Robert Pickton did nothing wrong

Your childhood years are a very formative period. It’s a strange experience to look back at those years when you take psychedelics, which have the effect of undoing cultural conditioning in your brain. It is a bit like looking back at the Buddha in his palace, shielded by an entire army of servants from understanding how the world really works.

Take a look at this for example, my favorite American cartoon show when I was a child, Cow and Chicken:

It’s a really weird experience, to look back at this. You find yourself wondering, what the artists were trying to say. It honestly feels almost like a desperate cry for help. As a child I looked at this stuff as absurd and hilarious. But when you look at it now, it feels more like a critique of how absurd and hilarious our own world is. It’s like there are just messages hidden in plain sight throughout your life, about how something just isn’t right about our world, at a very fundamental level.

I don’t really like the Matrix too much, it’s a product of peak optimism about technology. Whenever us humans create a new technology, we start to wonder if that technology actually underlies our own reality. When we created books we thought of God as a word. When we created glass in the late medieval period, we began to fear our own bodies may be made of glass and shatter when we fall. It’s similar to how we now think our AI systems will bring about a kind of end of history.

But the deeper theme of movies like this is the old gnostic tale, of something just not being right about this world, at a very fundamental level. The gnostics saw the whole material world as evil, that is a position that doesn’t seem right to me. I prefer the Hindu version, that as time progresses, good and evil are increasingly mixed together. First they are separate realities, then they become separate kingdoms, eventually separate families and finally in the Kali Yuga, good and evil are mixed in one person.

The better version, at least to me, of the gnostic myth, is The Bothersome Man, a Swedish movie. It’s a movie about a man who lives in a perfect utopia, but unlike most people he finds it unfulfilling and empty. I think this is the perfect metaphor for our world. It is a bit like Taylor Swift, who lives a pretty perfect life, but eventually realizes there is this problem called global warming, caused by her private jet. You can be perfectly happy in our world, if you just don’t try to look behind the curtain. People think of our upper class as satan-worshipping pedophiles. I think it’s better to think of them as children.

If you’re not happy, because you work a dead end job, live in a shitty apartment, feel lonely, etc, it’s because you already looked behind the curtain at an early age, which just accumulates more and more problems as you grow older, like a snowball rolling down a hill. It’s like a 10 year old boy who watches the Cow and Chicken episode. If you look at it and laugh, then you’re going to be happy. If you look at it and realize “wait, this is what we actually do in the real world”, then you looked behind the curtain.

Western cartoons tend to blur the lines between the human and the animal. It’s a medium used in an entirely different way in the Western world, than in Japan. The Japanese use animation to tell very elaborate stories, with emphasis on beautiful animation and harmonious backgrounds. But Western animation seems more like it descends from political satire. We use cartoons to poke fun at things. And because I have a very Western mind, I unfortunately just never managed to get into anime, I only liked Shin chan, which is just an unusually Western way of doing animation.

When you’re a child, the lines between animals and humans is still blurry. Animals, other ethnic groups, the opposite gender, all of this sits in a gray zone of “Other”. And so through pets and cartoons with talking animals, we start to teach their children how to deal with the Other. Generally we try to humanize the Other, but not always.

Consider what the British aristocrats do. They go fox hunting. They take their hounds and they endlessly chase foxes through the countryside, dragging it out as long as possible, until eventually they have the dogs tear the foxes to pieces. And then, they take the blood of the fox and smear it onto the cheeks of a young boy who is first joining the hunt. It is a kind of initiation through blood, a masculine form of the menstruation rituals that many tribes have.

But the lesson here seems to be that to be a man, an aristocratic man, means to be cruel. Kindness is not rewarded with power, cruel people float to the top. But in the child’s mind, everything is still blurred together. Women, other ethnic groups, the poor, their servants, animals, these are all stuck in the mind, in this misty grey zone of the Other. And so whatever you teach a child about animals, is going to be a lesson about the Other in general.

And that brings me to the point I wish to make. A few days ago, Robert Pickton was murdered in prison. He was a serial killer, who is thought to have killed a total of 49 women. He grew up in a dysfunctional family, that had pigs just wandering through the house, peeing and pooping everywhere. He continued the pig farm he inherited from his parents. He eventually started killing prostitutes and then fed his victims to his pigs. He also sold the meat of these prostitutes, as if it were pork. A whole bunch of people in Canada have just been eating dead prostitutes, imagining they’re eating pigs.

But what turns a man into such a cruel monster? Well, it’s very simple. You let this awkward lonely boy form a close bond to an animal. Then you kill the animal. That’s all it takes to break the boy. And that’s what his parents did. At the age of twelve, Robert spent his own money to buy a calf. He spent two weeks raising the calf. Then he could not find the calf, his dad told him to look in the barn and there he found the animal slaughtered and hanging from the ceiling, while his dad laughed in the background.

