Positive feedback is a bitch

So I have to bring this up. Today the forests in Sweden absorb forty percent less carbon dioxide than ten years ago, mostly due to the severe droughts they now get in summer, that stop the trees from growing. This amounts to sixteen million tons of carbon dioxide every year, more than all domestic transport in Sweden. It’s a big problem for them, it means they’ll struggle to meet their EU targets. And Finland and Estonia are dealing with the same problem. In fact, in Estonia, the forests turned from a carbon sink, into a carbon source.

Think about how insane this is. If every passenger car in Sweden became an electric vehicle, if they replaced all the trucks with electric trucks too, if the boats transporting goods started using sails again, if the tractors on the farms became plug-in tractors and if all the electricity these vehicles need came from wind turbines and solar panels, the effect it would have, would be less than the impact that climate change has already had on the ability of Sweden’s forests to sequester carbon.

Think about how much money goes into electric vehicles. Think about how the whole electric vehicle bubble turned Elon Musk into the richest man on the planet. Then realize: It can’t compensate for even just ten years of ecosystem degradation. We were warned about this long ago: If you allow climate change to escalate, you’ll reach the point where it continues even when human emissions drop to zero, simply from the planetary changes you have triggered.

The only real solution we had to this crisis was degrowth: Just live simple lives, shrink your population by having no more than one child, don’t eat animals, ride a bicycle andsoforth. But people did not want this. So now they’re bringing children into the world, who will inherit this mess.

And it needs to be said: The easiest, most straight-forward form of degrowth, IS TO STOP IMPORTING INFINITE NUMBERS OF IMMIGRANTS YOU HAPPEN TO FEEL SORRY FOR. This is the lowest hanging fruit, but the Swedish are so retarded, they imported 163,000 people, or 2% of their entire population, in 2015. If Sweden had a lifeboat, its captain would say “let’s pick up as many people as it takes to make sure our whole boat capsizes and we all die”.

I’ve been to Sweden. When I looked at the pale blonde gracile goddesses jogging by themselves in the woods, I did not think to myself: “You know what would improve this place? Infinite numbers of immigrants.” Imagine walking through the Swedish forests, gazing upon a Swedish goddess and thinking: “Well, this seems like a great place to build New Mogadishu.” They’re like dogs running up to coyotes, wanting to play.

So Sweden basically threw away every advantage it had. Stable low population? Gone. Strong communal ties? Gone. Capacity for long-term thinking? Well you tell me: Who is going to be better at long-term planning? Someone whose ancestors would die if they didn’t gather a bunch of firewood and buried their rotting fish in the snow, or someone who lives in a climate that behaves like this:

This isn’t hard. And you would think people recognize the writing on the wall by now, but they don’t. The rationalizations just grow more creative. I just tend to ask people: “Well how do you see this ending yourself?” And then they get upset and call me autistic or depressed.

I mean, at some point you would expect people to bump into the limits of the “satan worshipping pedophiles from the WEF want to make us believe we’re overpopulated and changing the climate” model of the world, but they never do.

It’s very convenient to just assign any negative thought that intrudes your brain to the “satan worshipping pedophile” category. “I’m probably feeling constipated because I don’t get the recommended amount of dietary fiber in my diet… no wait, that’s what Klaus Schwab wants me to believe!”

There are still people who just can’t figure out our species is overpopulated. For them I would say: Just compare our numbers to those of our relatives.

Bornean Orangutans – 70,000

Sumatran Orangutans – 13,800

Tapanuli Orangutans – 800

Western Gorillas – 316,000

Eastern Gorillas – 5,000

Common Chimpanzees – 150,000 – 250,000

Bonobo Chimpanzees – 40,000

Humans – 8,000,000,000

You could take all of the non-human primates, dress them up in suits and fit them into a small third tier Chinese city you never heard of.

And you think we’re not overpopulated?

And it just pisses me off. You want to feel sorry for people and feel like a saint? How about instead of importing 163,000 brown people IN A SINGLE YEAR, YOU MAKE A REFUGE FOR ORANGUTANS?

When Somalia goes to shit, the people can flee. If Gaza goes to shit because they massacre a bunch of people at a party, we’re supposed to fix it. If the Afghans get kicked out of Pakistan, we’re supposed to fix it.

