Question for the wagechads

At 500 dollars a jar, how many times does she have to fart in a jar, to earn what you do in a month?

List your occupation and the amount of the industrial surplus your employer considers you deserving of in jarred farts.

Bonus: If you decide to really work your ass off for a day, rather than just browsing Reddit and chatting on Facebook, alt-tabbing back to some spreadsheet when a coworker or a manager-youre-not-supposed-to-call-your-manager walks by, how many jarred farts extra worth of value would you say you produce for your employer?


High School teacher

Six jarred farts

If I really try hard, I can add half a tenth of a jarred fart per day.

Front-end web developer

Twelve jarred farts

Honestly I’m kind of lazy, I could probably produce half a jarred fart more per day if I really wanted.



Me, producing half a jarred fart per day extra for the company by immediately responding to complaining customers, rather than just reading Wikipedia and waiting with answering them until ten minutes before my shift ends.


  1. I pre-ordered her entire supply of jarred farts, sorry LSWMs, you’ll have to wait until oktober 2026.

    No I’m not opening them, I’m aiming to corner the market. I’m keeping them in my freezer, jarred farts are the new bitcoin.

    • And what will the woman in that video spend her $200k on? Well, she will be making lots of trips to the shopping mall! Will she be using public transport or bicycle to get there? No, she will be driving her big SUV.

      The vast majority of the stores in the mall that she will visit are full of unnecessary junk. Jewellery, clothes, shoes, handbags, electronics, home decoration and interior design, perfumes and make up. All of this has an enormous environmental impact, but this woman doesn’t care, she suffers from the disease of materialism/consumerism.

      And don’t forget all the flights she will take to Hawaii and Caribbean Islands so she can impress her Instagram friends! Will she be using some of that $200k to plant trees? Nope.

  2. Being resentful of this dumb thot is sad (Oh wow, she has monopoly money, I’m sure that’ll fill the void inside that lead her to being an e-stripper) But wagies are sad pathetic creatures. Sorry niggers, if your worth comes from making porky the pig wealthy, you’re not any less of a simp than the guys buying farts.

    No commies, you’re not cool just because you want to get fucked in the ass by a commissar rather than a pig. No anarchists, you’re not cool either, spreading your legs for everyone is still cuck behavior. I hate all of you. The only people that should exist are far-right neet incels and anime girls.

  3. How do you know she is real?

    Could be an old fat LSWM who uses a vocoder, old eggs and this face texture technique where you can control a displayed face with your face musculature.

  4. Sure David Graeber (who I disagree with on many things) already pegged this 2018:

    But what isn’t fake and bullshit is that you go to the supermarket, just like her, to eat and you want to keep eating.

    But this set of living arrangements is coming to a rapid end. The only we can argue now is the timing.

    BTW: China and Russia end your western supremacist wet dreams.

    • What’s your timing?

      For mine, I’m going with the standard choice of 2030 as marking the beginning of the end of modernity, plus or minus a few years, as per the Limits to Growth.

      Overshoot and collapse baby. Will decline happen fast or slow after we peak and start falling around 2030? Well, that’s still probably anyone’s guess.

      But it does seem likely to put an end to any and all aspirations for a modern globally supreme empire, whether Western, or Confucian, or Orthodox, or whoever, as well as going to the supermarket for globally sourced produce.

      Might be time to learn a useful skill, like how to fish. I remember reading somewhere that the Irish who lived next to the sea were less likely to die of starvation when famine struck as they had the sea to help provide nutrition.

      Although isn’t Ireland, and the rest of the nearby islands for that matter, just a collection of puny, ludicrously overpopulated, moistened postage stamps? I’m not sure if anyone all that far from the sea over there, and there will be a hell of competition for local resources.

      Nevertheless, learning how to fish and gather seaweed and mussels and so on might be a handy thing to know.

      That and close combat techniques.

      • Check out the commercial real estate bubble. It’s already happening.

        I don’t imagine planes will fall out of the sky (at least, I hope not). But the whole idea of global growth, more and more businesses going up… it’s hard to sustain when the major banks are going through a debt crisis, high interest rates, and inflation. For better or for worse, I think we’ll end up looking like Greece.

        The rigged capitalism of the last decades required more and more powerful interventions to sustain the different bubbles, culminating in one mega-bubble. Once the gov’t is no longer able to bail them out, it’s over.

  5. She isn’t selling fart jars, she’s selling remote sexual contact. The men she sells the fart jars to, buy them because they are sexually aroused by farts, and find her attractive. They are going to sniff the farts while masturbating. She is selling them the ability to masturbate while imagining her, and while making indirect bodily contact with her.

    Her product is essentially no strings attached fetish sex that goes through the intermediate of items that happen to be quite cheap, luckily for her. She is essentially just a prostitute who managed to figure out how to easily scale her operation.

    The biblical punishment for her behavior might be as serious as death by stoning, in some interpretations.

    • >The biblical punishment for her behavior might be as serious as death by stoning, in some interpretations.
      I think a proper modern punishment would for forced trooning. She gets the sausage casing arm skin balloon attached to her vagina and everything. Force her to eat peyote and then brainwash her into thinking that her animus is taking over. We could also just throw her into a crate with twelve hungry alligator snapping turtles. Or we could force her to eat twenty pounds of lard (Ethically sourced from Low Status White Males) then when she vomits it force her to eat it again. We could also make her play video games on stream, but anonymously, that probably would be the cruelest punishment.