That’s a formative experience, for a boy just entering puberty. You just don’t get that out of your system. He would tell this story, to anyone who would listen. Fundamentally, this is what lies at the core of serial killers: Broken men. I believe in a kind of universal redemption, I don’t think there’s something you could do, that would forever trap you in a cycle of endless reincarnation in this realm, or subject you to eternal punishment. Not murder, not torture, not suicide, nothing.

But people don’t really want to hear this guy’s story, because this is one of the great taboos in our society: The lack of a clear boundary between the animal and the human. The barrier is arbitrary, it’s artificial, a bias in our brains created through natural selection, then reinforced through social and cultural conditioning. Effectively every argument you can give for the othering of the animal, I can throw right back at you, by applying it to other humans.

I look at a serial killer like Robert Pickton essentially as a kind of radical performance artist. He chops off the hands and feet of women, because it’s the only meat they’re going to recognize at the pork processing plant.

But he’s far from the only example of a guy like this, in whom the barrier just break downs. Jack the Ripper is believed to have been a guy who must have had some experience as a butcher. They visited 76 different butchers, but just couldn’t find the suspect.

In Australia, there’s the rare example of a woman, Katherine Knight. At age 16, she got what she considered her dream job: Cutting up offal in a local abattoir. She was given her own set of butcher knives for this and hung them above her bed.

She married a traumatized man, David Stanford Kellett. On their wedding night she strangled him, because he fell asleep after only having sex with her three times. She beat him with a frying pan once, because he came home late after making the finale of a dart championship. But like the perfect simp, he refused to press charges, even though she fractured his skull.

Eventually she found a new boyfriend, John Price. And that’s where the story gets really interesting. Price, like Kellett, was a complete simp for this psychopathic woman. She stabbed him in the chest, but he went to work anyway and filed a restraining order against her. His colleagues begged him not to return home, but he went anyway. He found she had sent his kids off to sleepovers, so they were not at home. He stayed at a neighbor until 11PM, before he went home.

Knight had bought new black lingerie, showed up to his house and had sex with him, after which he fell asleep. She stabbed him with a butcher’s knife, he woke up and tried to escape the house. He managed to make it outside through the front door, but it seems she dragged him back inside, where he died from the blood loss.

Several hours later, Knight skinned his body and hung his skin from a meat hook, on the architrave of a door to the lounge room. She then decapitated him and cooked parts of his body, serving up the meat with baked potato, carrot, pumpkin, beetroot, zucchini, cabbage, yellow squash and gravy in two settings at the dinner table. She was apparently preparing to serve the body parts to his children, but because she had taken a large numbers of pills, she slipped into a coma.

To me, this seems essentially the end-stage of animal abuse. We take a lot of effort, to pretend that there is some sort of strict line between the human and non-human, but the barrier is porous and it corrodes over time. The mind recognizes it is arbitrary and can not maintain it, because we eventually always break free from every form of collective cultural conditioning.

The strangest thing I have noticed during psychedelic trips, is that eventually I start to experience what it’s like to be the animal. I experience what it’s like to know your death lies ahead, that you are being forced down a narrow corridor with the scent of blood approaching you. But it’s terrifying, in the sense that a horror movie is terrifying. Sensations just start to invert as the mind matures, just as we hate bitter flavors as a child, we grow to love them as we grow older. As we lose our innocence, we turn into masochists.

I think the end stage we may be approaching, is a kind of situation where our minds expand enough for us to psychically take over the role of the animals in the slaughter house.


    • My favorite song from Pink Floyd is Sheep from the Animals album. It is very heavy without being heavy metal. Those last paragraphs remind me of the lyrics.

    • Rintrah’s discussion of the child given a calf to grow to love but then was slaughtered by a laughing father, thereby aiding the child’s progression to sociopathy, reminded me of a story I’ve heard that where platoons of German N@-si soldiers in WWII training used to be given a dog to adopt as their group’s mascot. After weeks or months of love and doting, the soldiers were forced, with tears in there eyes, to kill the dog by hand. I don’t know if that is true but it might be an attempt at similar influences. The influences, however, are no doubt highly complex. Read ORDINARY MEN by Christopher Browning, who describes the events of the Polish holocaust and how German soldiers stationed there (usually 40-50 year-old family men not fighting on the front) could be slowly conditioned to kill Jewish men, women, and children by the thousands through mass but execution by rifle in the forests. Browning accounts for this psychopathic behavior by years of conditioning of German citizens to see Jews as literal disease-carrying, filthy rodents. He also offers great analysis of two well-known American psychological experiments – the Milgram experiment and the Stanford prison experiment – and how easy groups of people can be convinced to do unthinkable things in the interest of conditioning (which can be rapid), not wanting to disappoint one’s comrades, and, most importantly, obeyance of authority. In America, we are taught that torture of animals by youngsters is a sign of trouble ahead.

