Please protect us

I am sending an important warning today. Most men are ashamed to speak out about this, but it is the bitter truth. We do not feel safe anymore in the street, at work, when going to the gym. We are preyed upon, by people from a very different culture who do not believe in our Western values. We are no longer safe in our own countries.

White men are aggressively preyed upon, by foreign women.

The whole purpose of the radical left is just to gain access to white men. That’s all it is. All this whining about racism is intended to burden white women with feelings of guilt, so that they don’t do anything as their husbands and sons are snatched away from them, condemned to a life of eating brown slop that makes their assholes burn whenever they go to the toilet.

European culture is unique in that for generations, people married for love. Women who cheated did not have to fear being buried in the sand and having stones thrown at them. So what happened, is that Western men were simply bred for pleasing women. The women domesticated us in the same way as humans domesticated dogs. They made us pretty, kind, tall, funny and smart. The end stage they’re aiming for is basically this:

Or this:

In the rest of the world, women realize this, so they snatch us up like a dollar on the street. We are literally not safe. I mean this, this is not a joke. There is exactly nothing you can do to protect yourself from this. You can sit in the park all day drinking alcohol, earning zero money, they just prey on you more. Fat, bald, low IQ, small sausage? Sorry, still not safe.

This is a serious problem. When the brown and yellow women move in, white men are just not safe anymore in the workplace. This man was fired from Google, for refusing to give in to the avances of the woman on the right.

White men are lured away from their countries, to be tricked into the sex trade. Consider what happens in China. They tell you you get to work as an “English teacher” or just as a white man in a suit. But if you fall for this, they won’t let you leave. You will just end up as a toy for the local women, while they make their own men go sit in a cubicle for them and earn money.

Look at the guy on the left? You think they hired him to code? Of course not, that’s what they make the Indian guys do. They don’t care about the results, the company could go bankrupt for all they care. He was hired by the HR ladies for a very obvious reason. Then when he explained that he is already taken (by another yellow woman), they kicked him out of the door again. This is not a dignified way to live, being passed around from one company to another like a talking dildo.

This is just the reality of the world we’re living in today. It’s dark and bleak, but it is the way it is. Western women will say things like “I want a man who can provide for me”, so they send him off to some office tower to walk around in a suit. Well, what do you think goes on there? He’s not “providing” for you, you’re just lending him out to other women.

Now he has to entertain Rani the HR lady from India or Chen Xin the Taiwanese engineer, he has to listen to them talk about their feelings and their problems and then they’ll insist he has to meet them at a restaurant downtown to talk about his “performance”. You’re treating your husband like a prostitute. It’s disrespectful and they laugh at you behind your back.

I keep trying to warn Western women about this, but they don’t take me seriously. What do you think the future of Europe looks like? Tourism right now is basically just our whole economy. We’re just being paid to be white men in suits, for Chinese college students from wealthy families on holiday. That’s it. That’s the European economy right now.

They go to Paris and they see that it’s full of youth now. So what are the Chinese doing? They just build their own little Paris, their own little London:

What do you think the next step is? They will just hire white men to walk around in suits there.

And white women will say to their friends “oh my husband works as a product manager for Huawei, he’s a real high status white male”. No he doesn’t. He’s a prostitute for yellow women. They dump their feelings and emotions and insecurities on him in a cafe in fake Paris where he is dressed up like a melancholic philosopher or an impressionist painter and send him back home to you drained of his little swimmers and you’ll wonder why you’re not pregnant yet.

The objectification and disrespect is everywhere. This for example, is very transparent too:

You realize this is humiliating for us, right? To just be used as toys for pleasure and pretty babies. Do something about it. Send the invaders back. Vote for this lady, leader of the French LSWF party:

Please protect us.


  1. Yes there is a strong argument to be made that white “incel” men are really “volcels” (voluntarily celibate) because all they need to do is travel to rural Philippines to meet young conservative catholic women. More and more white men are fed up with overly entitled woke white women brainwashed by third-wave feminism, especially with the added risks of no-fault divorce laws, losing custody of children, losing their assets, paying alimony et cetera.

    I hope all you druggies have a great #420:

    [If you didn’t grow up playing Call Of Duty (specifically C.o.D. 4 and Modern Warfare 2) then sorry you’re not going to get most of the references]

    [Best part starts at 2:30]

    • Yeah I don’t think incels really exist.

      It’s just a psychological state in which you can’t really get yourself to engage in whatever insult to your dignity you have to undergo to get laid.

  2. I’ve seen one person comment that politically-minded women are essentially engaging in elaborate foreplay with the men that they want. Hence the brown leftist women who always wind up with white men or who even openly fantasize about historical conquests, hence also the blonde RW pundettes who have a penchant for being photographed with black men.

    I’d figure it’s a function of women essentially being aroused principally by powerful men (heterosexual woman = likes men = likes masculinity = likes power), and to identify men as oppressors or aggressors is to tacitly acknowledge them as being powerful, which is going to create a fetish; hard to even tell whether the chicken or the egg came first, but honestly I’d hypothesize that it’s less a function of developing an ideology out of a fetish as it is inadvertently cultivating a fixation out of a conscious ideology comprised of easy-to-understand notions (they conquered us and oppressed us? that’s mean and bad!). The same then goes for the other side of the coin: brown men are violent and are overrunning us and threatening to destroy us and our way of life, the horror!

    It might seem appealing to take advantage of being fetishized like so, and maybe it would work if you’re just squeezing for short-term fun or if creating bastards were actually viable, but realistically she’s not going to relent and admit she’s just a slut for BWC and become a demure tardwife concubine, you’re going to have to deal with her concurrently and earnestly still seething about whites and being as much of a liberated gurlbawss as any western AWFL. Baysed right-wing women are a hazard too, so realistically your best hope is just to find a woman who doesn’t care and is more concerned with woman things than masculine domains like politics or philosophy. This is something that I coped with and denied for a long time, but really women honestly just need to stay in their place lest bizarre mental disorders like this occur. Put another way: “If you think women are the problem, you’re not sexist enough.”

    • Yeah, pre-menopausal women taking politics seriously is always tragic.

      They just take up vibes from their environment and amplify them, there’s no rational thought that goes into it.

      There’s something very ugly about a woman stating political opinions.

      They’re just supposed to have certain colors to their personality and by reading those colors you know what they value, so that they don’t have to try to express it in words.

      The Palestine stuff perfectly illustrates the problem, it’s just sad.

      There’s no twenty year old woman out there who goes “wait a second, the Jews accepted the 1948 proposal, whereas the Arabs rejected it. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!”

      It’s all just vibes and feelings.

      And that’s how it is supposed to work.

      Politics should be left to the elderly and the most autistic of young white men. Everyone else just copies whatever vibes they pick up from their environment.

  3. This is hillarious! in an epic way.
    I don’t have much to contribute.
    I will just say that it makes me sad, how young women get misguided into investing more than they should in their career.
    If they have a male employer, they may become sexual prey bc it is male human nature.
    If they have a female employer, they may become abused into working their ass out and have no personal life, bc career women with power tend to be jealous of younger women. So, it’s crazy how they *think* they are free now, while patriarchy (pre-capitalism) was keeping them safer.
    Check this out, from the Cosmopolitan of libelarism (aka the Economist):

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