wealth/power for the elite class.

          The structure of the books is of a running Socratic dialogue / comment thread between the author and a couple of real (or imaginary?) “Masters of the Universe” class. Some may find the structure off-putting, but I found a lot of nuggets of wisdom about the reality of the world. YMMV – I found it all, particularly The Bullshit Machine profound, but I can see where some would have a lower opinion.

          The author used to maintain a website where he stated in early 2018 that he was told the Reset was imminent. Well, 2018 came and went and I sort of forgot about it, but here we are. It’s been a while since I read it so I’m a little fuzzy on the details, but IIRC he describes Russia as the main bulwark against all this (and European banking elites as the main protagonists), and as such a war with Russia is in the cards. Good luck.

    • “If humans have reached carrying capacity, the Earth’s own population limiting mechanisms will come into play naturally, no “help” from global elites or anyone else necessary.”

      But they don’t want it to go the natural way, they want it to go in a controlled, by them, way, in their favor.
      A lot of these “overpopulation is a myth” people seem to be quite anumerical, or ignorant of how everything, our unimaginable luxurious lives, are based on burning black goo formed in million sof years, within a couple hundred (well, it’s been 100 now maybe, and they want to turn it down now)
      You have no idea about “carrying capacity”, this is not natural in the “eat of what the land can provide” way, we are turning oil into edible matter by mass farming, modern civilizatory population levels and stacking people up in high buildings in the cities, while trucking in stuff grown elsewhere, that’s fairly new in history.

      There is another huge aspect, though: Financial collapse. The “elites” parasites have been gaming the system and hoovering the wealth (i.e. real people’s real work) of the economic systems into their hands and turned into assets, while governments have been pretending they can spend like crazy money that doesn’t really exist, other than that it has been printed. You can only pretend to operate with nonexisting things for so long, until reality presents you the real bill.
      Governments won’t be able to maintain all the pensioners anymore, for instance.
      That’s at least the estimation of some “finance gurus” who have been predicting some of the things now going on a couple years ago, the same ones also predicting the 2008 crisis – that never really ended, but was postponed with stuff like close to zero or even negative interest rates.

  18. This is unfortunately only phase 1 of the killing. Too many people did not get vaccinated. Not sure what the next phase is but it’s either another virus, economic collapse and starvation or AI and 5G induced death. Nuclear war might be considered as it would cause rapid cooling as well which may avoid runaway greenhouse effect, which has likely already begun.
    Whatever it is the best location to be in are the less densely populated temperate zones.
    The climate crisis is very real and strong feedback mechanisms have been triggered. The elite cannot find another planet to live on so genocide is the only remaining option.
    Do not harden your heart. Instead prepare yourself to live like the Cathers. Our children are not ready and they will need our strength and guidance to adjust and survive.

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