      • Yeah, throw in the Asch conformity experiments as well as the ones you mentioned for good measure.

        Psychology boomed after WWII as an attempt to work out how ordinary people could’ve done the things they did in that period.

        As we’ve all just seen, it’s shockingly easy for authorities with a bit of skill and knowledge of those and other lessons to get everyone to do their bidding.

        It was quite something to see them generate so much compliance. I was quite afraid of the authorities actually. I thought they might just come for me given the way they were othering the unvaccinated and the way outsiders or those who resist certain narratives (and you all know what I mean) tend to be completely dehumanized and utterly destroyed these days more generally.

        It’s a totalitarian world when you can’t say things. And we all know what those things are.

        And there’s no reasoning with totalitarians either – it’s their way, or to the camps! Reason and logic don’t come into it. I honestly would not have been surprised to have ended up losing everything and being cast out like a Jew in Nazi Germany, or dead.

        So much for the ‘enlightenment’ and the triumph of reason and logic. In essence, what they did is no different to magic as defined by Dion Fortune, who is often quoted by John Michael Greer: “The art and science of causing changes in consciousness in accordance with will.”. All that fear the pushed turned everyone into pre-enlightenment dark age zealots.

        And boy oh boy, didn’t they all change to comply with the will of their masters. . .

        I will never look at my fellow man the same again. I am now officially a post-enlightenment man. Logic? Reason? Balls. All that scientific study created the virus, the “vaccines”, and refined the techniques of manipulation to engineer an apocalypse.

        These wizards conjured up demons they cannot control, while simultaneously creating lunatic cultists that they can control all too easily.

        Bunch of dangerously weak-willed meat robots – wind them up and watch them go.

        And they’re everywhere. And they don’t even know that they’re robots.

  1. I find it strange that you assert that the material world is not evil, but then go on to talk about how cruel people tend to find themselves in positions of power here and that there is no significant moral difference between carnism, which is practiced by 99% of the population, and other psychopathic acts such as serial murder. Even these people who appear to live charmed lives are actually prisoners, they are merely in a cushier jail cell and in many cases lack awareness about their situations. Flesh bodies are prisons. You only fail to realize this, because you were memory wiped before you incarnated here and thus have no context to what lies outside of material reality. I suggest researching near death experiences, and how people feel upon exiting their bodies as compared to how much dread they typically feel at the thought of being forced to return to them by this reality’s handlers.

    • Squeacky squeaky, I am the Purple Demon of rape! I stole the heart of the Goddess of creation! It was consensual lovemaking and not rape! You are my sworn foe son of Tarnis, I shall coom skoom into your boy hole and make you bite the pillow until you consent, and you will like it.

      You watch weird porn, I know. Six times you coomed, all day you gooned, wow that’s a lot, do you ever stop? Tyrptie the Celtic coomer, gooner King of endless hubris and never-ending spite for being born. Endless days of fighting with swords, only bangs one whore. Gets cheated on, it’s sad. He is very mad.

      HA HA HA HA! Stupid gay son of a stupider progenitor! I do not insult anyone but you, you wannabe storm! Small wave in the ocean, won’t be remembered. I cry but remember the stage is all that matters!

      • If you’re still looking at any porn at all, you should stop. You find out why – it’s far more cringeworthy than you’re thinking, and yes it’s a major way that demons and assorted negative entities feed off of you in this realm.

        That goddess I saw was a four year old child, so for the rest of your shit: go look in a fucking mirror and fucking fix your deranged soul.

          • FYI I had already stopped looking at porn, before the experiences I’ve described to you occurred to me.

            People aren’t like this when they’re children, they dont reduce the suffering and attempted enslavement of others to something pornographic – the world deliberately is set up to cause harm to your soul, but to hide it from you so that you cannot even see the damage which is being inflicted. It only becomes obvious in hindsight, from that person’ behavior.

          • >FYI I had already stopped looking at porn, before the experiences I’ve described to you occurred to me.

            Yeah exact same with me, actually.

            You’re still psychologically and neurologically addicted to it. Cold turkey works but you’re going to have withdrawal symptoms.

            Gods and spirits are abstractions of the immortal higher self, which is your qualities.

            Gods as the immortal you representing the greater superorganism of your qualities influence your unconscious behavior to achieve certain results; and order to preserve said qualities, and thereby preserve the existence of the higher self.

