President Trump Debunks Climate Change Hysteria[Video]

Yeah, I changed my mind. After hearing Trump explain things, I realize now I just fell for yet another leftist scam intended to raise taxes on hardworking patriots. Sorry guys.


  1. Since the world is about to go to complete shit one way or the other (SARS2, climate change, global sovereign debt crisis etc.), maybe you could use that high I.Q. brain of yours to help us LSWMs to weather the approaching storms (both literal and metaphorical). You’ve spoken critically of preppers in the past, reasoning that their permaculture gardens will be raided by violent armed thugs from the cities. But what about burying a bunch of long life shelf food in a secret hiding place? Things like coconut oil, dried grains and legumes, seeds to later sprout your own microgreens, canned sardines (sorry vegans) so on and so forth. Along with stocking up on essential medicines and supplements, and finding a source of clean drinking water.

    • *Forgot to mention possible escalation of Ukraine war as another potential scenario

      Geert is warning that the highly virulent ADE Omicron derived variants will arrive before the end of this year. I’m terrified that I’ll be caught with my pants down, that I had the last few years to prepare but blew the opportunity because of chronic procrastination and internet addiction. I’ve wasted so much time.

      • >Geert is warning that the highly virulent ADE Omicron derived variants will arrive before the end of this year. I’m terrified that I’ll be caught with my pants down, that I had the last few years to prepare but blew the opportunity because of chronic procrastination and internet addiction. I’ve wasted so much time.

        Yeah Geert thinks vaccine protection against severe disease is down to one single simple variable that will soon fail and that all the infections just recall that single simple variable, rather than training innate immunity.

        I just don’t believe it’s that simple. The vaccines have failed and will greatly increase the death toll in the years to come, but there’s not about to be some sort of supervariant that kills 80% of the Western population while leaving the unvaxxed 20% alive.

        That’s just more wishful apocalyptic thinking. What vaccine failure looks like is what you see right now: Everyone is getting infected two or three times a year, everyone has a broken IgG4 antibody response that encourages persistent infections, the virus can throw out multiple new serotypes and the whole thing just gradually escalates.

        You also don’t magically escape vaccine failure by being unvaccinated. Everyone suffers the consequences of their stupidity/evil (still no clue). It’s a problem that affects our whole species now.

        • Geert doesn’t say that it’s a problem of “original antigenic sin” or immune imprinting anymore.
          I remember a few of his sayings (self-catalyzing immune escape; SIR steric immune refocusing, which is connected to high titers of IgG4 etc) but I can’t say I understand them.
          However, I think you are pretty close in your understanding.

      • It would be a gross oversimplification to say the Ukraine war was planned but it is not an existential struggle. Both sides have a interests, many in common in keeping it going as it is. Its true the Ukrainian Nazi types are real and disgusting as at some of the more fanatical Russian ultra nationalists. But they are not running the show, just committing atrocities, random and planned. But there will be no nuclear exchange or Western Europe being occupied. Don’t worry. Modern day Gladio operation sounds likely though.

    • Honestly, I don’t expect a real “collapse” anytime soon.

      I think we’ll basically get what the former Soviet Union has had for three decades so far.

      Smart people will refuse to have children, because life will be so miserable. Morons will continue to reproduce by accident or due to religious convictions.

      There will be growing epidemics of suicide and drug overdoses, along with increasing homelessness.

      Covid is a bit of a wildcard. We failed to achieve herd immunity, the virus went through an evolutionary radiation thanks to everyone’s broken immune response. We could have additional viruses show up that cause further misery.

      We’ll probably have a lot of elderly people die as the vaccines start to fail. Younger people will suffer increased infertility, disability and brain damage.

      The scenario everyone expects, where they can sit out the storm on their permaculture farm just seems highly unlikely to me. That’s what people expect to happen, because it’s what they want to happen. Nature won’t be that merciful.

      • It is a slow and steady killing field and reduction of births. mass population reduction by a thousand slow and steady cuts, literally, with the endpoint being 2100, 2 Billion humans and an average age of 18 to 22.

      • Obviously one also needs to be mindful of the location of one’s food forest. There are suitable locations in the USA well-defended by citizen militias, deep in Red territory, far from Blue cities.

        Suppose, for example, that while CO2 emissions are already cataclysmic, the CO2 effects are overshadowed in the short term by increasing solar heat and activity. In that case, it would also be wise to “head for the hills,” towards geological stability.

        Living in a food forest puts one much closer to actually vanishing into the woods, which is at times prudent during the turbulent phases of collapse.

        Rural distance is also good for missing viral variant waves.

  2. This is what the leader of the right wing populist party said in the election in my country last year:

    ”Why should we not fear global warming?
    -As far as I know more people die from cold than from heat.”

    Now they are de facto running the government.

  3. Quote: “I just don’t believe it’s that simple.”
    Quote: “That’s just more wishful apocalyptic thinking.”

    Wait. That’s my part!

  4. Sometimes Courts declare “There is no need to adjudicate on X”.
    I think we could also focus on things such as:
    How to adjust to and reverse the course of things that led to the current challenges:
    –Health challenge (caused by the mass vaccination with leaky vaccines in the midst of a pandemic…)
    –Food challenge (caused by draughts and hurricanes hitting the Mediterrenean as the sea surface becomes warmer)
    –Survival challenge, from heatwaves and tropical weather etc.

    We don’t necessarily have to adjudicate on: where did the last two come from?
    Since we have already settled on the need to adjust and reverse the detrimental course of things.
    For example, with food shortages, you don’t have to be a moral vegan to decide that we should minimize meat consumption.
    Poor people (not just LSWM) need some leadership. Trump is obviously not up to the task.
    However, us LSWM, have to stop bitching about the unnecessary and focus on the necessary.
    I don’t know if it makes sense lol.

    • Why do I keep having these idiots showing up linking to their essays parroting the same rehashes bullshit by people who don’t have the basic knowledge required to understand the subject they’re talking about?

      • Arrogance, ignorance, and incompetence. Not a pretty cocktail of personality traits in the best of situations.

        Soon the opposite will unfold. You will be confused and maybe then, just maybe, you will come to realize that you were fooled. It´s all in the cycles…

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