Population Wide Immune Deficiency

A few months ago I did a couple of posts where I pointed out that constant population wide SARS-COV-2 infections seem to be damaging the population’s immunity against pathogens, allowing them to spread in unprecedented numbers. This was before the unprecedented RSV outbreak and the simultaneous worst influenza outbreak in a decade now seen in the US of A.

As I explained back then this could lead to cycles of positive feedback, whereby those other pathogens through their abnormally high burden also start depleting immune function. Influenza also harms T-cells and the overall decline in T-cell count following influenza looks similar to SARS-COV-2, but whereas we get two SARS-COV-2 infections per year, 8% of the population gets influenza in a given year.

And so today I just feel like sharing some strange patterns that seem to be emerging around the world.

This year we’ve had 2900 scabies cases per week in the Netherlands, more than double the number in 2020. Cases have been growing especially rapidly in recent weeks, so now we’re looking at four times the number of cases seen last year. Your risk of getting scabies is increased when you have a weak immune system.

The body normally responds with strong Interferon Gamma secretion to scabies mites. But if you have been paying attention, you’ll know that for at least seven months after SARS-COV-2 infection, you lose the cells that secrete interferon gamma, the plasmacytoid dendritic cells. At first people were eager to blame behavioral changes during the lockdowns, but that becomes a tough sell after a while. Why would we be seeing four times the number of scabies cases right now that we saw last year around this time?

That also seems to be part of what’s causing RSV to cause such a big burden right now. The kids who got RSV were twice as likely to have caught SARS-COV-2 as the ones who hadn’t caught RSV. What they didn’t see on the other hand, was a direct link to the vaccines, both negative and positive groups had equal SARS-COV-2 vaccination rates. Even children who didn’t catch SARS-COV-2 can now be expected to be at increased risk of catching RSV due to SARS-COV-2, simply because the kids who did catch it are more likely to infect them with RSV now.

It’s worth pointing out again by the way, that the immunity debt hypothesis is bullshit. Canada had an abnormally large wave of RSV last year, so whatever debt there would have been should have been repaid by now.

What’s happening is pretty simple: Vast swathes of the population are stuck with a poor vaccine induced immune response to SARS-COV-2. Those people are constantly spreading the virus, preventing the development of herd immunity.

I warned about this a lot in late 2021. I will cite again what I wrote:

By giving people these vaccines, we have created a very narrow immune response that this virus can easily evolve around. Whenever we give people boosters, we further reduce the breadth of their immune response. What this means is that in the short term the boosters look like they work because you deliver a boost to your immune response, but in the long term the quality of your immune response is further degraded.

And now have a look with me at how the boosters have negative long-term efficacy:

Because most of the Western population now constantly gets SARS-COV-2 as a result of the mass vaccination campaign, the population suffers immune depletion. This is only happening to the highly vaccinated nations. In the unvaccinated nations, cases and deaths from SARS-COV-2 plunged to ~zero after a small Omicron waves:

The immune depletion caused by constant Omicron waves that hit the whole population then enable other pathogens to rapidly spread themselves. And again, this is what I warned about a few months ago: Escalating positive feedback, whereby the unprecedented number of SARS-COV-2 infections allow other pathogens to start causing more trouble. It’s a positive feedback loop akin to the Roman empire collapsing because their defeat at the hands of one barbarian tribe enables defeat by other barbarian tribes.

The problem also applies to SARS-COV-2 itself. We know that if you’re unvaccinated your first infection makes a second infection less likely and your second infection makes a third infection less likely. But after sufficient spike exposures, you will move beyond the point of diminishing returns. You already know what the enemy looks like, you no longer learn substantially new ways to recognize him, but he will still injure the cells tasked with keeping him out.

Does an unvaccinated person’s third infection reduce chances of catching a fourth infection? Where does the limit lie for the vaccinated? After some point infections will induce negative protection. This would not have mattered, if like the unvaccinated nations we managed to push r0 below 1 after the first Omicron wave. But we don’t live in that world, we live in the dumbest possible timeline, where we fixated everyone on Wuhan.