            They are the real people of the unconscious mind, your behavior is often dictated unconsciously. If you don’t know why you’re doing something, it is of the unconscious.

            You cannot interact with immaterial beings that are not of the unconscious in the confines of your internal world. You could only theoretically interact with external immaterial beings (that there’s no evidence of existing) through the proxy of the physical world.

            I do not know what the actions of the rape demons we faced actually were for, and neither do you. You can create whatever theories you want, but neither do you, the only way you can ever know anything is through a direct sense experience, not through logic or belief.

            One theory that may be more plausible is that the spirits that attacked us did so in order to maneuver us into positions to serve some purpose later down the line. Or perhaps as a punishment for previous degenerate behavior which was not conductive to the survival of our qualities; and perhaps by doing so, by allowing us to face what seems like a “shadow” or “personification” of our degenerate sexuality, allow us to eventually overcome it. Though those are both baseless, but plausible theories. All porn is degenerate so it doesn’t matter what porn it was.

            The insults and derangement were just to get your attention and make you invested in what I said next, Templist psychological trick.

            “Prussian Proselytizing | “Prussian proselytizing” is a form of missionary activity that seeks to select for a Prussianist. In this method, one spurns any “relationship building” factor in favor of directly stating what the religion is and why it is necessary, giving the prospect a mission to complete, using bald-faced gimmicks to initially bring it to their attention (since merely proselytizing on Templism’s own merits is boring, and indistinguishable from any other similar work). For example: verbally attack someone on rather baseless grounds, plausible enough to make them defend themselves. Once they are worked up, once they are invested, tell them that you actually have no quarrel with them, but only wanted to get their attention in a visceral way, so as to tell them about the very necessary doctrine of Templism which has characteristics XYZ, and then to command them to read it because it is the mission commanded by the gods.

            I also was just feeling poetic and sought to amuse myself through making grotesque poetry. I’ve been creating similar works since I was a child, writing Jesus rape fanfiction and giving it to the Christian kids at my school. Nothing personal, I find it funny honestly. I make fun of myself too, calling the spirit that attacked me the “tranny rape demon” and such. Don’t be too serious.

          • > You’re still psychologically and neurologically addicted to it. Cold turkey works but you’re going to have withdrawal symptoms.

            I stopped looking at that stuff many years ago, and I’ve done a fair amount of energy work targeting that, specifically, among other things, to clear any residual shit that was left over in my energy body (you’re looking at this from a psychological/neurological perspective only, but there is an energetic and spiritual component to it as well).

            > Gods and spirits are abstractions of the immortal higher self, which is your qualities. Gods as the immortal you representing the greater superorganism of your qualities influence your unconscious behavior to achieve certain results; and order to preserve said qualities, and thereby preserve the existence of the higher self.

            My worldview is completely different than, and incompatible with, your own. YOU are god. We all are god(s), it is a feature intrinsic to the fact that we have souls. There is no such thing as a “higher self,” we’re all immortal. There are only aspects to your personal self, that are presently occluded from you, due to the nature of the prison you inhabit. If you research near-death experiences, you’ll observe that people retain their memories and sense of self upon exiting the body – in fact, they frequently report becoming MORE lucid upon doing so. The sense of our mortality, is a result of the (incorrect) association of the self with the physical body, and the memory wipe which is imposed upon us between lives. And I’ll reiterate it again: you should not be seeking a god external to yourself.

            > They are the real people of the unconscious mind, your behavior is often dictated unconsciously. If you don’t know why you’re doing something, it is of the unconscious. You cannot interact with immaterial beings that are not of the unconscious in the confines of your internal world. You could only theoretically interact with external immaterial beings (that there’s no evidence of existing) through the proxy of the physical world.

            What you refer to as the ‘unconscious,’ is primarily a combination of two things: one, the female half of your being, which you do not directly experience the perspective of but with whom you share a mind and soul; and two, various forms of demonic and archontic energetic interference you’ve picked up from this realm or that have been imposed upon you in the form of implants, energetic parasites, etc. that work to program and influence your behavior and feelings in ways that you typically only notice by contrast when you begin to actually remove them from yourself.

            As for my spiritual experiences – perhaps this is something you do not yet understand, or that I failed to adequately explain – many of my experiences in the past several years were mediated through the physical world. They took the form of what people might call ‘miracles’ or ‘supernatural events’. There was a heavy internal component to my experiences, yes, but there was an external component as well – one which affected my outside reality, again – in a way that others around me were able to notice as well.