If the rainforest in Indonesia is destroyed, if the gorillas are turned into bushmeat in Congo, if the chimpanzees lose their forest, they’re just screwed. Nobody thinks we need to set apart a small part of Europe for all the animals who had to flee their homelands. Elephants used to live here, we called them mammoths, they’re basically just a hairy Asian elephant. Asylum applications from Asian elephants? Rejected.

“Uhhh I have to preserve my genetic lineage…”

No, you don’t, idiot.

You’re not an elephant.

This is a Proboscidean, ancestors of the first elephants, they lived 60 million years ago.

We’re lucky if there are ANY wild elephants left, before this century is over. An entire family of animals that took sixty million years to evolve, is being wiped out.

In contrast, if you go back a few hundred years, all Europeans are cousins. Most of us are descended from Charlemagne.

You’re not committing some sort of atrocity to nature by not reproducing. You’re just making sure that you’re not forcing people similar to you to grow up in hell. The Ashkenazi Jews clearly demonstrate: It only takes a few thousand years to increase the IQ of a population. Intelligence is not hard to evolve. You can jerk off about your Neanderthal DNA as much as you want, but you have as much of it as someone in the forests of Papua New Guinea.

It’s going to take at least 50,000 years, before our climate returns to normal. Because get this: We failed. And we didn’t just barely fail the test. No, we got a score of zero. We didn’t even came close to making it.

You know what coming close would look like? European cities would look European right now. They would have a fertility rate like that of South Korea. Entire villages in the countryside would be getting demolished, returning to nature. People would travel around by train, bus or bicycle. Private car ownership would be a thing of the past. Most people would be vegan. Electricity would be rationed and generally only available when there’s sun, you would depend on batteries after dusk.

When you explain this to the most decadent race of men, the Americans, they say: “Well then I would rather die, that just sounds like hell”. Well, you’re still going to get the above. But now you’re going to get it, with global warming on top of it.

Why can’t people figure it out? Why can’t they say: “Well, this is getting ominous, time to go South Korea mode, close our borders to foreigners and sit on top of a pile of nuclear and chemical weapons as we watch the forests swallow our villages.”

Why do they have to keep perpetuating this cycle, continuing this madness, when every signal they are receiving from nature is telling them “enough is enough”? I mean, do people realize how insane this is? Do you realize how insane it is, that all the chickens you keep in cages, together weigh three times as much as the wild birds?

Low IQ low status white males are convinced there is some sort of communist WEF globalist plot against the Dutch farmers. And then I think to myself: “Really? You can’t figure this out?”

You walk outside in the Netherlands, you see two types of geese: The Great Canadian Goose, an invasive species of geese that showed up here a few decades ago and they eventually gave up on shooting them. The other one you see is the Egyptian Nile geese, which are also invasive and don’t belong here. They live here, because the Dutch farmers remove all the native vegetation, flatten the landscape (it’s not naturally this flat, dipshits) and then they sow ONE SPECIES OF GRASS for the cows to eat.

This occupies about a fifth of our country, a complete ecological desert. But then you go to the parks and the forests and you see two plants: Stinging nettles and brambles. Why? Because those are plants that grow well with high levels of nitrogen. And then you look at the butterflies and you see the same handful of species everywhere, that lay their eggs on these stinging nettles.

And then you can look at the Dutch forests, that we’re trying to save from all the nitrogen these farmers are dumping into the environment. They’re pouring crushed up rocks from Switzerland out of helicopters onto the soils of the Veluwe, in an attempt to stop the oak trees from dying, because the soil has become so acidic that aluminum is dissolving and ending up in the plants. And the birds suffer broken bones, because the whole ecosystem is deficient in calcium, from the massive acidity of the Dutch soils, because of all the cow and pig shit that ends up in our environment.

And you don’t need to be some sort of genius to figure this out. You don’t even have to believe some scientific study. YOU JUST HAVE TO LOOK OUTSIDE! That’s all it takes. Step onto your bicycle and travel out into the countryside and you can just SEE WITH YOUR OWN EYES how we have screwed everything up.

But people can’t figure it out. But worse than people who can’t figure it out, are the people who can figure it out, but just can’t connect the dots, or just refuse to do so. “We have to save the planet for my grandchildren!” Yeah great, but here’s a question: Why do you have grandchildren?