Moving on, there’s the “mysterious” Candida Auris explosion in the US of A. Have a look at the numbers:





2022-4,616 (not including the recent Nevada outbreak)

This fungus has a mortality rate of about 31%. It mostly tends to show up in people already in the hospital.

Cases have also grown a lot in Europe, despite going down here until 2020. We already know that SARS-COV-2 makes you more vulnerable to Candida Albicans. Hospitals constantly full of SARS-COV-2 patients become breeding grounds for Candida infections.

And again, I have to point out the positive feedback and second order effects you get from all these infections. When you suffer scabies, the wounds can get infected by MRSA or Streptococcus pyogenes that the scabies mites bring with them.

Germany doesn’t have enough beds for all the kids with RSV. Seniors in the US have ten times the RSV cases they normally would at this time of the year. Here’s what one doctor said to a reporter:

“It’s like the perfect storm of respiratory illnesses,” said Dr. Wendy Woods-Swafford, chief medical officer for Blank Children’s Hospital. “Normally, there’s a seasonality to winter respiratory viruses. You’ll have a rise in one and then it falls off and another surges. This year … we’re just seeing all of them hit at once.”

Pray tell dear reader: Does this sound like a product of people wearing poorly fitting masks up to a year ago to you? Does this sound like the product of people being stuck at home for a few weeks back in 2020?

Or does it sound… like a whole population having suffered a degree of immune depletion?

Please be sure to stick your head in the sand and pretend that nothing is happening and they’re just fear-mongering and looking for an excuse to whip up hysteria and make sure to insist we have some extra cases due to immunity debt as people were wearing masks a few months ago (even though you’re simultaneously arguing those masks don’t stop viruses). You will really be helping out natural selection when you bring your kid to the hospital and get to hear that there are no spare beds left.

Nature is hard at work right now, to remove the genes of people who choose to ignore problems even when they’re staring them in the face. That includes the sort of people who thought you could YOLO a coronavirus vaccine.

And hey, I don’t have a Phd, I dropped out of kindergarten so I had to figure things out along the way, but I will say again:

-It was obviously a terrible product when they had to constantly pause the vaccination campaign at the start here in the EU because they couldn’t help but wonder whether all those elderly people dying died from the vaccine itself.

-It was obviously always a terrible risk-benefit trade-off for young non-obese adults like me.

-It was obviously not working once the Scottish hospital beds filled up again in july 2021.

-It was obviously a stupid idea to give a third shot of a vaccine to solve the problem caused by the first two not working.

I will say, if I thought they were going to fuck up as massively as they did I would have started warning about this a lot earlier, but I didn’t anticipate the level of stupidity we witnessed.

It really doesn’t take a very smart person to see that this wasn’t going to work. But for whatever reason the vast majority of the population just couldn’t see it. The only people who managed to dodge this insanity that is now beginning to blow up in our faces are a handful of paranoid cranks who also see the Earth as flat and 6,000 years old, who think that oil wells spontaneously refill themselves beneath our feet, who think that the optimal diet compatible with human evolution consists of 50% pork lard, 30% liver 19% beef and 1% coconut butter and who imagine that the obese moronic real estate mogul who pushed these shitty vaccines to begin with will destroy an international pedophile network for them and figure out how to make the coal mines financially viable again.

These are not exactly people you’re going to manage to rebuild society with, it is as if God wants our species to stay forever stuck at the level of post-apocalyptic hunter-gatherers from now on.


  1. Maybe its the constant stress and anxiety that causes immune failure, since the whole world is fed a stream of information that the world is ending (it is btw, but for different reasons)

    I was always chronically ill when I was stressed

  2. Damn, Candida auris +1,000% from 466 in 2019 to 4600 in 2022. What shitcoin is this?

    Just these days I came across this pre-print: Pre-exposure to mRNA-LNP inhibits adaptive immune responses and alters innate immune fitness in an inheritable fashion

    mRNA + LNP for influenza made mice more susceptible to Candida albicans, in the case of the study.

    “In summary, the mRNA-LNP vaccine platform induces long-term immunological changes that can affect both adaptive immune responses and heterologous protection against infections, some of which can be inherited by the offspring.”

