America should take care of its own border first! No more blood for Israel! Our founding fathers warned us not to get stuck in entangling alliances! Jews did 911! That part of the world has always been insane and I have no obligation or desire to care about it! Our host only cares about children and grandmothers being slaughtered in front of their family because he’s a Jew himself!

-Low status white males

Well I have a lot to say on this. And all of you hate exactly everything I have to say lately, but then you all just read what I have to say anyway.

I’ve wondered why this phenomenon happens, but I think the reason is pretty simple. Nobody else even bothers engaging the low status white males. If you turn on your TV, nobody even bothers telling you why Ron Paul is mostly wrong, or why some LSWM guru who brings up the argument that CO2 is plant food is a moron, or how we know the gas chambers were real, or why we know it’s dangerous to have LDL cholesterol above 200.

So where do I start? Well here’s an easy one. The Founding Fathers lived at a time without nuclear weapons, without suitcase nukes, without anthrax, without Sarin nerve gas, without Cobalt bombs that can make the whole planet uninhabitable to human life, without bioweapon labs where people can put furin cleavage sites into SARS viruses, without international air travel that put you from the US of A into Australia in a day.

And then I point out to you that they did not exactly pursue an isolationist policy. Europeans had been dealing with Barbary pirates, the ancestors of what are today the Moroccans and Algerians who are inheriting the European continent, for generations. We tried to pay them off, but Americans wouldn’t have it. In 1801 they decided enough is enough, because these dudes attacked American ships and the Americans brought an end to the sorry lot. So much for American isolationism.

For what it’s worth, the new hero of low IQ low status white males, Donald Trump, is not exactly an isolationist either. He didn’t start new wars, sure. But that’s because the US of A are in dire straits. Biden hasn’t started new wars either. The societal consensus has just moved due to the Iraq debacle. Trump threatened Putin with hitting Moscow.

There’s also the simple fact that America only functions, because it is an empire. You don’t really have a choice. I’m not saying every American intervention is good. But American interventionism is not some new phenomenon either. It’s weird that we associate American paleoconservatism with non-interventionism, because the Americans have been intervening in everything since these people were children. Do I support overthrowing the government of Guatemala to protect the profits of a fruit company? No. But that’s what empires do.

And America doesn’t just overthrow governments. When its Western allies, Israel, the UK and France, try to maintain their own imperial sphere of influence, the Americans tell them to quit it. The Americans forced my country, the Netherlands, to give up on our Indonesian colony.

You dismantled our empires and turned us into your demilitarized protectorates, because you wanted your own empire. But now that we are vulnerable and defenseless, now that the barbarians burst through the gates to kill our women and children, you want to take ketamine and sink into a Ron Paul style dissociative haze, where the rest of the outside world becomes irrelevant to you?

Thank God the Zionist lobby runs the United States, instead of low status white males! If you think a ZOG sucks, well, I don’t want to think about what an LSWMOG would look like! Keep Joe Sixpack as far away from the levers of power as possible, thank you very much!

Ultimately Joe Sixpack knows this. The reason low status white males want non-interventionism in foreign affairs, is the same reason they don’t want to reduce CO2 emissions: It’s hugely beneficial in the short run, while your country pays the price after you are dead!

Have a look at this for me:

This is basically how it works. Elected officials are kept far away from determining foreign policy. Which is a good thing. Diplomacy is about surviving until the next century. Because that’s the real problem: Ron Paul and the low status white males are not even wrong!

Imagine the low status white males saw their dream come true. America just stops intervening in foreign affairs. From now on every year some American citizens get slaughtered in Israel, but you’re just not supposed to travel there anymore. Then eventually Israel falls, Jews suffer another genocide, survivors flee to Europe and America and the Muslims celebrate. Investors ignore it, because they long saw it coming.

Some jihadists move back to Europe and continue their murderous spree here, mainly targeting individual Jewish refugees. From Jerusalem itself, after the old wall is demolished along with the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the battle-hardened mob starts to move east, against the Hashemite kingdom that failed to be sufficiently hostile towards the Zionist entity and has a problematic history with the Palestinians. Saudi Arabia looks at these developments and begins building nuclear weapons of its own.