            > One theory that may be more plausible is that the spirits that attacked us did so in order to maneuver us into positions to serve some purpose later down the line. Or perhaps as a punishment for previous degenerate behavior which was not conductive to the survival of our qualities

            You should never consent to being a tool or pawn in someone else’s designs, regardless. One of the most important things I’ve learned, is the value of asserting one’s own sovereignty. We are in enemy territory, and if you are looking to a god outside of yourself to mold you into its puppet like some psychopathic father figure, you are only setting yourself up for spiritual enslavement later down the line. Most people in this realm have been conditioned into varying degrees of servitude in this manner, and it is up to us to find within the means to free ourselves.

            > I also was just feeling poetic and sought to amuse myself through making grotesque poetry. I’ve been creating similar works since I was a child, writing Jesus rape fanfiction and giving it to the Christian kids at my school. Nothing personal, I find it funny honestly. I make fun of myself too, calling the spirit that attacked me the “tranny rape demon” and such. Don’t be too serious.

            You know, when I saw that child-goddess laying on the floor, I didn’t eat for a week afterwards. I cried for weeks, so hard at times that the crying actually started to resemble something almost psychedelic – my vision became warped and tinged a shade of green and it felt like I was on a low to moderate dose of shrooms. It’s not an experience that can be imparted in words, when you see something like that and you know it’s not just a little girl, but a representation of something sacred about this world that was hurt in an irreversible way. I wouldn’t be able to find it funny for that reason, that’s all.

          • We’ve already debated most of this and I don’t see the point in repetition. Not going to reply to points I’ve already responded to in the past where my opinion hasn’t changed.

            >I stopped looking at that stuff many years ago,

            Good, like I said they were just plausible theories, built off a lack of empirical evidence. Just because you or I might see something as plausible doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

            “Higher self” might be the wrong word, immortal self would be more accurate. As organisms we have evolved to generally seek our own reproduction unless there is something defective about us. (Adharmic defects which are not beneficial to being propagated within your tribe group to the point it’s better for you not to breed and hurt the genetics of the other people who are also you due to sharing your qualities. ) Or our environments (And this generally means unnatural conditions, i,e, Mouse Utopia, choosing suicide over suffering basically. Buddhist mentality.)

            We do this because we unconsciously understand that the bodies we currently use are fleeting, but our qualities live on through descendants, and our descendants are also us because qualities rather than subjective lives are the real determining factor in who and what you are. Animals have instincts and so do we, the unconscious is not any different from an animal’s instincts, it’s the same thing in my opinion.

            When I was a child I felt that animals were inherently wiser than humans, I thought most people were retarded because they were wrapped up in pointless absurdities. I think the reason for this is because I understood that animals do generally try their best to survive and thrive, where’s as humans get so wrapped up phantoms of the mind that they self-destruct, as can be seen by modern society.

            As I’ve already said, but I will re-iterate for the benefit of observers. I’ve agreed with the fundamental desires and worldview of the Gods I am to “serve” since I was a small child. Since they are my immortal self, and represent my immortal interests, and my ego which most people understand as “them” has also agreed with these higher interests. This does not mean I am a God, rather, I am an organ in a much larger superorganism (The various tribes of virtue I am a part of, Germanic, Templist-Kind, ect) and the unconscious and the various qualities that superorganism is its entirety is what the Gods are.

            I don’t want it any other way, individualism as it is typically understood is retarded, and leads to retarded shit like the liberal nonsense we have today.

            The Anima is just another God, another aspect of your unconscious immortal self, but a positive one in your life. There is no empirical evidence that your Anima is any different in inherent nature to the other entities you have encountered other than a difference in positive or negative interactions. It’s all of you, of your immortal self, your unconscious.

            This is why I don’t believe you have gone through ego death, only psychosis. You only see your ego as really being “you” You know of the Anima, of the one aspect of your unconscious self that you accept, meanwhile you war against the rest of your unconscious, placing the ego on-top as the ultimate you.

            You don’t understand what a God is, you think being a God is like being a mortal but more powerful. It’s not. It’s something far greater. Your ego is but a cell in a God’s body. Your ego is not a God in its totality, just a part of one.

            Your unconscious is of the Gods. Your Anima is a Goddess, you just don’t really understand what that means. Talk to her about this.

          • >The world is suffering, we need to escape to Heaven or Valhalla or Skyrim or whatever! Nothing here matters!

            No, go fuck yourself, I’m going to live forever and so are the animals. We’re going to colonize space and the universe will beautiful as it ever could be.

  2. OT:

    I just came across this tweet vid of a negro dancing in front of a classical musical performance.

    All my usual mutuals and follows were dunking on it in the usual manner. And believe you me, I am no negro worshipper.

    Yet, I just couldn’t find it within myself to hate it. I think I enjoyed it. It’s not like the negro was twerking obnoxiously or salaciously.