Did it never occur to you, to teach your own children about these problems we’re dealing with? To teach them that you made a mistake yourself, in bringing children into the world? You’ve lived through thirty years of failing negotiations to keep our planet habitable. And now at COP28, the emir of Qatar agrees with the low IQ low status white males, insisting that we have to keep using fossil fuels.

You couldn’t just figure out at some point between 1990 and 2023 that we’re toast? I mean, you realize this isn’t just a video game, right? You realize you’re all signing actual breathing warm-blooded human beings up for this insanity, because you’re pushing them out of your vagina, right?

I’m just going to spell it out for you, what you’re signing human beings up for:

Today you decide to have a kid. It takes a few months to conceive one, so by January 2025 we’ll say your kid celebrates his first birthday, as he will be one year old.

By 2030, when he’s six, water shortages will have displaced 700 million Africans. Egypt is already planning to bomb the dam Ethiopia built, which would be one of the first major African water wars. Where will those 700 million Africans go? We’ll find out.

A few years later, we will reach temperatures that will result in the death of 99% of the world’s coral reefs. Those reefs currently feed around 850 million people. What will those 850 million people do? You tell me.

We’re using up our groundwater faster than it can be replenished in large parts of the world. At some point between 2040 and 2060, so when your kid is between sixteen and thirty-six, Northern India, Southern Spain and Italy will have completely depleted their aquifers. It won’t be possible to grow food there. In Tamil Nadu, irrigated farmland has already decreased by half in a decade simply because the wells run dry, so farmers abandon their land and move to the city. And it doesn’t matter if we can desalinate water, because the real problem is transporting it hundreds of meters high far away from the shore. That would take huge amounts of energy.

By 2070, when you kid is forty-six, your kid will be dealing with a world where the Persian gulf will from time to time be too hot for human survival. It will be physically impossible for a healthy human being to survive there in the shade. Millions of people in poorer health will already die from the heat before 2070, so I’m going out on a limb here and guess that the hundreds of millions of people living there will also flee.

And by 2100, when he’s seventy-six, he’ll be left with something like this:

Who wants to sign up for that? Join Achmed, DeShawn, Radj and Fernando in one of New Zealand’s new compact high rise cities! Of course we’ll need to keep the struggle of the Sunnis against the Shia and the idolatrous Indian cow worshippers going in New Zealand’s compact high rise cities, this goes without saying. If Allah didn’t want Islam to conquer the whole globe, why would he turn the whole globe into a desert? Checkmate unbeliever! I mean, sure, well before 2100 the Hajj will become too lethal to carry out, but you get my point.

I’m not really interested in discussing the solutions anymore, because as I have already illustrated, nobody is interested in the easiest most straightforward solution we have, that doesn’t require any complex technology to achieve and has an immediately visible impact: Veganism. You could very easily just tax meat, dairy and eggs out of existence. But what is the public support for doing that? Zero.

This isn’t even hard to understand. Policymakers could have figured this out decades ago, but they continue to subsidize meat and dairy production here in Europe, in 2023. The problem is that with nobody truly in control, with power distributed so widely across the population, there is no capacity to make long-term plans. And of course, people just don’t want it. They’d rather let their children inherit hell on Earth, than stop eating animals.

If you can’t get people to stop eating animals, then I can guarantee you they won’t pay a small fortune to drive around, they won’t stop traveling by planes, they won’t pay for a heat pump, they won’t do any of this. You can see the outcome in the Netherlands and other countries now. People just vote for politicians who promise to do nothing, to crash head first into that upcoming wall.

And remember, these aren’t just altruistic policies for the gorillas in Congo or the elephants on the plains of Africa. This is the stuff you need to be doing anyway, because we’re running out of natural gas. We can import some from the United States, but their natural gas bubble will soon come to an end. So you need an alternative to heating your house with natural gas. But people just don’t want it.

So my urgent recommendation would be not to bring children into the world who will have to participate in this death cult. It’s not fair towards the child, to bring them into this insanity. And remember, this stuff is not far away. The first big climate war, with the first major European refugee crisis, was the Syrian civil war, where water that normally ends up in Syria is retained by Turkey.

