Record sickness in Germany: There is no return to business as usual

At the end of the day I’m a simple guy with a blog, figuring things out along the way, but I can’t help but think I was right in warning about the catastrophic stupidity of the mass vaccination campaign.

It has now triggered what I warned you about: An evolutionary radiation, with multiple variants circulating simultaneously that escape each other’s antibody response and use humanity’s original antigenic fixation on Wuhan spike to their own advantage.

People thought BA.2.86 would go nowhere. Well, they were wrong of course. You are entering a brave new world, with two or three serotypes circulating simultaneously.

Because this virus damages the very cells of the immune system that your body deploys to fight it, it manages to create a survival advantage for itself compared to other respiratory viruses.

SARS-COV-2 is nature’s way of taking us all down with her, if we choose to fail her. I have no genuine power to convince you of this. I can only humbly ask you to consider the possibility that I’m right. And if it wasn’t obvious yet, humanity is choosing to fail. Low IQ low status white males think the IPCC is alarmist, but the reality is that right now, methane and N2O concentrations in our atmosphere still track the worst case RCP8.5 scenario.

There’s a very easy way to solve that problem: Don’t eat animals. Unlike CO2, methane concentrations in the atmosphere could go down within years if humanity really wanted it. Low IQ low status white males like to think it’s all a hoax, while leftists prefer to blame some abstract multinational corporations, instead of looking at themselves.

If you had to believe the hip young wannabe AOCs of this world, it was as if the Shell and BP executives are stuffing pork down their throats, filling their closets with shoes they wear once a year and forcing them to go to Burning Man at gunpoint. Humanity doesn’t want to solve this problem, so I hope you all enjoy what you invited upon yourselves.

Everywhere you look, you get the impression that things just aren’t working out. We’re not returning to the pre-2020 world, but gradually entering something new. Today we have another piece to fit into the puzzle, as an insurance company revealed that sickness in Germany has skyrocketed in the first half of 2023. Compared to the first half of 2022, back when almost every German would have first caught Omicron, 61% more people spent time off work due to sickness.

At 5.5%, the sickness rate reached a level never before measured. Of course it won’t shock you to hear childcare and elderly caretakers saw the highest rate of sickness. Additionally, it won’t shock you to hear most of the sickness was related to respiratory disease, with a huge increase in coughs, colds and other infections.

You’re all constantly coughing, constantly suffering headaches, feeling tired, suffering exacerbated hay fever, suffering memory loss etc. I’m sure it sucks. You know what sucks even more? Spending your whole life in a cage, never rolling around in the mud, never seeing grass, having your babies taken away from you to be murdered, sitting in a truck in the heat, waiting to be taken into a building where you will die in a gas chamber. Our society receives no mercy, because it shows no mercy.

This is the sort of thing you would expect to see, when you give people a new vaccine against a SARS virus, that actually merely increases their risk of infection. Negative efficacy is a bitch.

Of course I also have to point out that with every day this continues, the “nothing to see here, move along” rhetoric of Team Nothingburger turns them into useful idiots for the people who unleashed this catastrophe on us. You’re just not going to convince me that this is some sort of very late hangover from the lockdowns.

As we speak, amyloid, clumps of protein, are building up in your brain and even in your muscles. This begins happening years before people develop Alzheimer’s too. Like I mentioned before, the Dutch population is beginning to show signs of increased memory loss. Americans are also showing signs of increased memory loss.

Almost all SARS-COV-2 transmission is caused by obese people. Multiple studies found that people following plant based diets are at much lower risk of getting infected. Humanity could choose to seek metabolic health, by eating a humble diet of vegetables, fruit, nuts, legumes and grain. That’s the biggest thing you need to do, to address both the climate crisis and the “people are too sick to work but we pretend to have no idea why” crisis. The second biggest thing is shutting down air travel. In the pre-industrial world, something like BA.2.86 would normally have died out locally in whatever place gave birth to it.

To wear respirators is a bit like solving forest fires by just extinguishing fires before they can spread. Debris builds up, so when you do get hit by a fire, it just becomes more catastrophic. Only a handful of vulnerable cells are ever susceptible to respiratory infections. Those cells will die or learn to protect themselves (trained innate immunity) when you get infected by a virus. Wear respirators all the time and you’re never exposed to viruses, so these vulnerable cells just build up. It works, until it doesn’t.

These attempts at pulling techno-fixes out of a magical hat to solve SARS-COV-2, like vaccines, respirators and air purifiers, are going to go the same way as the attempts to solve climate change by blocking the sun or building electric cars.