South Africans look at this, how the old Israeli apartheid state has fallen and the victims murdered without repercussions and think to themselves: “Well the old oppressors still own the farmland here.” So now white South Africans are slaughtered, a right wing Dutch government complains about our cousins being murdered, but the Americans do nothing.

Taiwan realizes America won’t defend it and elects a party that pursues peaceful reunification with communist China. Within days the island is incorporated. In North Korea, the Kim family repairs its ties with the newly resurgent Neo-Maoist Chinese regime. They begin to look to the South and salivate. As American troops withdraw, South Koreans who realize what’s going to happen try to leave too. They move to Europe and North America on whatever visa they can get.

Europeans start to get really nervous by now and in a shock move Hungary finally bites the bullet and decides to leave the EU and NATO altogether and become friends with Russia instead. Because when you realize America no longer has other people’s back, why would you wait to find out what happens when it’s your turn? Best to be ahead of the rush.

As I expand this scenario it becomes increasingly hard to predict what would happen. But the end result is that America eventually has no allies. And a lot of American purchasing power, can simply be traced back to American prestige. America has the global reserve currency. Why? Because they rule the world. People watch American movies. Why? Because they rule the world. People learn English. Why? Because the Americans rule the world.

And you might think: “Well we would be better off poorer.” But what happens is not that people return to the land and become farmers again. You’re not about to undo the invention of the combine harvester. The farming villages are dying, they will soon be gone. A handful of retirees live there now. Rather, you just end up living like people in Bangladesh, or in Egypt. Trapped in massive overheated cities.

You don’t like to support Israel. I get it, you’d rather just ignore it when people get slaughtered at a festival. But the reason democracy works as a political system is not because it represents the will of the people. Rather, it works as a political system, because it makes the will of the people impotent.

You can overthrow a dictator who doesn’t do what you want and have him replaced by a dictator who does do what you want. But you can’t overthrow the Ministry of Foreign affairs. You can’t overthrow the Council on Foreign Relations. You can’t overthrow the Bilderberg Group. You can’t overthrow the World Economic Forum.

And like it or not, that’s a good thing. If you think a government that doesn’t represent the will of the people is bad, wait until you get one that does!

How dare I say this? Well let’s go back to the beginning shall we, let’s go back to March 2020.

Here is what the average person wanted:

Or, what should happen to the unvaccinated:

A majority – 62% – said unvaccinated people should not be allowed to travel on airplanes. Fifty-five percent agreed that unvaccinated people should not work out at public gyms, enter movie theaters or attend public concerts.

When asked about the workplace, 60% of Americans said they wanted to work for an employer “who requires everyone to get a coronavirus vaccine before returning to the office” and 56% thought unvaccinated workers should stay home.

I know some of you will argue this does not represent the “real will” of the people, that they must have been brainwashed by Bill Gates and the media. But this is just the rule throughout history: The majority of people are authoritarians who want to force their views on other people and you need the rule of law, to protect minorities against them.

Jews are a minority. White South Africans are a minority. White people are a global minority. The unvaccinated are a minority. People who want to go jogging outside in March 2020 are a minority. The Dutch “far right” politicians, wanted to prohibit me from leaving my house, back in March 2020.

Intelligent LSWM Americans will say the United States was not founded as a democracy, but as a republic. That’s an important difference. It’s one of the few things low status white males get right and everyone else gets wrong, but then they don’t draw the natural conclusion: Just because almost every low status white male thinks something would be a good idea, doesn’t mean it is a good idea.

In a democracy, you imagine that a majority of people somehow understand what would be good for all of them. In a republic, you are supposed to have the rule of law. The United States did not have the right to vote for a majority of the population, not even all white men were allowed to vote initially.

By now we have universal suffrage, but fortunately, the government has had time to insulate itself from democratic control, just as the right to vote expanded to include the whole population. Why were we not all locked up in our homes in march 2020? Because the law just doesn’t allow for it. Why were we not forcibly vaccinated? Because the law just doesn’t allow for it.