Between 2006 and 2009 yields of wheat and barley in Syria dropped by 47 and 67 percent respectively, due to droughts. Then another drought hit Syria in 2011, which led to more than 1.5 million people to move from the rural areas to the major cities in Syria. Then you suddenly had droves of impoverished Sunni Arabs living in cities where the jobs are handed to Alawites and other friendly minorities, so shit hit the fan.

The complete retards running Germany and most of Europe thought to themselves “we can handle this”. These people are so retarded, they spend their whole careers trying to meet their carbon neutrality targets, NEVER REALIZING WHAT KIND OF INSANITY WE SET OURSELVES UP FOR. So they let hundreds of thousands of Syrian into the country, as if this were some sort of onetime event that we can just process.

It wasn’t of course. Back then I had a different blog and I tried warning people: You’re a bunch of morons, you’re like the puppy running up to the wild coyotes to play. Because here’s the thing: This isn’t about to be the last refugee crisis.

Rather, it was the first big one. Ethiopia is currently busy filling up its reservoir for its new dam, which will take years. This leaves Egypt with less water during that period. If a major drought happens to coincide with Ethiopia filling up its reservoirs, you’ll either have Egypt start a war with Ethiopia, Egyptians dying of hunger, or both. And then you can add millions of Egyptian refugees to the millions of Syrian refugees you got.

The big African water wars are not decades away. They’re years away. The big military power is Egypt, which happens of course to be at the END of the river Nile. They’re dependent on Sudan, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Uganda, all playing fair with the START of the river. Ethiopia has clearly already angered them.

Trump knows about this, you can see the video here of him arguing the Egyptians were insane for ever letting the Ethiopians start building this dam. And Trump is not someone for whom African conflicts over water are an autistic interest. He was informed about this, because it’s a BIG DEAL. But nobody tells you about it.

And that’s far from the only one. The Niger river starts in Guinea, then it goes through most of Mali, makes a turn into Niger before eventually entering the biggest most populated country in the region, Nigeria. Any of these countries could get angry at the other countries, for how much water they retain from this river. And the most powerful and thirsty country, happens to be last in line.

Three years ago, the government of Guinea wanted to build a dam on the Niger river with help from China. But then China suddenly got cold feet, realizing the eventual impact this would have in the Inner Niger delta in Mali. But if Guinea wants this dam and needs this dam, they’ll find a way to do it, with or without China. So right now you’re dealing with the Egypt-Ethiopian conflict, which you don’t even know about. And soon you’ll be dealing with the Guinea-Malian conflict, over the water from a river you never heard about.

The Water Wars are not some distant dystopian projection invented by Greta Thunberg’s mom. They’re here. They’re starting. This is not something your kids will have to deal with, this is what YOU will have to deal with.

So do me a favor: Don’t force children to inherit the mess you created. Accept that you failed. You wanted the grassfed beef, you wanted the keto diet, you wanted the holiday on Saint Lucia, you wanted the SUV that doesn’t even let you see a toddler walking in front of you, you wanted the McMansion in the suburbs, you wanted the American Dream.

And don’t fool yourself with magical thinking:

“They’ll think of something.”
“Climate change is a hoax.”
“They predicted the arctic would be ice-free by now!”
“If we just build nuclear-“
“I will sit out the apocalypse in rural New Zealand on my permaculture homestead”
“People lived through bad times before”

Especially that last one annoys me. Yes, people lived through bad times before. That’s why the early Christians would preach to Roman soldiers, as a martyr’s death grants instant access to heaven. That’s why Italian noblemen during bad times sent 90% of their daughters off to the convent. That’s why black slaves would jump off the ship into the ocean.

You can’t escape being born into bad times, at least not as far as I know. But what you can escape, is BRINGING SOMEONE INTO BAD TIMES. A collapsing multicultural empire invaded by bordering tribes escaping dramatic changes to the climate? We’ve seen that one before. It doesn’t look pretty.

And whereas the Romans had no way to know what would happen decades in the future, it’s not hard for us to figure out. Go take a look at the abandoned farmland in India where the wells ran dry. Go take a look at the vast empty plains covered in ashes that used to be Canadian forest. Go look at the disappearing soils in Argentine. Go look at the desert taking over Spain.

I can’t wrap my head around the simple fact that people still can’t see it. And I feel sorry for all the children being born today. Their parents made a mistake.