You know what SARS2 and climate change have in common? They’re both symptoms that are being treated as if they were the disease itself. The reason the climate is changing is not because you’re using the wrong kind of energy, it’s because your whole culture is fundamentally sick. SARS2 similarly is a symptom, of a culture that is sick.

In the short term, air travel and the animal genocide industry have to be shut down. In the long run, you’re just going to see the cities grow to become unlivable, from the urban heat island effect and the constantly circulating SARS2.

The morons in charge think they can just start blocking the sun when things start spinning out of control, to buy themselves a few more decades until even the low IQ low status white males finally figured out something needs to happen. Well, funfact, the sulfate aerosols they want to spray into the air to block the sun will fall down to Earth and damage your lungs. They will just make people more vulnerable to the SARS viruses as a result.

Your whole civilization is wandering into a dead end alley and every once in a while some people block a road in an effort to try to point this out to you. You get angry at them and sit in an online circle with other low IQ low status white males, jerking each other off as you fantasize about seeing them hit by a truck. You think life is some kind of Darwinian struggle for dominance that you have to win. It’s not. You just set yourself up for misery.

It doesn’t matter whether I explain this to you or not, it doesn’t matter whether I will live to see it or not, it’s just going to get worse and worse until you morons figure this out, with or without me. Unless you do what it takes to solve this, any children you bring into this world will be miserable and hate you. They will not forgive you for bringing them into existence.


  1. Hmm … a post with both the covid doom the LIQLSWMs crave and the ecology doom they abhor. How to react? They’re in conference right now.

    Meanwhile, I’ve found some local natto in my town, first time I’ve had it since I was in Japan years ago. Gotta keep those few remaining synapses firing. Thank you, brown wizard of doom!

  2. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do some probability and statistics on the 50% of people continuously producing vaccine spike. It’s very easy to work out. A dead give away is the percentage: 50%. Does that seem random to you? If you flip a coin perhaps, but this isn’t the case when you have two independent identical events after each other. To get that… after a full cycle of vaccination is a very very simple problem to solve. And with what we know about the difference in the vaccine batches… which seems a natural distribution (which is highly unlikely if manufacturing faults and bad QA are to blame as is commonly done). It’s obvious and no one has picked up on it.

  3. I personally believe the “95% of scientists agree its legit” of climate change is just as forced as the one currently going on in virology and a bunch of other scientific fields. Same tactics to silence all critics. Same non-reproducible studies. Same “soft” authoritarian environment producing only “the science” that is desired by the people paying.

    That being said, lets entertain the idea.
    The current level of per-person consumption is unsustainable for the planet.
    Why do i think its wrong to try to deal with that by turning us all into slaves (or worse, vegans!)?
    (There is a TL;DR at the very end, length of this kinda escalated.)

    If its really true, and the only way we could possibly stop the “end of the world” is allegedly the sacrifice of personal living standards and subsequently quality of life, then what exactly does that get us ?

    No solution. But a delay of the inevitable.
    As the global population continues to grow, these sacrifices will have to become greater. With every billion of global population, your personal share of the natural resources of this planet and personal freedom decreases. Eventually you will still hit hard limits, even if everyone is an (involuntary) breatharian who is forced to permanently stay in his 1x1x1M eco-cube 20/24 hours per day.
    Trying to min-max this planet like reality is a video game and humanity can only win if we hit the maximum theoretically possible population limit is not what i call a good solution for the future.
    In fact acting like this is a solution at all is something i disagree with as it seems a lot more like treating the symptoms (of overpopulation) to me.

    Eventually the problem escalates, and so will your (anti)techno-fixes.
    They are no less temporary than “their” solutions.(albeit admittedly slightly less insane) Y’all treehuggers just replace the consumerist technobabble bandaid fixes
    with environmentalist anti-technobabble bandaid fixes.
    Not to mention that any flair of “but this is ethical” goes out the window when you attempt to force this onto unwilling subjects through blatant authoritarianism. And that’s on top of the entire plan being questionable when you have cut down the “life” part of existence so much that you may as well not bother.
    After all, existence for existences sake is just a waste of resources, no matter how little those are.

    If consumption-per-capita is an issue, then there are two ways to skin that pig.
    You can decrease
    the consumption
    the capita.

    And from the other half of this article, i can tell you what the people running our precious western “democracies” and three letter institutions have chosen.
    Or do you really think they would cull the herd, starting with the most obedient of useful idiots for profit or power?
    Would a king get rid of his most loyal serfs if he wasn’t desperately trying to avoid a famine ?
    I dont think so.
    After all, dead people are not profitable. Even for the pharma industry.
    They also dont vote or consume as they are told.