If you want to see democracy in action, Hitler would be a better example. The population rallies behind a guy, that guy proceeds to destroy all the checks and balances built into the democratic system. Then he does what the population wants: He gets rid of the minorities they don’t like. He doesn’t do it in public, where it would shock them. No, he does it in secret, so that they don’t have to know. Hitler truly served the German people. And that’s the exact problem.

In this movie Der Untergang, about the lasts days of Hitler’s life, he says that the German people deserve to die out, for not having fought hard enough. That’s the myth this movie pushes: The idea that Hitler didn’t do it for the German people. No, the German people were only there to serve his vision. But look at history and you just don’t find clear evidence for this approach. Hitler truly believed he was serving the German people. And his party was called: The National Socialist Democratic Laborers Party.

The modern left will insist that it was none of these things. Socialist? Oh no, it wasn’t socialist! Democratic? Oh no, there was no democracy involved! Laborers? Oh no, it was not for the laborers! The only one they’ll grant you is National. Yes, it was definitely hypernationalistic! In reality of course, it has far more in common with the Stalinist and Maoist experiments, than with anything else we’ve seen during the 20th century.

And so in summary I just want to leave you with one piece of advice.

If you and everyone you talk to agrees that your government should do X, but in reality your government constantly does Y, it might be that your government is corrupt. It could also be however, that your government officials have to think about far more complex problems, with long term implications, than your mind is capable of grasping.

Do you lie awake at night about nuclear proliferation? No. Do you lie awake at night about gain of function experiments? Perhaps you do, but I’m willing to bet you did not back in 2019. Do you lie awake at night about methane clathrate bursts? Probably not. Did you lie awake at night about the media in Rwanda describing Tutsi’s as cockroaches? Probably not.

Your government officials have a job. Their job is to lie awake about this sort of stuff. And you can either join them in lying awake at night about this sort of stuff. That’s the dumb thing I did. What I would recommend instead is as following:

Just accept that you don’t understand why your government does the things it does. Just accept that even though every other low status white male you speak to says it’s perfectly obvious we have to do X, when your government refuses to do X it may have perfectly good reasons for doing so.

This has an important benefit: If you think your government should do X but actually does Y, you may be wrong. Even if you are right however, you won’t succeed at forcing it do Y. Your individual power to affect these events is negligible.

Most importantly however: If you can accept that you don’t understand the nature of the problems, then you can make peace with the fact that your government’s policies don’t seem to make sense to you.

The same low status white males now angrily arguing for nuclear energy, were outraged about nuclear energy when the Fukushima disaster happened. Imagine if they could just accept that they don’t understand everything.

I have spent insane amounts of time, trying to explain to you people why CO2 is not just “plant food”, why we can’t just increase CO2 concentrations to 1000 parts per million without screwing everything up. Most of you still refuse to understand it.

But you know what the benefit is of understanding it? You people don’t have to feel so angry. Now you can say to yourselves: “Alright, my government is making me pay taxes on gasoline for a reason. Alright, Bill Gates wants to feed me plant-based fake meat for a reason.” You may still disagree with it, that’s fine. But now you at least understand that there is a real reason for these policies. It’s not just part of a conspiracy against low status white males.

I have to ask you: What is the impact on your mental health, when you think the world is governed by satan-worshipping Jewish pedophiles who invented a global warming hoax because they simply want to kill us all? That’s the only question I’m interested in getting an answer to in the comments.

Because that’s the idea you people tend to gravitate towards, in the absence of any sort of external intervention in the low status white male online conspiratorial anger spiral.


      • Although credit where credit’s due: Rand Paul was one of the only senators who stood up to Anthony Fauci, and Senator Ron Johnson was one of the very few who gave a voice to the vaccine injured. But yeah they’re all climate deniers because their views and beliefs regarding private property rights and free market capitalism are antithetical to the recommendations from the IPCC.

