Please make it stop

I’m a simple fallible man, so sometimes I want to look at pictures of sexy goth girls. And lately, that has caused a bit of a problem, because rather than the old-school sexy goth girls, there is now a new type of not so sexy goth girl in town: The type with a penis and a balding head. And because sexy goth girls have brains full of estrogen that make them adjust to whatever ideological notions are currently culturally dominant, they play along and pretend that these are also sexy goth girls.

Why do I have to see this? Well, I don’t know, but I do know that I’ll take revenge on the universe by forcing you, my dear reader, to see it too. This is not a sexy goth girl, this is just another skinny nerd who broke his dopamine receptors by endlessly chasing the same stimuli until he began to get turned on by pretending to be a woman. And I can’t even tell a guy like this that he’s a dumb nerd who needs to quit his sexual fetish before he irreversibly turns into a tragic Frankenstein monster, because then the real Frankenstein monsters that run Reddit will simply ban me.

And don’t just take my word for it, let him do the talking:

“I have always felt gender fluid.” Translation: I’m retrospectively looking for justification for my fetish.

“Dom has helped me bring that out” Translation: I was fucked so hard in the ass by a prostitute who hates men because she was sexually abused as a child that I started to think of myself as a woman.

We’re a long way from “1 in 10.000 people has some unique brain abnormality that makes them experience themselves as the opposite gender” aren’t we folks?

It just annoys me that everyone insists on playing along with this stuff. Why do people insist on pretending that some skinny submissive nerd who was always picked last in gym class and whose IQ is too low to recognize that he’s desensitizing himself to normal impulses by constantly chasing the same perverted masochistic stuff is really just a woman all along?

I mean, I know politicians don’t care about anything except getting reelected and making sure the economy grows 2% every year, but how is the economy supposed to keep growing by 2% every year if guys like this stop working in construction and start wearing dresses? You know that will end up bankrupting the pension funds too, right?

I really wonder, how bad this shit has to get before people think to themselves: “Um I think we have to put a stop to this”. They now have transgender surgeons financially sponsoring drag shows for children. It’s reaching Alex Jones levels of insanity, but people just let this escalate further and further. Why does everyone insist on pretending this is normal?

Can someone please call the Center for American Progress, the RAND corporation or some other Washington DC think tank and point out that stealing oil from third world hellholes is going to be very difficult when your soldiers consist of creepy perverts who get off on pretending to be women? It’s going to be very hard to produce new cannon fodder too by the way, when the girls have amputated their breasts and have fake penises made from their forearm dangling between their legs: Those girls can no longer get pregnant.

And now for the young women: I know you feel like playing along in all of this crap. Maybe it’s just because you adjust to any stupid crap that is socially dominant. Maybe it makes you feel more attractive, because now you have a real bonus over the other girls: A real vagina that gets wet and smells like fish instead of some surgical abomination that smells like colon. But trust me when I say these creeps are collateral damage for you too. You have a bit of a brow ridge, you have a bit of a strong jaw? Ten or twenty years ago, none of us guys would have cared much, but now you remind us of these creeps.

Here’s a hint for all the tall girls and all the Persian, Armenian and Turkish girls, with strong features like a nose with a bit of a bump: These guys make you look uglier. Why don’t guys ask you out in bars anymore? They worry you might be a really good product of a surgeon. I know you don’t care what guys think of you, you wouldn’t want to date a racist transphobe anyway, you’re a really emancipated feminist yadda yadda. But I’m just telling you: The more of these clowns walk around, the more you’re going to live in a world where guys seriously wonder if you’re a real woman or a tax-payer funded surgical abomination. Have fun convincing yourself you’re fine with that.

And you might say to me: “Why do you care?” You might wonder why I feel so offended by other people’s lifestyle choices. The thing is, I just don’t want to live in a world where I first have to check a woman’s hands to make sure I don’t end up interacting with some surgical abomination. They can’t fake that stuff, at least not with the technology available today.

