Reflections on the low status white male

As a child of the online right, I can only ever speak to you through absurdism and post-irony. I didn’t choose this language, it’s just my native tongue. Leftists are oversocialized and so when they try to pierce through your edge and nail you down on the Swastika, absurdism and post-irony require them to pay a price that oversocialized people hate paying more than anything else: They have to resign themselves to being uncool. They might put ACAB in their Twitter bio, but when they look in their mirror all they’ll see is Hillary Clinton staring back at them.

And so when I say that is a safe space for low status white males, I actually mean it, as absurd as it sounds. They are the most maligned specimens of human in modern society and so I try to the best of my ability to make this a safe space for them. The low status white male is characterized first and foremost, by what he is not: Bourgeois. His failure to be bourgeois, in a society in which all are encouraged to become bourgeois, is his most defining characteristic.

To be bourgeois means to be polite. The low status white male is never polite. It’s impolite to refer to your political opponents as “satan worshipping pedophiles”. And to be bourgeois means to be genderless. There is no place for men or women in bourgeois society. Gender is first made meaningless, then eradicated altogether.

It is also this failure to be bourgeois that makes the low status white male so reviled, in a society where to become bourgeois is the path of least resistance. The average IQ of a college graduate in the US is now 100. Every big corporation and university has a diversity policy, that masks your incompetence by rewarding you for not being a straight white man. It’s not hard to become bourgeois. When you fail to achieve it, it’s because you don’t have the prerequisite character flaws.

The prime character flaw required to achieve bourgeois status in our society is dishonesty. And that’s the prime character flaw missing in the low status white male. The low status white male is many things. Stupid, naive, delusional, arrogant, racist, sexist and all the other ists. But he is not dishonest. He says what he means and he practices what he preaches.

He feels comfortable stepping into his SUV, not because he can dissimulate his actions from his thoughts like the satan-worshipping pedophiles of the WEF he so despises, but because he really genuinely became convinced by another anonymous low status white male in the Zero Hedge comment section that the polar reversal a Russian scientist predicts will happen by the year 2035 will trigger a new ice age.

He lives in an alternate reality. One where the Earth is flat, 6000 years old, the climate has always been changing, the moon landing never happened, the WTC was destroyed by space lasers, the whole planet’s population could live in Texas, bigfoot teleports from one dimension into another, the Titanic was sunk to bring in the Federal Reserve system and where the tapwater makes you gay and docile.

But that is part of what it means to be low status. It means you haven’t assimilated the global monoculture model of reality, disseminated by academia around the world. People have always believed in ghosts and cryptids. British academics used to complain that working class people just didn’t believe them. People didn’t think they could genuinely know something about William the conqueror.

As much as academics hate to admit it, what they can’t prove is that the model of reality they push is objectively true, rather than just being an accurate map of reality because everyone believes in it. They can’t prove there exists such a thing as an objective reality, it’s the fundamental pillar of their worldview that you’re taught about during one college seminar, never to be spoken of again.

By keeping this hush-hush, they’re able to assimilate every minor bubble out there. Yes brown man of the jungle, your medicine cures people of their ailment, but you’re going to let us claim it is because chemical X binds to receptor Y rather than the plant spirit entering your body and in exchange we’re going to publish some papers about how you are oppressed by white people.

Once you accept their model of reality, it’s over. You cease to be low status. You become bourgeois. You can not sincerely claim to be a low status white male, while endorsing the academic consensus model of reality. Rather, if you accept their model, while still acting, looking and behaving like a low status white male, it loses its sincerity. You become a hipster.

There is little that is so characteristically bourgeois as its self-hatred. It’s the only class that criticizes itself. It longs for the exotic, but whenever it touches it, it destroys it. The black man ceased to be black once it sought to emancipate him. And now that the low status white male is becoming exotic, through his failure to assimilate into bourgeois society, it begins to fetishize him.

And so we get phenomena like this:

Ask yourself, what is this? The only way to understand the 21st century is through Baudrillard. What you are looking at here, is a hyperreal image of a low status white male, selling bourgeois people what they imagine to be the culture of low status white males.

The archetypal low status white male in the bourgeois subconscious is some guy who never cooks, except when his family has a barbecue in his garden and he fries pieces of meat. And he doesn’t have a sophisticated cuisine of his own, he has the hamburger, a piece of meat between two slices of puffy white bread, that he takes excessive pride in.

But it is this naive lack of sophistication, in a world where everyone drinks latté and eats avocado toast, where everyone makes a failed attempt at displaying good taste, that makes the low status white male so irresistible to bourgeois society. The hatred it displays in magazines reeks of primal lust.