        • The LSWM-elected politicians are generally good at pointing out corruption and evil.

          The problem is, they also end up seeing it in places where it’s simply not there.

          They carry a hammer and think the world is full of nails.

  1. Addendum:

    People keep bringing this up, that Jews think of themselves as white or not-white depending on what benefits them. This is not unique to Jews. Armenians, Lebanese, Sicilians, Russians, even some Northern Indians, there are a lot of people out there who can be “white” or “non-white” depending on how you look at it. And as is human nature, they’ll pick whatever category fits them given the circumstances.

    So I’ll make it pretty simple for you all, as history is pretty clear about this.

    If people from a city that has made no meaningful cultural or scientific contribution to humanity invade your country through a wall you have built to defend yourself, break into your house and kill your children in the middle of the night while you lay asleep in bed then the answer is very simple: You’re white.

    Whether you like it or not, you’re white.

    And you were just “decolonized”, by people of color.

    You can either accept that you’re white, or parrot their rhetoric about racism, white supremacy and colonialism and wait for these people to eventually turn on you. God’s chosen people are not immune to dumb ideas unfortunately. Plenty of Jews in academia have a goyishe kopf and low testosterone, so they invite hyenas into their faculty and then find out they no longer feel safe. See: Lawrence Summers.

    These Jews are not conspiring against white people. They just genuinely believe the dumb shit they say. They’re that brainwashed and stupid. Plenty of these Jews also hate Israel. See that “deconstructing whiteness” professor. He hates Israel just as much as he hates white people. These people only start figuring out what they have done when they witness the Muslims and Marxists celebrating the biggest massacre against Jews since the Holocaust.

    • Most of this is true, except for the “whiteness as a societal position” idea. You’re white if you’re European. You can maybe empathize with the Jews as a higher people being attacked by a lesser one (I will say that Jews are higher than Arabs, even if they’re a mediocre people themselves) But this does not make Jews white.

  2. “I have to ask you: What is the impact on your mental health, when you think the world is governed by satan-worshipping Jewish pedophiles who invented a global warming hoax because they simply want to kill us all? That’s the only question I’m interested in getting an answer to in the comments.”

    It’s clear that you yourself believe that and you responded by quitting society and have no job and no gf but an entertaining schizo blog. What’s your answer?

      • “Your government officials have a job. Their job is to lie awake about this sort of stuff. And you can either join them in lying awake at night about this sort of stuff. That’s the dumb thing I did. What I would recommend instead is as following:”

        One thing you never did was get good enough grades or enough social grace to work for the government.

        They lie awake worrying about one thing only and that is advancing their careers inside the bureaucracy. Which is why conspiracies can and do develop (and then, having developed, quickly shove aside any non-conspiratorial persons, even if the vast majority) and why governments can and do consistently act against the interests of the state.

        • >One thing you never did was get good enough grades or enough social grace to work for the government.

          I don’t have the conscientiousness for that. I had to earn money my own way.

    • The host here has made exactly the same sort of accusations he is now criticising directly to 1. Anthony Fauci 2. the class of academics generally.

    • Nah of course not. Epstein to me just sounds like an Israeli intelligence asset.

      I’ll go a step further. Even “pizzagate” had some legitimacy to it. If you’re taping a child to a table and post the photograph on Instagram, you’re a nasty person, who is signaling that you’re involved in nasty business.

      The “pizzagate” that is an “alt right QAnon conspiracy theory” is mostly a strawman pizzagate.

      • Okay, so we can at least accept that Epstein was real, and that the things that seemed to be going on were legitimately going on.

        Bill Gates was a close associate of Epstein. We know for sure he had many dinners with Epstein and travelled on his plane at least once, though we don’t necessarily have evidence he ever visited the island. But do you think the conversations they had genuinely consisted of “man, I really wish all the people understood that everything we do we for their benefit?” (For the record, yes, I also view Trump with suspicion for this exact same reason). Or might some of that high-minded philanthropic rhetoric not actually match the reality of what they were doing and what they intended?