  1. So, I am eating vegan now, and I ate a vegan breakfast today. It was made of about 100 grams of dried peas cooked with one onion. Cost about $0.30 or so.

    • Cool, you should start eating Low Status White Males instead, that’ll contribute more to the planet. I wouldn’t recommend eating non-whites, they have AIDS.

    • Good for you Igor, nice to see you, and I love your brilliant substack. 😇 But you need oil or fat. What are you doing for dietary oil? You won’t live on peas.
      We NEED at least small amounts of meat. Even deer aren’t purists and eat dead animals from time to time.
      When our ancestors ate meat for millions of years and glorified it on cave paintings how can you say it’s bad?
      Of course factory farming is horrible but somebody has to give me a convincing argument against Lierre Keith’s brilliant book “The Vegetarian Myth” before I will become a believer.

        • Weren’t you telling us all cats can live on a vegan diet, but never responded about the slight issue of taurine not being in their diets? Where does taurine come from?

          You can be very intelligent, but not always.

          Proude MAGA supporter

          • Of course you need to supplement taurine for cats. But when you do, you see no real difference in their health.

      • I decided to try vegan for a month without worrying about any deficiencies. After a month, I will see if it is worth continuing.

        I also “eat less” as I need to lose more weight. My BMI is 27 as of today. I wanted to get to under 25. I can gain weight on just about any diet if I eat as much as I want.

        I do eat fats also btw

    • I agree. Vegan pussy is the most tasty of them all. You must always eat pussy, never ever impregnate it. Do not however eat Covid “vaccinated” pussy. That will eventually kill you. Just wait for the cDNA clone virus and the so called “vaccines” to do their job, and in 2100 the overpopulation problem will be history. Enjoy eating vegan and enjoy the cull.

  2. You know what we need? We need a great cleansing,, a great war with warlords who make Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, and Joseph Stalin look like humanitarians. You’re not going to convince these Low Status White Males and shitskin subhumans to stop raping our world and give up their MTV and dildo factories. Burn it all, let the Gods sort out the worthy from the unworthy through the crucible of war.

    My genetic lineage deserves to exist and most people’s doesn’t. What that doesn’t sound fair? How about we slaughter each-other to determine who’s truly deserves to exist? I’ll send your soul screaming to Odin motherfucker. I worship war, blood, and chaos!

  3. As with many different complex subjects, there are always extreme viewpoints on opposite ends of the spectrum. Regarding climate change, you have the techno-optimists like Andreessen Horowitz and climate scientists like Michael Mann who insist that humanity will find a way to prevail. On the opposite side of the spectrum, you have your website and the “hysterical climate change alarmists” in XR. The reality will almost certainly be somewhere in between the two extremes.

    It’s the same phenomenon seen with the COVID vaccines. On one side, you have the hypersocial career climber woke pronoun Ph.Ds like Viki Male who insist that the vaccine is 100% safe and effective. On the other side, you have people like Dr. Sherri Tenpenny who are convinced that the vast majority of people who were vaccinated will be dead within 5 years. The true reality will almost certainly be somewhere in between.

    Radagast, you are highly intelligent, but not infallible. Remember your Monkeypox predictions?

  4. Your whole climate change movement will never work, because it’s based on punching down rather than punching up. It boils down to: who do you blame for the mess we’re in, the elites… or a bunch of backwards hicks in some deindustrialized region of the United States? Your answer is to blame people who have no wealth or influence in society, and cannot steer it in any direction, as shown by the fact that their standard of living has been falling for the past decades. Your answer to them is to accept a LOWER standard of living than the one they already have, plus a dose of moralizing (‘You’re greedy for wanting to feel full and have a vacation’).

    Ranting aside, I’ve been toying with the idea that the Dark Ages might have been less chaotic and more… empty. If you look at our world, we’re flooded by junk in every domain: nothing lasts. Material objects don’t, since they’re made to degrade, but neither do cultural works– how many of the latest movies, or movements, are at all memorable? The end point of this society is a landfill, then maybe floating around in the Pacific. Future historians will look at this great barrenness, and they might conclude that a plague or huge disaster wiped us out. The reality might just be more banal, more of an emptying out or an erosion than a huge spectacular collapse. And maybe that’s how it was for the Romans, too.