    The thought that came to mind is, “the white man experiences heightened states of transcendence within the privacy of his interior world. The lower races, without this ability, still feel the electricity which animates the world, but can only express this energy by exteriorizing it outward through physical movement”

    I dunno. Im pretty drunk atm. Come at me bros.

    Maybe this is just another omen of my impending troonification (as SYM would have it)

    • The negro got it right, sorry to any LSWM snobs reading along, but it’s true.

      Classical music used to be very bombastic, not at all meant to soothe you.

      You can see an example of how it used to sound in Le Roy Danse.

      The crowds used to be extremely rowdy, demanding that they would play parts they like again, booing other parts.

      Then at some point someone had the genius idea the crowd should sit down and it turned into a fossil, for snobs.

      Hail the dancing negro.

  3. “Robert Pickton did nothing wrong”

    And by extension of your argument, neither does anyone who kills and eats, whether whether that’s an animal or vegetable of any kind whatsoever.

    And it’s not as if people haven’t found themselves on the menu before – cannibalism was once pretty widespread (but it’s racist to talk about it now):

    “Though the New Zealanders do not conceal their cannibalism, their chiefs sometimes endeavour to excuse themselves for it. ‘The fish of the sea eat one another,’ they say; ‘ the large fish eat the small ones, the small ones eat insects; dogs eat men and men eat dogs, while dogs eat one another; finally, the gods devour other gods. Why, among enemies, should we not eat one another?’”

    Dr. Felix Maynard & Alexandre Dumas, The Whalers, Hutchinson, 1937

    A familiar sounding argument, no? But it’s not just eating enemies (and the Māori were known to eat defeated ‘enemies’ including men, women, and children), humans have been known to eat ‘long-pig’ because, well, they just like to eat each other:

    “There is nothing in the works of the seven explorers that would explain satisfactorily the significance of cannibalism in Negrid Africa. Certainly there is no indication that the custom originated there from a desire to incorporate the power or influence of the person eaten. The reported adoption of cannibalism by a tribe deprived of its cattle might suggest that lack of sufficient protein food was the primary cause; but it has already been mentioned that the Fang and Azande were hunters. The Monbuttu, too, supplied themselves with all the meat they needed by hunting, and in addition brought back very large numbers of goats from their marauding excursions against their southern neighbours. Schweinfurth remarks that ‘it is altogether a fallacy to pretend to represent that the Monbuttu are driven to cannibalism through the lack of ordinary meat.’”

    John R. Baker, Race, Oxford, 1974; Athens, Ga, 1981.

    “The word barbecue has an interesting history. It comes from the Carib word barbricot. The Caribs – whence the word cannibal – used the barbricot, a grill made of green boughs, to prepare their cannibal feasts.”

    Marvin Harris, Cannibals and Kings, p. 132

    And why not? Humans taste good:

    “Human flesh is stated to resemble pig in flavour, but to make better food, since – although they both taste much alike – the former has the more delicate flavour, as well as the further advantage, claimed for it by every one who can be persuaded to talk freely on the subject, that it never produces any painful feeling of satiety, or induces vomiting. It has been emphasized by these people that if too much pig flesh were eaten, a man’s stomach would swell up and he would be sick; but that human flesh might be eaten until a man found it impossible to swallow any more, without producing these unpleasant symptoms…

    C. G. Seligmann, south-eastern New Guinea, The Melanesians of British New Guinea, Cambridge University Press, 1910.

    And on, and on, and on, and so on and so forth.

    Everything eats and gets eaten in turn: humans eat pigs, pigs eat humans, and in the end, worms eat us all, etc.

    So it goes.

    But is it really possible to relativize all of the modern taboos away by simply pointing out the arbitrariness of this one or that one, then using that as a bomb against the rest of the present?

    Sounds a bit post-modern to me, and personally, I don’t find it very convincing.

    I don’t feel the same way about killing other humans and eating them, or feeding them to others to be eaten, as I do about any other type of animal. Perhaps that is just an arbitrary position I hold due to a lifetime of social conditioning; however, just because it is arbitrary, doesn’t mean that it isn’t also a good position to maintain.

    • Yup. Australian aboriginals were cannibals too. If the environment turned nasty, they would just eat their youngest kids.

      It wasn’t some magical ritualistic thing, it was just extremely pragmatic for them.

      • Yep, and to keep the family size within limits of around 2 kids, and to remove any deformed or sickly babies/kids, and they had hunting parties to raid their neighbours and eat them, and they killed and ate each other in tribal conflicts, and they ate those who died of natural causes. . .

        And they ate colonials, they had a particular fondness for Chinese workers, who weren’t as salty and tough as whites.

        In short, they would eat just about anyone who walked or crawled that they could get their hands on.