        Yes, they are acknowledging a crisis that many or even most others fail to, which is understandably a source of deep frustration for you. That does not mean their proposed solutions are actually primarily intended to be solutions to the crisis, rather than opportunistic exploitation. You may think that any proposed solution, no matter how misaligned from effective action / no matter the actual motivation / no matter the (very intended) side effects of the solution, is inherently more noble than failing to act at all. This is one valid perspective, given that we are speaking of a legitimate existential threat. However, the fact that others do not share that perspective and instead view these proposals with suspicion should not be as baffling as you are saying it is.

        • >Bill Gates was a close associate of Epstein. We know for sure he had many dinners with Epstein and travelled on his plane at least once, though we don’t necessarily have evidence he ever visited the island. But do you think the conversations they had genuinely consisted of “man, I really wish all the people understood that everything we do we for their benefit?”

          No of course not. Powerful people are not saints.

          I am well aware of this.

          They’re middle aged men who like to have sex with sixteen or seventeen year old blonde girls. I don’t endorse this and I wouldn’t vote for Bill Gates as president.

          I just think there are bigger problems to worry about. If the worst crimes committed by the people who rule your country is that they have sex with sixteen or seventeen year old girls who go along with it, then your country is pretty well off.

          I also think a sixteen year old girl who had sex with Bill Gates is not going to be committing suicide over it. It’s not on top of the list of the most traumatic things that happen in the lives of sixteen year old girls.

          The difference is that I believe we are not ruled by the sort of people who would send off young men to slaughter women and children in their own homes, while they are asleep.

          But we live surrounded by ethnic groups ruled by people who would do such a thing.

  3. Seeing Rintrah tie himself in knots like this is quite pitiable. I actually feel sad because he was already in a dark place and then this happened. It’s also sad how the Jews collectively have ended up in a corner like this in the Middle East and also in the West. With the kind of warped minds that the Jews have, I don’t think that they can pull themselves out of this. But the rest of us must make sure that the Jews don’t drag us down with them.

  4. WOW!
    As someone who has grown up in the American Empire and followed politics closely for decades, until recently as a liberal Democrat, there’s so much I want to say. I don’t know where to begin. There is a LOT of territory covered here.
    I want to make 50 quick points starting with Ron Paul and his offspring Rand but I don’t know if I have the energy or who really cares. 🙃

    • >Don’t say the exact same retarded shit as every anonymous LSWM on Twitter

      “HE’S A JEW!”

      “He’s a glowie!”

  5. If you understand “powerful people are not saints,” beyond as a pithy saying and actually work towards the implications of that knowledge, you’ll find much of the rhetoric in the above blogpost to be, frankly, ludicrous. The job of a government official is not to lie awake at night thinking of problems so that the populace can sleep soundly at night without worry. If that were the case, we would see actual advancement towards legitimately solving problems. For example, we would see immediate expansion of, say, train infrastructure: something with the ability to genuinely reduce emissions and resource use long term, rather than this personal electric vehicle push whose environmental devastation due to the methods by which battery materials are mined will be catastrophic. The reaction to a train derailment containing toxic chemicals would be an immediate assessment of what went wrong and tangible, concrete steps to prevent it happening again.

    No, the job of a government official is not to lay awake at night worrying so populations do not have to. The job of a government official is to direct the will of the population to service the interests of whatever you want to call “Them”: the Epstein Class, the Club (as George Carlin put it), the 1%, the Reptilians, or whatever conspiracy name has been assigned to those who this world is genuinely set up for. Any solution provided is primarily intended to enrich Them, regardless of how noble the stated reason is and regardless of how much of a legitimate problem the proposed solution addresses in theory.

    Additionally, yes, we are ruled by such people. We have always been ruled by such people: they send murderers into populaces for such reasons as “securing a supply of bananas” or “their leader does not want to be a part of our economic system.” That these murders happen far away from where the decisions are being made does not actually excuse their moral evil. It simply means the moral evil is covert rather than overt.

