Rapping above the age of fifty


I spent the whole afternoon fixing my refrigerator,

My wife wants a new one I shoved that bitch out the door, told her i’ll see you later

I file my taxes like a pro, I come out on top I am miles ahead in the race

but if you drop my mortgage interest deduction, I’ll put a gun in your face

My wife says our kid is gifted

I think her brain has shifted

away from reality

that boy be crushin his addies

staying up all night playing fortnite

when he should be chasing the baddies


started hustlin at nineteen, dropped outta college and never looked back

got grandfathered in at work so if you want my job you’ll need a stack

of papers, master’s degree and all that shit

(sample of the boss saying it just looks better to the regulators if everyone has a master’s degree)

if you’re not feeling my vibe, just take another hit

feel that heat in your lungs cause brother i promise you’ll be feeling it more

after i’m buried six feet, the real nightmare starts once i’m outta the door

bitches never made me wear a condom cause we had roe vs wade

while you’re signing consent contracts or go online to spew your hate

go ahead green frog ass incel nigga take the bait

send that pm ask an anime pic girl out on a date

(sample of an African American gentleman shouting HONEYPOT!)

the fbi will show up to kick the door to your basement

you’ll be droppin the soap after a green haired they/them testified how you’re racist

i fucked you up beyond relief there’s nothing left for you

so go complain on the internet cause that’s all you’ll ever do

clap for the flatter phone

you’ll never own a home

can’t follow me? Must be the microplastics in your brain

but once we tally the score we’ll see who won this game.


  1. Boomer, boomer, slow and dim, boomer, boomers, mocks the thin. Boomer, boomer, eats pork roast and pink slime, boomer, boomer, has dementia but claims he’s fine. Giant big fat old faggot, ruined the world, sees the destruction he causes and blows his load. Eternal boomer, eternal coomer, clowns jerking off in the skinsuits of old men.

  2. Nice.

    “I’m a white boy, but my neck is red
    I put Miracle Whip on my Wonder Bread
    My face is pale, nah, I’ve never been in jail
    Me and Buffy spend every winter in Vail
    How many bitches have I slapped? Zero
    Uh, and Martha Stewart happens to be my hero
    I grew up on a farm and I was born with no rhythm
    Dr. Phil’s my uncle and I like to hang with him
    I can’t dance, I wear khaki pants
    My middle name’s Lance, my grandma’s from France
    So maybe I’m wack ’cause my skin ain’t black
    But you can’t talk smack ’cause whitey just struck back”

    *drops the mic*


  3. you will never write any boomer raps that go nearly as hard as Rappin’ For Jesus, but nice to see you play your hand in this burgeoning field

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