Imagine I went to a restaurant. I go there to eat, so I want to be in an environment that stimulates my appetite. If you eat Natto in Japan, they make you sit elsewhere away from other guests, as they know the stench is off-putting for many people. Well now imagine I go to a restaurant and there’s a dead goat laying on the floor with maggots crawling over it that’s covered in feces. When I ask the owner what this is doing here he tells me: “It doesn’t hurt you. Who are you to feel offended by it? Either you tolerate this dead rotting goat, or you’re a deadrottinggoatophobe who is not allowed into my restaurant anymore.” Well that’s how I feel about the trannies.

To constantly have to run into these people, first at work, now on the Internet, even just at concerts, is annoying. If I was on weed or psychedelics, it could be enough to make me go bad. Men don’t enjoy running into men who pretend to be women and have all sorts of permanent damage to their body. If you’re a burn victim I don’t like looking at you either, so even though I don’t hate you or blame you for it, I’d rather live in a world where the vast majority of people haven’t been disfigured by burn wounds. Similarly, I don’t want to live in a world full of nerds who pretend to be something they’re not.

Anything stupid always begins in America and generally ends up showing up in my country a few years later too. What I saw from the US is that 5% of college students are now trannies, including the they/them girls. They’re shutting these woke Frankenstein surgeries down in Scandinavia and in the UK they have a lawsuit now from a bunch of girls who were algobrained into proving how woke they are by having their tits amputated, but my country is a famously lax shithole, so by the time they figure out what’s going on here we’re going to have a bunch of Frankenstein monsters walking around here too. If God-forbid the Dutch royal family ends up buying shares in these Frankenstein clinics, rest assured the whole thing is never getting shut down.

So my polite request to the Americans is: Please shut it down. Chase them out of town, don’t let this plague spread across the pond.


  1. I’m partial to goth girls myself and it’s bad enough to see dark-skinned girls playing at being goths (they should be pale). To see a twink with plastic clips attached to his top spoiling the pool of material is a step too far.

    Interesting that you see over-exposure to porn to be responsible. What would be the route from normality to going trans freak? Would that be female domination material? I always find it odd when a man in his 40s, who perhaps followed a masculine career path like the military, suddenly decides he’s a woman. What triggers this?

    • Check out autogynephilia… basically hyper-masculine dudes end up getting turned on only by the idea of themselves as a woman. What triggers *that*? Well, who knows.

      • Yeah you would think it’s just hypermasculine dudes. That’s the impression I had at first.

        But when you look at the dudes on the lesbian dating apps, it’s clearly not just those hypermasculine weirdos, it’s now all sorts of creeps. It’s like there’s a global breakdown in sexual reproduction happening, because people are now constantly exposed to hyperstimuli.

        • I was referring to the military folks in Matt’s comment when I brought up hyper-masculine dudes and autogynephilia. I 100% agree with your diagnosis that the nerdy trans dudes or whatever are porno and anime addicts who burned out their dopamine receptors.

  2. Thing is, porn has been readily available online since the 90s and nerds were the first types to get online. The tranny problem came about more recently. I think it’s the latest manifestation of homosexuality. The homosexual of yesteryear mostly kept the campness in check, then that changed and through media representations they were essentially encouraged to become more feminine. I suppose this is the logical conclusion.

    • Out of curiosity, do you have any gay friends?

      While the set of gay men and the set of transfolk overlap in some places, such as when it comes to drag, gay men don’t want to be women. They like dudes as dudes, and sometimes you’ll get the impression that certain gay men really dislike women as much as certain straight men really dislike gay men. Being trans in a gay bar can be unwelcoming, so I’ve been told from perspectives related to me from both sides.

      But your personal experience and perspective is free to differ. I’m just saying your thought about the latest manifestation doesn’t match what I’m observing.

      • Yeah, the actual sodomites are OK if you can ignore the pandemics they buttfuck into existence that result in kids ending up in the ICU. The eunuchs are much more annoying.

  3. Being trans has social status now. People do things that get them social status no matter how polluting, expensive, or harmful.

    Perhaps the three percent of men in the paper mentioned above were always doing some form of the Buffalo Bill dance in private, but they hid it until it was finally cool and they could become our society’s version of a revered eunuch priest.