    Finally: cheer up. The Romans were better off health and stature-wise during the collapse of their empire, since there were no more corns subsidies, higher wages (no more slaves), and conflict was more of a squabble between petty warlords (not huge civil wars). Americans will similarly recover from corn subsidies and big agriculture destroying their health, and wealth inequality will decline when globalization starts to get wrecked. No infinite growth, and probably contraction, means a humbler elite class. The reality is that more and more people will be returning to a less sophisticated, and healthier, life– whether they like it or not.

    • Speaking to the elites is pointless. Low Status White Males are actually the only people who can be convinced, the more autistic and isolated from societal norms the better. Low Status Whites Males have the ability to destroy the society we live in; but instead choose to be cucks and live in their basements jerking off to anime instead, so we actually are responsible for everything wrong in this world. Being too cowardly to save things you love makes you responsible for their destruction.

      Dark Ages were fine, there was tons of war but what historical period doesn’t have war? And is that really such a terrible thing?

      The Romans were slaughtered by the barbarian invaders, their men killed, their women raped, and their children sold into slavery. Romans themselves lost their own political autonomy during the collapse, becoming servants of Germanic Tribes like the Lombards. I wouldn’t say they were better off really, even if they were eating better.

  5. The Gazans did NOT massacre people at a party. The IDF Apaches and Hellfires did most of that. Are you simply ignorant, or lying? And Gazan children did NOTHING, but your Zionazi friends have butchered several thousand. Do you approve this as a type of population reduction?

    • Muslims have no right to complain about people blowing them up when they willingly blow themselves up all the time. Those kids were all future suicide bombers, and the jews were just sending them to Allah early.

    • The problem is that the Zionist Jews are not smart enough to handle their hopelessly inbreed Arab population. Look at for example Saudi or the UAE. They can easily control far more inbreed retarded Arabs, but the winging complaining Jews are incapable of managing a far smaller violent inbreed population. It is now time therefore to hand British Palestine back to the British. They can then sort this mess out the British way – i.e. like they did in Second Boer War. Complete regime change and an equal handed genocide is the only solution to this Jew created complete incompetent mess. Even traditional ethnic cleansing these retarded Zionists are incapable of. What a mess.

  6. Yes, it’s all going down in the Western world, and it has been for decades, and it’s all getting worse.

    It’s a bit demoralizing really.

    The other day I commented here that hope in and of itself is pretty useless unless it comes as part of a realistic plan – “Hope is not a strategy” (thanks for that titbit, Colin Powell, you monster :P) and all that.

    That said, I’m not aware of a realistic strategy to save Western civ, I don’t even know if I want to. Does it even exist anymore? Everything seems so different to my youth, and the changes keep accelerating. . . But here we are, stunned and staggering about in the darkening gloom and ramping chaos, and it’s miserable, so I feel obligated to try to offer at least ‘something’.

    With that in mind, have you read any Paul Kingsnorth? I first came across him over a decade or so ago now, which was probably around when he co-wrote this: https://dark-mountain.net/about/manifesto/

    I found Kingsnorth baffling at first, upon reading him I thought something along the lines of: “What do you mean civilization is doomed? What do you mean you want to withdraw to the wilderness and write? This is no time for brooding, there’s serious work to do man!”

    It was just too much for me to swallow, so being the terrier that I am, I kept on worrying at it, trying to chew holes in his argument, but I only ended up digesting at least some of it.

    Here’s a link to his substack, which has some free essays if you want a taste of his ideas: https://paulkingsnorth.substack.com/?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=substack_profile

    These days he argues, among other things, that: “the turmoil we are living through represents a spiritual crisis, and that the response therefore needs to look to the construction of a new spiritual culture.”

    To that end, Kingsnorth writes about these matters, he has been living on a farm in Ireland, and he has become an Orthodox Christian relatively recently. He says he felt hunted by God until he converted. I know how he feels there. When I was a youngster I prayed, and then the ‘coincidences’ started piling up – I kept meeting Christians, a church opened down the street, etc. It quite freaked me out, I panicked, and I did my level best to repress any such thoughts. Why? Because it’s not a small thing to change your whole worldview I guess, and I just wasn’t ready. I don’t feel like God/Christ is chasing me anymore since that time decades ago, not that I’ve been actively seeking those kinds of experiences either.