    I’m still shocked at the level of pharmaceutical/medical negligence witnessed. I’ve never expect rushed vaccines to even be approved (genuinely thought the talks about a vaccine were just an excuse for society to get back on track, investment return, stock market recover, etc), and within months they were trying to force it on everybody.
    I’d be again surprised if nothing awful happens and we just ride this off, but I believe extraordinary recklessness intrinsically carries the risk of extraordinary punishment.
    Jab side effects and perpetual covid infections and its consequences here we go.

  3. So what should be done? You are right about the current problems and their causes. But it sounds like the only solution is for everyone to stop boosting and let nature slowly restore the balance? And maybe we should all try to get smarter about these dynamics you’re describing so we can at least try to resist the still rabid vaccinators? Anything else?

    • >So what should be done? You are right about the current problems and their causes. But it sounds like the only solution is for everyone to stop boosting and let nature slowly restore the balance?

      Well here’s the thing. It’s December 2022 and we figured out that adding water to the gasoline in your engine doesn’t help you drive faster.

      You could refill your tank, this time without water and your car would function again, but you already lost the race.

      The average Western citizen has already suffered 2-3 infections by now. The immune system damage is already here and the genetic diversity of the swarm has already dramatically expanded.

      The damage has already been done. The population has already been tipped over into constant immune depleting reinfections.

  4. “-It was obviously a stupid idea to give a third shot of a vaccine to solve the problem caused by the first two not working.”

    Haha 🙂 You talk about depressing stuff but sometimes you make me laugh out loud. Normal comedians don’t work for me, I think they are shit, in fact they actively piss me off.
    Re that third shot I couldn’t believe at that point more people didn’t start to question things.
    I liked that comment you made to that guy who wanted reassurance, you sounded like Don Vito Corleone. “And now you come to me cap in hand for reassurance…”
    I used it to teach English to a girl, she said “he’s right, if everyone’s a moral coward then everything just falls apart”

  5. 1-beware horrible virus spreading. Lockdown and vax. For your protection.
    2 – beware, horrible quadruple microbes spreading (omicron, rsv, influenza, candida auris). Lockdown then vax for them all (mrna because quicker). For the sake of the babies!!!

    #2 is much more compelling. Gonna sell big tine.

  6. Can you repost the Greta Thurnberg performing human sacrifice pic? Preferably in high res. I want to print it off for a friends office.

    • Alright.

      Just to recap, me and my homegirl Greta are currently carrying out the final solution to the global warming question. We are going door to door, rounding up low status white males and offering them an ultimatum:

      1. No more air travel.
      2. No more cars.
      3. No more low status white male ponzi scheme fake Internet money made by wasting computer processing power.
      4. No more meat.

      If they refuse to agree to this, then the solution is very simple:


      After they have their hearts pulled out, we offer their widows free vacations to Jamaica or the Gambia.

      Low status white males found guilty of practicing the carnivore or keto diet will be offered no such ultimatum, they will immediately have their hearts pulled out, they are beyond hope.

      Famous last words of low status white males who have already undergone this procedure include:

      “Who’s the conspiracy theorist now huh shitlibs, I told you the WEF agenda is real ARGHALAIALIAL AAAAHHHH”

      “They used to call it global warming, then they changed the name to ADAIJJIWGLALOOKUIAIAIAIA”



      • What you call low status white males – guys who fly places and trade in crypto and repeat others’ arguments re global warming – count as high status in the U.S.. Unjustly, but that is how it is. I wonder if a different term would work better. Like your excellent expression “midwit.” As it is it seems (unintentionally, I’m sure) like you are beating up on men such as janitors who do extremely useful manual tasks (that is who Americans immediately think of when they read “low status white males”).

        • >What you call low status white males – guys who fly places and trade in crypto and repeat others’ arguments re global warming – count as high status in the U.S

          Yeah people keep arguing this to me, but I don’t believe it.

          Cryptocurrency enthusiasm is the #1 sign that everything in your life went wrong.

          High status is when you have an actual job that contributes to society, like a nurse or a teacher. The cryptocurrency bro’s are always going to be low status because everyone recognizes it’s bullshit.