    Furthermore, if that is your assessment of the Epstein situation, it is extremely limited. I will go full mask-off conspiracy theorist here and refer to the case of Issac Kappy, and the videos he posted before his suicide farewell. I am telling you: if you do not know what video I am referring to, it is much better for your soul that you do not know. But if you did know about that video, you would not have this assessment of the Epstein situation and the world the powerful actually inhabit. They are not only “not-saints,” they are the closest thing we have to people possessed by demons.

    • >But if you did know about that video, you would not have this assessment of the Epstein situation and the world the powerful actually inhabit. They are not only “not-saints,” they are the closest thing we have to people possessed by demons.

      When you use this sort of epic religious language, it indicates to me we can’t really have a productive conversation.

      Your belief that we’re ruled by evil people is ultimately just a particular expression of a religious worldview. And I know how debating religion tends to go.

      • You don’t need to have a conversation with me, though I am a bit suprised at your opposition to religious language given some of your previous blogposts.

        However, if we have reached an impasse here, that is alright, I need not be the one who informs you personally. We both know you browse a certain image board. The next time a Kappy thread shows up, ask exactly what he was investigating and what the situation was before he died. Do not click any webms.

  6. The problem with the arguments you give is that they are outdated. It’s not that American power is wrong, it’s that it’s collapsing as we speak. The army does not win new wars, the political can’t control their sins, nobody believes the media or government narratives, and the nation is heavily in debt. Not to mention that the life expectancy and standard of living of the average American has been falling for decades, to the point where either you become a basic college striver or you end up as a poor peasant. There’s simply no reason to trust elites to do anything but pursue their own self-interest, and that soaring greed and cynicism on their part is the reason for the collapse we are experiencing now.

    • This is a fair point. But the collapse will just accelerate if the whole world witnesses Americans abandoning their allies. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

      • The USA is not an ally of Israel.

        The ONLY thing that can fix the world is the emergence of genuinely independent sovereigns competing to provide good government (or at least going under when they provide bad government, rather than drifting forever on the seed corn of 150 years of white people capitalism in a continent-sized megacountry).

      • That may be true, I doubt that it will be pleasant. As you say, a multipolar world is more unstable and fragmented than one with a strong central power. Unfortunately, many of these places have built their worldview on the idea that they will receive billions of dollars in aid and weapons from the US forever. They think they don’t have to negotiate with their enemies, or sacrifice themselves in order to fund a war, and it makes them decadent.

      • Is it really “abandoning” its allies when there is nothing left to offer?

        On the larger point, it is difficult to reconcile your views with individual sovereignty. You espouse the need of “government officials” to do what is necessary to maintain a functional society but yet who anoited these people to make these decisions and where is the accountability when they are catastrophically in error?

        Ron Paul is a champion of individual liberty. You obviously think his views/philosophy are naive in the dangerous world we live in but your views are easily described as authoritarian – authoritarians are needed to put the other born as authoritarians into their place. That is an awfully macabre view of the human species…which I aligns very well with your environmental positions.

        • It’s not really abandoning, it’s losing. Nobody in the US is going to trek over to Palestine, or Ukraine, or whatever shithole we end up spending billions of dollars on to defend. It’s not worth dying over. Local elites (our ‘allies’) see it as an opportunity to take as much money as they can from the Americans and their own populations, before getting out and joining the west. Of course, an army like that stands no chance on a real battlefield against a determined opponent.
          I don’t care for any elected official, but I wouldn’t mind voting for a more isolationist party. We simply cannot spend incredible sums on these fiascos, not to mention the many people on both sides that end up losing their lives as a result of clueless meddling. And we should gut the cancerous departments and bloated industries that are responsible for this.

    • Fourth Turning, Thucydides Trap, 124% debt/GDP. Only option now is debt default or hyperinflate the debt away. Interestingly it was Ron Paul who wanted to “End The Fed” and back the USD with gold, which would have largely averted the collapse. Too late now. Russia and China stocking up with gold, they know what’s coming. New Bretton Woods, monetary reset. “He who has the gold makes the rules.”