        We’re not supposed to talk about this now though. Instead, we’re supposed to believe that pre-colonial Australia was a garden of Eden, rather than a barbarous stone age horror show.

        And it doesn’t stop at that.

        Oh no.

        Nowadays we’re also supposed to elevate their culture above white Christian culture and venerate their ancestors at every event etc.

        It’s pretty bizarre really.

  4. The revenge of the beasts, Greta’s heroes, the unending wrath. Three times she stroked, wet minge of imminent lust for the apex predator of man. Thunberg’s storm unleashed, Thunberg’s taint unleashed, the wild animal of lust and power overcoming the pretensions of the ruling class reptilian jews of greed and ignorance.

    Blood on the roof, blood on the horse, blood between Greta’s legs. Her maidenhead the beast in human skin took, his sacrifice of blood to the Greta Goddess of endless desire all she need to share her holy waters with the earth.

    Oh Greta, how I missed you… Duality, man and woman, coated in fear.

    The beavers will be free.

  5. Katherine Knight!! love this one. I went to school with one of her kids. She was in my year. Very odd family. But “didn’t see that coming”.

  6. I don’t fundamentally disagree, I just take more the emotional angle of your british aristocrat fox hunters.

    As I don’t extend a sense of personhood to other ethnic groups I wouldn’t really care from a moral perspective if nordic people outright farmed POCs for food. As it would essentially be like raising plague rats and eating them, I wouldn’t personally partake, but I wouldn’t have any ethics complaints if others did so.

    • Italians, Slavs, Celts are subhumans as-well, I’m not joking, breeding with them is tantamount to bestiality. If you base your beliefs on emotive thinking you’re basically thinking like a nigger, or a pasta-nigger (I repeat myself).

      Platonism is basically nigger spirituality.

      • I don’t see Celtic people as fundamentally different from Nordics, thor was said to have red hair and red beard, I really see them as having been culturally and intellectually destroyed by catholicism. However, if you want to take tribalism to that level of extreme I won’t contest it. Though I include them, feel free to exclude Celts.

        • Fair, Celts are the closest to Germanics, yet they’re still not Germanic, so therefore that should still be excluded for the most part. One should always favor those who are more similar to them than others, excluding family and cousins and such ff-course. Red hair is not uncommon in Germanic populations like the Danish, it’s just not as common as it is among Celtic populations. Thunar is Germanic, not a Celt.

          Catholicism is gay and retarded compared to Protestantism (Especially Calvinism), and the fact the Celts kept it shows their difference compared to us. if a people sticks to bad ideas out of sentimentalism or retardation that shows that a people lacks something that we have.

          • Well, as a Mormon fundamentalist I feel the same about protestantism as you do about catholicism.

            I agree with the concentric circles approach to tribalism however, it’s easily applied and generally works. There’s a lot of truth in that principle

        • >Well, as a Mormon fundamentalist I feel the same about protestantism as you do about catholicism.

          Mormonism is relatively true compared to most forms of Christianity, though it is outdated compared to Templism, the newest and most refined religion for our people from God’s/Wotan’s newest prophet, the Author. Our understanding of the immaterial has only became more refined over time. If you’re curious about the Templist perspective on your faith and other sects of Christianity, here’s a passage from Templist Canon.

          “Christians | Briefly, it can be said that Protestants are more tribally similar to Templists than Catholics or Orthodox. Particular Protestant denominations may be more similar. Mormons are more similar. Calvinists in particular are quite similar. All traditionalist Christian philosophies, especially Protestant ones, are useful. Mormonism is useful. Christianity is not true unless it is Christian Templism, although some “skeptical yet traditional” forms of Christianity are rather true, such as certain forms of Presbyterianism. Some Presbyterians go so far as to assert that the Bible is a secondhand reference, and as the foundation of Christianity is the teaching of Jesus, the Bible is only an imperfect transmission of the will of God. These people are most honest and true. Some may say, “why would God allow the Bible to be transmitted imperfectly?”, to which there is an easy answer, “perhaps he wants to test you, to weed out the honest skeptics from the rationalizers, how do you presume to know his intentions?” If they are also morally traditional, these types of Christians may be True Allies. Otherwise, Christians can be variously Philosophical Pawns, Utility Pawns, Mislead But Useful Allies, or POWs. If they use Christianity to advance moral liberalism or degeneracy then they are Enemies, and if they adhere to Christianity for no particular moral purpose, to regurgitate uncontroversial moral platitudes, then they are Neutral.”

          If you think the Pagan God Wotan and the Christian God being the same seems silly, or ridiculous, or something along those lines. You should read the chapter of Templist Canon called “The Christian God” you’ll see why that perspective is the only one that actually makes sense, if you’re capable of thinking instead of just being an emotive NPC anyway.