      • For mormonism, I suggest the original works themselves:

        -JST Bible
        -Doctrine & Covenants (Lectures On Faith + Book of Commandments)
        -Pearl of Great Price
        -Journal of Discourses
        -History of the Church, by Joseph Smith, the 7 volume series from which the first vision excerpt in the LDS quad is taken

        This alone is 10,000+ pages of hardcore mormonism.

        As for europaganism, my primary focus was actually druidic, and less on their specific knowledge and more on their social role and archival society. I take my info there from Diodorus and any other historical accounts that provide a good look at how they actually operated, with the grain of salt that most of those authors were Roman and thus propagandized against them.

        However, I’ve greatly deemphasized druidry in the last several years because it’s slowly become obvious that there’s nothing about a druidic role that isn’t also expressed several times over in the role of a fully developed mormon fundamentalist priesthood man. Contrary to popular knowledge, a fully developed priesthood man is just as much the archivist, magician and occultist that the druids ever were. I don’t demean the druids, I just have hit a point where I see them as having less to offer.

  6. Nerds have too much disposable income. Also, how come nobody goes after the weirdos who are spending on this stuff, and thus feeding the demand for this content? The MRA types always punish the woman.

    I think the fact that it’s so non-reproductive and gross is a selling point. Like, it’s their way of pointing to how much money they have, that they can blow it on all kinds of useless things. And since it’s so anti-social, that they’re superior to you and don’t have to follow social norms.

    • It is a useful signal to women. About ten or fifteen years ago when life size female sex dolls became public knowledge, I realized that the subset of men who had ever owned one could simply be rejected. Same with the guys who buy this product. It’s an easy way of weeding revolting guys out. You might think, “oh, he’s a nerd, but that’s not all bad.” But then you have this data point and you can move on. Maybe one would end up with no guys to date but if doll-owning flatulence-buying guys are the only options, it is better to hang out with other females.

      • Karen, serious question here.

        As I am now older and somewhat wiser, I had recently come to the tentative conclusion that my former dreams of landing a conventional Hot Chick(tm) are not in the cards for me. This is not to say that I never knew the sexual embrace of Hot Chixx in my day, because I did indeed learn to perform and assume a persona that I believed they required. It didn’t hurt that I am tall and fairly attractive.

        But it was all a facade, the relationships (such as they were) never lasted long (except for one outlier) and I never knew true intimacy due to my false persona. I put on an act for the majority of said relationships.

        Now that I’m older and contemplating my twilight years, I realize I should probably learn to be more genuine and sincere with any future prospect. Sadly, due to my social deficits, this would mean settling for a fatty, a psycho, or a single mother. None of those options are appealing to me, so I concluded an autistic girl of reasonable attractiveness would be my best bet. I surmised that such a female would be the only one to not castigate and lambast me for my social faux-pas and social foibles.

        But I recently saw a discussion online where my “plan” was ridiculed as a common COPE among various incel types. Like such things were not possible and only existed in the fever dreams of misfits such as myself.

        What do you think? Is there actually a hidden subset of reasonably attractive autistic females who would be content to pair off with a tall and attractive intelligent schizoid who has social deficits, or is this notion absurd, like incels hoping for a “unicorn” who is a Stacey and would love them for being losers?

        If the former, where might I find them?

        • I don’t think there are a lot of autistic women. The only ones I know are my mother, my cousin and one woman I volunteer with.. The woman I volunteer with is very kindly but she is literally the homeliest woman I have ever known. It makes me very happy to listen to her talk because she is very, very smart but I have to avert my eyes. My cousin – well, never mind. My mother was staggeringly beautiful, but she also had zillions of affairs, so maybe the combo of gorgeous and autistic is not all good.

          Along with the low numbers, being autistic is not a debit for women who are dating; it is actually a plus. Men are relieved to be able to hold a conversation about something other than shoes, and so such a woman would not be pining away alone. Also, an autistic woman needs someone who can buffer the world for her, so an autistic man is a bad bet for her as a partner. She needs someone with some social skills to help her when she gets into messes.

          I don’t understand why you can’t end up with someone attractive and normal, if you are tall and good looking. I thought normal women didn’t care if a guy was schizoid as long as he earned enough. Your personal foibles and deep secrets would just be blah blah blah to such a woman; what does she care as long as you’re good looking and well employed. But this is just a guess since I can’t really get into the minds of normal women.

  7. Fun fact, I’m a white male in my 20s living in a turd-world country and make 500 dollars a month, so exactly once. I do your typical wage slave job, big4 (not joking). I have no expenses though as I live with my parents, but could afford to pay for a roach-infested pod if I wanted to live by myself. Here in LATAM if your parents are poor you will be poor for the rest of your life, it literally doesn’t matter how much you work or if you go to “college”. I wouldn’t even need to work if I didn’t want to as my parents could afford to sustain me and my 2 siblings indefinitely without any difficulties and many here proudly do so.

    • If you earn $500 per month and can save it since your parents will cover your expenses, why don’t you save it? After a few years you’d end up with a non trivial amount of money, even by American standards. Is there some reason not to do that? Would it just get stolen if you did?

  8. Thanks for the reply.

    > Your personal foibles and deep secrets would just be blah blah blah to such a woman; what does she care as long as you’re good looking and well employed. But this is just a guess since I can’t really get into the minds of normal women.

    Trust me, they care. They zero in on any social misstep their partner makes if they think it makes them look poorly in the eyes of their peers for having “chosen badly” in their choice of mate.

    Although, my perspective is probably biased by my attempts to land Hot Chicks(tm) and their overly merciless judgement. Plus, I’m a cynic.

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