This man probably started out as a real genuine low status white male. He probably doesn’t have a college degree. His twenties might very well be an unemployed drug-induced haze he barely remembers. But as he grew older, he realized he needed to find his own “niche”. And so he grew out his beard, got some tattoos that make him look tough and consciously started to think of himself as a hypermasculine working class guy. He started to think of it as part of his image.

That’s how he ceased to be a low status white male, because he lost his sincerity. He became a product, for tourists and academics. White male college professors will go to his burger joint together to feel like “real men” after attending a white privilege seminar.

What is important to understand is that the scam, the expensive burger that doesn’t taste particularly special or good, is not even an authentic scam. The sensation of disappointment is part of the product, because what he is selling you is the experience of authenticity. Like your dad, or the dad in the movies who is really proud of himself for the burger he fried on the barbecue for you, despite your mother always making meals for you, this guy is selling you unwarranted pride in something mediocre as part of his act. His job is to feign excitement for something unremarkable. When you go in you expect to be scammed, so when you are scammed, he sold you the experience you were hoping for.

In late stage capitalism it is no longer possible to genuinely scam people, as rules, technologies and reputation networks have accumulated that are supposed to prevent this. We are only left with post-modern scams. And so rather than trying to scam you, scammers now get you hooked on the masochistic desire to be scammed.

A cryptocurrency company can not authentically scam you, because you’re not genuinely stupid enough to believe your NFT is really worth something. Rather, it tries to induce a masochistic impulse in you. Because you have a conscience, whenever it encourages greed it simultaneously encourages in you the masochistic desire to have your greed punished. And so once you find out all your money was used for Ashkenazi orgies with hideous garden gnomes on the Bahamas and Democrat reelection campaigns, you experience your catharsis. You had a character flaw beaten out of you. The alternative outcome, to be rewarded for your character flaw, is the more cruel punishment. It is the punishment that tends to happen to people who should really know better.

Another example of hyperreal low status white male culture is this barbershop in Rotterdam:

This is again a hyperreal version of the culture of low status white males, marketed primarily at people who ceased to be low status white males and became bourgeois. But it is a hallucination, a dream, mixing faint ancestral memories together into something new. A real low status white male can’t afford to get his hair cut by these guys. Trust me on that one. A real low status white male begrudgingly gets his hair cut by a middle-aged Turkish guy who “should go back to his own country” but does a “decent job”.

And this brings me to the next point. Whenever I point out the low status white male phenomenon, I tend to get one of two responses:

-Guys who show up and claim to be low status white males.

-Guys who show up and get very angry and call me a soyboy beta cuck.

The prior, I’m sorry to say, have already been infected with the bourgeois mentality. It’s the latter, who get really angry at me, who are authentic low status white males. If I can’t get myself to approve your comment about how CO2 used to be much higher 10 million years ago so there’s no harm in dumping it in the atmosphere, you are probably an authentic low status white male.

And that’s my plight. I try to defend the interest, of people who can per definition never be grateful to me for trying to defend them. I am the ecologist who is gored by the wolves he reintroduced into a national park. That is my cross to bear.


  1. I am interested in the definition of the LSWM.

    You talk in this article about WM who are actually LS. Have little money, no education, maybe no gf.

    I know it’s easy to miss this if you live on the internet but there are WM in the US other than dorky professors and forklift drivers.

    There are many WM in the US who are married to thin blondes, drive $100k Jeeps, drink beer, grill, and eat burgers. They have jobs like Business Analyst and make >$200k/year. They have little social overlap with forklift drivers and meth people but don’t envy the lives of dorky professors. I know this because I am friends with several.

    Are they LS or HS?

    • The suburban Republican dad is a pretty invisible class, but it is a populous one and a sort of wrench in the gears of most overly simplistic worldviews, huh?

      Suburban Democrat dads are fairly culturally insignificant from my perspective.

    • I argue that rather than it being a status thing, the white society trusters and equality believers are a different tribe or ethnoreligion from the whites whose view of life centers around social darwinism, private stewardship of property, and traditionalism aka emulating methods from the past that appear to have generated the best results.

      I call these blue tribe and red tribe. I argue there is an IQ, class, and caste stratification in both tribes. The guy you describe who has money but isn’t a soy, is a high status red tribe man. I am surrounded by these types, and it’s obvious to me that our tribe is as different from blue tribe in its genetics and religion as the mongolians are from the Chinese; we are cousin tribes at best.

  2. > The hatred it displays in magazines reeks of primal lust.