    Perhaps God gave up on a recalcitrant like me? Whatever, back to the story. . .

    Retreating to the country to become a Christian seems like a reasonable response to what’s coming down the line, provided you can afford the farm, and can accept God.

    Will it fix ‘the world’? No. Our civilization is hitting limits and is breaking up, and it’s only going to get more and more broken. Maybe, in time, someone else will be able to put something together out of the pieces, but that process will probably only happen on the other side of a tumultuous period of collapse.

    The whole process could take some time. . . years. . . decades. . .

    In the interim, putting some distance between yourself and the system, getting some nature on, getting your mind right, getting some religion, praying, trying to sow some seeds for others yet to come, etc. seems about as good an approach as anyone can hope to achieve.

    And given how I feel these days, well, I think I’m good with surrendering to God’s will and letting him sort it out. The acceptance phase of the grieving process perhaps.

    • Yeah I’m familiar with him. I don’t know why he became an orthodox Christian. The anthropocentrism of Christianity to me seems like one of the root causes of the ecological crisis.

      • I think Kingsnorth probably became a Christian because he honestly believes that Christianity is true at this point in time in his life.

        Or at least, he seems quite happy to rip into things that he doesn’t think are true, so I would expect him to get stuck into Christianity if he didn’t actually believe in it.

        If his religion involves or appears to involve contradictions/hypocrisy with his views on ecology etc. well. . . Christianity is a tough row to hoe. It makes hardcore demands if you take it all the way.

        Judeo-Christian religions probably wouldn’t make the top of my list of root causes of the looming horror all around us though. Instead, when it comes to religions to blame, I’d probably start with modern secular religions like progress, scientism/scientific atheism, and economics. All of these modern religions seem to play at least as much, if not more, of a role in framing how many decisions get made these days than the older, more traditional religions that they appear to have largely supplanted.

        • >I’d probably start with modern secular religions like progress, scientism/scientific atheism

          Yeah, these are outgrowths of humanism, which is an outgrowth of Christianity.

          It’s all just an attempt at distilling the essence of Christianity from the aura of mysticism.

          • I would suggest spending some time with Orthodox Christianity. It will change your life. It is the real truth of our existence, anything else will land you in a tailspin of hatred for your fellow man….which is precisely where YOU ARE!!!

          • “Yeah, these are outgrowths of humanism, which is an outgrowth of Christianity.”

            Okay, I can accept that, but it’s not the same thing as Christianity in and of itself. So here we are in the West, formerly known as Christendom, trying to get along without Christ. . . Looking at the results, the experiment isn’t working out so well.

            I’d be curious to see what would happen if some ‘Biblical style’ economic policies were implemented. Perhaps it could be started by banning the charging of interest, which would reduce the need for evermore ecologically destructive and toxic economic growth to pay back all the debts, plus interest.

            Whatever might happen, it’s hard to imagine anyone doing much worse than ‘doomed’ in any event 😛

            But it’s just a fantasy. It’s impossible to imagine the godless, rent seeking, materialistic, ‘powers that be’ going for anything like that, or the majority of the rest of us either. Instead, it seems like we’re all stuck like materialistic monkeys with our fists in a jar, unable to release our greedy grips on the ‘prize’, no matter that the hunter is about to catch us.

            What comes next probably just has to play out.

        • THanks for suggesting Kingsnorth, Wombat! I hadn’t heard of him.

          >The anthropocentrism of Christianity to me seems like one of the root causes of the ecological crisis.

          If you allow me to try to be precise, Christianity is ‘theanthropocentric’.
          Revelation is a relationship with a person, who is revealed to you (gradually).
          Maybe humanism comes about when Christians take a distance from the relationship..

          «Ἡ εὕ­ρε­σις [τοῦ Θε­οῦ] ἐ­στίν αὐ­τό τό ἀ­εί ζη­τεῖν, […] τό μη­δέ­πο­τε τῆς ἐ­πι­θυ­μί­ας κό­ρον εὐ­ρεῖν […]», St Gregory of Nyssa, “Seventh homily on Ecclesiastes”. My summary-translation: To find (God) is to always seek Him, insatiably.

          • “To find (God) is to always seek Him, insatiably.”

            Sounds exhausting 😛

            But what the hell, it’s not as if what I’ve got going on is working out so well.

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