    The real challenge for “our survival” is going to be not becoming a part of that culling. For all they care, we all, LSWM or afro-armenianvegantransgirlboss, are an undesirable part of their herd.

    All of that is also no reason to be in such a doomsday mood. Things will be great for those who survive. No more high housing prices, no more giant behavioral sink cities and natural resources for dozens of centuries.
    And the others (technically) cant really complain either at that point lol.

    You dont solve the exponentially worsening problem of overpopulation (which may indeed kill the planet) through an endless chain of arbitrary decrees that will at the end inevitably become “not enough” just as current eco-regulations are “not enough”. You need to deal with population size and growth eventually. And preferably do so while life is still not quite regulated into a “slavery for your safety” kinda-dystopia. Anything else is cowardly kicking this can down the road for the (then enslaved) future generations to deal with.

    (Gambia was nice btw. Great honeymoon. We even went on to pet cute civets.)

    • It doesn’t really matter what you think or want. You are just setting yourself up for suffering regardless.

      You know you show no mercy to animals. How do you expect to receive mercy, when you show none?

    • “Drops Mic” – only part I think you may not be quite hitting the mark is,

      “Or do you really think they would cull the herd, starting with the most obedient of useful idiots for profit or power? Would a king get rid of his most loyal serfs if he wasn’t desperately trying to avoid a famine ?
      I don’t think so.”

      I’d argue if you’re a practitioner of eugenics, then you’d do exactly that. Cull the weak that lined up for the death shot. The mentally strong and informed carry the species forward.

  4. It is really interesting to see how you can view through all the bullshit of one of the greatest scams of all times and at the same time completely fall for the other.

    Maybe you had pre-knowledge on one of them from your profession? Maybe you encountered an eye-opening event with one but not the other?

      • My IQ is 149, and with an Engineering Degree and in a career talking constantly with the top scientists and engineers worldwide, I CAN see through the scam, just like I knew the vaccines wouldn’t work for the lack of testing. The failure was a necessity once you understand the testing required to get anything that complex to work. It was an impossible task. Our evolution is really just a collection of all of our trial and errors put together without actual testing, we don’t and can’t know anything. In NE United States there has been no warming, no increase in sea level anywhere I go. I am 55 and old enough to remember. So PLEASE tell me 1) what scientific tests have empirically proven that there is a direct connection exclusively between ppm CO2 and average global temperature, 2) that average global temperature will necessarily correlate with the increase in sea level and 3) that it is excess CO2 exclusively from man’s activities that gave caused this increase in CO2. Scientific proof, meaning results must come from an experiment with results that are repeatable, from all three conditions. You can’t because there are no studies, and there are too many variables to consider, which is why we don’t know. Mathematical models do not count as proof because they are too often wrong in my experience and easily manipulated.

      • Hmm, considered it but turns out I have a fairly high IQ, so it must be sth else I guess.

        Anyways, I’ll further study your case. I’m interested in how and why some people fall for such things while others dont for a while already. You are especially interesting since you hold such opposing viewpoint at the same time (“trust the since/officials can be used in both after all).
        You could help with the research if you explained your journey to those viewpoints.

  5. > You think life is some kind of Darwinian struggle for dominance that you have to win. It’s not.

    Oh, but it is!

    > It doesn’t matter whether I explain this to you or not, it doesn’t matter whether I will live to see it or not, it’s just going to get worse and worse until you morons figure this out, with or without me. Unless you do what it takes to solve this, any children you bring into this world will be miserable and hate you. They will not forgive you for bringing them into existence.

    Sounds like cope for having no wife or children.

  6. Do we now get always a stew of everything from you?

    If you write about covid, we get covid, climate and pigs.
    If you write about climate, we get climate, pigs and covid.
    If you write about pigs we get pigs, climate and covid.

  7. Totally agree that we should be reducing our meat consumption for a variety of reasons. To what extent, if at all depends though on many factors like the available alternatives and individual metabolic state.
    My grandparents lived in rural area in eastern europe and while nobody was a vegetarian at that time, they all had (plenty of) meat on two main occasions: Christmas and Easter. Every now and then they did have to butcher a sick or very old hen, but that was it essentially.
    I am not saying everybody should be like that, but it is obvious that people in the same areas are consuming meat on at least weekly basis and are on average sicker than they were before.
    Not to speak about the way the animals were held now and back then. Back then, it was already quite cruel to slaughter them, but the industrial farming nowadays is a new level of cruelty.

    Regarding the climate crisis though – there is a serious echo chamber in the scientific literature, which makes me very sceptic as to what extent we are seeing a natural temperature fluctuation and to what extent we are causing this.