          “Well there’s this guy who injects opioids in the walmart parking lot and worked as a janitor that’s who people think of as a low status white male”

          Nah that’s rock bottom.

          We need to distinguish between the rock bottom white male, who people somewhat empathize with, and the low status white male, who are a kind of abomination that results from the 21st century zero interest rate environment in which the world was consumed by bullshit.

          • People in the U.S. envy and admire guys who play with crypto and fly places and yap about global warming theories. The listen to them with great interest and tell their friends that they know such a person. They do not think the stuff those guys are doing is bullshit. A typical American sees such a guy as being a mini-Musk and is excited to be around him. So being that way is high status, even if it shouldn’t be.

            You are missing a class here. There are white males who are janitors, plumbers, truck drivers, farmers and car repair guys. They are not doing drugs in the parking lot. No-one feels sorry for them; no-one emphasizes with them, and they are counted as low status; if you ask an American for an example of a “low status white male” that is what they will come up with. Even though they are the people who will actually stop and help you change your flat tire in a blizzard, or haul you out of the floodwaters when there is a natural disaster. They are the male equivalents of teachers and nurses.

            Americans make a big deal about a college degree. If you have one you have a status marker; if you lack one you are low status. Yes, Americans are that stupid.

            The drug user in the parking lot doesn’t count in these measures of status.

  7. Quote: “The only people who managed to dodge this insanity that is now beginning to blow up in our faces are a handful of paranoid cranks who also see the Earth as flat and 6,000 years old, …”

    You’re one of us, even if you deny it. Clima-Bubble is emptying now, soon you will there be alone.

    • the co2-bubble will empty, but as de-forestation is still happening and the ONLY CAUSE of extreme weather ever since (eroded soils cannot compensate the elements: drought, flood, heat, frost – not too difficult to comprehend and visible from space neatly suiting the path of homo sapiens out of east africa) PLANET EARTH “will be there alone”… (no more flora, no more o2 out of co2, no more fauna)

  8. Famous last words of the Leader of the Cult of “Religious in neurotic Trash, receives a Haggis”, in short “RINTRAH” before being dragged away in a straight jacket:
    “Holy Schlamohly, you low-white males will not drag me away like this…. don’t you know, that soon your mental asylum will run out of energy, because climate change is real!! We gotta stop the Carbon Print on this earth!”
    “Oh come off it, Rintroh, we have a nice garden, where you can plant all the solar panels you want….”
    “The name is Rintrah! And your Garden will soon be deforested, you nincompoops!! We all gotta die because of Climate Change!!”
    “Gosh, I hate these loonies….”
    “But you gotta say, he was a smart fella’, writing all this stuff about the Vaxx…”
    “Yeah, but why did he believe in this climate nonsense? Makes no sense to me….”
    “Ah well – lets get him to the funny farm…..you okay, Rintrih?”
    “The name is Rintrah!”
    “Sorry mate – alright, lets go….”

  9. And then there’s the monkeypox this past summer. Pretty sure it wouldn’t normally have been able to touch human beings in Western countries with good sanitation.

    “Does an unvaccinated person’s third infection reduce chances of catching a fourth infection? Where does the limit lie for the vaccinated?”

    Considering how the spike keeps evolving, an unvaxxed person’s immune response should react to the new strains as if they’re completely different new cold viruses.

    • >And then there’s the monkeypox this past summer. Pretty sure it wouldn’t normally have been able to touch human beings in Western countries with good sanitation.

      Yup. And it doesn’t seem to be going away. It seems to be lingering in the background, adapting to our species, silently spreading. Cases seem to be stable or growing in Mexico and Brazil.

      >Considering how the spike keeps evolving, an unvaxxed person’s immune response should react to the new strains as if they’re completely different new cold viruses.

      I don’t think this is true. There’s good evidence that any infection induces some long-term protection against reinfection. IgM tends to tolerate mutations, it doesn’t need a precise match.

  10. Rintrah, a FUCKING AMAZING POST — took a lot of effort — conveys very upsetting truth — paints a deservedly bleak picture.

    I agree that we are mostly fucked. I so far had Covid once, and I am not very sickly, but a lot of things with other people seem to be going to shit fast.