    I laughed out loud.

    Holy shit you have a brilliant mind. Sending this article to all the LSWMs in my LSWM echo chamber

    • Absolutely agree. That sentence, and…

      “They can’t prove there exists such a thing as an objective reality, it’s the fundamental pillar of their worldview that you’re taught about during one college seminar, never to be spoken of again.”

      …that’s actual, proper thinking coming out of a brain up at the right hand end of the bell curve.

  3. Loved this one, always had trouble putting my finger on so many of these agonizing places. Certain breweries, axe throwing, hypermasculine fitness brands, so good.

    What would you recommend from Baudrillard?

  4. (female readers continue rolling eyes at these posts– it’s OK, we’re used to being nonexistent in all right-leaning commentary)

    • >we’re used to being nonexistent in all right-leaning commentary

      Sorry, you have your own right-leaning subculture, which is absolutely terrifying to observe for men, because it is cynical and ruthless in a way we don’t expect from the nurturing gender:

      -reeeee all the men are losers with no ambition (um we hate modern society and the only sort of ambition that modern society rewards is making the world worse by becoming a codemonkey for a tech company)

      -guys have deformed dicks because they jerk too hard to porn (they seem to think there’s droves of dudes with peyronie’s disease, but I get the impression it’s very rare, also if you still have your foreskin you generally don’t jerk hard anyway)

      -rrreee men are weaklings who won’t kick the brown people out of our country

      -rrreee he claims to be a “nice guy” and complains about being “friendzoned”


      This is my safe space for low status white males. Women, brown people, illegal immigrants, satan-worshipping elitists from the WEF, preachy vegans, hysterical climate change alarmists, “the fed” (i don’t know what that is but american low status white males always complain about it) and other non-LSWMs are only welcome here after declaring themselves allies to the LSWM community.

      • Eh. I’m autistic, so any group that is mostly composed of women is (cue Psycho theme music) deeply terrifying. Regardless of political orientation. At least with dudes you can kind of figure out what the rules are.

  5. “ A real low status white male can’t afford to get his hair cut by these guys. Trust me on that one. ”


  6. When one prepares meat or poultry outdoors, on an iron grate over a bed of coals or propane flame, one is not frying or barbecuing.

    The term that describes the act is “grilling”.

    (One may also grill vegetables and invertebrate seafood.)

    Being a Dutchman your mis-gendering of cooking method is understandable. People in St Louis, Missouri live lives of ignorant bliss – inviting friends to “come over for a barbecue on Saturday”. Texans show up with their own packages of napkins, only to be served dry grilled burgers and pork steaks. And prepared over flame in a matter of minutes, instead of smoky low heat for hours.

    • Yeah you’re right. I thought of it myself too, whether I was thinking of grilling instead of barbecuing.

  7. By the way, if you have any observations regarding the popularity of the practice of tattoo among recent generations of the West, I would probably enjoy reading those observations. I don’t understand it. Thanks.

  8. Quote: “He feels comfortable stepping into his SUV …”

    How can a LSWM can have such an expensive toy? Only HSWM have the money for that.

    I see this mixup everywhere in your articles, so I think what you really want to say is “Low-IQ White Male” … because they don’t share the results of your overpotent asperger brain, so they must be dumb.

    But, garbage in garbage out, is also valid for you Rintrah.

    I’m an Aspi too, my mother told me always too how intelligent I am, and I have too a super aspi brain (5-Core, can hold five different worldviews at the same time without getting mad), but, surprise surprise, I came to completely different results than you:
    Not one word is true of all this climate shit. Not! One! Word!

    Now we have a problem. Two brainiacs on this planet with completely contrary results, for the one CO2 is poison, for the other CO2 is plant food. I see only one way to solve the problem, a duell.
    You can choose the setting, pistol, chess board, Playstation … whatever.

    • CO2 is both poison and plant food. What LSWMs don’t understand is that it’s the speed of change that is the problem.

      If I doubled the amount of calories you get overnight, you would become obese.

          • @Radagast

            I almost agreed with everything you wrote until I read you are a CO2 alarmist.

            There is no point in having an endless “yes/no – no/yes” discussion. Time, in a not so distant future, will show us the trend.

            Otherwise, keep writing! I really like your stuff.

  9. Curious why you’re carrying the torch for LSWMs, since you’re obviously an aspy-type overthinker and not really part of the gang.
    If I had to describe you based solely on what I’ve read here, you’re an arrogant, somewhat mis-socialized prick, albeit one with some legitimate insights into the covid mess.
    But hey, the world needs APs and LSWMs both.

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