  8. So basically in face of obvious failure, the globohomo regime is switching from “Give away all your rights and destroy the economy to protect from the coof” to “Give away all your rights and destroy the economy to protect from global warming”.

    What they don’t get is that when a regime leads a nation, or a civilization into failure, all aspects of their insane ideology are rejected. That includes the global warming theory, which has a history rife with predictive failures such as “Maldives under water by 2018! ( )” or “Britain will have a Siberian climate by 2020! ( ). It was also funny to watch the switch from doom-and-gloom predictions of eternal drought in California to kvetching that rain that filled reservoirs must be caused by global warming.

    Predictive failures invalidate a theory. They changed the name from “global warming” to “climate change” to make it unfalsifiable. That also makes it unscientific. In desperate twists of mental gymnastics, the regime propagandists state that a lab-grown virus and insane gene therapies are “nature’s ways” of dealing with “climate change”. They are not — there is nothing natural about these weapons of mass destruction. It’s just the story of a decrepit, insane regime, so steeped in “science” that it doesn’t understand what a woman is, injecting its own followers with poison. The terrorist globohomo dictatorship is going down, blabbering like Hal as it is being shut down in the “2001: A Space Oddysey” movie.

    • The funny thing is this guy typed this thinking he had something really insightful to say, but you could open any random blog where “global warming” is mentioned and you would get a dozen LSWMs posting some variety of this comment.

    • Dont forget that all the glaciers in the alps melted in 2000 already. Not that I’ve seen one just weeks ago. Probably that was an illusion created by my overheated brain in this hottest sommer since records began where its hard to find a non-rainy weekend for hiking.

      And never forget, there is a consensus of 97% of scientists that the vaccines are safe & effective!

  9. “To wear respirators is a bit like solving forest fires by just extinguishing fires before they can spread. Debris builds up, so when you do get hit by a fire, it just becomes more catastrophic. Only a handful of vulnerable cells are ever susceptible to respiratory infections. ”

    Is it like that now, or was that just in the good old days? There was just the big nursing home study that found that residents who had caught one particular variety of Omicron were twenty times more likely to catch a subsequent particular variety than people who hadn’t caught the earlier variety. So the first infection did not burn off the debris; it just did something unpleasant to their immune systems.

    I can understand why you care about animal happiness, but I don’t see why you are worried about climate change, given that the human population is likely to crash soon anyway.

  10. I am German and I live near Heidelberg. The town with the most PHD per capita in Germany. Low status, low IQ (surmising as they have no PHD and are lowly workers) white and brown males were the most likely not to get vaccinated.We – the low status, non PHD and therefore probably low IQ were the post likely to go out to demonstrate evey monday. In fact I renovated my house together with them as they lost their jobs but were the greatest people in the world.

    • A person can have zero formal education and be highly intelligent, the internet has been here for donkey’s years for curious people to inform themselves with, find comrades, ask questions. Do people ever actually FAIL degrees, PHDs, etc? Or do they just pass them largely by virtue of time passing?
      An adventurous or interesting, even harrowing life can be useful, and IMO this is why immigrants can outcompete indigenous.

  11. I have a new theory. It is not new for me, but I have not voiced it until today.

    The new woke Central Banks say things like “we will consider climate change when setting interest rates”. What do they mean?

    Well, consider that the easiest and quickest way to reduce CO2 emissions is to precipitate an economic collapse due to several central banks’ monetary policy.

    First, print money and cause a pandemic of reckless loans.

    Second, tighten the money.

    The Great depression caused a 40% decline in GDP.

    It could happen again. The reduction in CO2 emissions would be even greater than 40-50% because we have nuclear and renewables in the mix.

  12. It’s easy. You said it. Shut down international air travel. Just make it really expensive for the 90% and ban private jets.

  13. Also, David G reminds me that I owe you thanks for the natto recommendation. I heard of it elsewhere but you convinced me.

    Funny running across a couple of brits that saw me eating it on trailside. They were stunned to see an American eating natto!

  14. Climate change and covid are more than just symptoms of an insane society (there’s no shortage of those), they represent paradoxical frailties in the way the system works, those crises which are impossible to solve if we run on its underlying assumptions. In the former case: how can we solve the problems caused by technical complexity, if the only way the system knows how to solve problems is by adding complexity? In the latter case: how can we treat the plague which feeds on being treated, if all anyone can think to do is to try treating it somehow or another?

  15. Super smart boy who would be king is back!!! Yah!!! Conflating human diet, global warming and animal husbandry – you’re magnificent!!! Truly!!! But we know that you don’t believe your own bullshit. Come on, stop messing with the LSWM! Cuz you’re so much better then them. You’re Captain GAMMA after all!

    C’mon, ban me you little bitch.

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