    Very disturbed. Honestly, I could retire and live on a modest but sufficient income, but I am scared to do so because of population-wide problems like the ones you describe.

  11. Very good post and description of the current situation, I agree with the overall picture.
    I am seeing weird stuff as well, e.g. a friend in the army (fit male 29y) developing eye cancer (wtf?) earlier this year, and other types of cancer in different organs (parotid gland, brain) in some other people I know. That’s on top of the unusually long flu-like symptoms some people are catching right now here in Central Europe (I know 2 people who have had this “flu” for 2 weeks now, one even for 5 weeks now?!?). The clotting events shouldn’t be forgotten either. Etc.

    In the end, the enormous absurdity and stupidity witnessed in the last 1.5 years has made me think more about the existence of God. There are a few passages in the Bible where it clearly says that God makes some people blind and others not, and this matches exactly with my experience so far. No matter what happens or what I say or do, some people would rather ruin themselves than to think about any of this and act accordingly. There are just no words to describe this… But adopting a deterministic worldview (which would solve the discomfort I experience from seeing this preventable madness and suffering) is somehow also quite difficult…

  12. I really have nothing intelligent to add here but I wish to point out that this:

    “That includes the sort of people who thought you could YOLO a coronavirus vaccine”

    … is fracking *hilarious* to me. (Just that sort of sweet-spot bitter humor that captures how flippantly the decision was made on behalf of millions and millions to inject themselves with an experimental cocktail of lifelong illness and premature death. YOLO!)

    Your humor is fabulous, Sir. I shall be following. Bravo.

  13. Dear sir, I have read your posts with much pleasure these past years. Although I beg to differ on your POV relating to ADCC I convene this is neither the time nor place to debate this. I do love learning new points of view and convictions and have no problem communicating with people with divergent ideas. You really do know how to write and elucidate quite complex topics with ease. I would however like to urge you to review the following sentence you’ve written here above: “The kids who got RSV were twice as likely to have caught SARS-COV-2 as the ones who hadn’t caught SARS-COV-2.” Some logical word salad devoid of meaning even though I catch your drift (mainly because I perused the underlying link). I mean no harm or reproach by proposing you to change the last instance of ‘SARS-COV-2’ to ‘RSV’ instead. You might find the resulting sentence more aligned with the intended meaning, if I may be so bold. Keep up the good work.

  14. Make yourself feel better by insulting people who knew the original clinical trials didnt test for transmission. Name calling people who figured it out earlier than you does not make you smarter. It makes you look like a slowthinking jerk.

  15. Rintrah! I am enjoying your posts immensely. Thank you. Great stuff.

    One quick thing however: “The only people who managed to dodge this insanity…think that oil wells spontaneously refill themselves beneath our feet”

    For the record: abiotic oil is probably true, but also irrelevant to our problems at this time (and possibly irrelevant for all timer). It does not spontaneously refill oil wells, at least not on any meaningful time scale (if at all), and it is too deep to be economically recovered. But it is an interesting and probably-true idea, nonetheless.

  16. PS (addendum to previous, re abiotic oil): it is kinda like the idea of CO2 as plant food — a favorite foolish climate dissenter argument. It is true, and undeniable, that CO2 is a plant food, but that is irrelevant to our problems at this time. CO2 is JUNK FOOD for plants, which makes them grow bigger but weaker, and with depletion of other nutrients (i.e. less suitable for nourishment). CO2 makes plants “obese”, if you will: overfed and undernourished (and undernourishING for consumers thereof). The only way this could change would be with a massive, multi-generational effort to enrich the soil everywhere with sufficient nutrients to compensate and restore balance with the higher ambient CO2. Perhaps not a bad idea, but it takes a very long time and surely would require very expensive global coordinated effort over decades; i.e. WON’T HAPPEN in any foreseeable future.

  17. To be fair, the usual argument about increased atmospheric CO2 promoting plant growth is that it enables plants to get sufficient CO2 without opening their stomata wide enough to lose too much H2O. This enables them to growth in areas with sufficient mineral nutrients but which were previously too arid for them. Hence the greening of the Earth that has accompanied rises in CO2. Your point is probably valid for areas that were already suitable for agriculture, of course.

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