    Also, big pharma love to push transgender acceptance because it makes lots of money. You’re on the hormones for life, and they loves that.

    In addition, if I were a major corp I would definitely prioritize transgenders with decent work ethics–they won’t get pregnant and make my company look progressive while getting ESG consultants wet.

  4. Agreed, I’m so sick of it. 10 years ago they didn’t bother me, but it has reached a whole other level now. Some personal anecdotes:
    – My Dad now lives as a woman (haven’t seen him in 25 years though – so at least I don’t really have to pretend that he is one)
    – One of my old friends (a goth funnily enough) is now “gender-fluid”.
    – Can’t go to goth clubs anymore without seeing probably 25% of the dudes dressed as women.
    – In my very liberal LGBT+ABC123 friendly city, I can’t walk around the centre without seeing obese 30/40 year old dudes with male pattern baldness dressed as slutty schoolgirls. It makes me want to vomit every time I see them.

  5. I rarely talk about the nuts and bolts of my general theory of life anymore, but there are a couple of observations I’ve had that might benefit you here.

    Since equality is not true, this means that the bell curve is always with us, and that for those on the right end of the bell curve in any sense, the majority of the population will always feel vastly deficient in that same sense. To be a chess grandmaster is to live in a world where everyone sucks at chess, to be a great composer is to live in a world where almost nobody understands or appreciates music, to be an elite chef is to live in a world plagued by shitty food, etc.

    If you are of high quality, judgment, and moral character, this means you will naturally go through life feeling as though you’re enduring a zombie apocalypse where the zombies demand you accept them as peers, and only attack you outright if you decline.

    Today, that high quality outlier probably spends his time looking at internet feeds, which means, scrolling through the unvetted opinions of the zombies, as presented by algorithms curated by giant tech corporations that seek to profit by flattering the zombies. It naturally follows that the outlier becomes miserable, just as an avowed atheist becomes miserable listening to catholic sermons, and for roughly the same reasons.

    Before the advent of large scale communications technology, this outlier would’ve probably spent his time on solitary pursuits or grouped up with other outliers when possible, forming a little invite-only coven of high quality people – not as some kind of formal “club,” but as a natural extension of the fact that they dislike zombies and their ways, and cannot be themselves with zombies present, and thus naturally exclude them.

    It’d also naturally follow that one outlier would likely end up part of several of these little covens, which would form a decentralized patchwork that nonetheless serves as a social network through which outliers find other outliers by referral, and circulate information relevant to other outliers.

    Imagine then that these people backed up the decentralized invite-only nature of their social circles, by getting real estate, putting walls around it, and only inviting quality people over to their estates.

    Imagine then that these people would encourage their children to marry the children of other people in these quality controlled circles, and resisted with all of their might the notion that they should marry into the zombie hordes outside the walls.

    This should be giving you a very clear picture, not so much in details as in rationale, of why the social and economic landscape of the past looked as it did, and why in all likelihood it will look that way in the future also, once enough people pull their heads out of their asses and begin to behave sanely again.

    People outside my invisible walls are going to be chaotic destructive ill bred morons by default, that is why they are not my friends, so I am not particularly offended by trannies or niggers or any other form of human pollution; it’s merely expected of the lower castes. So long as I survive the encounter I simply go home, ritually bathe to purify myself, and carry on with life. Life, of course, refers only to what happens within my coven, within my friends’ covens, or within my solo pursuits. What the low castes do outside is not “life,” it is not “real,” it is not morally valid, and it certainly is not “society,” I do not acknowledge it or really think about it.

    If I wanted to find something specific, I certainly wouldn’t wander around outside the walls asking the zombies when I could just ask my network of smart people instead.

    The only reason I even am here to read your posts and comment, is the fact that you are one of those people I think are worth spending time on. It’s me knocking on the door of your digital estate as part of a visiting circuit.

    On that note, it’s not the sort of thing I usually ask around for, but do you want me to see if anyone I know has a bunch of non-pornographic pictures of actual cute goth girls? I could put some feelers out for you.

