Rintrah Radagast has been banned from Twitter

Just felt like letting you all know where I went. I didn’t overdose on anything, I’m just banned. My guess is that I was banned because I casually insulted Silicon Valley’s most sacred cow, even more sacred than the vaccines: Trannies, that is, mentally ill nerds who pretend to be women.

Twitter mostly stopped banning people for pointing out the misery caused by the failed vaccine experiment, but the trannies are still immune to criticism. I pointed out that freaks dressing up like women are not a good look for the environmental movement, so I have to assume that some porn addicted degenerate freak in a cubicle in Silicon Valley felt personally insulted.

If you insult some guy who pretends to be black, nobody cares. If you insult some guy who pretends to be a dragon, nobody cares. If you insult some guy who wants to have sex with animals, nobody cares. If you insult guys who get off on pretending to be women, everyone loses their mind.

Their sexual fetish is for people to go along in pretending that they’re women and they have grabbed enough power to force everyone to play along, with insecure teenage girls who have their tits amputated as collateral damage.

In comparison, my fetish is to have a pear-shaped woman with a big butt use my face as a chair and you can count the number of people I’ve managed to get to play along on one hand. If you had a fireworks accident that blew off some of your fingers you could probably still count them on one hand. If you want to see real oppression, that’s what it looks like, not some nerd in a dress.


  1. I’m an ‘invisible’ follower without a twitter account and I just noticed you were gone. I don’t share your views on climate or meat, but you were still one of my top reads. I hope you decide to make a new account.

  2. > don’t share your views on climate or meat

    Well gee, I’ve never heard that one before!

    Not sure if I will bother to make a new account.

  3. welcome to the club, it took awhile. I have closed my twitter account for good very long ago. I am not going to be taking part of their circus. There are loads of other platforms that don’t censor so much, so go pick one 😉

  4. Gonna miss ya – if you decide to resurrect or go via another channel e.g. Telegram, do let us know. Thanks for the Tweets. Twitter is going to be boring now.

  5. My point is that I regard you highly despite these differences. Your work on covid seems important and deserving of more interaction than it got. I suspect that’s because you occasionally do a racism. I hope you do decide to go back to twitter. Many deleted accounts have got plenty of milage out of new accounts, so it isn’t a waste of time.

  6. gettr.com? lots are already there: https://gettr.com/user/rwmalonemd
    (instead of wanting to buy Twitter Musk should have created a new one. And a new PayPal – he could have made trillions)

    concerning your “YES” (haha, have not seen such so far): of course humans are changing climate via deforestation (always creates extreme hot/cold/flood/drought weather conditions), but all could still easily be reversed by birth reduction (frees terrain) & reforesting (btw: plants thrive on CO2 for O2 production) and a recycling/pollution tax for sellers (CO2 control systems for buyers/users has very different reasons – welcome to pseudo-social totalitarism…)

  7. Welp, guess I’ll have to actually go through my reading list instead of scrolling through your account. Twas fun while it lasted.

    If you are lonely or loveless, it’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility to do something about it, and no one else’s.

  8. That explains why my question went unanswered (other than you not having the time or inclination to respond)!
    Maybe the sorcerers apprentice will sort it out?

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