  7. The pizza places and other locations were probably where they had those parties or where you could place the orders. It explains the pedophile logos, strange videos, weird use of language in emails, and creepy stuff like that.

  8. I’ve known government officials, and they were stupid and corrupt. They were not sitting up at night thinking about the good. They were thinking about their pensions and their travel plans and the additions they intended to put on their McMansions and whether they would get to sleep with the nanny and what lucrative position in private industry they would shift into once they retired from government “service”. I realize that Rintrah likes fantasy, so I guess this was a fantasy piece of the wishful thinking genre.

    As far as wars go, the U.S. population isn’t going to be protecting anyone anymore in a relevant way. All of my young relatives are seriously obese and could not carry a pack fifty yards. Europe will have to man up and spend their own money and human lives on their own defense instead. Rintrah will have to enlist.

    But back to covid. What is it with the mysterious anaphylactic shock cases. Some performer named Ronan who was supposed to perform at Reelworks in Denver, and also some chef named Michael Chiarello who had been under treatment for anaphylaxis from an unknown cause for a week who then died which is in itself odd.

    • I should add that I’ve known some government officials who were not corrupt, nor entirely stupid (though they weren’t smart), but they were “hive mind” people who would not dare disagree with whatever the latest thing was. Their strongest suit was the ability to get along with others, and fixing problems had nothing to do with that at all.

      Medieval European peasants used to say, “If the King only knew!” Rintrah is channeling his medieval peasant self. Convincing oneself that ones rulers know best and are well intended is the ultimate peasant escape from stress and responsibility.

      And maybe in the Netherlands, because it is such a tiny country, there are in fact some smart people in power who are dedicated to the good. His country is the size of Vermont and New Hampshire combined; just 17 million people. Maybe he just can’t picture what larger countries are like.

  9. There is nothing wrong with interventionism and protecting our global interests; the only problem, which I have been saying on your blog since this war started, is that Israel is not a true ally and protecting them does not benefit us. We sighed a pact with Ukraine to protect them from outside aggression, and all we do instead when they get invaded is use Ukrainians as well equipped canon fodder. When the Taliban took over Afghanistan we left most of our collaborators to face Jihadi retribution. The U.S already has a proven track record of abandoning allies that are truer than Israel (At-least those allies were actually beneficial to our Empire in some way, and not a total net drain.). You’re not wrong that this will destroy the American Empire, but it’s already happening, our Empire is rotten. Israel doesn’t even support the U.S geopolitically, Israel refused to send military aid to Ukraine or sanction Russia. Israel has wanted to be neutral with everyone, so that they can use any country they can when the opportunity arises to do so. well, that’s not how good allies behave.

    9/11 was done by Al Qaeda, CO2 is not just plant food, global warming is real, Ron Paul is a retard, Israel is not our greatest ally.

    A dictatorship or a monarchy is preferable to the pretend democracy we have now simply because it is more honest; and honestly is important in the pursuit of good. I think the grotesque individuals who run our countries in the modern day are a perfect example for why a state built on lies is bad. Real democracy is garbage and only exists on paper anyway, so you’re not wrong about that.

    I doubt the U.S would actually help the white South Africans if they faced genocide. The U.S did nothing when the Rhodesians were slaughtered, the U.S government even supported the subhumans and sabotaged the Rhodesian’s efforts to protect themselves at every turn. The one good thing I can say about Israel is that they actually supported Rhodesia; since the Jews understood that an Apartheid state being destroyed by the lower races with the support of the American Empire sets a precedent that could be used against them. This does not make up for everything else Israel has done.

    If Israel is actually about to collapse (An unlikely scenario) I could see he merits in an intervention to prevent the dune coons from getting their hands on nukes (If Israel is incompetent enough to let Arabs take nukes from them they shouldn’t be allowed to have nukes either.) But until that happens I don’t see why we need to intervene.

  10. I engage you because I think you could, potentially, learn to see the world in a more sane and productive fashion. This would be of mutual benefit as it would help both you as well as my own greater ethnic tribe become more functional and healthy, therefore this is worth my doing.

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