    • >People outside my invisible walls are going to be chaotic destructive ill bred morons by default, that is why they are not my friends, so I am not particularly offended by trannies or niggers or any other form of human pollution; it’s merely expected of the lower castes. So long as I survive the encounter I simply go home, ritually bathe to purify myself, and carry on with life. Life, of course, refers only to what happens within my coven, within my friends’ covens, or within my solo pursuits. What the low castes do outside is not “life,” it is not “real,” it is not morally valid, and it certainly is not “society,” I do not acknowledge it or really think about it.

      This is nice in theory, but it’s also a very American way of thinking. Society can collapse around you and you just make sure your stock portfolio returns 8% a year so you can survive in your gated community, make sure your kids don’t have to sign up to live around the morons when you’re dead and you just ignore it all.

      But I don’t think this works. It’s what H.G Wells warned about more than a century ago with “The time machine”. Your descendants will become like passive rabbits and the brutes will just end up consuming them.

      And if you’re born into a bottom of the barrel white trash family like me it also just doesn’t naturally appeal to you. You look at some moron who dresses up like a woman, some insecure pale teenage girl who has her tits cut off by a wealthy surgeon, some guy who gets the shit beaten out of him by some pack of humanoids who look like an artist’s impression of Homo Erectus, or some guy who looks like a corpse under a bridge with a needle in his arm and you think to yourself “that could have been me”.

      And so rather than dissociating, which you do, building up some fine line between “us” and “them” I just see an ocean of misery, with no clear distinction between where I begin and where I end.

      >On that note, it’s not the sort of thing I usually ask around for, but do you want me to see if anyone I know has a bunch of non-pornographic pictures of actual cute goth girls?

      Sure, go for it.

  6. My evidence that the method works, is the fact that the entire globe was run by a patchwork of dynasties of people doing precisely what I just elaborated, from the dawn of time through an approximate time period from 1789 through WWI.

    When it comes to this or any other high aiming endeavor, 90% can’t, 9% won’t, and only 1% matter. If you say to yourself, “My family is low caste, therefore I too am doomed to be low caste,” that’d put you in the 9%. That’d be unfortunate because I have always felt you had more potential than that. Ever since I met you, it’s seemed like you have a caste tug of war going on inside of you. I’ve always been cheering for your natural aristocrat to extinguish the other part of your nature that you struggle against, that is the source of both the anguish of this blog post and the inaction in your last comment. I believe in you.

  7. Atrazine, bpa/bsa, phytoeostrogens (soy), seed oils, hormones in factory farmed meat eggs and dairy, *birth control pills*, both for what it does to future mother’s hormone levels, what it does to children conceived due to irregular use, and lifelong bathing in sexual hormones due to environmental buildup as women piss it out into water supplies hat get recycled etc.
    We are constantly bathed in hormone disrupting chemicals, it isn’t accidental. Then add pornography, as mentioned (even “straight” porn, watching a different guy fuck a girl while pleasuring yourself. Is she your girl? Are you being cucked? Or are you identifing with the girl?), Hyper psuedo masculine women unable to be in their feminine, no good male role models, being raised by women (single mum’s and female teachers), media constantly pushing women = good man = toxic (but don’t you dare define what wombman actually means)…when Israel took over Palestinian tv stations first thing they did is pump them full of pornography to distract demoralise and dopamine adddict all the men

    The missing factor you might want to look into Radagast, is Blackrock: World’s biggest investment firm. Only invests if you pass the wokeness test (whatever they call it) and push all the satanic baphomet worshipping gender bending modern woke crap, it’s why so many big companies are doing seemingly suicidal moves into lgbtwoandnfhdiqkeithr. Why? Well it’s almost like the playbook the Soviet defectors laid out…to the letter…destroy the masculine protectors of society, for a takeover (well underway, why do you think no one has really stood up to the mask/jab and covid lab made genocide attacks properly? If you tried to genocide and house arrest nations of people in the early 20th century I feel like a whole lot more people involved would be dead by now…)

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