          • Correct. You’re an object that can make sounds from its lips that exists to be beaten into compliance until you prove you have the Germanic capacity for reason and perception.

          • Anyway, emotional response, I said not to be emotive and that’s exactly what you ended up doing. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Everyone who rejects Templism does so from a place of effeminate unconscientious fees fees and intellectual laziness. You’ve rejected God because I implied you might be an NPC on a drug blog. You have been filtered, not Templist material.

      • Sensitive diarrhea mouth, you are now and forevermore expelled from the Germanic tribe, as the obese idiot that you are. What an embarrassment.

        • Charlie the scatologically obsessed fiend of endless stupidity and profound lack of insight. Biology is the determining factor when it comes to biological tribes of virtue.

          You may continue to insult me, the word noises you send to me through the Cultus of Rintrah blog do not move me to any feeling or change of opinion.

    • A religion’s truth is not determined by the winner of a duel, you are treating this as a matter of honor rather than as a matter of finding what is true, and useful for our race. You are thinking like a nigger and it revolts me. You will be verbally raped until you comply and read Templist Canon.

  7. I’ve been musing on this some more, and it seems to me that cannibalism will become more prevalent again, given collapse is inevitable one way or another.

    For your amusement, here’s a weird bit of speculation that seems to fit here:

    The author draws a line/correlation from Kuru research > SIV > HIV > COVID-19

    Extending on the article, if the labspawn causes collapse, there would be a cyclical kind of symmetry to the inevitable descent into savagery.

    It goes something like this: research into a disease spread by the abhorrent practice of cannibalism, which is an appetite that is now purported to be largely suppressed/repressed owing to modern efforts, gives rise to massive wave of disease (perhaps due to mutant prions) and death that in turn establishes the necessary conditions for the return of the practice of cannibalism as supply chains collapse and western values retreat and disappear from darker, more primitive corners of the world.

    It’s amusing also to note that Prince Philip, who wanted to come back to Earth as a deadly virus, is worshipped as a god in Vanuatu where cannibalism was practiced not all that long ago. That seems appropriate somehow.

    • >It’s amusing also to note that Prince Philip, who wanted to come back to Earth as a deadly virus, is worshipped as a god in Vanuatu where cannibalism was practiced not all that long ago. That seems appropriate somehow.

      Yeah LSWMs hate the British monarchy, but I think he’s pretty based.

      Now you’re going to have a bunch of brown libs run the country, instead of an old racist aristocrat who wants to kill off most of the whole human population and sees us LSWM peasants as just as much excess ballast as he does the brownoids.

      A+++ aristocrat, would let him rape my daughters while I plow the fields for him.

      • As a LSWM, I do indeed hate the monarchy, but even I’m forced to admit to having had a soft spot for Prince Philip

    • Perhaps I’ll tie that to the book Mehen is fond of quoting, which suggests fucking people up by giving them what they want. In this case, among other things, a return of the ‘god’ to the pagans on their island in line with their prayers. It won’t work out the way they wanted it of course – deals with the Devil never do. One might think one has scored better out of the bargain, but if it seems like a win has been had, that’s always just a loss leader.

      Evil leads to greater evil, and our civilization has been very naughty indeed. Things go wrong for us, but we keep on going with our godless ways. People have been warned before about this sort of behaviour:

      “If in spite of these things you do not accept my correction but continue to be hostile toward me, I myself will be hostile toward you and will afflict you for your sins seven times over. And I will bring the sword on you to avenge the breaking of the covenant. When you withdraw into your cities, I will send a plague among you, and you will be given into enemy hands. When I cut off your supply of bread, ten women will be able to bake your bread in one oven, and they will dole out the bread by weight. You will eat, but you will not be satisfied.

      “‘If in spite of this you still do not listen to me but continue to be hostile toward me, then in my anger I will be hostile toward you, and I myself will punish you for your sins seven times over. You will eat the flesh of your sons and the flesh of your daughters.”

      And so on and so forth. . .

  8. As a child, I never understood how other kids could watch cartoons. I felt intense, instant boredom and could not make it past 3 seconds without daydreaming. Now that I’m an adult … I feel the same way.

    • I know what you mean, but many people, especially modern people, grow up in really boring, sterile environments where there is very little to do. It’s different if someone grows up in the country where there is stuff to do, workshops to mess around in, animals to feed, trees to climb, knackered cars to dismantle, lakes to swim in, interesting folk to talk to. For example.
      Sometimes I want to comment on the internet and admonish people for indulging in crap passive entertainment when they could do something more fun or constructive, but I try not to, because for many people I think there is little alternative to screens, sadly.

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